Suspended Roller Coaster For Sale

Track Length:780m
Space Area:143m*80m
Total Height:33m

More Details About Suspended Roller Coaster For Sale

Sinorides uses exceptional engineering while making suspended roller coasters and other roller coaster for sale. By using the best steel, glass fiber and polyurethane ensures best performance.

  • Meet European Quality Standard.
  • Polyurethane Wheels Ensures No Noise.
  • Optimiozed Control System.
  • Get Full Quality Certifications.

Sinorides is accredited manufacturer and supplier of different types of roller coasters.

You will feel satisfied when importing thrill rides for sale from Sinorides.

Suspended roller coasters for sale are great options for booming visitors. The sleek and robust roller coasters are quiet and comfortable. Therefore, everyone will love riding on the coasters.

The super-strong polyurethane wheels are smooth and extra durable. Therefore even when the cars are rolling at high speed, it’s cool and quiet.

Depending on the available space, you can customize the length of the roller coaster track.

The suspended roller coasters bring an incredible thrill. Combination of sleek design and colorful painting ensures an amazing park. Also, the roller coasters are easy to customize to fit different areas.

As your customers enjoy the thrilling speed, there is nothing to worry about safety. The massive network of sensors is efficient to halt the roller coaster trains before the disaster happens. Also, the track and cars boast extensive testing and evaluation.

Sinorides employs multiple sensors which are excellent for the safety of visitors. By building a reputable park, it’s time to harvest from visitors boom.

Sinorides Suspended roller coaster for sale

Sinorides Suspended roller coaster for sale details

Suspended roller coaster for sale from Sinorides

  • Sinorides roller coaster factory detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster seats detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster spare parts detail

Sinorides Suspended Roller Coaster For Sale Quality Control

Sinorides pay attention to the quality control of Suspended Roller Coaster.

  • Suspended Roller Coaster Steel Parts Inspection

Flaw detection applied to detect the quality of Suspended Roller Coaster Steel Parts.

  • Suspended Roller Coaster Welding Parts Inspection

National QC Organization will come to check if the welding parts meet quality standard.

  • Suspended Roller Coaster Painting Inspection

1. Coating: name, model, color, and auxiliary materials must be inspected.
2. Surface preparation should be dry welding slag, dust, and grease.
3. Daub thickness is consistent.
4. Cannot have bit bottom, bubble, crack, pore, shrinkage cavity, leakage besmears, affecting the quality of paint film defects such as rust.
5. The appearance of the paint coating wants even, level off, smooth, plump, and luster, its color should be consistent with the specified color card color standard.

Full Support on Your Suspended Roller Coaster Installation

As a professional Suspended Roller Coaster manufacturer, Sinorides will help you install and maintain your Suspended Roller Coaster at your park site.

On-site Support
Sinorides can send engineers to help you install the Suspended Roller Coaster on site if you need.
Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.
Video Support
Sinorides provide installation photos and videos to you to guide the Suspended Roller Coaster installation.
Each drop tower ride has a standard operating manual, Sinorides can help to train your staff how to operate and maintain the Suspended Roller Coaster.

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Sinorides is Reliable Suspended Roller Coaster Manufacturer

The reliability of Sinorides is known all over the world. Actually, once you have the products, there is full range support. Whether it’s how to operate or maintain suspended roller coasters, you and support staff go through thorough training.

Before installation of suspended roller coasters, Sinorides engineers assess your site. Also, they can assist you if you don’t have a park design.

When it comes to the park appearance, the roller coaster have sleek color. With a variety of colors, there is real thrill. With weather-resistant finishes, there is no fading regardless of weather conditions.

Due to over 30 patents, the designing and installation are trustworthy. Even when they are in busy theme parks, reliability is fantastic.

Suspended Roller Coaster – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Perhaps you have some doubts or questions in your mind about investing in a suspended roller coaster.

Maybe you want to do extensive research before placing an order for a suspended roller coaster.

No matter what’s your reason to land on this page, we will answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect ride for your park.

So without any further delay, let’s start this comprehensive FAQ guide.

What Is A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster

The suspended roller coaster is a thrilling ride that most park owners install nowadays.

It is popular among people who love adventure.

The suspended roller coaster features a train that hangs from the bottom of the track.

Unlike inverted roller coasters, this roller coaster can swing freely with lateral acceleration, commonly known as g-force.

Riders swing side to side as the train moves along the track.

The suspended roller coaster swings using a pivoting bar, connected to the wheel carriage.

When Did The First Suspended Roller Coaster Appear?

Bisby’s Spiral Airship was one of the earliest suspended roller coasters, which appeared in the early 1900s.

It had a square gondola, suspended from the track above.

However, the first official suspended roller coaster, ‘The Bat’ appeared in 1981 at Kings Island.

Unfortunately, it got shut down soon due to technical faults.

It would be right to say that the advanced suspended roller coasters that we see today are a result of continuous evolution.

How Does A Suspended Roller Coaster Work?

A suspended roller coaster is a steel roller coaster in which the seating arrangement hangs beneath the rolling stock.

Suspended roller coasters don’t have seats attached to the wheel carriage.

Instead, they use hinge assemblies on the wheel to secure seats.

As a result, cars move freely and swing side-to-side all through the coaster’s circuit and riders find themselves hanging from suspended cars.

What Is The Physics Behind Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Physics

Like all roller coasters, a suspended roller coaster also uses the physics of potential energy, inertia, and gravity.

As a suspended roller coaster climbs the hill, its gravitational energy increases. When the car reaches the top and starts to go down, the energy transfers into kinetic energy.

However, suspended roller coasters are secured via hinge assemblies on the wheel carriages allowing the cars to move freely.

How to Choose A Suspended Roller Coaster for Your Amusement Park?

Suspended Roller Coaster

When you choose the right suspended roller coaster, you get good returns on your investment.

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting a suspended roller coaster for your park:

  1. a) Size

Choose the suspended roller coaster of the right length and height as per your park’s requirement.

If you have some specific requirements, you can go for a customized suspended roller coaster.

  1. b) Reliable Manufacturer

There are a lot of manufacturers across the world who sell suspended roller coasters.

Choose the one who is certified and has experience of several years.

Don’t forget to check their market reputation by reading reviews over the internet.

Also, check that if they’re selling a certified ride.

Go for a Chinese suspended roller coaster if you want an affordable yet quality ride.

  1. c) Seating Capacity

Suspended roller coasters are available with different seating capacities.

Based on your requirement, you can choose a suspended roller coaster with a seating capacity of 8, 16, 20, and so on.

  1. d) Power and Speed:

Check for the maximum power and speed of the suspended roller coaster ride.


Make sure the suspended roller coaster you invest in has multi-safety settings.

Additionally, it should pass the performance test before delivery

  1. f) Warranty

Ask your manufacturer about the warranty period.

All its major parts should come with a warranty for a certain period of time.

What Is The Price of A Suspended Roller Coaster?

For most park owners, price is a crucial thing when choosing a suspended roller coaster.

Of course, no one likes to pay beyond their budget, but you should not go for an exceptionally cheap ride as well.

Some manufacturers use cheap-quality materials in their rides to reduce the overall cost. So beware.

Various factors affect the price of a suspended roller coaster.

These include a ride’s size, seating capacity, shipping mode, decoration, etc.

As a result, it would not be right to mention a fixed price for a suspended roller coaster.

However, you can get to know the exact price by asking your potential manufacturers to send you the quote as per the type of ride you need.

You may also contact Sinorides to get a quote for a suspended roller coaster.

Note: If you’re looking for an affordable yet high-quality suspended ride, invest in a Chinese ride.

Due to the competitive shipping market, cheap labor cost, and raw material, Chinese rides are comparatively affordable.

What Are The Major Components of A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Components

Like all roller coasters, a suspended roller coaster also consists of various mechanical and electrical components.

However, a few important components are as per below.

  1. a) Over Head Track

The overhead track is a crucial component of a suspended roller coaster.

It allows the car (seating arrangement) to swing along the track.

The overhead track features seven rings in total.

These include three profile rings, two 360° spiral rings, and one 270° vertical ring.

  1. b) Traction System

The traction system is another major component that helps in accelerating and braking.

  1. c) Train/Cart

The cart of a suspended roller coaster hangs from the bottom of the rolling stock through hinge assembly.

Due to the unique design, the suspended roller coaster does not turn passengers upside down.

  1. d) Seat Belts

Seat belts protect the upper body of the rider when riding while legs hang up in the air.

e)Brake Fins

Brakes fins located beneath the train’s gondola are responsible to stop and control the speed of a roller coaster.

Magnets on the train persuade Foucault’s currents in the braking fins for smooth braking.

What Are The Safety Precautions for A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Safety

Luckily, suspended roller coaster accidents are quite rare.

International Associations of Amusement Parks & Attractions confirms that the probability of dying on a roller coaster is one in 750 million

However, park owners must ensure the safety of their passengers.

They can take the following steps to ensure safety.

  1. a) Regular Inspection

Hire a professional to do a regular inspection of your suspended roller coaster.

The quality inspector must analyze all components carefully.

If they notice any wired sound or sign of wear and tear, you should fix that part immediately.

  1. b) Safety Setting

Make sure all the safety belts and harnesses are in good condition before every ride.

  1. c) Stick to Age, Height, and Health Requirements

Ensure all your passengers meet the listed age, weight, height, and health requirements.

Passengers suffering heart problems and other major diseases should not ride suspended roller coasters.

The rider must be 130 centimeters (4 ft 3 in) tall.

What Material Is Used to Make A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Material

While a suspended roller coaster uses various types of materials in its different parts, majorly you will see steel and plastic.

Sindorides uses high-quality steel for making tracks and cars while its wheels are made out of Polyurethane, a plastic material that exists in different forms.

Make sure the manufacturer you choose uses high-grade steel and plastic for the ride.

Some Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides also use rust-proof paint to improve the longevity of the ride.

Benefits of A Suspended Roller Coaster for Park Owners

When you invest in the right and high-quality suspended roller coaster, you relish an array of benefits as a park owner.

Some major benefits of installing a suspended roller coaster at your park include:

  1. a) Popularity:

If your amusement park is going through a bad phase, you must try investing in this thrilling ride.

People of all ages across the world love riding the suspended roller coaster.

It will surely entice more people to your park.

The hanging feature makes this ride more enjoyable.

If you’re running out of budget, you can go for a mid-sized Chinese suspended roller coaster.

  1. b) High Return on Investment

While it requires relatively high investment, you can expect to have good returns as the ride is quite popular among people.

  1. c) Easily Available

Undoubtedly, the suspended roller coaster is a complicated ride that goes through a long manufacturing process.

Nevertheless, a lot of manufacturers in the market have ready-to-use suspended roller coasters.

Additionally, if you need some sort of customization, you can ask the manufacturer.

Where to Buy A Suspended Roller Coaster?

There is no shortage of suspended roller coasters on sale.

If you do a bit of research, you will find that several manufacturers are selling suspended roller coasters online.

Get a list of your potential manufacturers from the internet and visit their websites one by one.

Have a look at their rides and read their reviews.

Finally, select the one who provides a high-quality ride at an affordable price.

Ensure that the manufacturer you choose has relevant certifications and their ride pass through CE, GOST, ISO, and other certifications.

Sinorides also has a wide range of suspended roller coasters for sale.

You can even ask them to customize the ride as per your park’s need.

How Many People Can Ride A Suspended Roller Coaster At A Time?

Suspended Roller Coaster Seating Capacity

Suspended roller coasters are available with different seating capacities.

You can choose it as per your park’s requirements.

An average suspended roller coaster of track length 780m can easily hold 20 riders at the same time.

However, it will depend on the size of the hanging car.

If you have a specific requirement, you can ask your manufacturer to customize the seats as per your needs.

How to Choose The Best Suspended Roller Coaster Manufacturer?

If you want all the benefits of a suspended roller coaster, you must choose the right manufacturer.

Remember, you will need to get in touch with your manufacturer for maintenance, and other after-sales services.

As a result, working with a reliable suspended roller coaster manufacturer is important.

Consider the following points when choosing a manufacturer.

  1. a) Experienced Team

Manufacturing a suspended roller coaster is a bit complicated.

It requires years of experience to produce high-quality roller coasters that stand on customers’ expectations.

Make sure the manufacturer you choose has adequate experience.

  1. b) Certification

A trustworthy manufacturer must be certified to produce suspended roller coasters.

Don’t hesitate to ask for certification.

The manufacturer must have certification from ISO, CE, GOST, etc.

  1. c) Material Quality

A reliable manufacturer will never use cheap quality material in their ride.

If you doubt the quality of steel and plastic, look for another manufacturer.

  1. d) Quality Control Team

A responsible manufacturer follows the international standards for manufacturing a ride.

All their rides go through strict quality control.

Make sure the manufacturer you choose has a quality control team to test the suspended roller coaster before delivery.

e)After-Sales Service

Your manufacturer should be ready to assist you in shipping, operation, and maintenance of your suspended roller coaster.


Your manufacturer must provide warranty service for a certain period.

Is Chinese Suspended Roller Coaster Worth Buying?

Chinese Suspended Roller Coaster

Yes, a Chinese suspended roller coaster is worth buying.

Not only are they of high quality but also they are easy on the pocket.

It is worth mentioning that some of the popular suspended roller coaster manufacturers in the world are from China.

Chinese suspended roller coasters have the same quality that of European suspended roller coasters.

They go through the same manufacturing process and quality testing.

Still few park owners doubt their quality because of the reason they are affordable.

It’s important to understand that China is a hub of raw materials. Moreover, the labor cost and freight services are comparatively affordable there.

As a result, Chinese Suspended roller coasters are budget-friendly.

Several renowned amusement parks across the globe have been using Chinese suspended roller coasters successfully.

What to Do If My Suspended Roller Coaster Breaks Down During The Operation?

Suspended Roller Coaster Break Down

If you have invested in a premium-quality suspended roller coaster, it should not brake suddenly.

In most cases, it’s human negligence causing breakdown.

God forbid if you ever face this issue, then you should follow the below steps.

Stop the ride immediately and take your riders to a safe place.

Call a professional to inspect the ride and causes of breakdown.

Get to know if your operator is at fault.

Once you’re aware of the fault, get it fixed with the help of a professional.

If you don’t find a reliable engineer to fix issues, seek your manufacturers’ help.

Request them to send their engineers to your place.

If you find that some parts need replacement, buy genuine spare parts from your manufacturer only.

Can I Customize My Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Customization

Yes, you can ask your potential manufacturer to customize the suspended roller coaster as per your unique design.

Customization is an ideal way to get a suspended roller coaster that is as per your park’s needs and matches your overall theme.

Depending on your requirement, you can customize the seating arrangement, length of the coaster, color scheme, lightings, etc.

Remember, customization takes a lot of time as manufacturers have to make the ride from scratch.

So if you have an emergency requirement, you can buy a suspended roller coaster that is already on sale.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide After-Sales Services?

If you are buying your suspended roller coaster from a reputable Chinese manufacturer, you will surely get after-sale services.

However, warranty coverage and duration of the service might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Generally, you can expect to get the following after-sales service from your manufacturer.

  • A quick response system to solve your queries
  • Operational training to your staff
  • Assistance for repair and upgrades
  • Warranty on major parts for a certain period

Since after-sales service will be for a limited period, you should ask about it in advance.

How to Check The Quality of A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Quality Check

You must check the quality of a suspended roller coaster before you place an order for it.

Wondering how you can do that?

You simply need to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. a) Quality of Material

Check if tracks and trains are made out of high-quality steel.

Ask your manufacturer the kind of plastic material they use to make wheels.

A trustworthy manufacturer must use Polyurethane wheels as they are durable and make no noise.

  1. b) Design of the Track

Make sure the tracks are precisely designed for smooth running.

  1. c) Appearance of ride

The appearance of your suspended roller coaster should be eye-pleasing.

  1. d) Safety of passengers

Make sure the ride has safety harnesses and belts to ensure the safety of passengers.

Additionally, the suspended roller coaster shouldn’t have any sharp objects causing harm to riders.

  1. e) Branded Parts

It’s important to check if the manufacturer has used branded parts and accessories.

  1. f) Certification

Don’t forget to see the certification.

A high-quality suspended roller coaster should pass CE/GOST/ISO certifications.

How to Get A Suspended Roller Coaster At an Affordable Price?

Affordable Suspended Roller Coaster

Of course, you would not like to go beyond your budget to buy a suspended roller coaster.

However, you should not compromise on quality for a few bucks as well.

Luckily, there are several ways you can cut down your suspended roller coaster purchase cost.

These include:

  1. a) Get Quotes from Different Manufacturers

Request quotes from the manufacturers of different countries.

Compare these quotes and choose the affordable one without compromising on quality.

  1. b) Select Experienced Manufacturer

Choose the manufacturer who has expertise and years of experience in manufacturing suspended roller coasters.

Such manufactures often have tie-ups with raw material companies and freight companies.

Therefore, they produce affordable roller coasters and ship them to your place at an affordable price.

  1. c) Choose A Chinese Manufacturer

Prefer Chinese manufacturers as they are affordable in comparison to European sellers.

They are competent to produce high-quality roller coasters at a lower price.

If you’re looking for an affordable suspended roller coaster, you may visit Sinorides.

This IAAPA-rated firm has been manufacturing amusement park equipment for the last 3 decades.

What Is The Warranty Period of A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Warranty

The warranty period of a suspended roller coaster varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, you can expect to get at least a one year warranty with most manufacturers.

For some crucial parts such as track and car, you can get up to 5 years warranty.

Ask your manufacturer about the warranty period in advance.

During this period, the manufacturer will provide free repair for manufacturing defects.

They can even replace defective parts under the warranty period.

What Are The Quality Certifications For A Suspended Roller Coaster

The certifications for a suspended roller coaster will depend on its country of origin.

However, a global suspended roller coaster manufacturer must have the following certifications.

  1. a) CE Certification

CE certificate is awarded to the manufacturer who commits to the safety and environmental requirements of their roller coasters.

  1. b) ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

Manufacturers who accomplish all the requirements to ensure the quality of their suspended roller coasters get this certification.

Some other worth mentioning certifications include:

  • GOST
  • SASO
  • BV

Who Are The Suitable Users for A Suspended Roller Coaster?

Suspended Roller Coaster Ideal Users

Though both adults and children can ride suspended roller coasters, kids below 130 centimeters in height should not get permission.

Additionally, people suffering from any sort of major disease should strictly avoid it.

We hope this guide resolves all your queries related to suspended roller coasters.

If you have more questions or want to buy a cheap suspended roller coaster without compromising on quality, get in touch with us.