Snail Roller Coaster For Sale

Track Length:96m
Space Area:22m*12m
Height Dimension:2.3m
Version:Park Model

More Details About Snail Roller Coaster For Sale

Sinorides is a leading manufacturer of snail roller coasters in China. You will find the following features in our snail roller coaster for sale. 

You can also buy other type roller coaster from Sinorides such as dragon roller coaster, backyard roller coaster and wild mouse roller coaster, etc.

  • Snail-Inspired Seats
  • Features Polyurethane Wheels 
  • Optimized Control System
  • Suitable for Both Indoor & Outdoor Parks

Sinorides snail roller coaster for sale is a track gliding amusement ride.

It gives a thrilling experience to your passengers.

It features cute-looking seats having the appearance of snails.

Moreover, you will see eye-appealing colors and design patterns on each snail.

These snail cabins glide on precisely designed tracks.

Our snail roller coaster for sale accommodates 20 people at a time. 

The length of the track is 96m, and it will require an area of 22mx12 for the installation of a snail roller coaster.

 If you need customization in track length, we can do so as per your park’s requirement.

Just let us know your requirements in advance.

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Sinorides snail roller coaster for sale

  • Sinorides roller coaster factory detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster seats detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster spare parts detail

Sinorides Snail Roller Coaster For Sale Quality Control

  • Sinorides snail roller coaster for sale follows International and European standards.
  • We use high-grade fiberglass and steel material in our roller coaster.
  • Sinorides snail roller coaster comes with polyurethane wheels to ensure a noise-free riding experience.
  • Sinorides has the special gear to check the thickness of spray paint on the ride.
  • Our snail roller coaster for sale passes numerous quality tests before delivery.

Full Support on Your Snail Roller Coaster Installation

As a professional Snail Roller Coaster manufacturer, Sinorides will help you install and maintain your Snail Roller Coaster at your park site.

On-site Support
Sinorides can send engineers to help you install the Snail Roller Coaster on site if you need.
Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.
Video Support
Sinorides provide installation photos and videos to you to guide the Snail Roller Coaster installation.
Each Snail Roller Coaster has a standard operating manual, Sinorides can help to train your staff how to operate and maintain the Snail Roller Coaster.

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Sinorides Snail Roller Coaster For Sale

Sinorides is a well-known snail roller coaster manufacturer in China that has been exporting its quality rides worldwide since 1992.

It is a good investment for park owners who want to target teenagers.

This sleek yet powerful roller coaster ride gives an action-packed experience without compromising on safety and comfort.

After all, it comes with an optimized control system.

Moreover, our snail roller coaster for sale has multiple sensors to stop the roller coaster in case of an accident. 

It automatically improves safety several times.

At Sinorides, we also provide you with assistance for snail roller coaster installation and maintenance.

Additionally, you get a warranty and quick after-sales service.

Buy our snail roller coaster at the best price now.