Jump N Smile, also called mega bounce ride, is one of the most thrilling fairground rides for adults and children. This ride is specially attractive for its big jump and rotation movement.

►The ride is composed of a rotation center and some lifting arms activated by the air cylinder. The excellent effect of “jumping” is mainly on account of its special pneumatic system. The ride will rotate, being ups and downs around the center in the controlled process.

►Passengers can experience the continuous changes of their perspectives and the accelerating excitement.

►The high-end manufacturing capabilities of Sinorides offers quality-oriented jump and smile ride. You can get a bunch of customization opportunities for your smile rides.

►There are hundreds of lighting and movement options available for your jump and smile ride. Sinorides provides a trusted warranty with a promise of ultimate quality.

►It also offers all-time after-sales services for all kinds of jump and smile rides. The smile ride can be delivered anywhere in the world.

►Sinorides jump and smile ride is suitable for kids as well as adults equally. As always, Sinorides provides the lowest prices for jump and smile rides without compromising the quality.

Number of Seats36P
Rated Voltage380V
VersionTrailer Model

Sinorides is Reliable Jump N Smile Ride Manufacturer

The jump and smile ride by Sinorides is a ride of joy and excitement. Jump n smile is a ride which everybody, regardless of their age, loves to ride. It will add up great attraction to your park business and undoubtedly provide you with ultimate revenue.

With more than two decades of amusement rides for sale manufacturing experience, Sinorides ensures product quality. Sinorides jump and smile ride for sale is completely safety and quality guaranteed. Sinorides is an absolute follower of international quality standards for fair rides.

This jump and smile ride comes with a variety of custom movement options. You can also imprint your own logos or business icons on this ride through Sinorides easily. Every design and structural element on this thrilling ride will be as per your demands.

Sinorides jump and smile ride is not an ordinary one, it has numerous advanced features. You can even control and grip completely over the movements and actions of the smile ride. Moreover, fairground rides for sale are made up of extra-fine materials.

Unlike other manufacturers, Sinorides will help you figure out the best placement for jump and smile rides. It will also provide you with all the spinning rides for a discounted and economical value.


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