Super Booster Ride is one of the new thrill rides and also the most death-defying ride in Sinorides. I believe that you must be excited when you see it at the fist sight. It takes customers nearly 50 meters into the air then without warning, drops them at accelerating speed.
►Super Booster is a stand-up, floor-less ride that means your legs dangle under you whilst your ass is perched on a seat resembling a bike saddle. Of course, the force of gravity means you can’t move as you’re plummeting down towards the ground then vigorously swinging over it but I’m sure it’s entirely to make you have a strong sense of weightlessness.
►The material of the thrill ride is the best quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) & Thick Steel to ensure long service life and safety.
►Sinorides super booster ride is made as per the top international quality standards. The cost of this exciting carnival ride is quite competitive and economical.
►Sinorides has a rich experience of manufacturing and delivering booster rides throughout the world. It also provides a long-lasting warranty and 24/7 after-sales support for all kinds of super booster rides.
►Sinorides also help in the installation and configuration procedures for the spinning ride. It offers a wide variety of customization options for your super booster rides.
►You will also get free suggestions to improve and enhance your park business through these booster rides.

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Number of Seats16P
Rated Voltage380V
VersionPark Model


TAG:  Thrill Rides

Sinorides is Reliable Super Booster Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides super booster ride is one of the most purchased and trusted amusement rides. This is because of its quality, safety, and adherence to international standards. It becomes an iconic ride of your amusement park because of its large size and features.

This booster carnival ride is made of super-quality Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Other components of it are made of thick steel imported from the top steel manufacturers of the world.

Adults mostly like the sensational movements of Sinorides super booster ride. It gives them a sense of pleasure and adventure at the same time. In addition to its quality, Sinorides provides this spinning ride at a very economical price.

This type of booster ride is quality and safety tested by professional testers at Sinorides. We have shipped super booster rides to over 80 countries without a single complaint. This is because of the modern manufacturing and skillful workforce of Sinorides.

You can customize the design, features, and structure of the super booster ride easily. Moreover, there are hundreds of free design templates for providing you with your ideal booster ride.

The installation and usage of the Sinorides super booster ride are also very straightforward. Even a common employee can be fully trained on controlling the booster ride efficiently.

Super Booster Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you dreaming of starting your amusement park business?

Yes? Then probably the first thing you might be wondering about is getting your hands on Super Booster Ride to attract more customers to your park.

For getting answers to all your questions, dive into our handiest FAQ guide about Super Booster Ride so you can get the best amusement ride.

What Is Super Booster Ride?

Super Booster Ride is a stand-up, floor-less ride that moves more like a pendulum.

It’s a thrill ride coupled with two sitting spaces on both ends, allowing the riders to dangle their legs on the downward side.

Super Booster Ride is also known as a Fabbri Ride because of its air movement.

All the riders are perched into the seats with a force of gravity against the floor.

This fantastic ride’s thrill mechanism enables the riders to experience one of the most daunting rides in the world.

Super Booster Ride

What Are the Major Types of Super Booster Ride?

Super Booster Ride has the following major types based on the same features of operation.

  • Single Boom Ride
  • Looping A-frame Rides
  • Spinning seats
  • Round-Up Ride
  • Flying Bobs
  • Gravitation Ride

All these names have the same operation and movement physics methods, which is visible from their names.

All the amusement parks are full of Super Booster Rides, with its significant types providing fun experiences to the riders and visitors.

Fabbri Ride

Is Super Booster Ride Any Safe?

Regardless of the thrilling nature, all Super Booster Rides are entirely safe even for kids because of the seats’ versatility.

A 360-degree Fabbri ride is secure for the riders since a perfect alignment is ensured between the rods and the seats.

According to consumer reports, delighter booster seats in Super Booster Rides gives the best command to the riders to stay stable during the ride.

Furthermore, such seats have been tested by the experts for a crash test.

Nonetheless, Super Booster Ride is also safe for kids but only with the RideSafer vest’s availability.

What Are the Regulations for Super Booster Ride in Amusement Parks?

Some major regulations for the Super Booster Ride in amusement parks are as follows:

  • The manufacturing committee must establish the standards for the design, testing, operation, and maintenance of this ride.
  • IAAPA is responsible for recommending the ASTM Super Ride Safety regulations all over the state.
  • The manufacturer should follow all guidelines for the ensured inspection and the safe use of Super Booster Ride.
  • Update the new technology with frequent review and revision by the government jurisdictions.
  • For ride accidents, proper reports are needed by the Ride operators and manufacturers with the notification of facilities related to the safety issue.


What Is the Average Age Limit for Super Booster Ride?

The average limit for Super Booster Ride ranges up to 45 years.

In addition to this, you can enjoy this thrill ride as long as you’re physically able and have the stamina to bear the thrill experience.

When it’s talked about the age limit of children for Super Booster Ride, only children above ten years are allowed to sit on the Super Booster Ride.

On the whole, it’s mainly designed for adults as the sudden back and forth movement of this ride can cause severe problems for aged individuals.

Plus, make sure to see the age limits for each type of Super Booster Ride in different amusement parks as the age limit may vary according to the thrilling intensity.

Age Limit for Fabbri ride

Is Super Booster Ride Included in Family Ride?

No, Super Booster Ride is included in the category of thrill rides.

They’re generally considered the most death-defying ride in the majority of amusement parks.

Almost all types of Super Booster Rides fall into the category of thrill rides.

It’s a stand-up, floor-less ride that keeps all the riders in the air during its movement.

So, if you’re a thrill lover and want to experience one of the most daunting rides in amusement rides, go for Super Booster Ride.

Thrill Ride

How Do Super Booster Ride Work?

Super Booster Ride, also called a Fabbri ride, works on the principle of moving pendulum.

It consists of a gondola, an arm, and an axle around which the rod moves around.

There’re two methods for the working of Super Booster Ride, which are given as under:

  • By DC Motors

Super Booster Ride needs a strong pushback for starting the movement; thus, this power is provided by the DC motors fixed at the base.

These DC motors drive the axle at a very high speed.

  • By Wheels

Besides DC motors, wheels can also be used to give a solid startup for super booster rides.

These wheels are attached at the bottom of the ride to push the gondola for initiating the swing movement.

Working of Super booster ride

How Much Does Super Booster Ride Cost?

The Super Booster Ride can cost you up to $10 million to $30 million.

However, the price can be different if you order your thrill ride from any manufacturer in China.

Plus, the price also varies depending on the design, size, and customization of the Super Booster Ride.

If you want to get the most reasonable Super Booster Ride for your amusement parks, you can undoubtedly contact Sinorides as they’re offering the best quality thrill rides at the handiest prices.

 Super booster ride cost

How Are Super Booster Ride Made?

Super Booster Ride is made while keeping the force of gravity plummeting towards the ground and vigorously swinging both its arms in the air.

The highest quality materials of steel and fiberglass are used to make the Super Booster Ride.

In addition to this, the glass fiber used in its manufacturing is ensured to be of the highest quality since it determines the quality of manufacturing Super Booster Ride.

Lastly, all the safety requirements for the riders are ensured while making this excellent thrill ride.

Manufacturing of Super Booster ride

What Is the Best Place to Buy Super Booster Ride?

China is one of the best places where you can get the highest Super Booster Ride quality.

The affordability and the premium quality of the thrill in China’s manufacturers have gained the trust of many amusement park owners around the world.

Around China, there’re many trustworthy amusement ride manufacturers, but there’s no comparison of Sinorides.

You can get the customized and reasonable Super Booster Ride at this platform with the most reliable shipping services.

Not only this, but China’s manufacturers also ensure the use of quality materials in the construction of thrill rides, so buying your ride from China will not be a wrong decision at all.

High-Quality Super Booster ride

How Can Fast Super Booster Ride Move?

A Super Booster Ride can move with the speed of about 65 meters/213 ft with up to 32 passengers on four of its trailers.

However, the speed of the Super Booster Ride depends on the number of passengers on its trailers.

With more than eight passengers on both its ends, a Super Booster Ride can move with the speed of about 36 meters/118 ft tall rod.

If it’s talked about the number of revolutions per minute, a Super Booster Ride covers about 13 revolutions in one turn.

While covering 13 revolutions per minute, this thrill produces an acceleration of about 3.5 g on the riders.

Speed of Super Booster Ride

What Are the Main Features of Super Booster Ride?

The main features of a Super Booster Ride are given as under:

It contains an axle that moves about its axis for starting the movement.

Super Booster Ride features versatile approaches to obtain the looping and spinning motions.

The axle carries out all the motions of this fantastic ride.

The trailers at the end are tightly attached to the gondolas, which move in a circular and pendulum-like direction in the air.

The DC motor at the bottom is responsible for generating the voltages for the Super Booster Ride operation.

Features of super booster ride

What Are the Quality Standards of Super Booster Ride?

Super Booster Ride’s quality standards are pursued through the adoption of strategic maintenance issued through UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

This international standard quality parameter for thrill rides in amusement rides ensures the safety control of the operators.

The significant points of this quality standard are given as under:

  • Maintenance of healthy workplace at amusement parks
  • Transparency and flexibility in the dealing of rides with the manufacturers
  • Technical assistance along with pre-sale and post-sale activities with the manufacturer
  • Empowerment of suppliers about the quality standards of thrill rides

Quality Standards of Super booster ride

How to Maintain Super Booster Ride?

To maintain Super Booster Ride, follow the given steps:

  • Inspect all the parts of the ride regularly
  • Take account of the safety measurements in the Super Booster Ride
  • Make sure about the working of the axle and gondolas
  • Lubricate almost all aspects of the ride most frequently for better ride performance
  • Check the operations of the control room before starting the ride
  • Clean all aspects of the ride for reducing the accumulation of dust in the parts since it can lead to severe accidents
  • Refuel the ride along with Pipe Acid Washing – it will enhance the activity of the ride

 Maintenance of super booster ride

What Are Safety Requirements for Super Booster Ride?

The primary safety requirements for Super Booster Ride include:

  • Ensure the clip of safety seatbelts before starting the ride
  • Check out the operation control of the Super Booster Ride before its working
  • Don’t allow the riders less than the recommended age to sit in the ride
  • Keep the weight demands for the riders while issuing the ticket to them
  • Make sure about the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of the ride
  • Don’t rely on the low quality of raw materials for the construction of Super Booster Ride

How to Ensure the Safety of Super Booster Ride?

The amusement authority is responsible for ensuring the safety of Super Booster Ride.

The manufacturers carried out many actions, including the adoption of safety PLCs, Block zones for the riders, and amendments for dealing with the ride’s systemic failures.

It’s suggested to analyze the single and multiple failure modes before starting the Super Booster Ride.

Furthermore, the manufacturer and the operator must observe the failure points for reducing the recurrent ride incidents.

Plus, maintain a proper block zone for each ride since this will keep a certain distance between the adjacent rides.

All the safety steps are taken to ensure the safe and successful operation of Super Booster Ride without any accident.

Safety of Super Booster ride

Is China A Worthy Place to Buy Super Booster Ride?

Because of the increased fame and reliability in the amusement park market, china is a worthy place to buy the Super Booster Ride for your amusement park.

After the startup of the amusement rides industry in china during the 1980s, there were gradual changes and improvements in the rides’ quality.

Thus, China being the hub of manufacturing amusement rides, notably Super Booster Ride, is gaining the trust of amusement park owners worldwide.

It doesn’t matter whether you want Super Booster Ride for small or large parks; you can get the best deals in china.

The primary reason for the fame of China’s amusement ride market is many professional manufacturers.

One of these well-known manufacturers includes Sinorides, which offers excellent flexibility in prices with premium quality Super Booster Ride.

China Super booster ride

How to Import Super Booster Ride?

Importing Super Booster Ride from China isn’t a big deal since you can access many worthy manufacturers here.

Sinorides can be your best pick for importing Super Booster Ride from china.

Do you know why? Here’re some reasons!

  • Sinorides is offerings its services for the manufacturing of Super Booster Ride for more than 27 years now.
  • All the provided customized designs are authorized through IAAPA rated rides manufacturers.
  • Availability of after-sale services at this platform
  • It provides the most reliable services for shipment and installation

Import Super Booster ride

What Is the Time Duration for Importing Super Booster Ride from China To UK?

The average time duration for Super Booster Ride’s shipment from China to the UK is about one or two weeks for the regular post.

However, the time duration for importing Super Booster Ride from China to the UK may vary depending on the type of shipping method the manufacturer chooses.

It takes about two days for the cargo, but if you’re importing this thrill ride through the ocean, it’ll cost you about 30 days.

But if you’re sourcing Super Booster Ride through the air freight, it will demand only ten days.

In addition to this, express freight is also one of the best options to import Super Booster Ride from China as it’ll take only three days to arrive.

Time duration of Import

In Which Countries Super Booster Ride Are Used?

More than 100 countries are currently using Super Booster Ride in their amusement parks.

Some of these countries include:

Majority of the European countries

  • Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Middle East
  • Germany
  • Asia
  • USA
  • India

Countries using Super Booster Ride

How to Install Super Booster Ride?

For installing the Super Booster Ride, follow the given steps:

  • Assemble all the untied parts of the ride
  • After assembly, check the spinning movement of the wheel
  • Make sure there’ll make no lateral movement in the wheel
  • Attach the disc motor with the wheel by using a T25 Torx wrench
  • Install another disc motor in between the hub shell and the rotor for the movement of the ride
  • Tie up all the parts of the ride tightly in the measured place

Carry out all the installation steps quite carefully to ensure the safe and secure movement of Super Booster Ride.

Installation of Super Booster Ride

What Is the Best Lubrication Oil for Super Booster Ride?

Some of the best lubrication oils for lubricating Super Booster Ride are as follows:

  • Mineral Oil

Mineral oil contains the most active lubricants for ensuring the smooth activity of the ride.

Furthermore, all the contaminants and unwanted hydrocarbons are removed to increase the efficiency of the ride.

  • Synthetic Oil

It’s manufactured with artificially made active substances to increase the operation and movements by reducing friction.

Plus, it’s regarded as the most refined oil for maintaining the quality and maintenance of the Super Booster Ride.

  • Biodegradable Lubricants

They can be the best choice as they fulfill the needs of flawless movement and meet the needs of the environmental conditions of an amusement park.

Lubrication of Super Booster ride

How Much Profit Can Super Booster Ride Make?

Super Booster Ride – the most favorite ride of the thrill lovers out there makes significant profit graphs for most amusement park owners.

Super Booster Ride’s colossal demand among the riders around the whole world enables the amusement park owners to get twofold profit.

It can cover all the loss and the cost of building it just after two or three months of its installation.

Moreover, you can earn even more money by installation several other types of Super Booster Ride as riders love all of them.

Thus, buying this thrill ride for your amusement park will not waste your money at any cost.

Profit of Super Booster Ride

How to Stop Super Booster Ride?

For stopping the Super Booster Ride, turn of the DC motor as it turns off the axle’s movement at once.

Moreover, the wheel is also responsible for the Super Booster Ride movement; thus, you can stop the wheel and slow down the turns of this ride.

Other than this, increase the friction between the gondola and the wheels, which will gradually stop the moving Super Booster Ride.

Sinorides can provide you the best operating controls for stopping the Super Booster Ride, so you don’t have to invest much effort.

Stopping Super Booster Ride

Do Manufacturers Sell Super Booster Ride in China?

Yes, a wide variety of manufacturers in China sell Super Booster Ride.

This is because of the increased popularity of this thrill among all amusement parks in different countries.

One of the best manufacturers who are selling Super Booster Ride at pocket-friendly prices is Sinorides.

Ranging from the use of quality materials to the perfect installation, every Super Booster Ride service is ensured at this platform.

Sell Super Booster ride

How to Repair Super Booster Ride?

For repairing the Super Booster Ride, you can use the following tools:

  • T25 Torx wrench
  • Truing stand
  • Grease
  • Gauges for axle and wheel
  • Spoke wrench

Besides this, you can hire a mechanic as he has a complete grip to repair the damaged parts of the Super Booster Ride.

Furthermore, contact the concerned authorities of the manufacturers for better assistance since they’ve professional workers.

The only thing you’ve to keep in mind is that you have to pay the visa fee of the workers coming to your place.

Repair of Super booster ride

How Can I Find Reliable Super Booster Ride in China?

For choosing the Right Super Booster Ride in China, keep in mind the given instructions:

  • Prefer Companies that Invest in R&D

Don’t forget to prefer the companies and manufacturers which are offering Super Booster Ride with R&D.

  • Search for Companies that Use Quality Materials

The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing of Super Booster Ride plays the leading role in its durability; thus, make sure to search for the companies that assure the highest quality materials.

  • Look for the QC Team

Check whether the Ride stands rightly on the safety standards contact the QC Team of the chosen company.

  • Go for One-Stop Solution

There’s no need to suffer again and again with Super Booster Ride’s problems, so find a company like Sinorides as it offers a one-stop solution to all your concerns.

High-Quality Super Booster Ride

What Are the Main Components of Super Booster Ride?

The major components of the Super Booster Ride are as follows:

  • Axle
  • Gondola
  • Wheel
  • Trail Chairs

The axle moves around its axis to generate the thrilling movement of the ride.

The gondola is responsible for holding the cabins or chairs present at the Super Booster Ride corner.

The wheel carries out the circular motion in complete integration with the axle.

Trail chairs are the places for the accommodation of riders.

These chairs are provided with seatbelts for the ensured rider’s safety.

Components of Super Booster Ride

What Materials Are Used In Manufacturing Super Booster Rides?

Two main materials are used in the manufacturing of Super Booster Ride, which is given as under:

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Fiberglass Reinforced plastic, also called FRP, is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials used in the construction of Super Booster Ride.

Besides the base, it’s used to make the seats of this thrill ride.

The major reason for the use of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is its lightweight and durability.

Plus, they’re free of cracks and quite smooth to install for ensuring the safety of riders.

  • Steel

Steel is one of the sturdiest materials used for the construction of Super Booster Ride’s frame.

The hard and sturdy nature makes it the best choice for the ensured durability and stability of the ride.

Furthermore, steel makes Super Booster Ride perfect for all climatic regions as it can cope with all weathers.

Installation of Super Booster Ride

How To Increase The Durability Of Super Booster Rides?

You can carry out the following steps for increasing the durability of Super Booster Ride:

  • Inspect the different parts of the ride after regular time intervals for cracks and damages
  • Lubricate all parts of the ride at the end of the day
  • Take account of the quality of materials manufacturers to use in the construction of Super Booster Ride
  • Never compromise on the use of low-quality raw materials in ride’s manufacturing

Durability of Super Booster Ride

What Are The Factors To Consider While Buying Super Booster Rides?

There’re many important factors that you need to keep in mind while buying Super Booster Ride.

Some of these factors are as below:

  • Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials is one of the most important things to focus on when buying Super Booster Ride.

Consider the ride, which is manufactured with the highest quality Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and sturdy steel.

  • Raw Materials

It’s another crucial factor to keep in mind whenever you’re thinking of purchasing Super Booster Ride for your amusement park.

Prefer the premium quality of seats and back supports in the Super Booster Ride that is constructed with the highest quality of raw materials.

  • Safety Standards

There’s no need to compromise on the safety standards of the Super Booster Ride.

Make sure the manufacturers fulfill all the requirements of the authorities concerned for the safety of the riders.

  • Installation

Always choose the company that not only gives you the premium quality of Super Booster Ride but also provides you with the best after-sale services, including the installation.

Sinorides can be the best choice if you’re looking for a Super Booster Ride with hassle-free installation.

Super Booster Ride

What To Do When a Super Booster Rides Breakdown During Working?

The first thing to do when Super Booster Ride breakdown during working is to stop the DC motor and the wheel at the bottom, which are responsible for moving it.

After that, pull up the chains to stop the moving Super Booster Ride completely.

Call the mechanic or the professionals from the company to analyze what caused the incident.

Take a proper note of the operation control and other factors that can cause the Super Booster ride to breakdown during working.

Working of Super Booster Ride

Do You Have Any Agent For Quality Check Of Super Booster Rides In Our Country?

Yeah, we do have our professional agents who’re specialized in the quality check of Super Booster Ride in your country.

Ranging from the quality standards to the flawless working of Super Booster Ride, our agents have gained expertise in every field.

The only thing you’re responsible for is the visa fee and other expenses related to the arrival of our agents in your country.

We’ll not be responsible for all these expenses.

Quality Check of Super Booster Ride

What Is The Average Power Consumed By Super Booster Rides?

The average power consumed by a Super Booster Ride ranges up to 46kW.

However, the power consumption of this thrill ride depends on the number of passengers and the number of turns it takes in one round.

So greater the number of passengers and turns, the greater will be the power consumption by Super Booster Ride.

Besides this, the voltage needed for Super Booster Ride may remain constant, and it ranges up to 380V.

Power of Super Booster Ride

Do Super Booster Rides Come With Any Warranty?

Yes, Super Booster Ride comes with a lifetime warranty with all other services for its maintenance.

Thus, there’s no need for you to worry about any inconvenience that happens after the purchase of Super Booster Ride.

Along with the warranty, some additional services like the exchange of the damaged parts and repair of the torn elements are also available.

 Warranty of Super Booster Ride

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide After-Sale Services For Super Booster Rides?

Yeah, Chinese manufacturers provide after-sale services at the best terms to all their customers.

Super Booster Ride can’t be installed manually; it needs professionals for this task.

This is why Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, provide the best after-sale services along with the promise of heft installation of this amazing ride.

After Sale Services of Super Booster Ride

Are There Any Other Names For Super Booster Rides?

Some other names for Super Booster Ride include:

  • Fabbrii Ride
  • Round-up Ride
  • Gravitation Ride
  • Spinning Seat Ride

Names for Super Booster Ride

What Is The Time Duration For The Installation Of Super Booster Rides?

The installation of a small Super Booster Ride takes up to two to three days, whereas the large models of super booster ride take more than 30 days.

However, the time duration for the installation of Super Booster Ride depends on the number of workers engaged in the installation and the size of the amusement ride.

The majority of the Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, are offering top-quality installation services.

Installation of Super Booster Ride

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