Sinorides 40P pirate ship ride drawing

Structural composition of pirate ship rides(viking ship rides)

Pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) is a common amusement rides in amusement parks, parks and scenic spots.

The movement form of the equipment is that under the friction of the driving wheel, the hull and the hanger are driven to swing back and forth around the rotation center of the hanging position.

Pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) is mainly composed of hull part, drive part, hanger part, support part, braking system, electrical control system and other parts.  The overall structure is shown in the figure below:


1.The hull of the pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) is mainly composed of the hull steel structure, seat assembly, safety pressure bar assembly, mast assembly and other partsparts

2. Hanger

The hanger part is mainly composed of square tubes, rectangular tubes, etc.

3. Support

The support parts of the pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) are mainly composed of pillars, connecting beams, beams, etc.

4. Power system

The power part of the pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) is mainly composed of the driving system and the braking system.

The driving system is mainly composed of driving chassis, driving cradle, driving motor, driving wheel and driving cylinder. The brake system mainly includes brake chassis, brake cradle, brake wheel, brake, brake push cylinder, etc.

5. Platform

The platform of the pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) is a steel structure platform composed of profiles, and the guardrails and other components are connected by bolts

6. Electrical system

The control system of the pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) is mainly controlled by PLC interlocking.

It is mainly composed of Control box, power distribution cabinet, equipment lighting, sound, etc..

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