Kite Flyer ride, or Kite Flight, is a new amusement ride which imitates kite flying in the air. It composed of equipment base, tower, swing arm, cockpit, platform, pneumatic system, electric control system, lighting and exterior decoration.

This ride applies the advanced Servo frequency control technology, which make the motor output Torque and the output speed controllable according to the preset curve. Passengers are supposed to lie down on the seat and fly into the air like a kite to enjoy the weightless feeling as well.

Sinorides kite flyer ride is made up of imported and high-quality raw materials. Kite flyer ride provide a truly new and adventurous experience to your park visitors.

Sinorides always ensure 100% safety and reliability of all rides especially kite flyer carnival ride. Kite flyer amusement rides come in hundreds of designs, colors, and lighting options.

The control, maintenance, and usage of the kite flyer fair ride are absolutely effortless. There is an extended warranty of Sinorides kite flyer ride to prolong the durability.

You can always get in touch with Sinorides customer services for any issues related to the kite flyer ride and quality carnival rides.

Height Dimension5.4m
Number of Seats24P
Rated Voltage380V
VersionPark Model

Sinorides is Reliable Kite Flyer Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides kite flyer ride is one of the most modern and new amusement rides in the world.

It’s a unique type of amusement ride in which the riders will experience a fly-like experience. The reason why it is called a kite flyer ride is because of its kite-type design.

There are a lot of customization options in your kite flyer carnival ride that Sinorides provides.

One of them is the lighting effects and another significant one is the custom art and designing. You can also change the structure of components in the flyer ride.

Sinorides always provide quality in all of its amusement rides especially kite flyer fair rides.

The safety of kite flyer ride is assured through various on-ground tests by our qualified engineers.

The reliable raw material is imported and used in kite flyer amusement ride.

Sinorides has vast experience of exporting rides like samba balloon ride for sale and pirate ship ride to more than 80 countries.

It has been manufacturing advanced rides for over two decades. A kite flying ride will become a great attraction to your amusement park.

Sinorides also believes in winning the trust by providing high-quality kite flying rides at an economical price. That is why it has become one of the largest kite flying ride manufacturers in the world.

Kite Flyer Ride – Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for setting an amusement park for families, it’s pretty sure you might be considering a Kite flyer ride to add to your list.

But wait,

Do you know much about Kite Flyer Ride?

If no, don’t worry since we’re here to help you out with our ultimate Kite Flyer FAQ Guide.

So let’s jot down below to resolve all queries related to Kite Flyer Ride.

What Is A Kite Flyer Ride?

A Kite Flyer Ride is a family ride that intimates a superman or a flying kite in the air.

It involves a long rod with a gondola all around coupled with kite-shaped seats.

Riders are supposed to lie on the seats like superman.

Thus, it’ll make the riders feel like a weightless kite flying in the air.

Furthermore, all its parts, including the tower, swing arm, and pneumatic system, play the leading roles in maintaining its movement.

Kite Flyer Ride

When Was The Kite Flyer Ride Introduced?

Kite Flyer Ride was introduced back in 1999 as one of the most amazing and fun family rides.

After its introduction in amusement parks, it won the Best Family Ride award at the 2000 IAAPA Convention.

Riders love to see this amazing ride in amusement parks since it gives them the sensation of free flight like a bird or kite in the air.

Furthermore, it is now available in a wide variety of models depending on the sear capacity with time.

Thus it’s all dependent on the amusement park owner to choose the item that suits his park the best.

How Does The Kite Flyer Ride Operate?

The Kite Flyer Ride is operated with the help of a motor by using the Servo frequency control technology,

When the motor is provided an electrical surge its tarts to move the gondolas of the ride in a circular direction.

After starting the rotation, the ride slowly moves upward in the air and starts to spin at a fixed angle.

It’s suggested that all the riders must set up their bodies in a prone position of a kite by laying flat on the seat for better working of the ride.

How Does The Kite Flyer Ride Work?

The Kite Flyer Ride works in integration with a moveable motor which is responsible for moving the gondola.

In addition to this, it comes with an equipment base, a tower, and a swing arm related to each other and provides a steady movement to the riders.

Not only this, but the ride’s pneumatic system is responsible for maintaining the posture of the riders.

Working of Kite Flyer Ride

Are Kite Flyer Rides Safe?

Without any doubt, a kite flyer ride is safe only when all the safety precautions are followed with consistency and concentration.

This family ride is equipped with long gondolas, which are coupled with flying seats at the end.

Thus it can be a bit dangerous for children of age lower than ten years.

But on the whole, there’s no danger while riding this amazing ride with your family.

What Are The Ways That Can Make The Kite Flyer Ride Safe?

You can make the Kite Flyer Ride safe by implementing the following tips:

  • Tie all the harness belts around the rider’s belly with full grip
  • Don’t let the riders move their legs while riding the Kite Flyer Ride
  • Ensure the proper movement of the gondolas before starting the ride
  • Inspect the damaged parts of the ride regularly
  • Avoid using poor quality materials in the construction of Kite Flyer Ride

What Type Of Energy Is Used By Kite Flyer Ride?

The Kite Flyer Ride uses a kinetic type of energy during its movement.

You can guess the ride’s movement since it’s quite similar to that of the flying kite.

Thus same energy is used by the Kite Flyer Ride.

Furthermore, kinetic energy is also required to move the motor to rotate all the gondolas around their axis.

Why Are These Rides Named As Kite Flyer Rides?

This family ride is named Kite Flyer Ride because it resembles the flying kits in the air.

The operation and movement of both kits and Kite Flyer Ride are pretty similar.

That’s why the manufacturers have named this family fun ride Kite Flyer Ride.

Name of Kite Flyer Ride

How Are Kite Flyer Rides Fixed?

The Kite Flyer Ride is fixed by following the given steps:

  • This amazing flyer ride is operated with the help of two different rotational motors
  • Both these motors are kept non-parallel to each other.
  • These motors are adjusted in a way that they face each other during the first phase of motion around the axis of rotation
  • Furthermore, the second motor is set up in position to move it concerning the axis of the first motor
  • In addition to these, both these motors are kept perpendicular to the ground
  • A curved guide is used for ensuring the inclination of the Kite Flyer Ride
  • A pair of pistons can also be used for this purpose

What Type Of Material Is Used In Kite Flyer Ride?

The materials used for the construction of the Kite Flyer Ride include:

  • Steel
  • Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic
  • Glass

Steel is one of the sturdiest materials used for making the body and gondolas of Kite Flyer Ride.

Because of the durability and reliability, steel greatly increases the performance of this ride.

Compared to steel, Reinforced Fiberglass Plastic is used for making the seats or accommodation space for the riders.

Furthermore, glass and RFP greatly increase the embellishment of Kite Flyer Ride.

Which Users Are Allowed To Ride The Kite Flyer Ride?

However, Kite Flyer Ride is a family ride, but only people of restricted age range from 12-45 are preferred to ride it.

Children of age less than ten years are strictly prohibited from riding Kite Flyer Ride amusement rides since it can cause serious injuries by falling.

Furthermore, more than 50 are not suggested to ride this family ride because it can make them face physical sprains due to continuous spinning movements.

Where Are Kite Flyer Rides Manufactured?

Kite Flyer Rides are manufactured mainly in Italy to give kids a fun sensation all around the world.

Besides Italy, China is also considered one of the most replenishing hubs for manufacturing Kite Flyer Rides.

The major reason behind China’s excellence in manufacturing Kite Flyer Ride is the availability of many powerful manufacturers here, including Sinorides.

With an extended 28 years of experience and efficiency to import Kite Flyer Rides in all countries of the world, this manufacturer has won the hearts of amusement park owners all around the world.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements Of The Kite Flyer Ride?

The major maintenance requirements of the Kite Flyer Ride are given as under:

  1. The kite flyer ride should be inspected regularly for avoiding any mishap
  2. The whole ride must be lubricated with efficient lubrication oils to increase its performance
  3. The nuts and bolts while installing it should be ensured to be tightened properly
  4. Hire professional workers for checking the maintenance and quality of the ride
  5. Replace all the damaged parts for minimizing accidents

Maintenance of Kite Flyer Ride

What Makes The Park Owners Want To Invest In Kite Flyer Ride?

The increased number of investments in Kite Flyer Ride by the park owners is because of its significant profits.

Kite Flyer Ride is one of the most appealing attractions in amusement parks, making the families visit such areas again and again.

Furthermore, the fun experience it gives to the riders is also considered as another factor by the park owners for investing in the Kite Flyer Ride.

Is It Beneficial To Invest In A Kite Flyer Ride?

It is pretty beneficial to invest in a Kite Flyer Ride because it can pay back you the entire amount you spent buying it.

Kids in amusement parks are always searching for hunting out some fun rides; thus, Kite Flyer Ride is a perfect investment done by the amusement park’s owner.

This kid’s ride makes children feel like a superman flying in the air; that’s why they love to ride it on their visit to amusement parks.

Investment in Kite Flyer Ride

Can Kite Flyer Rides Be Dangerous Or Life-threatening?

Yes, Kite Flyer Ride can be dangerous or life-threatening if the safety measures are not followed properly.

Almost all Kite Flyer Ride models are provided with seat belts and harnesses that wind up around the belly of kids.

All such belts prevent the kids from falling from height.

But if the workers don’t pay attention to the proper use of all safety equipment while sitting in the Kite Flyer Ride, it can cause serious injuries to the riders.

Where Can One Find Kite Flyer Rides At Suitable Rates?

You can find the most reliable and reasonable Kite Flyer Rides in China.

A wide variety of manufacturers are present in China that provides access to the most reasonable Kite Flyer Rides with the highest quality.

Sinorides can be your best choice if you’re wondering about getting your hands on the quality-made Kite Flyer Ride at the handiest prices.

Furthermore, they offer many other services, ranging from installing to the import of Kite Flyer Ride to all countries of the world in most promising means.

Does It Take A Long Time To Install The Kite Flyer Rides?

It can take up to one or two weeks for the installation of Kite Flyer Rides.

However, the duration for the installation of Kite Flyer Ride depends on the type, model, and size of this kid’s ride.

Besides this, you want to install this amusement ride in less than expected time; you can hire professional mechanics who have a complete idea about installing it.

To Which Customers Can One Sell The Kite Flyer Ride?

You can sell Kite Flyer Ride to those who have their amusement parks in large arenas.

In addition to this, people who own a business of transporting amusement ride all around the world.

Many people are interested in owning some profit by making a large margin from the transport and import of Kite Flyer Rides. Thus they can also be your best customers.

Can Kite Flyer Rides Be Customized?

Yes, you can customize Kite Flyer Ride according to the theme of your amusement park.

Many manufacturers out there in China perform the best to customize the Kite Flyer Rides for customers.

You can demand the manufacturers to build the Kite Flyer Ride on the theme of superman or traditional kites.

Thus if you’re looking for customizing Kite Flyer Rides, Sinorides can help you in the best manner.

Customized Kite Flyer Ride

Are Kite Flyer Rides Safe For Children?

Yes, Kite Flyer Rides are safer for children since they’re wholly manufactured for active children.

The Kite Flyer Ride’s safety can also be increased by following all the safety rules mentioned on the panel.

Thus, you don’t have to bother about your kids’ safety; they’re riding Kite Flyer Ride.

Children Kite Flyer Ride

What Is The Average Capacity Of A Kite Flyer Ride?

The average capacity of a Kite Flyer Ride is about 24 persons at a time.

Besides this, Kite Flyer Ride’s capacity can vary according to the size and models of Kite Flyer Ride.

Manufacturers construct Kite Flyer Ride of capacity ranging from 12 persons to 24 persons on a single cycle.

What Is The Total Power Used By The Kite Flyer Ride?

The average power consumption of Kite Flyer Ride ranges up to 14kw.

This immense power is provided to Kite Flyer Ride with the help of motors adjusted below the gondolas.

In addition to the power, the mean voltage need of a Kite Flyer Ride ranges up to 380V.

The power may vary according to this ride’s sizes, but the voltage consumption remains the same.

What Must Be The Minimum Height Of The Kite Flyer Ride?

The minimum height dimension of a Kite Flyer Ride must be about 5.4m.

This ride’s height must be long enough to fly all the riders in the air without any break.

In addition to this, the short heightened Kite Flyer Rides suffer prone accidents.

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