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Small Vertical Roller Coaster
Dimensions Track Length 250m~300m
Area 50mx30m
Number of Seats 10P
Height Dimension 15m
Motion Power 30kW
Rated Voltage 380V, 50HZ
Maximum Speed 50km/h
Running Time 110s/round


TAG:  Roller Coaster

Small vertical roller coaster is an amusement ride that slides on an elevated track. Passengers sit in the seat of thrilling roller coaster, and the seat is first lifted to the highest point along the track,then the seat run down with inertia. After a large vertical sprint and a vertical ring and a number of inclined Horizontal Ring, it returns smoothly to the station platform. and completes the entire operation. Visitors can experience the thrills and excitement of spinning around, speeding, and getting close to weightlessness in about 110 seconds.


The traction system provides power when the train is lifted,When the train reaches the top, it detaches from the drive and glides with the potential energy of the train. The train slows down when it reaches the return track, then slides back to the platform. The train is controlled by the operator to stop at the designated position. The equipment is mainly composed of column, track, train, traction system, braking system and electrical control system.

TAG:  Roller Coaster
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