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Sinorides’ New Pirate Ship Design – A Real Viking Longship

Hi friends, come and see Sinorides’ latest design of the Viking-style pirate ship amusement rides.

Why is there a “viking” hanging on this pirate ship?(How Vikings Became the Cultural Symbol of Pirate Ship Rides)

What is the prototype of this Viking-style pirate ship?

Let’s take a look, in the 8th-11th centuries, the “Vikings era”, the unique ships created by the Nordic Vikings.

Ship historians call this Nordic ship a “Viking longship”, very vivid and appropriate, right?

The “Viking longship” was the most elegant and beautiful wooden ship in the classical era.

The Viking longship was not only slender, but also tight, light and shallow.

The narrow and long hull design, low resistance, ensured the fast speed of the Viking longship.

The fastest speed of the Viking longship could reach 15 knots (28 kilometers/hour).

You know, the Viking longship was a paddle-sail ship, the main power source was a dozen pairs of wooden paddles, and the rowing of twenty or thirty crew members.

The Viking longship did have a rectangular sail, about 100 square meters, red and white, woolen, beautiful and sturdy, but the power was small and not very useful.

The main wood for making the Viking longship hull was pine from Norway and Sweden, and the better quality oak from Denmark.

Compared with the iron-clad ships of ten centuries later, the lightness of the wood ensured the convenience of using the Viking longship.

When the Vikings needed it, they could pull the longship ashore at night and camp.

The Vikings could even drag their longships from the Dnieper River to the shore, walk a distance on land, and then go down to another river, the Volga River basin. This achieved the Vikings’ long-term trade and influence on the Slavic people.

The narrow and shallow characteristics of the hull could ensure that the Vikings could drive the longship flexibly and maneuverably, from the river to the estuary, all the way to the depths of the European continent.

In 845 AD, 600 Viking longships attacked Hamburg, Germany, along the Elbe River. Of these, 129 attacked the Seine River in the same year.

This was all due to the “long, narrow, light, and shallow” design of the Viking longship.

On the rivers and seas of the 8th-11th centuries, the Viking longship should have been the fastest ship.

The Vikings had the most advanced “super battleship” in the world at that time, the Viking longship, which enabled them to dominate Europe for three centuries.

The new pirate ship amusement ride that Sinorides is designing is a real “Viking longship”.

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(Author: Mike Ma form Sinorides)


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