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How to make an indoor playground?

How to make an indoor playground? There is a substantial potential space for China’s kids’s industry. The kids’s market is becoming increasingly popular due to the two-child and third-child policy dividends. The health and growth of kids is naturally the most concerning topic for parents. Everything is for kids, and everything is for kids. The indoor playground integrating education, intelligence, health, and entertainment has become a new investment hotspot in the 21st century. The establishment of indoor playgrounds has gradually […]

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Matters needing attention when operating a playground

The daily operation of the playground usually requires attention to many issues, such as warning signs, the safety of minors, staff patrols, first aid training, insurance, etc. 1. Post and hang warning signs or use rules in apparent positions. And explain the operation of projects with high-risk coefficients to customers in detail. In addition, the venue broadcast should also broadcast relevant safety warnings. 2. When minors play in the playground, they must insist on allowing their parents to accompany and

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Types for Amusement Rides

Amusement rides are classified according to their structure and motion. That is, similar structures and movements are classified as a class rather than by the name of amusement rides. Each kind is named after a common and typical amusement equipment, the basic model. For example, “carousel amusement rides” is based on “carousel.” Those amusement rides with similar structures and motions belong to the “carousel type.” Nowadays, there are about 15 kinds of amusement rides, such as the Carousel series, Track

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