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Sinorides has a wide range of independently designed and developed sky drop rides for sale. Sinorides sky drop rides are highly safe. It comes with a cylinder pressure detection and a broken pipe protection system to make the hydraulic system safer. Sinorides enable you to customize the appearance of your sky drop ride as per your needs. You can ask us to make changes to the lighting, face painting of the sky drop ride.

Installing a sky drop ride in your amusement park is one of the best ways to hook the riders to your park. Many people who are visiting the amusement parks love to head to the gyro drop ride since it increases the thrill level. Considering this very fact, Sinorides has now arranged the production of a gyro drop tower in China.

With more than 28 years of manufacturing experience, we are not able to meet all types of demands of the customers. That’s why people who want to increase their annual sales at the amusement parks love to choose us.

You can have confidence on Sinorides sky drop ride and tower rides as we use more safety components to enusre people safe during the movement. Some of Sinorides sky drop rides even surpass the EN13814 quality standard.

Sinorides 12m sky drop ride for sale
Sinorides 12m Sky Drop Ride requires smaller park space

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 14m sky drop rides for sale
Sinorides 14m Sky Drop Ride can be tailored for you

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 18m sky drop rides for sale
Sinorides 18m Sky Drop Ride can hold 18 person one time

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 35kW
  • Area: 6mx6m
  • Down Speed: 4m/s
Sinorides 23m sky drop ride
Sinorides 23m Sky Drop Ride meet the European quality standard

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 55kW
  • Area: 9mx9m
  • Down Speed: 5m/s
Sinorides 30m sky drop rides for sale
Sinorides 30m Sky Drop Ride for Sale made of brands components

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 55kW
  • Area: 9mx9m
  • Down Speed: 5m/s
mini sky drop ride Sinorides
Sinorides Mini Sky Drop Ride is suitable for small children to ride

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Area: 5mx3m
  • Down Speed: 3m/s

Your Premier Sky Drop Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a premier sky drop ride manufacturer and supplier in China. We sell you various types of sky drop rides at competitive prices. Safety and quality are our top priorities. We provide you with sky drop tower rides that adopt double insurance mechanical shoulder press. These shoulder presses better protect riders while riding.

Sinorides sky drop towers have passed a design appraisal from the China Special Equipment Safety Inspection & Research Institute. We even do the park design service to let the sky drop ride suit your park layout.

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  • 2-Sinorides Star Flyer Ride Steel Parts detail
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  • 4-Sinorides Star Flyer Ride components detail
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  • 6-Sinorides drop Tower Rides delivery detail
  • 30m drop tower rides for sale from Sinorides
  • 23m drop tower for sale from Sinorides

Sky Drop Ride Project

The design of our Sky Drop Ride is as per GB 84808-2018 standards and safety code. The main force structure of Sinorides sky drop ride can reach up to 5 times the safety factor requirement.

You will receive our big drop ride with a wire rope break protection device. If the rope breaks, your ride will lock and stop operating immediately.

Sinorides Sky Drop Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Amusement Rides
Complete sandblasting process to ensure smooth steel structure
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Automatic welding machine to reach the perfect welding quality
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Skillful workers with machining equipment to ensure precise processing.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
European Brands components to guarantee superior performance
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Magnetic flaw detection to inspect the Sky Drop Ride quality.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Working with famous International forwarder for delivery.
TECHNICAL DATA12m Sky Drop Ride14m Sky Drop Ride18m Sky Drop Ride23m Sky Drop Ride30m Sky Drop Ride
Space Area6m*6m6m*6m6m*6m9m*9m9m*9m
Number of Seats12P12P12P16P16P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides drop tower for sale design

Sky Drop Ride

Sinorides is a Reliable Sky Drop Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides is a trustworthy sky drop ride manufacturer in China, selling highly safe rides.

You will find 4 independent wire ropes of 16mm, and 140KN breaking force in the seats of our drop tower rides for sale.

The amusement park drop ride manufactured at our place is made up of the highest quality of stainless steel. In this way, you can never doubt us about the quality and proper functioning of the manufactured rides.

The regular inspection of the sky drop ride manufactured at our place lets us provide flawless rides to our customers. We can bet you that you’ll not find any issue while operating the ride. The longer lifespan of the sky drop ride makes us the best sky drop ride manufacturer among all.

Limited discount offers with no compromise in the quality of the ride enable us to win the interest of the amusement park owners. You can visit our website to avail of the ongoing discount offers on the sky drop ride for sale.

Global shipping and installation of the ride are also some common factors that make us best among other options of the amusement park ride manufacturers.

You can contact our manufacturers if you are facing any issues in the installation or repair of the ride. Our workers will reach your place and get your issue done in no time. Thus, don’t worry if you are stuck anywhere in the installation of the ride.

Contact us to get a quick quote.

Sky Drop Ride: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Over the past few years, the popularity of Sky drop ride has increased dramatically.

The ride is famous among adventure lovers especially.

Realizing the profitability, almost all popular amusement parks have installed it.

If you are planning to buy a Sky drop tower for your park, but have some questions and doubts in mind, read this FAQ guide till the end.

It will provide the best possible answers to your questions.

What Is A Sky Drop Ride?

What is Sky Drop Tower

Also cited as Drop tower ride, Sky drop ride is a thrill amusement ride, having a central structure.

The ride is available in several variants with different seating capacity, braking system,  and lift type.

Sky drop rides feature a gondola that carries passengers and goes up and down on the tower.

In the beginning, passengers enjoy free-fall and then experience a reduction in speed as the ride approaches the bottom.

Some Sky drop ride variants also have revolving and bouncing gondolas.

What Are The Main Components of A Sky Drop Ride?

Sky Drop Ride Components

As Sky drop rides are available in different variants, you can see a slight difference in their components.

However, every sky drop ride has the following major components.

  1. a) Central Tower

Sky drop rides have a central tower that is the main base of the entire structure.

  1. b) Gondola

The gondola is a ring structure that encircles the center tower.

It is a seating arrangement that carries passengers upwards and downwards with a lifting mechanism.

  1. c) Braking System

As the name indicates, it enables the ride to stop.

The braking mechanism comprises magnets that act as deceleration devices.

It stops the ride quickly without causing any changes in momentum.

  1. d) Lighting

Sky drop rides also feature eye-pleasing LED lights that enhance the beauty of the ride at night.

What Is The Maximum Speed of A Sky Drop Ride?

Sinorides 23m free fall tower ride for sale

Sky Drop Ride Speed

The maximum speed of a Sky drop ride depends on its height and design.

In different variants, you will see the difference in the maximum speed limit.

However, since it’s a free-fall ride, it is one of the fastest thrill rides available.

Passengers reach toward the bottom of the tower at high speed.

The speed can be as fast as 60mph which is around 25 meters per second.

What Are The Variants of A Sky Drop Ride?

Chinese Swing Tower Rides Meet European standard

Sky Drop Ride Variants

Sky drop rides are available in several variants.

Majorly you will see the difference in seating arrangements, heights, designs, and lighting.

Some of the popular variants available in the market include:

  1. a) Double Shot

Double Shot is a popular variant of a Sky Drop Ride that uses compressed air to drive the riders upward quickly and then drops them down in series of air bounces.

  1. b) Space Shot

This sky drop tower variant also uses compressed air to drive the passengers up and then drops.

  1. c) The Super Shot

The ride takes passengers to the top of the tower and drops rapidly. The gondola becomes slow as it reaches the bottom of the tower.

The ride uses air-powered brakes and magnets to slow down the speed.

  1. d) Turbo Drop

Like all Sky drop rides, it has a vertical tower.

It also uses compressed air to lift riders slowly.

It has a 12-16-seater car that runs at the speed of 12 miles per hour.

The car stays at the top for a few seconds before it reaches the bottom with a speed of 1.5 G force.

How Does A Sky Drop Ride Work?

What To Do If My Drop Tower Ride Breaks Down

Sky Drop Ride Working

A Sky drop ride consists of several mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems.

The primary structure of the ride is its central tower.

All the seating arrangement is around this tower, and passengers face outward from it.

There is a pipe system in the center of the tower through which cables are attached to a piston on one end and to seat carriage on the other.

Depending on the ride types, the piston moves down either by compression air or crane, and passengers move upward.

As soon as the riders reach the top, the disengaged cable causes a rapid free-fall.

Most sky drop rides use air braking systems and magnetic brakes to ensure safe and slow landing upon reaching the bottom.

Due to this robust braking system, passengers relishing free fall.

How Tall Is The Sky Drop Ride?

23m tower rides for sale from Sinorides

Sky Drop Ride Height

As mentioned above, Sky Drop rides are available with different height specifications.

You can buy a Sky drop ride from 12m to 50m in height.

If you have a special requirement for height, you can ask the manufacturer to customize it as per your needs.

A professional manufacturer won’t deny customization.

Sinorides is capable of customizing the height and seating capacity as per your unique requirement.

Some common sky drop rides available in the market include:

  1. a) 18m Sky Drop Ride

This sky drop ride has 12 seats and requires an area of 6mx6m to operate.

  1. b) 18m Sky Drop Ride

It can carry 12 people altogether and requires an area of 6mx6m.

  1. c) 30m Sky Drop Ride

The 30m Sky drop ride has 16 seats and occupies an area of 9mx9m to operate.

d)40m Sky Drop Ride

This Ride has 20 seats and a total and requires an area of 11mx11m to operate.

What Are The Quality Certifications for A Sky Drop Ride Manufacturer?

Quality certifications confirm that the manufacturer is professional and their rides have passed performance tests.

Check out the following certifications when choosing a sky drop ride for your park.

  1. a) CE Certification

All the amusement ride manufacturers committed to the safety, high performance, and environmental requirements of their rides are given this certification.

  1. b) ISO Certification

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.

This certification confirms that the manufacturer fulfills all the requirements to ensure the quality of their rides.

Some other important certifications for a sky drop ride manufacturer include:

  • GOST
  • SASO
  • BV

How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Sky Drop Ride?

Sky Drop Ride Installation

For a newbie, it might be a bit complicated and a time-taking process.

After all, the sky drop ride has a massive structure with numerous electrical and mechanical components.

The average height of a sky drop ride is 450-feet.

To install this huge structure, you must have adequate equipment and a team of qualified engineers.

You also need to take care of safety precautions as a small mistake can put the lives of your passengers in danger.

It’s advisable to request your manufacturer to provide installing assistance.

Sinorides can send their professionals to your place for safe and on-time installation.

It takes two to three days to survey the site.

After that, the base is prepared to mount the central tower.

The complete installation can take between 3 to 4 weeks.

Assembling seating arrangements, braking system, cables, and chain might take an additional two to four weeks.

How To Choose A Reliable Sky Drop Ride Manufacturer?

Sky Drop Ride Manufacturer

Choosing a trustworthy sky drop ride is very important.

Working with a reliable manufacturer helps you get a quality ride and assistance for shipping, installation, and maintenance.

A professional manufacturer must have the following attributes.

  • The manufacturer must set the highest standard for safety and quality when manufacturing the rides.
  • They must have a team of experienced engineers and workers.
  • They must have adequate working experience in the industry.
  • Their ride must pass the necessary certification such as CE, ISO, GOST, etc.
  •  The manufacturer should give multiple shipping options.
  • They should sell high-quality sky drop rides at a competitive price.
  • You should get after-sale service and assistance for installation and maintenance.

Is There Any Warranty With A Sky Drop Ride?

Yes, you get warranty service for your sky drop ride.

Most professional sky drop ride manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty for components like compressors, pistons, motors, brakes, etc.

While for components like axle beams, gearboxes, bumpers, and springs you get a 1-2 year warranty.

To get the warranty benefits, you will have to provide warranty vouchers or your invoices.

Manufacturers bear charges for dispatched technicians, spare parts, and other charges as long as they are under the warranty period.

How To Operate A Sky Drop Ride?

Fig.49 Tower Ride Types

Sky Drop Ride Operation

As Sky drop rides come in different variants, you can see small changes in their operating procedures.

It’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s operation manual for safe and sound operation.

If your staff is operating Sky drop ride for the first time, ask your manufacturer to provide training to your employees for daily operation and maintenance.

A professional manufacturer should send their team to train your staff for basic operation processes, safety processes, and emergency procedures.

Can I Customize My Sky Drop Ride?

Yes, you can ask the manufacturer to do some modifications to your sky drop ride as per your needs.

As per your park’s requirements, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the length of the central tower.

Besides this, you can request changes in design and color scheme as well.

Sinorides also provides customization for seats, lighting, etc.

If you need any local certification as per your region, they can apply for it as well.

How To Inspect A Sky Drop Ride?

Sky Drop Ride Inspection

If you buy a sky drop ride from a reputable manufacturer, they will do a periodic inspection till the warranty period ends.

However, you should not rely solely on your manufacturer as they won’t provide free maintenance after the warranty period.

Regular inspection is a great preventive way to make sure your sky drop ride is safe for use and all its components are working properly.

Do a regular inspection of the central tower, braking system, and gondola.

If you notice cracks or chips in the central beam stop it immediately and call a professional to fix it.

Inspect the safety harnesses and seat belts for your riders’ safety.

Make sure the moving parts are not in contact with moisture.

If you doubt the performance and safety of your ride ask your manufacturer to perform a professional inspection that includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Testing of magnetic particle
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Review of installation, operation, and maintenance
  • Structural inspection.

What Are The Technical Specifications of A Sky Drop Ride?

The technical specification of a Sky drop ride can vary depending on the variants.

However, the specification of an average-sized sky drop ride is as per below.


An average Sky drop ride is around 120m to 130m in height.

  1. a) Seating Capacity

An average Sky drop ride can hold 24 to 32 riders simultaneously.

  1. b) Hourly Throughput

480 PPH

  1. c) Rotational Speed

The maximum average rotational speed can be 43 mph.

  1. d) Vertical Speed

The maximum average vertical speed can be 2.6 ft/s.

  1. e) Foundation Style

Trailer or foundation mounted.

  1. f) Electrical Power

An average sky drop ride requires between 130 to 150 kW to operate.

g)Height Restriction

The riders should be at least 112 cm (3.67 feet.) tall.

How To Ensure That Your Sky Drop Ride is Safe to Operate?

Sky Drop Ride Safety

After installing the ride and performing all the necessary testing, the manufacturer should handover it to you for operation.

However, you must do some necessary inspections at your end.

Hire a professional quality inspector for it as there are hundreds of safety checks that you can’t spot on your own.

The quality inspector must:

  • Closely analyze the joints of the central structure.
  • See if the braking is working properly.
  • Inspect all safety elements like harnesses, seat belts, etc. carefully.
  • Check the quality of high stress-bearings.

Make sure your sky drop ride goes under testing at normal and high speed for several hours before you operate for a public.

How Many Sky Drop Rides Can I Buy in One Order?

You can buy as many Sky drop rides as you want in one order.

It entirely depends on your business requirements.

There is no restraint to the number of sky drop rides one can buy in one order.

However, manufacturing and shipping time can increase depending on the number of rides you want.

The cost of shipping will also increase as the manufacturer will ship more than one container.

The good thing is that your manufacturer may give you some perks for placing bigger orders like free maintenance,  free inspection, and even discounted rates.

How to Increase Life Expectancy of Your Sky Drop Ride?

If you want your Sky drop ride to keep performing for a long time, you must provide it with proper maintenance.

Follow the below steps to increase the life expectancy of your sky drop ride.

  • Clean the surface of your sky drop ride regularly.
  • Perform daily maintenance to spot any defect in time.
  • Lubricate bearings, rails, and other necessary parts for friction-free operation.
  • If you notice cracking and bending, replace that part immediately.

Note: Hire a professional to do regular inspections.

How Does Braking System Work In A Sky Drop Ride?

Sky Drop Ride Brakes

Sky drop rides feature a robust braking system that provides passengers with a sudden yet smooth approach toward the bottom.

Gondola, the seating arrangement of a Sky drop ride has permanent magnets under it.

When the gondola falls, it generates kinetic energy that transfers to the magnets beneath the seat.

As soon as the magnets reach the copper conductor available on the lower part of the central tower, the kinetic energy converts into electrical energy, which persuades an electric current.

The current in copper strips also generates a magnetic field.

The sky drop ride follows Lenz’s law according to which magnetic field opposes the motion of the magnets below the gondola.

Therefore, the magnetic field pushes up seats and slows down the gondola.

Besides magnetic power, Sky drop ride also uses hydraulic cylinders to slow down the falling gondola.

What Are The Benefits of Buying A Chinese Sky Drop Ride?

If you’re planning to buy a Sky drop ride, consider buying a Chinese ride.

You will get the following benefits:

  • You will get the ride at a competitive price as raw materials like reinforced plastic, fiberglass, etc. are easily available in China.
  • Moreover, the labor cost is also cheap.
  • Due to the competitive freight market in China, you will have to pay less shipping charges.
  • You can buy your ride directly from a factory in China that will reduce the cost of middlemen.
  • Chinese manufacturers provide a wide range of designs and customization options.
  • You also get various shipping options that you can choose from as per your budget.
  • You get different types of after-sale services.
  • You get a warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Chinese manufacturers provide assistance for installation and maintenance.

How to Setup A Sky Drop Ride In A Park?

Sinorides drop tower rides manufacturer installation 2

Sky Drop Ride Set Up

Installation of a Sky drop ride should be as per the user manual you get from your manufacturer.

The entire process of setting up a Sky drop pride is as per below:

  • The making of the concrete base to install the central tower.
  • The complete inspection and survey of the layout and the base.
  • Installation and adjustment of the ride’s tower on the base.
  • Assembling of all electrical and mechanical components, including the gondola.
  • Assembling power lines to power the sky drop ride.
  • Proper analysis of seat belts, safety harness, and braking systems.
  • Testing of the ride to ensure safety and smooth operation
  • Finally, the ride is ready to accommodate customers.

What Is The Maintenance Cost of A Sky Drop Ride?

Sky Drop Ride Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of a Sky drop ride will depend on its size and design.

As a Sky drop ride consists of various moving parts, they will often need greasing, oiling, and replacement.

You must do a daily inspection to prevent undesired downtime.

The parts like chains, hydraulic pumps are expensive to replace.

Besides this, you will also have to pay for technical checks and troubleshooting.

So don’t forget to add this cost to your maintenance cost.

What Safety Precautions You should Keep in Mind When Buying A Sky Drop Ride?

Sky Drop Ride Safety Precautions

Being a responsible park owner, you should not compromise on the safety of your customers.

Keep the following things in your mind when selecting a Sky Drop ride for your park.

See if the ride has robust safety harnesses and seat belts for the riders.

There must be an emergency control to shut down the ride in case of a breakdown.

The ride must pass CE/BV/GOST certifications.

Ensure the ride has emergency safety belts to hold the increased load in case of emergency.

The ride must have an advanced magnetic braking control with extra hydraulic pistons.

What to Do If The Sky Drop Ride Breaks Down During Operation?

Sky Drop Ride Break Down.

  • Stop your ride straight away and bring it down slowly.
  • Take all your riders to a safe place and then inspect the ride properly.
  • It’s advisable to refer to the user manual to narrow down your search.
  • If you’re not able to find out and fix the issue, call your manufacturer to seek professional help.
  • Your manufacturer can send their technical team to repair the defects.

The Sky drop ride is a huge structure that operates at a great speed. Therefore, You should not try to fix it on your own until you’re a professional

What Are The Instructions To Operate A Sky Drop Ride?

General instructions to operate a Sky drop ride are as per below:

Follow the maximum weight and height restrictions strictly.

  • Make sure riders wear safety seat belts and shoulder harnesses.
  • Due to the nature of chains installed on the ride, the ride might not hold guests of larger sizes.
  • Riders must have good functioning arms and legs to balance the center of gravity.
  • Riders who use a cervical collar, neck brace, or full leg cast should not ride it.
  • Since the sky drop ride uses a magnetic system to stop, riders with pacemakers should not ride it.

So these are some major questions most park owners want answers for.

We hope now you have an answer to your question.

If we have missed any query or question, you can directly contact us.

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