Sinorides Samba Balloon Ride Thrills Visitors at Vietnam Theme Park

Sinorides, a leading amusement ride manufacturer, has successfully installed and launched its classic Samba Balloon ride at a prestigious theme park in Vietnam. After thorough Testing and inspection, the ride opened to the public in January 2024.

Sinorides Delivers Excellence

From stringent quality control during manufacturing to professional on-site installation, Testing, and acceptance inspection, Sinorides demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction throughout the project.

As a medium-to-large amusement ride manufacturer, Sinorides is dedicated to helping amusement park investors achieve success.

The Alluring Samba Balloon Ride

Drawing inspiration from colorful and uniquely shaped hot air balloons, the Samba Balloon ride is a European-designed classic that exudes passion and freedom.

Reminiscent of the vibrant South American Samba dance, the ride’s charm has captivated amusement park investors and visitors from diverse cultural backgrounds worldwide.

Instant Popularity

Since its launch, the Samba Balloon ride has become a must-try attraction at Vietnamese theme parks, attracting enthusiastic young adults and families with children.

Sinorides’ Tribute to a Classic

Paying homage to the classic design, Sinorides has infused the Samba Balloon ride with new creativity and innovation.

The ride boasts more vivid hot air balloon shapes, dazzling decoration colors, exquisite details, and craftsmanship, making it a truly unique and valuable addition to any amusement park.

Thrills for the Entire Family

The Samba Balloon ride is a 32-seater gyro-type amusement ride that combines the excitement and entertainment of a hot air balloon flight with a breathtaking view of the scenery from the air. Offering a safe, fun, and joyful experience without excessive thrills, it is perfect for families to enjoy together.

Enhancing the Theme Park Experience

With over 20 years of operation, the Vietnamese theme park has built a strong reputation and enjoys significant local influence.

Introducing the Samba Balloon ride has brought local visitors a fresh and exciting experience, contributing to increased park traffic.

Amusement park rides typically undergoes update every three years, and this park plans to continue its collaboration with Sinorides for future project updates.

Sinorides’ Footprint in Southeast Asia

In addition to the Vietnamese theme park project, Sinorides has successfully delivered numerous amusement and theme park projects across Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore.



About Sinorides

Established in 1992, Sinorides is a leading amusement ride manufacturer in China.

The company offers various rides for all ages and thrill levels, including Pirate Ship, tower, family, and kiddie rides. Sinorides is committed to providing high-quality, safe, and innovative rides that bring people joy and excitement worldwide and bring good returns to investors.


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