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Sinorides Small Roller Coaster Are Certified By CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS

Sinorides Accept ODM And OEM Orders For Your Roller Coaster Project.

Your Small Roller Coaster Will Accept 80+ hours Full Load And 8+ hours Empty Load Test Before Delivery.

Recommend Small Roller Coaster for Sale

Are you establishing a theme park? Sinorides is remarkable for manufacturing and supplying small roller coasters for sale. When you have limited space to build a theme park, it’s best to choose the right-sized roller coasters.

Whether you are looking for a family roller coaster, mini coasters, kids roller coasters, all choices are available. Therefore, you can install Sinorides roller coaster depending on your budget and area size. All coasters regardless of size and type, have the best construction and safety mechanism.

Since our mini roller coaster for sale is compact, you can easily install them between your large rides that don’t attract park visitors. Our small roller coaster is suitable for kids as they can’t enjoy full-sized roller coasters. We also have a mini backyard roller coaster that you can set up in your backyard quickly.

Our mini roller coaster for sale is available in various themes. For example, you can buy a snail-looking roller coaster, wacky worm roller coaster, and more. We have painted our small roller coaster rides with premium paints, giving them an attractive yet professional appearance.

Sinorides Snail Small Roller Coaster for Sale designed with optimized control system.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 25kW
  • Track Length: 96m
  • Speed: 10-15km/h
Sinorides Wacky Worm Kiddie Roller Coaster for Sale equipped with unique tracks.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 15kW
  • Track Length: 90m
  • Speed: 10-15km/h
Sinorides Spinning Small Roller Coaster for Sale is suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Track Length: 324m
  • Speed: 30km/h
Dragon Small Roller Coaster for sale
Sinorides supply Dragon Small Roller Coaster for sale with 10+ designs to support your park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 5kW
  • Track Length: 120m
  • Speed: 10-15km/h
Sinorides Wild Mouse Small Roller Coaster for Sale
Sinorides Wild Mouse Small Roller Coaster for Sale is safe and reliable for your amusement park visitors.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 8P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Track Length: 186m
  • Speed: 30km/h
Sinorides Zipline Small Roller Coaster for sale
Sinorides Zipline Small Roller Coaster for sale accept ODM And OEM Orders For Your Park Project.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 4P/Vehicle*2
  • Power: 1.5kW
  • Track Length: 203m
  • Speed: 25km/h

Your Premier Small Roller Coaster Manufacturer in China

Sinorides manufactures and installs small roller coasters directly to theme parks. Whether you have a plan for your coaster or want Sinorides to design for you, a team of experts fulfills your dream.

The construction of small roller coasters for sale is from experience. Also, through cooperation with different clients, Sinorides delivers custom-built roller coasters. Apart from design customization, you can request unique painting, seats, and other features.

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Small Roller Coaster Projects

Sinorides is a participant in the international amusement rides exhibition. Therefore, production entails global standard material and engineering. Whether it’s cutting of construction panels, welding, and other activities, there is high professionalism.

The smooth and noise-free rides make you love roller coasters even more. By using Polyurethane wheels, the park is superbly quiet. The optimized mechanical shoulder also guarantees your riders impeccable safety.

Sinorides Small Roller Coaster Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Kiddie Roller Coaster appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
High grade material to ensure your Small Roller Coaster running safely.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Small Roller Coaster good status.
amusement rides for sale seats
Multi safety settings for Small Roller Coaster seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Small Roller Coaster steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATASnail Roller CoasterWack Worm Roller CoasterSpinning Roller CoasterDragon Roller CoasterWild Mouse Roller CoasterZipline Mouse Roller Coaster
Track Length96m90m324m120m186m203m
Number of Seats20P20P12P16P8P4P/Vehicle*2
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides small zipline roller coaster drawing

small roller coaster technical drawing image

small roller coaster for sale design

Sinorides is Reliable Small Roller Coaster manufacturer

Sinorides reliability and safety are self-explanatory. International standards are maintained when making roller coaster cars, pillars, propulsion systems, and other parts. The experience is from being in manufacturing for almost 3 decades.

Your selection of roller coaster for sale is easy since there are different types. All are under one roof since the workshop has over 5000Sqm. The staff enjoys mastery work hence make reliable amusement parks.

Once you get a roller coaster from Sinorides, you are eligible to warranty cover. Even after the team test your system in case of a mishap, there is prompt servicing. The supply of OEM and ODM parts gives your trust and increased reliability.

Sinorides is a well-known small roller coaster manufacturer in China. We are a reputable member of IAAPA and CAAPA. Because there is no intermediator between our consumers and us, our prices are significantly lower.

We have our factory and production workshop where more than two hundred professionals are working to provide you with a top-notch small roller coaster. Sinorides has cutting-edge laser cutters and welding equipment to give you a European standard small roller coaster.

If you don’t have a sufficient budget to purchase our full-size coaster now, you can invest in our mini roller coaster ride. We also have a portable roller coaster that is easy to assemble and install. You can take it to a carnival and fairground.

Sinorides has completed several small roller coaster projects successfully. Depending on the size of your ride, we can take between ten to thirty days to manufacture your ride. You can avail of various after-sales services at Sinorides, such as installation assistance, ride maintenance, and more.  In addition to this, we also help with delivery and shipping.

You will be glad to know that we give one year warranty on all our small roller coaster rides. Furthermore, you get lifetime maintenance for all mini roller coaster rides.

Small Roller Coaster-FAQ Guide

Among the various amusement park rides, roller coasters are held in high regard.

Small roller coasters are just smaller in size.

This guide will explain to you why having a small roller coaster is paramount for your park.

We throw in important industry tips to ensure you get the perfect small roller coaster.

What Is A Small Roller Coaster?

A Small Roller Coaster

A small roller coaster is just a mini-sized roller coaster.

It is compact, with individual cars aimed at providing a thrilling experience to riders.

The cars are made from fibreglass. Other parts are made from steel and reinforced plastic to guarantee stability and durability.

You can customize the car into any shape and size.

Bespoke technologies have enabled the development of new energy-saving tracks to save your operating costs.

The small roller coaster is designed to be smooth but with some twists and turns.

You can get a unique and creative design that will suit your park needs.

These rides are extremely popular with kids and teenagers.

How Much Is A Small Roller Coaster?

Patrons enjoying a small roller coaster ride

In its simplest form, a mini roller coaster will cost you around $6000.

Standard small roller coasters will cost you around $50,000.

Pricing is greatly dependent on several factors, which include:

  1. The material used to make the mini roller coaster.
  2. The complexity of the ride.
  3. Size of the ride. Larger sizes will be costlier.
  4. Decorations and customizations needed by a park owner.
  5. Mini roller coaster configurations and power required.

It then means that if you decide to have a larger size, highly powered, customized mini roller coaster, it will cost you more.

Tip: You can get value for money by asking the manufacturer to design a custom small roller coaster for you. The manufacturer can also do park designs for you and advise on your mini roller coaster placement.

Get value for money by contacting Sinorides. Choose from a selection of newly designed small roller coaster rides.

Where Can I Buy A Small Roller Coaster?

A Worm Wacky Small Roller Coaster from Sinorides

Small roller coasters will demand substantial monetary investment.

As a park owner, securing a quality ride is your top priority.

Many park owners begin with a search online, checking prices and reviews.

With the world being a global village, you can easily order an amusement park ride from any manufacturer in the world. Do not be rigid!

Small roller coaster research and development is a forte for experienced Chinese manufacturers.

The majority of small roller coasters exports are from China.

It is a testament to the confidence in the ability of Chinese manufacturers.

When sourcing for a mini roller coaster, the vital aspects you have to look at include:

  1. Quality of the ride
  2. Price of the ride
  3. After-sales service

An experienced manufacturer can customize and supply you with a quality mini roller coaster.

How To Choose A Reliable Small Roller Coaster Supplier?

Choosing a manufacturer or supplier for your mini roller coaster might be challenging.

Here are some tips that will help you pick an appropriate partner.

  1. Choose a manufacturer with vast experience in small roller coaster production.
  2. Check for a manufacturer that will walk with you from start to finish. That includes preliminary designs, production, quality checks, installation and after-sales support.
  3. Look out for warranties and guarantees. These show how confident the manufacturer is with the product.
  4. Check reviews and recommendations online. You can seek referrals from park owners who have previously purchased a mini roller coaster.
  5. You can check the quality of raw materials used by the manufacturer. Appearances of the finished products will give you a good indication.
  6. Qualification of the manufacturer. A manufacturer without required standards and certification should be a no-go zone.

Tip: To put things into perspective, ask to visit the manufacturer. It will give you a good understanding of production and operations.

At Sinorides, we have over 25 years of experience developing small roller coasters. Talk to us to get a quality ride at a fantastic price.

How To Choose A Small Roller Coaster For My Park

There is a wide selection of small roller coaster available.

A Variety of Small Roller Coasters

Choosing a suitable ride for your park is vital.

It is the difference between patrons lining up to enjoy a ride or a neglected ride.

When choosing a small roller coaster, consider the following:

Age Group

Small kids, adults and teenagers will have different preferences when it comes to small coaster rides.

Famous cartoon animal characters such as worms and dragons are very popular with kids. They also love brightly coloured rides.

Choose a ride that will resonate with your target age group. The majority of park owners go ahead and acquire several rides to cater for all age groups.


Placement of the mini roller coaster is crucial.

If your ride is to be placed outdoors, get a sturdy mini coaster that can withstand varying weather elements.

A small Roller Coaster Placed Outdoors.


Choose a small roller coaster ride that has a safety record.

Considering that kids and teenagers mainly use the ride, safety is vital.


Have a variety of small roller coasters.

In high traffic parks, patrons may get bored waiting in line.

It also pays to have a variety because kids have different preferences.

How Can I Order A Small Roller Coaster From China?

There is a high number of manufacturers and suppliers in China.

It is possible to order a ride in China and receive your order in a short time.

In the recent past, China has taken the leading role in the export of amusement park rides.

Sometimes park owners face challenges while ordering from China.

Concern typically arises from the quality of the product you will receive.

We have partnered with shipping lines across the world to ensure easy delivery of your rides.

Visit us online and get a free quote today.

Are Small Roller Coasters From China Worth Buying?

For most park owners, ordering from China is favoured due to quality and the price point.

Chinese manufacturers have taken the lead in the export of amusement park rides in the recent park.

It is especially true for the popular kiddie rides, such as small roller coaster rides.

The trick is to establish direct contact with the factory/supplier.

For small roller coasters that require customized designs, lay down your expectation early enough and then discuss the price.

Next is to tie up a contract with the manufacturer.

Major manufacturers already have ready-made small coaster rides available. You can easily select from the selection given.

Another advantage that amusement park manufacturers in China have is the ease of shipping.

Typically, this is how you purchase a small roller coaster.

  1. Park owners browse our catalogue of small roller coaster rides. We send over videos to the investor until they are satisfied.
  2. You are free to engage with our engineers to understand all the technicalities of the ride.
  3. A sale agreement and warranties are signed, and then the small roller coaster is readied for shipping.

Within a short period, the ride is delivered and installed in your park.

At Sinorides, we assure you of the highest quality mini coaster ride. We have shipped small coaster rides across the world.

How Popular Are Small Roller Coaster?

People Enjoying a Ride

Small roller coasters were popular way back in the 20th century.

Moreso, kids and teenagers love small roller coaster rides. The reason is that the ride provides thrills minus the scare of the big roller coaster.

Parents also prefer small roller coaster since they operate just above the ground with minimal undulating gradient. Therefore, the safety record for the small roller coaster is guaranteed.

Park owners love small roller coasters because they do not demand a substantial investment like an entire roller coaster.

They have also proved the ability to sustain ridership throughout. It is also easy to customize a small roller coaster to what you want. Common customizations include:

  1. The cabin’s shape: Some owners prefer wacky worms; others have gone ahead to request a pharaoh figure for their rides.
  2. Easy to install and operate.
  3. Length of the track: It can be customized to fit your location size.
  4. The newly designed tracks save on energy usage.

Tip: Cabins can carry up to 4 people. Small roller coaster rides are designed to recoup your investment quickly.

How To Ensure Safety For A Small Roller Coaster In My Park?

A Fenced Ride Area to Ensure Safety

Safety is a crucial concern for park owners.

Small roller coasters have a fantastic safety record.

Some of the characteristics that make a small roller coaster safer include:

  1. The speed of the ride is significantly reduced.
  2. The small roller coasters have a minimal gradient.
  3. The cars seats have multiple safety features installed.

Without guaranteed safety, your park business would rake in losses.

As a park owner, some of the tips to ensure that your small roller coasters rides remain safe include:

  1. Ensure frequent ride inspection and maintenance.
  2. Use only manufacturer recommended spare parts.
  3. When not in use, lock the site where your small roller coasters are placed. Unsupervised access is one of the leading causes of incidents. A perimeter fence is recommended.
  4. Train your staff and operators on safety.

How To Maintain A Small Roller Coaster

The inspection and maintenance of your rides is critical for your park business.

The small roller coaster supplier will give you explicit instruction on maintenance schedules and a Standard procedure (SOPs) for typical maintenance.

It is important to engage professionals to service your small roller coaster rides. The manufacturer can provide technical maintenance.

For small roller coaster, maintenance is usually carried out on the tracks, braking systems and cabins. In case of part replacement, ensure to use spare parts recommended by the manufacturer.

The advantage of mini roller coasters is that they are not complex to maintain. Ensure to have a maintenance budget for your rides.

Tip: After every maintenance schedule, ensure your rides are adequately tested. Also, check the tracks regularly to ensure that your cars do not derail.

Can I Put Up A Mini Roller Coaster In My Backyard?

A Small Roller Coaster in the Backyard.

Ever wished to have a mini roller coaster in your backyard?

It is quite possible with the newly designed small roller coasters.

The rides are flexible and can fit in areas with limited free space.

There exists a wide selection of small roller coaster to choose from, with the possibility to customize to how you want it.

The investment required is not as huge as would an entire roller coaster.

You can easily request customization ranging from the number of cars, length and design of the track, among other features.

How To Ship A Small Roller Coaster From China

Assembly of A Small Roller Coaster After Shipping

After production and certifications of your rides, the following agenda is shipping.

Before your rides are shipped, ensure compliance with all legal requirements of your country and handle taxes.

The good news is, small roller coaster rides can be shipped across the world from China.

Manufacturers in China have found reliable means to ship small roller coaster rides across the world safely.

In most cases, small roller coaster rides fit in one shipping container.

Note: Ensure you determine all the importation fee in your country to know your small roller coaster rides’ total cost.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Mini Roller Coaster?

It is a question that is asked frequently by park owners.

This is because the lifespan of the ride correlates to the return-on-investment window.

For standard small roller coasters, the expected life span is at least five years.

The life of your small roller coaster rides depends on several factors, including:

  1. Quality of the ride: Despite low prices, choosing a manufacturer that produces quality rides is crucial. A quality ride will last many years and have few mechanical issues.
  2. Maintenance culture: If your small roller coaster ride is not correctly maintained, it will fail.

Tip: Choose manufacturers that at least give guarantees for a certain period. During the warranty period, your small roller coaster is eligible for repair and maintenance from the manufacturer.

Can I Order A Customized Small Roller Coaster?

A Customized Small Roller Coaster

Customization of amusement park rides is widespread.

Most park owners have particular demands for their small roller coaster rides.

The majority of the customization occurs on the appearance and lighting of the rides.

Apart from the rides’ customization, you can request changes in seat configuration, unique painting, among other features.

You can request customization during the design phase. Otherwise, it is possible to order changes before the delivery of your ride.

How To Check The Quality Of A Small Roller Coaster

Small Roller Coaster Quality Checks at the Production Line

The quality of a small roller coaster ride correlates to the lifespan. The better the quality, the better the chance the ride has of operating over a long time.

Before acquiring a small roller coaster, you need to be sure of the quality you are getting.

Before even ordering the small roller coaster, ensure the manufacturer has the requisite standards. Some of the certifications and standards include EN13814 Standards. GOST, ISO, BV, CE, and SGS.

Tips on how to check on the quality of a ride include:

  1. Electrical components used should be from a certified and reliable manufacturer.
  2. The ride should have a waterproof coating.
  3. The small roller coaster ride should have anti-rusting painting.
  4. The safety features should be certified to be working.
  5. Welding and joints on the rides should be flawless.
  6. Mechanical materials used in the manufacture of the ride should be of high quality.

Are Small Roller Coasters Profitable For Parks?

Figure 12 A Small Roller Coaster

Offering small roller coaster rides is profitable for parks.

It is one of the best-selling rides, and park owners have admitted to its success.

That is evident because the majority have returned to purchased more small roller coasters.

To achieve good profits, park owners aim to attract many patrons and maintain repeat ridership.

A typical small roller coaster ride will have five cars. Each car can carry four people, and therefore, you can expect the coaster to have 20 riders at a go.

Due to their small size, you can fit many small roller coasters in a small space.

Many park owners have learnt to create discounts and programs to attract group clientele.

To avoid very long lines for your small roller coaster, ensure to have a variety of rides.

As a park owner, you need to ensure you get an attractive and well-lit ride.

This attracts kids and teenagers a lot, and the portable versions can be rented out.

Tip: You can request a portable version of a small roller coaster for operational flexibility.

What Are The Components Of A Mini Roller Coaster?

The main components of a small roller coaster are the track which is designed to have undulating gradients.

The slopes on the track are not very steep, which allow reduced speeds for the ride. The track circuit is produced in section and are joined via welding.

The supporting framework and base of the structure are supported by galvanized steel.

The small roller coaster has a rear and front transmission. These are used to drive and break the ride which mostly travels along two spiral tracks.

The cabins are made of reinforced plastic, while the seats are made with fibreglass. They are painted with waterproof paint to prevent destruction by weather elements.

To eliminate noise while in operation, the small roller coaster wheels are made with a material called polyurethane.

The materials used to produce these rides should be high quality to guarantee riders’ safety and ensure a longer lifespan.

Can The Manufacturer Install Small Roller Coasters In My Park?

Figure 13 An Assembled Small Roller Coaster

Yes, the manufacturer should help you with the installation of your small roller coaster rides.

If the installation is not done correctly, your ride may break down quickly.

You can make sure this happens by including installation in the sale agreement or contracts.

Apart from installation, the engineers will ensure to carry out all system testing of your ride.

Responsible manufacturers will also assist you with your placement of the rides.

Tip: You may have to pay for the engineers’ transport to enable them to visit your park site.

Do Manufacturers Offer After-Sales Services For Small Roller Coasters?

Responsible manufacturers always after-sales services.

The most critical aftersales service includes:

a.      Technical support

  1. The supplier should provide you with engineers for the installation of the catch ‘n air ride.
  2. They should also provide training for your operators and other staff.
  3. The manufacturer can also support you in terms of power supply technical requirements document or product layout.

b.     Small roller coasters parts supply

  1. Parts replacement and maintenance is a core aftersales service.
  2. Electrical and mechanical components should be shipped quickly when your rides require.
  3. The manufacturer should help you test the rides after repairs and maintenance.

Tip: The manufacturers support team should be available 24/7 to handle your needs. Do not hesitate to call when an issue arises.

Small Roller Coaster Vs Other Kiddie Attractions

Regardless of their sizes, roller coasters are trendy.

They are easily identifiable compared to other rides.

Unlike other park attractions like the haunted mansion, small roller coasters are less scary and convenient for kids. Their speed of the ride is also limited.

For park owners, small roller coasters are a must-have because they have proven to retain clients.

Can I Buy A Small Roller Coaster Directly From The Factory?

Figure 14 A Custom Small Roller Coaster Order Assembly in the Factory

It is possible to order a small roller coaster from the factory.

This is especially true for Chinese manufacturers. Long are the days when language barriers hindered purchases.

Moreso, major manufacturers, may have sales representatives across the world.

You may also contact them for easier facilitation as they will be your liaison with the manufacturers.

They will help with various issues ranging from design to shipping.

What Are The New Trends In Regards To Small Roller Coasters?

Roller coasters, whether big or small, are classical ride.

Manufacturers and designers are coming up with new ways to assist in attracting more patrons to the park.

They are also new ways to reduce operational expenses.

For instance, unique and energy-saving tracks help reduce the cost of power.

Manufacturers are now using a specific control system for the rides per the park owners’ requirements. The control system, together with in-cabin safety features, make the rides safer.

There is also the use of new and eco-friendly materials, which make small roller coasters environmentally sustainable. Steel and aluminium are also used to make the rides more stable and durable.

New ways of decorating small roller coaster rides are also available. There are new smart LED lights that are effective in lighting your amusement park rides.

Can A Small Roller Coaster Be Operated Indoors And Outdoors?

Figure 15 A Small Roller Coaster Placed Indoors

Small roller coasters are incredibly versatile.

They can be operated either indoors or outdoors.

If you are placing your mini roller coaster indoors, for example, in a mall, you need excellent decorations and lighting.

For mini rides operated indoors, they can function throughout, regardless of the weather outside.

Weather-resistant materials should be used in the production of rides to be operated outdoors.

Materials like reinforced fibreglass and steel are used to ensure durability.

Portable small roller coasters are likely to be utilized either outdoors or indoors. Therefore, ensure quality materials are used.

What Are The Suitable Areas To Place Small Roller Coasters For Business?

Small roller coasters are incredibly flexible. Due to this, they can be placed literally anywhere.

Figure 16 A Small Roller Coaster in a Park

Their size and portability allow them to be placed indoors or outdoors.

Some of the areas where mini roller coasters are popular include:

  1. Theme parks
  2. Schools
  3. Kids play area
  4. Malls

Other areas where this ride is popular include zoos, beaches and neighbourhood playgrounds.

Note: For a portable small roller coaster, ensure to have a trained team. They should help in setting up and disassembling the ride efficiently and adequately.

What Are The Quality Certifications For Small Roller Coasters?

Figure 17 Patrons Enjoying a Certified Small Roller Coaster

A quality mini roller coaster is a worthwhile asset for your business.

Before signing the sale agreement or contract, ensure first to check the quality certifications.

The check should apply to the rides produced and the manufacturer’s accreditation.

Doing this simple task will ensure you rid yourself of future headaches.

Initially, check to see if the production process is accredited.

Here are some tips to help you check if your mini roller coaster is produced to proper standards:

  1. Ask for material tests, durability and load tests report. These reports will give you a good indication of the expected performance of your mini roller coaster.
  2. A credible supplier should supply the mechanical and electrical components.

How To Specify Your Small Roller Coaster Requirements To The Manufacturer?

Some park owners face challenges in articulating what they need for their park.

Seasoned manufacturers like Sinorides can give you consultation services.

You may have a novel idea that needs special to be articulated well in a design template.

Otherwise, you should document all your requirements in a Requirement specification document.

For example, for your small roller coaster, you can specify the number of cars required, track shape, length, colours and theme

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