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Zipline Roller Coaster/Rollglider
Type Track Slide Tube
Track Height 9.72m
Running Height 8m
Running Speed About 21.5km/h
Track Length 115m
Area About 500 square meters
Number of Gliders/carrying capacity 4 (1 person/vehicle)


Popular to a wide range of people, covering a wide range of ages.
No power equipment, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
Technical support, safety guarantee.
The ride experience is thrilling and fun.
The popular amusement equipment Zipline Roller Coaster combines the fast free flight of the zip line with the rolling and turning of the roller coaster to bring the ultimate flying pleasure to the passengers.
Adopt a self-weight power traction scheme, use steel profiles arranged at corresponding inclination angles as the track, take the weight of the tourists as power, and use the height difference of the track device to slide the amusement facility on the zip line. It is a thrilling experience project built in the sky on a high-speed gliding in the jungle on a pulley.
Play experience-ride on the zipline roller coaster with friends, the adrenaline surge, and enjoy this short-stress activity, the device is the result of carefully designed and tested state-of-the-art technology, allowing passengers to be as safe as a big bird Weave into the air at full speed to experience unprecedented excitement.
The specifications can be customized, which is the unique cultural travel equipment that thrilling travelers and nature lovers want to enjoy. In addition to its unique appeal, the concept of the empty rail pulley also takes into account the profitability. High output and minimum labor equal to high profits.
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