►Catch’n Air is a new-designed carousel amusement park ride produced by Sinorides. It has eight arms and eight cabins. Every cabin can sit 4 passengers and 32 people in total.

►Amusement ride Catch’n Air is equipped with advanced variable frequency speed control technology and no basic structure, which makes it operate reliably and install conveniently.

►When the amusement machine Catch’n Air works, passengers went up and down with the cabin as it rotated.

►Since its height is less than 3 meters, Catch’n Air carousel is suitable for indoor and outdoor playgrounds, amusement parks, theme parks, shopping malls, family entertainment centers, supermarkets, fairgrounds, funfairs, carnivals, etc.

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Number of Seats32P
Rated Voltage380V
VersionPark Model

TAG:  Carousel Rides

Catch ‘N Air Ride-FAQ Guide

Did you know that Catch ‘N Ride was rated among the top rides by park owners in 2020?

They have a proven ability to sustain repeat ridership.

Although not traditionally popular like the carousel, catch ‘N air rides have seen an increased uptake lately.

Before you buy a Catch ‘n air ride, read this guide.

What Is a Catch ‘N Air Ride?

A Catch ‘N Air is an amusement park ride that rotates from a fixed point.

It has arms that extend from the back turntable.

On the opposite end, cabins are attached to each arm.

The cabins hold four passengers at a go.

In total, a catch ’n air ride hosts 32 passengers.

The cabins are attached to a wheel at the bottom.

The wheel strictly operates on the unique guided rail meant for the catch ‘n air ride.

Due to their size and portability, catch ‘n air rides can easily be placed indoors or outdoors.

What Are the Key Points to Consider When Buying A Catch ‘N Air Ride?

Acquiring a catch ‘n air ride requires a hefty investment.

Park owners will conduct a lot of research to determine the viability of a ride for their park.

The main critical points you have to consider are:

a.      Cost of Purchase

The cost is a significant determinant of the return on investment.

Of course, you will have a cost range for the ride, and you will want the best deal.

Having a reference budget is the right way to do it.

As you shop around, you should be able to narrow down your options to three suppliers.

However, beware of cheap rides that will cost you in the long run.

b.     Quality of the ride

Good quality rides are a great asset.

Quality catch ‘n air rides will have a proven record in terms of safety and longevity.

Quality customizations, technical support, and spare parts should be part of the deal.

You can get only such standards from seasoned manufacturers.

At Sinorides, we have over 28 years of experience in amusement ride production with over 50 patents.

c.      The appearance of the catch ‘n air ride

The manufacturer should be able to customize your catch ‘n air ride.

Most park owners like designs that mirror their park themes.

Nicely designed, beautifully crafted rides and lighting attract clients a lot. That’s the difference between success and failure.

How to Order A Catch ‘N Air Ride from China?

Shipping Catch ‘n air rides from China has increased drastically in the recent past.

This is a testament to good quality and affordable rides.

Once you identify a supplier to partner with within China, place your order.

Ensure to create direct contact; It makes communication easier.

Order a Catch ‘n Air Ride.

The manufacturer should assist you with all your needs. This should include technical analysis of your specifications, design of your Catch ‘n air ride, expert advice, and after-sales support.

Good manufacturers will ensure that the rides pass through vigorous testing phases.

At the end of it all, your catch ‘n air ride is given a quality score. This should boost your confidence in terms of ride reliability.

After manufacturing and certification of the ride, shipping is the next step.

The advantage of ordering from China is that experienced manufacturers have already sorted out shipping logistics. This is because they have links and export rides globally.

Tip: You can ask to visit the manufacturer’s premises to understand their production and logistical operations better.

Ask for reviews and testimonials. You can also search these online.

Can A Catch ‘N Air Ride Operate Indoors and Outdoors?

Having a ride that can be placed indoors or outdoors is a great advantage.

Catch ‘n air rides are versatile and can operate indoors or outdoors.

You can ask for customization such that your catch ‘n air ride is easily transported.

Compared to other rides, catch ‘n air rides do not need large spaces for operations.

If your park location is in regions where the weather is good, consider placing the ride outside.

They also fit nicely indoors. The ride should be colorful and have excellent lighting.

Note that if in construction may need to be tougher. Tough materials will prevent the ride from adverse weather effects.

Make sure the manufacturer understands ride placement in your park.

Good manufacturers will assist you with correct placement due to their experience.

Tip: Due to their flexibility and ease of transport, you can rent out catch ‘n air rides can be rented out frequently.

They are popular with kids’ events. Make sure you get a ride that will be able to withstand all these scenarios.

How to Properly Maintain Catch ‘N Air Rides

Maintenance is crucial for proper operations of catch ‘n air rides. The rides require significant investment and need to be maintained.

Without maintenance, you will experience frequent breakdowns, which may leave you and patrons disenfranchised.

Come up with a maintenance culture for your rides. Some of the common tips to ensure proper maintenance include:

  1. Scheduled and regular inspection of the rides.
  2. Follow the given standard operating procedures (SOP) from the manufacturer.
  3. Establish clear standards for repairing catch ‘n air rides. Talk to the manufacturer. They should offer advice and repair service.
  4. Use only the manufacturer’s recommended spare parts.
  5. Regularly clean your rides.
  6. Educate your staff on areas where issues may occur.

Tip: Have a document which details various maintenance and repairs carried out on the rides. It helps with follow-up maintenance and repairs.

What Is the Expected Lifespan of a Catch ‘N Air Ride?

On average, the ride should last at least ten years.

The lifespan of the ride also helps the park owner calculate the return of investment.

However, the expected lifespan of a catch ‘n air ride is dependent on these two factors:

  1. Quality of the ride
  2. Maintenance culture

Manufacturers who are qualified will produce quality rides that are guaranteed to last long.

Materials that make up your catch ‘n air ride should be suited to your environment.

For longevity, you are advised to avoid setting up the rides in places with extreme weather, such as blizzards.

Repairs and maintenance should be performed by qualified personnel.

Moreso, use spare parts that the manufacturer recommends. It is paramount that you and the manufacturer establish a maintenance culture.

If you follow the above tips, your catch ‘n air rides are guaranteed to be a mainstay in your park for a long time.

What is the Cost of Purchasing a Catch ‘N Air Ride?

Purchase a Catch ‘n Air Ride

The cost of purchasing a catch ‘n air ride starts from $12,000 on average.

Depending on the quality, the costs may go upwards of $200,000.

The cost may vary depending on the manufacturer and design specification.

Also note, cheap is not always the best option.

Consider services like custom designs, free installation, warranty, guarantees, and after-sales service. Inexperienced manufacturers will sell you the product and walk away.

At Sinorides, we walk with you throughout the whole journey. We stick with you even after we sell you the ride. Our customer service team is always available for you. Get a free quote today.

Are a Catch ‘N Air ride From China worth buying?

According to Themed Entertainment Association, theme parks have increased by over 50% in the last decade.

Visitors to these parks have grown by 80%.

This is a testament to the increase and availability of amusement park rides.

China is leading in manufacturing and export of catch ‘n air ride across the world.

Years of organic growth in the production of catch ‘n air rides have enabled us to be the best.

You are now able to get newly designed and reliable rides that are proven.

You can order the available catch ‘n air rides, or we can develop one based on your specifications


Shipping should not worry you.  Sinorides has links to major shipping lines, and we have exported rides across the world for many decades.

At Sinorides, we have 28 years of experience in manufacturing park rides. We are trusted internationally, and we possess all the required certifications.

What are some of the after-sales services for a Catch ‘N Air ride?

Your catch ‘n air ride will most likely be occupied throughout the year.

Therefore, you should ensure to get aftersales services from the manufacturer.

It should be included in the sales agreement.

The most critical aftersales service includes:

a.      Technical support

  1. Customer support from the manufacturer should be 24/7.
  2. The supplier should also provide you with engineers for the installation of the catch ‘n air ride.
  3. They should also provide training for your operators and other staff.
  4. The manufacturer can also support you in terms of power supply technical requirements document or product layout.

b.     Catch ‘n air ride parts supply

  1. The manufacturer should be able to help you maintain your catch ‘n air rides.
  2. Parts replacement and maintenance is a core aftersales service.
  3. Electrical and mechanical components should be shipped quickly when your rides require.
  4. The manufacturer should help you test the rides after repairs and maintenance.

How to choose a reliable Catch ‘N Air ride manufacturer

Many manufacturers offer amusement park rides.

But when you decide to purchase a catch ‘n air ride, follow these tips to get a reliable manufacturer.

  1. A good manufacturer should bear requisite experience in production. Work with a manufacturer who has 20+ years of experience in the industry.
  2. The manufacturer should also have experience in the production of catch ‘n air rides.
  3. The manufacturer should have the relevant production certifications.
  4. Catch ‘n air rides produced should also be certified and tested per international standards.
  5. The manufacturer should offer warranties and comprehensive aftersales service.
  6. You can also look for reviews and recommendation from previous clients that have dealt with the manufacturer.

You can visit the manufacturer to experience the production process.

The tips above will give you an indication if the manufacturer is competent enough.

Sinorides offers you newly designed Catch ‘n Air Rides. Contact us today for the best deal.

Can a Catch ‘N Air ride be customized?

Yes, the manufacturer can customize aspects of catch ‘n air rides.

Most manufacturers will have readymade catch’ n air rides for sale.

However, some park owners may request unique additional customization.

During the design phase, you can request your customization.

You may also request a different design for your catch ‘n air rides. For example, you may ask for modifications to the cabin.

Majority of customization done on catch ‘n air rides center on appearance.

The lighting and the colors are customized to match the theme of the park.

At this point, the manufacturer will be able to accommodate and reproduce your imagination.

Why should park owners buy Catch ‘N Air rides?

The primary reason why park owners purchase catch ‘n air ride is its good business.

It is a versatile ride that is popular with both kids and adults.

Other reasons include bringing fun to your park and offering a variety of rides.

Patrons like trying many rides while at the park. Catch ‘n air rides attract lots of crowds.

It encourages repeat ridership which is vital for any park business.

Catch ‘n air ride requires a substantial investment.

However, you are guaranteed to recoup your investment in no time.

Tip: As the owner, ensure to maintain your catch ‘n air rides regularly.  This will ensure longevity which will translate to more profits.

Are Catch ‘N Air ride profitable for park owners

Yes, catch ‘n air rides are profitable.

The secret to high profits is repeat ridership.

Look to create a buzz early on when your ride is installed.

You can have programs and discounts targeted at various groups.

Make sure your rides are attractive. The lighting should also be well decorated.

It will attract the kids a lot.

Catch ‘n air ride rotates both clockwise and anticlockwise. It provides a welcomed thrill for adults.

The ride is not scary; therefore, it is popular with both adults and kids.

Portable catch ‘n air rides can be rented out for parties and events.

They can also be placed in high traffic areas such as beaches and malls.

The above tips will ensure you get profitability quickly.

Do Catch ‘N Air ride only rotate clockwise?

Catch ‘n air rides rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise.

The ride is designed to give riders maximum fun rotating both directions.

You can specify which direction you want the rotation to start for your catch ‘n air ride.

The cabins have a wheel attached at the base, which glids on a circular guided rail with an undulating gradient.

As the catch ‘n air ride rotates, some cabins will be moving up while others will be moving down.

Are Catch ‘N Air Rides Popular in Parks?

Before investing in a catch ‘n air ride, one of the first questions you ask yourself is if the rides will attract riders.

Across all parks, catch ‘n air rides have proved to be popular.

The reasons why the rides are popular include:

  1. Catch ‘n air carnival rides are versatile. They can be hosted indoors or outdoors and do not demand a lot of space. You will find them in zoos, malls, and even beaches.
  2. Catch ‘n air rides take up to 32 people at a go. A cabin carries a maximum of four people.

Its capacity is high compared to other rides.

  1. Catch ‘n air rides are easy to install and operate. It is easy to fix the rail section as well as the back turntable and the base.

Catch ‘n air rides are from Sinorides have a new and advanced variable frequency speed technology.

The technology allows for the complete automation of your ride in terms of rotation speed.

What are the Safety Tips for Catch ‘N Air Ride Owners?

What is the safety record of these rides?

This question is asked repeatedly by park owners interested in catch ‘n air rides.

Patrons will shun rides and parks that have poor safety records.

The working mechanism for catch ‘n air rides is simple.

Follow these safety tips to help avert incidents:

  1. Before operations, ensure your catch ‘n air rides have a safety certificate.
  2. The operators should ensure adults accompany children under five.
  3. Ensure that safety belts and pressure bars are in usable condition.
  4. Ensure you lock your catch ‘n air ride when not in use. Unsupervised use of these rides is the leading cause of incidents.
  5. Catch ‘n air rides are sold with a perimeter fence around them. There is a single point of entry for controlled access to the ride.

Ensure to put the fence in place for crowd control.

  1. Maintenance is key to safety. Poorly maintained rides might breakdown during a ride.

If you follow these tips, you will avert accidents and incidents for your catch ‘n air rides. Contact us in case of any safety concerns.

What are the Quality Standards of Catch ‘N Air Ride?

Manufacturers must have standards when producing amusement park rides.

Standards are a way to control the quality of rides produced.

International standards that control catch ‘n air ride production include EN13814 Standards. GOST, ISO, BV, CE, and SGS.

These standards lead to the ride approval and operation in your park.

Testing of the rides includes load and durability testing. After testing, certificates are issued.

When you go shopping for a catch ‘n air ride, ask to see the manufacturer’s quality standards and certification.

Tip: Insist on viewing the test result for your catch ‘n air ride. Quality assurance is key.

How to Check the Quality of a Catch ‘n Air Ride

A quality catch ‘n air ride is guaranteed to give you service for a long time.

Ensure that when the catch ‘n air ride leaves the assembly line for your park, it is of the best quality.

But how do you check the quality of your catch ‘n air ride?

Do the following, and you will have a good understanding of the quality you are getting.

  1. Check the load, material, and safety tests report from the manufacturer.

The reports give an indication of how your ride coped under stress. It should also indicate the quality of materials used in the construction of the ride.

  1. Check out the electrical components. They should be from a certified supplier.
  2. The circular rail and ramp configuration for your catch ‘n air ride should allow for a smooth rotation. A bumpy ride means there are problems with the rail.

Who are the Suitable Users for Catch ‘N Air Ride?

When you purchase a catch ‘n air ride, the aim is to have a long line of people waiting to ride.

Well, catch ‘n air rides are suitable for both adults and kids.

The cabins are designed to host all types of revelers.

Safety is also taken into consideration for all age groups.

Note that adults should accompany smaller kids.

Are Catch ‘N Air Ride Waterproof?

Catch ‘n air rides are waterproof.

However, just like any other machine, some parts should be wet-free.

Ensure your supplier understands that your catch ‘n air ride will be used outdoors.

It is paramount that the materials used in the construction are waterproof.

Materials such as fiberglass for seats are recommended.

It will ensure that the ride will not be affected by water.

The manufacturer should also use non-toxic materials.

Ensure that the LEDs installed can work in wet conditions.

Transmission and electrical systems should be insulated from water.

What are the Components of Catch ‘N Air Ride?

Catch ‘n air rides are made up of 8 outstretched arms with cabins at the end.

The cabins sit on a circular guide rail. A section of the guided rail is raised.

There is also a rotary disc, a base, a console, an electric control system, and a transmission system.

The circular rail is split into various parts. During installation, the rails are connected by strengthened bolts.

The base of a catch ‘n air ride is made up of welded steel plate. The base supports the swinging mechanism.

There is also a back turntable. It holds the arms and other accessories in place.

Catch ‘n air ride cabins have seats made of fiberglass. It also has various safety accessories as well as pressure bars.

The transmission system drives the whole structure. It has a motor, transmission gears, a reducer (to reduce speed), and a slewing ring.

The electrical system is the hub that controls all the electrical components of the ride.

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