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Sinorides is a professional swing tower ride manufacturer and you can import swing towers directly from us. Please check the following swing tower ride and choose the suitable type for your park business.

You can also import drop tower rides from Sinorides as we are the leading tower rides manufacturer. Sinorides promises you the technical service including installation and maintenance. You can learn from Sinorides engineers how to operate and check the swing tower ride.

Sinorides has a reliable support team to solve any questions and we use brand accessories to let your swing tower ride have a great performance.

Sinorides 14m swing tower ride for sale
Sinorides swing tower ride could swing to let park visitors have a thrilling experience.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 32P
  • Height: 14m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Rotation Speed: ≤10.37rpm
Sinorides 32m swing tower ride for sale
Your swing tower ride has several safety designs so your park customers safety is ensured.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 32P
  • Height: 32m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Rotation Speed: ≤10.37rpm
Sinorides 43m Swing Tower Ride for sale
Sinorides 43m Swing Tower Ride composed of durable bearings for longer service life.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 32P
  • Height: 43m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Rotation Speed: ≤10.37rpm
48m Star Flyer Ride for Sale
You can increase your revenues as Sinorides swing tower ride has at least 32 seats to bear more people.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 36P
  • Height: 48m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Rotation Speed: ≤10.37rpm
Sinorides 55m Swing Tower ride for sale
Sinorides 55m Swing Tower Ride is suitable for large outdoor theme parks to increase your park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 36P
  • Height: 55m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Rotation Speed: ≤10.37rpm
Sinorides Swing Tower ride installation service
Sinorides Provide Swing Tower Ride Installation Service for park owners and save your much time.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 32-36P
  • Height: 14-55m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Rotation Speed: Customize

Your Premier Swing Tower Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides has exported swing tower rides to theme parks worldwide and you can trust Sinorides when purchasing swing tower rides from China. You can get the latest price of a swing tower ride from Sinorides.

It is available to get the theme park design layout along with the swing tower ride quotation. Swing tower ride is one of the most thrilling amusement rides and is popular among teenagers and adults.

Safety is the most important issue to consider when purchasing a swing tower ride. You don’t need to be concerned the safety issues as Sinorides equips your swing tower ride with many safety items to avoid amusement ride accidents.

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Swing Tower Ride for Sale Project

Your swing tower ride quality can meet and even exceed the European standard. Sinorides produces your swing tower ride with international brand components to ensure its quality. Your swing tower ride will also receive the magnetic particle inspection to ensure there are no defects.

Sinorides also apply the automatic cutting machine to process the steel so your swing tower ride will have no cracks. Besides the swing tower rides, you can also choose self-control plane rides, rocking tug rides, and other amusement rides from Sinorides to develop your park business.

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Sinorides Swing Tower Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Swing Tower Ride Remove Rust
Complete sandblasting process to ensure smooth steel structure
Swing Tower Ride Steel Parts
Automatic welding machine to reach the perfect welding quality
Swing Tower Ride Machining process
Skillful workers with machining equipment to ensure precise processing.
Swing Tower Ride Components
European Brands components to guarantee superior performance
Swing Tower Ride QC
Magnetic flaw detection to inspect the Star Flyer Ride quality.
Swing Tower Ride Delivery
Working with famous International forwarder for delivery.
TECHNICAL DATA14m Swing Tower Ride32m Swing Tower Ride43m Swing Tower Ride48m Swing Tower Ride55m Swing Tower Ride
Space AreaDia:14mDia:22mΦ24㎡26m*26mDia:30m
Colorcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customized
Number of Seats32P32P32P36P36P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides Swing Tower Ride Drawing

Sinorides Swing Tower Ride Drawing

Swing Tower Ride Foundation Drawing

Swing Tower ride design by Sinorides

Swing Tower ride design from Sinorides

Sinorides is a Reliable Swing Tower Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides is one of the most reliable Swing Tower Ride Manufacturers in the world.

You can import European quality standard Swing Tower Ride with spare parts directly from Sinorides and we will help to save your cost.

Sinorides has our factory to produce your Swing Tower Ride with a strict inspection to give you the perfect Swing Tower Ride.

You can receive the training and technical guide from Sinorides to operate the Swing Tower Ride.

Sinorides will send you the technical manual with drawings so you can know better about your Swing Tower Ride.

Swing Tower Ride Ultimate FAQ Guide

Your thousand questions about swing tower rides should never stress you anymore. This FAQ guide has comprehensive information and answers to your questions.

The information is helpful since you get an excellent understanding of the swing tower rides. You will learn different tips on quality, types, and other information to quench your curiosity.

Therefore, with all information at your disposal, you can make the right decision when investing.

Before buying swing tower rides, it’s important to go through this FAQ guide.

What are Swing Tower Rides?

Swing tower rides look and operate just like traditional chair swings or carousels. However, the difference is they are mounted on tall towers.

The swings have a lifting mechanism besides a spinning action. Therefore, as they lift riders, there is also a swinging action.

Depending on where these swing tower rides are, they have different names. You can call them swing tower rides, or star flyers, among others.

The swing towers vary in height depending on the manufacturer and theme parks. However, unlike the flying swings, they don’t have a tilting mechanism.

How Tall are Swing Tower Rides?

Swing tower rides are tall. Unlike the traditional swing chairs, these have tower mounting. Therefore, height varies from one swing to the other. The manufacturers also make different designs.

The good thing is you can order customized swing towers. This depends on your park capacity and available space. Since these rides are large, they need a lot of open space.

Currently, the tallest swing tower ride is in Dubai. Standing 460 feet tall, Bollywood skyflyer is as tall as a skyscraper. The swing weighs over 421 tons when empty.

The taller the tower swing ride, the more weight it has. Also, it needs a firm foundation to hold the weight.

Operate Swing Tower Ride

Are Swing Tower Rides Safe?

Before any amusement equipment gets the green light for installation, there is a lot of testing. In the case of swing tower rides, they are safe to ride. Most people find them enjoyable to ride.

One thing that makes these rides is regulated swinging speed. The swing tower rides have excellent speed regulation. They start at a steady pace and then increase to ensure your riders don’t suffer from vertigo.

Apart from the speed checks, the swing towers have professional manufacturing. The process features high scrutiny by multiple agencies to deliver outstanding safety.

The swing chairs have great comfort and boast firm chain suspensions. They also have safety belts that ensure your visitors get proper harnessing. Therefore, no chance of accidental detachment when the swing is at full speed.

 How Many People Can Swing Tower Ride Accommodate?

The number of people a swing tower ride can accommodate differs from one ride to another. With large swings, they can hold more weight; hence they have more capacity.

Most of the available swing tower rides come with double seats. However, some are still available with single seats. Small swing tower rides, can support less weight, thereby coming with fewer seats.

The typical swing tower rides have a height of 18m-60m. Also, the sitting capacity can range from 20-40 people. However, for massive swing towers, they can have a slightly higher number of seats.

Although you might think the tall swing rides have more capacity, that is not the case. The sitting capacity is usually standard to prevent compromising tower integrity.

Swing Tower Ride Capacity

Swing tower ride capacity

Are Tall Swing Tower Rides Suitable for Kids?

Tall swing tower rides aren’t suitable for kids. Most kids risk suffering panic attacks. Therefore, for extra tall flying swings, kids aren’t recommended to ride.

The swing ride comes with mechanical harnesses that kids can open accidentally. Therefore, allowing small kids to ride in swing tower rides can put them in grave danger.

However, the swing tower rides are ideal as long as the child can understand the safety precautions. Therefore, if your kid is too young, tower swings aren’t the best option.

The best thing you can do is ensure your kids ride on kiddie swings or carousels. It’s ideal to remember slight precaution rule breaches can result in injuries.

How Fast Spinning is a Swing Tower Rides?

The rotation speed of swing towers differs. Depending on the riders, you can have high or low speed. Different manufacturers offer customized rotation speeds.

Swing tower rides speed starts at a slow pace. As the height increases, so is the speed. The rotating speed is gradual since it is essential. Increasing speed at one can cause riders to suffer from motion sickness.

When the swings are in the topmost position, some swing tower rides can achieve over 70 miles per hour. The top speed also differs from one manufacturer to the other. However, more speed created an excellent thrill.

Swing Tower Ride Capacity

Swing tower ride speed

 How Much Does Swing Tower Ride Cost?

Swing towers are capital-intensive. They are costly to manufacture as well as install. Therefore, when you compare them with other theme park rides, you need to raise enough capital.

The higher cost is due to their large size, specialized manufacturing process, and shipment. Swing tower rides are heavy and take time to erect. This means more expense when you compare them with others, like regular swings.

The cost of swing tower rides can range from a hundred thousand dollars to millions. It all depends on the size, level of customization, and others.

Depending on your park size, it is essential to figure out your budget when buying swing towers. Planning for the right swing ensures your park experiences profits in the shortest time.

Swing Tower Ride Cost

Swing Tower Ride Cost

Is it Hard to Operate Swing Tower Rides?

Despite the complex-looking nature, swing towers aren’t hard to operate. These days, there are digital control panels; one person can handle even the largest swing tower ride.

The only requirement is the ability to have excellent customer skills. In most theme park rides, there are no certificates from institutions needed to operate.

Most of the parks train their staff on operating available equipment. Also, manufacturers should make an effort to train park owners and staff. This ensures any team operating equipment; there is trial and error.

Besides operating skills, the a need to have excellent skills in dealing with customers. Enforcing safety precautions is also essential, as well as a positive attitude.

Operate Swing Tower Ride

Operate Swing Tower Ride

Where Can You Buy Swing Tower Rides?

There are dozens of manufacturers where you can buy swing tower rides. Each manufacturer makes custom swing rides depending on your order.

The ideal place you can buy swing tower rides is online. There is high convenience since you don’t need to go to the manufacturing plant physically.

You can view your swing ride from the comfort of your chair. With manufacturers utilizing websites, social media, and other online platforms, you can be sure of what you are buying.

The fantastic thing is it’s also possible to view the swing tower ride performance. Through testimonials and reviews, you can get your dream swing ride.

Although everything these days is possible online, you also visit your target manufacturer’s warehouse.

Swing Tower Rides Noise

Swing tower ride at the top of the tower

Who Makes Swing Tower Rides?

Many manufacturers make swing tower rides. Different countries have several amusement equipment makers.

One of the best swing tower ride makers is Sinorides from China. You can get varieties, which are excellent for different-sized park rides. Whether you need a 32m, 48m, or 56m swing tower ride, you always have a choice.

Other manufacturers are all over the world in some countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Some of the known makers include Zemperla, Fabbri, and Bestonrides, among others.

Regardless of where the manufacturer is from, it is vital to ensure the products meet the highest standards.

Does Swing Tower Ride Tilts?

Swing tower rides don’t have a tilting action. Their large nature and complicated design limit flexibility. Therefore, they can’t tilt like flying swing chairs.

The unique thing with swing towers is the riders can experience different swinging heights. The height change is excellent since your riders enjoy different spinning positions.

Besides, the lifting action as it rotates creates a fantastic experience. The lack of tilting action doesn’t restrict the swing tower rides from offering unique rides.

Whether it’s the massive and tall or short swing tower rides, they don’t possess tilting action.

Swing Tower Ride

Swing tower ride lifting up

Do Swing Tower Rides Rotate as They Rise?

The swing tower rides are unique and offer an excellent experience. They have a combination of mechanisms that ensures there are amazing rides. The ride starts to spin when it’s off the ground.

With swing towers featuring different heights, they have preset settings. Therefore, the swings don’t start right away when the lifting begins. Although the operator controls the spinning speed, the swing has a minimum height set where spinning can start.

Interestingly, it’s possible to enjoy custom settings in a swing tower ride. Thus, if you have obstacles to a certain height, the swing will only start spinning past them. Therefore, you minimize the risks of accidents.

Are Swing Tides Prone to Lightning Strikes?

Every tall structure is prone to lightning strikes. Swing tower rises aren’t exceptions. The manufacturer should take into account and install lightning arrestors.

Also, the swing rides have electrical components. Whether it’s electrical motors or other electrical components, they can suffer from damage. The inclusion of lighting arrestors is vital for keeping your swing tower safe.

Although the towers are metallic, specialized accessories are vital for discharging lightning strikes. Besides, your equipment should not run during rain and storms.

Generally, the taller the swing tower, the more it’s prone to lightning strikes.

Are Swing Tower Rides Noisy?

Swing towers operate silently without distracting noise. Modern rides have electrical and hydraulic mechanisms. Therefore, even when your park has a large swing tower, there is no annoying noise.

Apart from noise-free motors, the moving parts have fantastic engineering. They deliver smooth rolling, which is excellent for less friction. Therefore, the swing can move up and down quietly.

The swing has premium bearings and precise construction to ensure smooth spinning. Even when at full speed, no noisy spinning due to excessive friction.

Although swing tower rides are quiet, proper maintenance is vital. It ensures your rides don’t suffer a lot of wear and tear that can increase noise.

Swing Tower Rides Noise

Swing Tower Rides Noise

 Are Swing Tower Rides Expensive to Operate?

Every theme park aims to operate safely, make profits, and keep visitors happy. Swing tower rides are some of the huge investments. They are expensive to buy and also can be costly to run.

Their massive electricity demand is one way to factor out when establishing a park. With a proper flow of visitors, these rides are profitable.

Apart from the electricity cost, one needs to carry out necessary maintenance. Delayed servicing can cost you if a part needs replacement. Timely servicing is impressive and dramatically reduces expensive parts replacements.

Running swing tower rides can be expensive or cheap, depending on your planning. More traffic means increased revenue but also the frequency of maintenance. Balancing every aspect ensures easy park operation.

Mini Swing Tower Ride

Super large swing tower ride

What are the Best colors for Swing Tower Rides?

Swing tower rides are tall but still need to be attractive. The painting is vital for improving your park’s appearance. However, to reduce risk, especially for low-flying plane accidents, they need bright colors.

Most of the swing tower rides and other equipment need to have highly visible colors. There are combinations of finishes that are ideal for ensuring your tower looks sleek and visible. Colors like yellow, white, and others are superb.

Besides, paint with high reflective power is ideal. They are excellent since they can reflect natural and artificial lights. Consequently, there is high theme park ride visibility at all times.

colors for Swing Tower Rides

colors for Swing Tower Rides

 Are there Mini Swing Tower Rides?

There are mini swing towers available these days. This gives young visitors the ability to enjoy safe swings with minimal risks. The towers have less height compared to adult swings.

Besides, the rides have excellent designs to accommodate kids. Amazingly, the rides are not only great for kids but are perfect for adults. The ability to fit adults is superb for safety.

The development and availability of mini-tower rides ensure your park has ideal rides for everyone. Besides, the settings and features are perfected for the safety of young riders.

Like in adult swing towers, there are also different heights for mini swing towers. Therefore, you can still choose your ideal ones.

Sinorides Mini Swing Tower Rides

Sinorides Mini Swing Tower Rides

Does Swing Tower use a lot of electricity?

Every amusement ride utilizes electricity to operate. Swing tower rides are large equipment; they need a lot of power to run.

A large amount of electricity goes to powerful electrical motors. Especially with motors operating every movable part, hydraulics, you need enough power.

Apart from motors, the swing towers come with amazing lighting. However, this doesn’t consume significant electricity. Actually, with LED lighting technology, these days, lighting needs less electricity.

The improvement in motor efficiency these days has reduced the power requirements. This is in comparison with old days motors. There are modern motors that turn 98% of electricity into mechanical energy.

Sinorides 14m swing tower ride for sale

Swing tower ride rotating

Who Guarantees Safety for Swing Tower Rides?

The safety of swing tower rides is a collective responsibility. One of the primary players is the park owners. Ensuring there are proper maintenance, signage, and clear instructions plays a vital role.

Also, having an enthusiastic staff is vital to ensure great interaction with visitors. This always guarantees smooth Park running with minimal incidences.

The visitors also have the responsibility of ensuring they follow every rule in a park. This ensures once they are enjoying, they can reduce accident chances.

Apart from the basic rules, there are also state authorities that regulate park safety. Especially, the agencies are keen to ensure every park abides by the set rules.

There are international organizations that also ensure theme parks around the world are safe. Especially, one of the known organizations is IAAPA. It ensures parks are as safe as possible through a variety of assessments.

Are Swing Tower Rides Seats Comfortable?

There is no fun without comfort. The swing tower rides have great comfort and safety. With significant variation in the chair designs, you can choose the ideal ones for your swings.

Most of the tower rides and amusement equipment aren’t padded. However, they have a contoured design. Therefore, as you sit, there is equal weight distribution.

Besides the contoured design, the chairs have supportive features. The armrests and super-effective harness system ensure safety and comfort. As you sit on the swing seats, they minimize movements

Even when the swings are at full speed, there is no straining your body. The seats can compensate and offer the best comfort.

Swing Tower Rides Seats

Swing Tower Rides Seats

How Long Does Swing Tower Ride Take to Stop?

When riding a free swing, it can take a long time to stop spinning. However, in theme parks, everything needs to run as planned. Swing tower rides have brakes that ensure they come to a halt quickly.

Since the swing towers are massive and heavy, it can take time to stop naturally. Due to this, a combination of gears and a braking system ensures there is an efficient stoppage.

The swing tower rides can take less than 5 minutes to stop. Even when running at high speed, the stoppage time is short. The efficient braking mechanism means even in case of emergencies; the ride can be stopped in the shortest time.

How are Swing Tower Rides Constructed?

The construction of swing tower rides is a long process. It takes time from the planning to the equipment being ready for installation.

Small swing tower rides take a shorter time. However, massive ones can take a lot of time. The process is complicated, from cutting parts and welding to putting them together. As with other equipment, swing towers need to follow all steps.

Most of the constitution involves galvanized steel to ensure structural soundness. Therefore, precision, as well as international welding standards, must apply.

Apart from the construction in the factory, the swing towers are also complex to erect. Generally, these rides are complex to construct, and they take time.

Sinorides Swing Tower Rides Construction

Sinorides Swing Tower Rides Construction

Why Do People Scream When Riding Swing Tower Rides?

Riding swing tower rides should be fun and thrilling. But, sometimes, you find yourself screaming. Considering swing towers are tall, they create scares, especially for people with height phobia.

Most people, especially new riders, scream due to their scary nature. Also, the different forces acting on the body can lead to increased levels of adrenaline.

On the other hand, some of the riders scream as part of the fun. People have different ways of reacting when happy or scared. The high-speed swings especially see riders respond differently.

The screams in swing tower rides don’t mean everyone is scared. Therefore, as a park owner, you should be aware this is normal.

Are there Traveling Carnival Swing Tower Rides?

You can buy swing tower rides for permanent parks traveling carnival rides. However, there is a significant difference when it comes to permanent and portable ones.

Swing tower rides for traveling carnival rides have a design that enables them to be portable. They have designs that allow easy disassembling when on the move. Also, they are not as big as the ones for permanent installation.

Since they don’t have a massive foundation, the height limit is necessary. This ensures there is perfect stability to eliminate toppling risks.

When buying a swing tower ride, you can specify to the manufacturer. Whether you want a theme park swing or a traveling carnival, they will work on your design.

Who Certifies Swing Tower Rides?

There are dozens of agencies that evaluate and certify every theme park equipment. Therefore when buying swing tower rides, you can be sure they are up to the set standards.

Each country that has theme park equipment has a domestic certifying body. For instance, China, Spain, Italy, and others have agencies that certify park rides.

However, for equipment to be internationally accepted, there are global bodies that certify. Among the notable ones are ISO, CE, BV, Gost, and SGS.

The agencies are known worldwide and offer a variety of certifications. Whether it’s artistry, accessory quality, or others, they ensure manufacturers provide the highest quality equipment.

 Are There Height Restrictions for Swing Tower Rides

Currently, there is no height restriction when it comes to swing tower rides. Towers are getting taller and taller, and manufacturers are competing to build the tallest rides.

The only issue when building the swing towers is safety. With increasing height, the safety rules become stricter. However, the advancement in technology also has increased the ability of tall towers.

The construction of taller swing towers consumes a lot of time. Also, the installation is complicated. The whole process is expensive; hence you can opt for available standard tower swings.

There are extra tall swing rides available and there still exists room for taller ones. Therefore, you can give your swing ride park tall swings to add thrills.

Swing Tower Ride Height Restriction

Swing tower ride Height Restriction

Do Swing Tower Rides Occupy Large Areas?

Swing tower rides operate like regular swing rides. The difference is they are tall, and the area needed differs depending on the ride’s size.

Swing tower rides don’t need abnormal space. However, since they rotate as they move up, the surroundings need to be clear. Some obstacles like trees, buildings, and other park rides should not be near.

The large and tall tower swing rides have a broad base. This is to ensure there is excellent support. Therefore, the area needed might be larger than regular swings. Also, they need more space than mini swing tower rides.

Before you order for a ride, it is essential to factor in height to know the base area. Therefore, you can be able to enjoy excellent planning.

What is Used to Construct Swing Tower Rides?

The construction of swing tower rides comprises different materials. In the factory, there is immense use of steel. The support structure features steel. It gives the tower a remarkable ability to resist stress.

Apart from steel, chairs have fiberglass or other hard plastic, which cuts the weight. However, the materials should pass or meet the set standards. This ensures high performance won’t compromise the structure and safety.

Apart from the construction in the factory, the swing tower rides use a lot of concrete. To ensure stability and proper installation, a massive amount of high-quality concrete is needed.

Besides stabilizing the swing, it offers a floor for visitors. Therefore, the making of swing ride towers features a combination of construction materials and mechanisms.

Sinorides Swing Tower Rides Construction

Sinorides Swing Tower Rides Construction

Which Features Are Available in Swing Tower Tides?

The swing tower rides come with great features that ensure pure thrill. They have multiple operation actions that ensure they deliver entertainment. One of the fantastic features is the lifting mechanism.

Unlike the regular swing rides, these have tall towers. Boasting hydraulic lifts, the swings move upwards as they spin. The same action happens when the swing is moving down.

The sleek lighting makes these giant rides impressive. Therefore, even before you take a ride, there is a fulfilling experience. Additionally, the seats are super comfortable.

Not only the comfort and entertainment, but safety is also on another level. The great heights and high speed require additional safety steps. Therefore, the harness system and emergency mechanism make swing tower rides remarkable.

How Wide is the Base of a Swing Tower Ride?

The base area of different swing tower rides varies. This mostly differs due to the height. As a rule of thumb, taller towers need wider bases to offer ample support.

Shorter versions of swing tower rides can fit in an area measuring 20 meters. However, for larger ones, the sites can be a bit larger. Over 50-meter tall swing tower rides will require a 30×30 meter area.

Additionally, with even taller towers, you will need to plan for a larger area. The importance of this is to ensure proper fitting and stability of a swing. Therefore, as you decide the height of the swing ride, also consider the base area.

Swing tower ride seen from the base

Does Swing Tower Rides Come With Music?

Small theme park rides are easy to add entertainment. But. For large thrill rides, it can be tricky. Swing tower rides don’t come with music but have loudspeakers. However, it is possible to customize your rides to meet your expectations.

The only entertainment features that you can be sure of are the decorative lights. You can opt to add other entertainment by ordering a custom swing tower ride. Also, it’s easy for manufacturers to add your local music upon request.

With different parks having varying needs, you have all the freedom to customize your ride. Therefore, you can give your visitors great entertainment beyond swinging.

Swing tower ride sleek lighting

How to Install Swing Tower Rides?

Installation of swing tower rides is a complex process and requires professionals. Since the towers have a lot of weight, they need proper anchoring to the ground.

Since the swing tower rides come in parts, they need assembling. Therefore, the manufacturer should offer installation services. However, you can also call for a professional installation contractor.

The installation process is complex, and some rides can take days to erect. The important thing is to have experts doing the work. Otherwise, poor installation can result in disasters.

Interestingly, the tallest swing tower ride took engineers 600 to construct. Also, the installation lasted for 120 days.

Can Swing Tower Rides be Customized?

It is possible to customize your swing tower ride. Most manufacturers will give the option for customization. However, what is customizable is limited.

One of the most straightforward customizations you can achieve is the theme. There are hundreds of themes available, and also you can forward your suggestions. The color and other decoration customization ensure your park looks unique.

Apart from the colors, it is also possible to have custom animated lighting. With a variety of light colors, you can have different animated illumination.

The other customizable features are speed and duration among others. Therefore, your park enjoys remarkable differences compared to others.

Customized Swing Tower Ride

Customized swing tower ride

What are the Safety Mechanisms for Swing Tower Rides?

There is a combination of different mechanisms to ensure swing tower rides are safe. All the safety features aim at giving visitors smooth and safe rides.

The primary safety feature in swing tower rides is speed control. With the ability to control the rotation speed, it is excellent even for emergencies. By having gears and braking systems, it is possible to halt swing quickly without incidents.

There are highly accurate sensors that detect when there are the slightest problems. Whether it’s due to mechanical issues or weather conditions, operators know everything happening in a tower swing ride.

With sturdy restraint systems and robust chains to suspend chairs, they guarantee excellent safety. Besides, robust inspection by experts ensures swing tower rides are safe.

Does Swing Tower Ride Need A Foundation?

The installation determines whether you will need a foundation or not. For permanently installed swing tower rides, they need a proper foundation. A professionally done foundation is recommended.

Adding enough amount of concrete is essential to keep your tower stable. The base and foundation should be able to accommodate the height and weight of a tower.

If your swing tower ride is for a traveling carnival, it doesn’t need a foundation. However, they have unique designs with enough bases to hold the weight. The rides aren’t as big as their permanent park counterparts.

The amount of concrete for swing tower rides also varies. Shorter towers need less area as well as concrete. However, quality should be the highest.

Sinorides Swing Tower Rides Construction

Sinorides Swing Tower Rides Construction

How to Find a Reliable Swing Tower Manufacturer in China?

There are many swing tower manufacturers in China. However, when you are searching for the most reliable, it can be daunting.

It is easy to find a reliable manufacturer of quality swing tower rides. The good thing is you can find the companies online as well as their products. With each manufacturer offering different rides, you can choose your best.

The other way is attending theme park ride exhibitions. There are annual exhibitions in China where manufacturers showcase their products. Going to these events gives you the ability to choose the best manufacturer.

One of the reliable swing tower rides is Sinorides. It has competitive products that sell globally. Also, the rides are internationally certified and offer perfect services. Others include y-rides and Zhou-amusements among others.

Do Chinese Swing Tower Rides Meet European Standards?

Most of the Swing tower rides in China meet European standards. They have certifications from some European standardization agencies.

The construction, as well as the materials used, passes rigorous testing to ensure super-quality rides. Therefore, whether you need a custom-built swing tower, you can be sure about quality and reliability.

Some of the most available Chinese-manufactured rides have certifications from, Gost, SGS, and BV, among others. The artistry also boasts strict protocols from different agencies. Therefore, you can get a swing ride with the highest quality.

Chinese Swing Tower Rides Meet European standard

Chinese Swing Tower Rides Meet European standard

Can You Get Direct Swing Tower Ride Shipment From China?

Getting swing tower rides from China should not be stressful. Most manufacturers in China offer shipment once you purchase equipment. Therefore, there is no struggle or stress on how your park rides will reach our park.

Apart from shipment by manufacturers, there are also suppliers and companies specializing in that work. There is an excellent choice on whether to get direct shipment or get an independent company.

Having a manufacturer who can sell and deliver your equipment is excellent. It eases your process while guaranteeing safe delivery.

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