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►The net weight of one battery-operated fairground bumper car is ≤ 150kg and its speed is ≤7km/h;

►The net weight of one earth mat/ ground-grid fairground bumper car is 204kg and its speed is ≤5.4km/h.

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Number of Seats2P/Car
Rated VoltageDC24V
VersionPark Model

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Fairground Bumper Cars – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Thinking of adding some funky kiddie rides to your amusement parks?

But confused as there are a complete plethora of choices to choose from?

Don’t worry, as you’re confusion is going to end here!

Our experts have gathered some helpful questions after comprehensive research to make a handy Fairground Bumper Cars FAQ guide. Thus you’ll now be able to choose the best option out of the market!

What Is Fairground Bumper Cars?

Fairground Bumper Cars are flat kid’s rides that are most commonly known as electrically powered cars.

They draw power from the ground for moving on the floor without any friction.

Most of these Fairground Bumper Cars are used as fun rides for kids in amusement parks.

Kids can use the car’s steering for bumping it into the other car.

Furthermore, there’re two methods for drawing power into bumper cars, either by floor or by the powered ceiling.

Fairground Bumper Car

What Is Another Name For Bumper Cars In Fairgrounds?

Some other names for Bumper Cars in Fairgrounds are given as under:

  • Dodging cars
  • Dodgem cars
  • Bumping cars
  • Dashing cars
  • Grounded cars
  • Big dipper cars
  • Big wheel cars

How Much Does A Fairground Bumper Car Ride Cost?

The average cost for the Fairground Bumper Car ranges up to about $300.

However, the Fairground Bumper Car costs depend on the square meters of the surface you’re going to decide for such cars’ operation.

For example, if you’re building a car area of about 100 meters, it’ll cost you about $15000 to buy ten sets of Fairground Bumper Cars.

In addition to this, the control cabinet will cost you up to $600.

Cost of Fairground Bumper Car

How Does a Fairground Bumper Car Work?

Almost all Fairground Bumper Cars work on Newton’s Third Law of motion and action and reaction principle.

When two bumper cars hit each other, they bounce back in the opposite directions, just according to Newton’s Third Law of motion.

Some bumper cars are also equipped with rechargeable batteries which provide them power surges for movement on the ground.

Furthermore, the ground of the Bumping cars is electrically powered to keep them charged during motion.

Not only this, but such cars are also equipped with conductive brushes at the bottom and spacers at the front, which keeps the two collided bumper cars separated.

Working of Fairground Bumper Car

How Fast Do Fairground Bumper Cars Go?

The average speed for a Fairground Bumper Car is about 5 mph.

But the speed of bumper cars is controlled by the controller or controlled by the rider sitting in the car.

Some other observations reveal that Fairground Bumper Cars can go up to 7 mph for adults and three mph for children.

You’ll surely be having fun at Fairground Bumper Car rides because of their versatile speeds.

Are Fairground Bumper Cars Safe?

Low-speed Fairground Bumper Car rides are safe only for children.

But on the whole, they’re a bit dangerous for new riders since they’ve caused severe injuries in the past.

The major reason for the injuries caused by Fairground Bumper Car rides is the ignorance of the riders or the controller’s loss of control.

So if both riders and controllers operate Fairground Bumper Cars with complete concentration, they’re not dangerous at all.

Safety of Fairground Bumper Car

How To Make Fairground Bumper Cars Safe?

You can make Fairground Bumper Cars safe by following the given tips:

  • Take care of the age group of the riders according to the intensity of the bumper car’s collision
  • Don’t operate Fairground Bumper Cars at speed more than five mph
  • Choose the size of the bumper car carefully
  • Tie up all the given safety belts before starting the ride
  • Cover up all the power sources related to the power surges for bumper cars
  • Take a strong grip on the steering wheel of the Fairground Bumper Car

Why Do Fairground Bumper Cars Use Kinetic Energy?

Most of the Fairground Bumper Cars use kinetic energy due to a collision with the other car.

When a bumper car hits another one, it exerts an equal and opposite force which bounces up the two collided cars away from each other.

In such a case, the electricity provided to the cars from the grids or floor is converted into some kinetic energy and heat.

Furthermore, the bumper car uses kinetic energy to overcome the impact of the force of collision on both cars.

Why Do Fairground Bumper Cars Bump?

Fairground Bumper Cars act on the principle of Newton’s Third Law of motion, so according to that, when two bodies collide, they move opposite in direction.

Similarly, when two Fairground Bumper Cars collide with each other, the rider feels a sudden change in the motion because of the change in inertia due to the car’s opposite movements.

The forces of a collision on both the bumper cars cause them to bump.

What Voltage Needed For Fairground Bumper Cars to Run On?

The average amount of voltage needed for a Fairground Bumper Car ranges between 48 volts and 50 volts.

But the majority of the operating Fairground Bumper Cars work at the voltage of 48 volts quite easily.

Whereas some smaller bumper car rides also run at a minimum voltage of about 24 volts.

But at the same time, some of the largest Fairground Bumper Cars are also available, which consumes electricity of about 90 volts.

How Heavy Is A Fairground Bumper Car?

The majority of the Fairground Bumper Car rides weigh up to 200 to 300kgs.

But the weight of the Fairground Bumper Car is dependent on their types.

The average weight of the ground grip bumper car ride ranges up to 100-200kg.

However, the weight is about 85% of the chassis, motor, and car body, and the remaining weight is of the rider.

Other than this, the battery-driven Fairground Bumper Car rides weigh 50-100kg around.

Weight of Fairground Bumper Car

How Tall Your Customer Has To Be To Ride Fairground Bumper Cars?

There’re different height ranges according to the size and the operation of Fairground Bumper Car.

Some of the suggested height ranges for Fairground Bumper Cars are given as under.

  • For slower and children’s bumper car rides, the height of the rider must be about 48 inches
  • For an average-sized bumper car, the height of the rider should be about 50 inches to drive the car
  • For bigger bumper rides, the height of the children must range up to 52 inches

Are Fairground Bumper Cars Dangerous?

Fairground Bumper Cars are dangerous only when not operated with great care.

They can even cause severe injuries to the head and body if you lose control while operating them.

The major reason for the dangerous nature of Fairground Bumper Cars is the sudden changes in the impacts of motion, thus leading to severe injures of the wrist, concussion, and neck injuries.

That’s why the riders are suggested to fulfill all the safety parameters before riding the Fairground Bumper Car rides.

Do Fairground Bumper Cars Have Brakes?

No, Fairground Bumper Cars don’t have brakes since they are electrically powered playground cars.

They have a special kind of dodgem bumper on the inner side which replaces the need for brakes.

Thus, if you want to stop the Fairground Bumper Cars, you can release the throttle to decrease the force.

Furthermore, if you want to turn the Fairground on the left or right side, you can use the integrated steering wheel.

Brakes of Bumper car ride

Why Do Park Owners Choose To Invest In Fairground Bumper Cars?

The major reason for the park owners to invest in Fairground Bumper Cars is their versatility in shapes and sizes.

Other than this, they come in various power surges that provide a fun experience to all the incoming riders.

The majority of the amusement park riders love to invest in Fairground Bumper Cars just to entertain the riders since they’re suitable for everyone ranging from kids to adults.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/ZcIH4JXUItE

How To Choose The Most Suitable Fairground Bumper Cars For Sale?

For choosing the most suitable Fairground, Bumper Cars follow the given steps.

  • Choose the Right Manufacturer

The first step is to look for the most reliable manufacturers that provide the premium quality of Fairground Bumper Cars.

Sinorides will be your best choice in this case since it’s providing the most demanded and durable car rides for amusement parks.

  • Construction

The Fairground Bumper Car construction is one of the most crucial factors to look for while choosing the best item out of bumper cars.

Make sure to choose the model constructed with the highest quality of materials for ensuring the safety of riders.

  • Safety

Another most important thing to consider is the safety of the Fairground Bumper Car.

Take account of the padded seats and tight seatbelts for increasing the safety levels of this kiddie ride.

  • Design

Fairground Bumper Car is available in a wide variety of designs and themes.

Thus choose the one that suits the best with the theme of your amusement park.

  • Style

Fairground Bumper Cars are one of the best ways to attract riders to your amusement park.

Thus select the one that comes in funky colors and appealing themes.

What To Consider When Choosing Fairground Bumper Rides?

Some of the crucial factors to look for when choosing Fairground Bumper Rides are as follows:

  • Reliability

Reliability and long life of Fairground Bumper Rides are all dependent on the quality of materials used in its construction.

Thus never compromise on the low-quality stainless steel used in the manufacturing of Fairground Bumper Rides.

  • Design and Customization

Fairground Bumper Rides are the primary source of attraction for kids in amusement parks; thus, try to choose which has an appealing design.

Moreover, you can customize the Fairground Bumper Ride according to your choice.

  • Performance of the Manufacturer

The manufacturer you’re going to choose plays the leading role in Fairground Bumper Rides’ performance; thus, choose them wisely.

Sinorides is one of the most trustworthy kids’ ride manufacturers in China since it has more than 28 years of experience constructing Fairground Bumper Ride.

  • Seating and Style

The seating of Fairground Bumper Ride is the only thing required for the rider’s ensured security.

Thus make sure that cushioned seats and stylish outlook are coupled with the Fairground Bumper Ride you’re going to choose.

Choose Bumper Cars

How To Find Fairground Bumper Cars For Sale?

For finding the Fairground Bumper Car for sales, follow the given tips:

  • Select the Best Manufacturer

With the availability of many Fairground Bumper Car rides in China, choosing the right one will be a difficult task for you.

But don’t worry; Sinorides has now resolved the issue with its excellence in the production of Fairground Bumper Car rides.

  • Ease Of Maintenance

Never choose the ride, which is quite hard to maintain after all; maintenance is the only factor that will increase Fairground Bumper Cars’ life.

Besides this, it’ll save you money and time as well.

How To Find Reliable Fairground Bumper Car Manufacturers In China?

No doubt there are many efficient Fairground Bumper Car manufacturers in China, but you can find the most reliable one by following the given tips:

  • Go for the Company that Choose Quality Materials

Check the quality of the raw materials that a manufacturer uses to construct Fairground Bumper Car rides.

  • Search on Google

If you’re new in the field of amusement rides, you can find the best and reliable Fairground Bumper Car rides by searching on Google.

There’ll be plenty of options to choose from.

Other than that, you can explore many other platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and much more.

  • Check the Investment in R&D

R&D certifications ensure the Fairground Bumper Cars; thus, it’s better to choose the manufacturer that prioritizes investing in R&D.

  • One-Stop Solution

A good manufacturer provides a one-stop solution for all the recurring problems of amusement rides.

This is why Sinorides has gained immense fame among the amusement park owners since it provided all top-notch services ranging from installation to maintenance.

High-Quality Bumper Cars

How To Install Fairground Bumper Cars?

The installation of the Fairground Bumper Car ride is carried out with the help of the following steps:

  • Choose the Type of Bumper Cars

There are two main basic types of Fairground Bumper Cars, i.e., Ceiling powered bumper cars and ground-grip bumper cars.

Thus choose the one that suits your amusement park since the installation is different for its types.

  • Select the Flooring

If you’ve chosen the ground-grip Fairground Bumper Cars, make your floor connected with the power supply for giving strong power surges to bumper cars.

But if you’ve chosen ceiling-grid Fairground Bumper Cars, make a proper ceiling system that provides a consistent power supply.

  • Hire a Team of Builders

Undoubtedly, Fairground Bumper Cars’ installation is a bit tricky, so hire professional builders to help you out.

  • Choose an Efficient Control System

Arrange a proper control system for operating the Fairground Bumper Cars with a steady speed.

How To Maintain Fairground Bumper Cars?

Here are some of the steps for maintaining the Fairground Bumper Cars:

  • Cover all the bumper cars with thick bumpers to prevent the damages caused by sudden collisions
  • Carry out regular inspection for checking out the performance of bumper cars
  • Notice the performance of Fairground Bumper Cars after every ride
  • Wipe the exterior of the car for maintaining the condition in a good state
  • Check all the wearing parts regularly and replace them if damaged

Maintenance of Bumper Cars

Is It Profitable To Install Fairground Bumper Cars?

Yes, it’s pretty profitable to install Fairground Bumper Cars in the amusement parks since they’re the center of attraction for kids and families.

There’re long lines of riders on the stalls for the ticket of Fairground Bumper Cars.

The fun experience of this awesome ride attracts a large number of riders.

Furthermore, it can generate twofold profit in less than expected time.

How To Import Fairground Bumper Cars From China?

Following are the handiest steps for importing Fairground Bumper Cars from China.

  • Find the most reliable manufacturer of Bumper cars in China
  • Contact them via email or direct contact for placing your order
  • Confirm your order by emailing the manufacturers
  • Place any customizations you want in your Fairground Bumper Car ride
  • Gather all the necessary documents for the import of the ride
  • Ensure the package of the ordered ride
  • Most manufacturers don’t exempt the tax formalities if you’re importing Bumper cars from China
  • Pick your shipment from the port

How To Ensure The Safety Of Fairground Bumper Cars?

The main steps for ensuring the safety of Fairground Bumper Cars are as under:

  • Take care of your responsibilities as an administrator of the riding arena
  • Order the management to display all the necessary rules and precautions on the board of the arena
  • Hire highly professional supervisors and operators for the proper control of bumper car rides
  • Check all the parts of the ride from time to time for ensuring the proper working of the ride
  • Ensure the knowledge of the ride’s operation among the manager and operator

Safety of Bumper Cars

Who Are The Suitable Users Of Bumper Cars?

The most suitable users of Bumper Cars are adults since they can cause serious injuries to children of all ages.

Fairground Bumper Car rides cause sudden bumps upon collision, which can bring head injuries to children.

Furthermore, most children ride such rides with carelessness, plus they don’t follow the safety rules, which causes sudden accidents.

In addition to this, children of age less than ten years are strictly restricted from riding Fairground Bumper Cars.

What Are The Types Of Bumper Cars?

Some major types of Bumper Cars are:

  • Electric bumper cars
  • Battery operated bumper cars
  • Kids bumper cars
  • Adult bumper cars
  • Fairground bumper cars
  • Rubber bumper cars
  • Steering wheel bumper cars

Types of Bumper Cars

How To Operate Bummer Cars?

The operation of bumper cars is related to the control system, which the driver and operator control.

The driver drives the car in the local arena, and the operator controls the speed of the bumper cars by turning off and on the control system.

Furthermore, the bumper car is accelerated with the help of a pedal present at the bottom side.

For stopping the Fairground bumper car ride, release the pedal until it stops eventually.

Can You Customize Bumper Cars?

Yes, you can customize the Fairground Bumper Cars according to the theme of your amusement park.

You can even add some additional bumpers in the Fairground Bumper Cars to make its design pretty unique.

However, the manufacturer carries out all the customization.

So discuss all your demands with the chosen manufacturer before placing your order.

Sinorides will be the best choice in this manner because it carries out all the customization services with great efficiency.

Customization of Bumper Cars

What Kind Of Material Used In Bumper Cars for Sale?

The previous Fairground Bumper Cars were made of hardwood, but the modern models of bumper cars are constructed with plastic composites.

However, the Fairground Bumper Cars’ complete body is manufactured with the highest quality of Fiberglass plastic.

The major reason for the use of fiberglass in its manufacturing is its strength and excellent durability.

In addition to this, the bumper is made up of premium quality rubber.

Materials of Bumper Cars

How Long Does It Take To Time Install Bumper Cars?

The average time duration for the installation of Fairground Bumper Cars ranges up to 15 to 30 days, but the installation time depends on the type of bumper cars.

The time duration of installation is different for both floor-grid bumper cars and ceiling-grid bumper cars.

Moreover, the installation time also varies with the efficiency of the builders.

Installation of Bumper Cars

What Are The Quality Standards For Bumper Cars For Sale?

The quality standards for bumper cars for sale are as below:

  • CCC certification is essential for amusement rides in China
  • CE certification for ensuring the quality of bumper cars in Europe
  • ASTM certification is needed for the quality standards of US manufacturers
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