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Dimensions Track Length 186m
Area 30mx20m
Number of Seats 8P
Height Dimension 5.45m
Motion Power 11kW
Rated Voltage 220V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Roller Coaster
Wild Mouse Roller Coaster is a kind of scooter categories, which can make customers feel very exciting. All the tracks made of steel suspended in mid-air, and form an irregular shape. The height of it is different and so is the slope, so it has a pretty good feeling, interesting and exciting.
The whole ride is equipped with four cars which have the image of mouse, and each of them can hold 4 people. The track can extent about 2 hundred meters and customers can feel like they were in a racing car. Driven by the tractor to the highest point of the track, and then rely on the slope of the track to slide itself. With the movement of the track, it can turn left or turn right; dive high or low to experience a strong centrifugal force.

TAG:  Roller Coaster
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