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Height Dimensions 10m/14m/23m
Area 19.6mx13.7m/24mx17m
Number of Seats 8/12/16P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 55/65/80kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Tower Rides
This DROP TOWER  is a new ride of 2019 made by Sinorides. It consists of foundation, shuttle body, rotating power and Lifting power. The rotating power functions by gear motor and slewing bearing; and the lifting power functions by hydraulic system, steel cable, and pulley group.
The main frame is composed of the main base, the main section I, the main section II, the main section III and the top frame. All parts are connected by high-strength bolts. The root part is connected with the Anchor Bolt embedded in the foundation.
The shuttle body is composed of the frame, the cabin, the harness and the roller wheel. The main structure is composed of shuttle body frames connected by pin shafts, and the shuttle body frames are welded by square pipes. An adjustable roller is arranged on the shuttle body to assist the shuttle body to run along the main frame; the seat is fully-enclosed with a fan-shape seat outline; the safety harness is locked up by ratchet racks and controlled by a cylinder; and the auxiliary reset works with a gas spring and a pull spring The seat is fitted with two seat belts.
► This drop tower has three sizes for an option: 10M, 14M and 23M.

TAG:  Tower Rides
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