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Recommend Teacup Fair Ride for Sale

Sinorides teacup fair ride for sale are perfect for your theme park. With the exciting look, it’s one way to ensure there is significant park traffic boost. Despite the unique design, teacups rides are affordable and space-saving.

There are various teacup fair ride types including 36P teacup and 48P teacup fair rides. This ensures that depending on the park capacity, one can get the best fitting. You can also customize the Teacup fair ride for your need.

If you want to add an enthralling ride to your fairground or carnival, consider our teacup fairground ride. Our teacup carnival ride has a unique design and features an eye-appealing theme. You can choose from a wide range of teacup rides available in different color schemes themes, and sizes.

You can significantly boost your park’s revenue by investing in our teacup fair ride. All our teacup rides are energy-efficient, highly safe, and come with innovative features. Sinorides will provide you with all of the assistance you need to grow your business.

Sinorides 48 Seats Teacup Fair Ride For Sale
48P Teacup Fair Ride is suitable for large theme parks

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 48P
  • Power: 10kW
  • Size: D12m*H3.5m
  • Speed: 4.5rpm
Sinorides 36 Seats Teacup Fair Ride For Sale
36P Teacup Fair Ride can hold 36 person at one time

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 36P
  • Power: 7.5kW
  • Size: D12m*H3.5m
  • Speed: 4.5rpm
Sinorides 24 Seats Teacup Fair Ride For Sale
24P Teacup Fair Ride requires less space to run

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 3.5kW
  • Size: D6m*H3.5m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 24 Seats Pink Teacup Fair Ride For Sale
Sinorides offer 24P Pink Teacup Fair Ride for various parks

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 3.5kW
  • Size: D6m*H3.5m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm
Sinorides 24 Seats Straw Berry Teacup Fair Ride For Sale
24P Straw Berry Teacup Fair Ride is equipped with great colors

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 3.5kW
  • Size: D6m*H3.5m
  • Speed: 3.5rpm

Your Premier Teacup Fair Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides use latest and innovative technology to create teacups fair ride for sale. The low power consumption and comfortable design ensure everyone enjoys the best experience. Your park visitors enjoy great pleasure and thrill.

Just like the cups, you can have different teacup rides decorations. This makes your entertainment park unique to your visitors.

The precise construction ensures teacup rides have uniform rotation. This is possible through 3D printing and precise measurements to offer smooth rotation.

  • Tea Cup Ride Bending
  • Tea Cup Ride Cutting Machine
  • Tea Cup Ride Machining
  • Tea Cup Ride QC
  • Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for sale project 2
  • Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for sale project

Teacup Fair Ride Project

Sinorides teacup fair ride for sale looks exceptional. Designers ensure they look like real coffee cups. This not only creates an impressive look but, allows every rider to enjoy maximum fun.

Whether enjoying the ride with family or friends, there are no discomforts due to irregular rotations.

Sinorides Teacup Fair Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Tea Cup Ride Bending
Professional Bending machining to ensure precise processing.
Tea Cup Ride Cutting Machine
Reliable cutting machine to process Teacup Fair Ride material.
Tea Cup Ride Machining
Skillful workers with professional machining machine.
Tea Cup Ride Components
Famous brands components to ensure reliable quality.
Tea Cup Ride QC
Magnetic flaw detection to inspect the Teacup Fair Ride quality.
Tea Cup Ride Delivery
Work with famous forwarder company to deliver Teacup Fair Ride.
TECHNICAL DATA48P Tea Cup Ride36P Tea Cup Ride24P Tea Cup Ride24P Pink Cup Ride24P Happy Tea CupStraw Berry Tea Cup
Number of Seats48P36P24P24P24P24P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for sale design

Sinorides Tea Cup Ride for sale design 2

tea cup fair ride drawing

theme park design

Sinorides is a Reliable Teacup Fair Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is one of the reputable amusement rides manufacturing companies in China. Our teacup amusement ride is CE, ISO, and BV certified. No matter which country you live in, you can buy a teacup amusement ride from Sinorides. 

Several leading amusement and theme parks of Southeast Asia, Europe, and Asia are our customers. Our teacup fairground ride meets European and International standards, thanks to our high-tech manufacturing workshop.

You will be surprised to learn that our workshop covers an area of 50,000 Sqm. Our workshop employs over 200 engineers and other personnel. Our employees have an average experience of ten years.

At Sinorides, we give you the option to choose from 48P teacup fair ride, 36P teacup fair ride, 24P teacup fair ride. You can choose them as per the size of your theme park.  

Our teacup ride for sale is safe. It meets various health and safety requirements. We have installed safety bars at the edge of the cup and the steering wheel in the middle to help passengers remain in place. Sinorides is not limited to manufacturing services only.

We also provide global installation and maintenance for teacup fair rides. In addition to this, we also provide a park designing service.

Teacup Fair Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

After the increasing fame of Teacup Fair Ride, we’re pretty sure you must be thinking about adding this fantastic Ride to your amusement park! Aren’t you?

If yes, you must be wondering about getting complete know-how to ship and install Teacup Fair Ride?

Don’t worry! We’ve gone the extra mile to collect the most common Teacup Fair Ride FAQ guide for helping you out.

What Is Teacup Fair Ride?

Teacup Fair Ride is a spinning amusement ride that consists of three different Turntable spinning platforms.

Out of three turntable spinning platforms, one is the largest, which moves in integration with the other two small turntables.

The motion of all these three turntables is carried out with motor-connected rotating systems and gears.

All these rotating systems and gears are presenting on the lower side of the Ride.

In What Category of Amusement Rides Teacup, Fair Ride is Included?

Teacup Fair Ride is included in the category of Family Amusement Rides.

This fantastic Ride’s safe and steady control has made it perfect for all the family members to ride it with great convenience.

Moreover, Teacup Fair Ride’s appealing outlook attracts the kids and their parents at first sight.

Thus almost all families can’t get over to ride this Ride on their visit to the amusement park.

Teacup Fair Ride

What is the Cost of Teacup Fair Ride?

The average cost of the Teacup Fair Ride ranges up to one to two million dollars.

However, the cost can vary according to the Ride’s size, model, and the manufacturer you’re going to choose.

Furthermore, some other factors that may have an impact on the cost of Teacup Fair Ride are given as under:

  • Design and appearance
  • Quality of materials
  • After-sale services
  • Source of raw materials

How to Operate Teacup Fair Ride?

The Teacup Fair Ride is operated with the help of a large turntable-like floor fixed with a motor on the lower side.

A starting device eventually starts to spin the Turntable around its axis and speeds up slowly.

The integrated power implies more power as the Ride speeds up its motion.

However, the operator who controls the motor is also responsible for controlling the spins of the entire base of Teacup Fair Ride.

Operation of Teacup Fair ride

How to Install Teacup Fair Ride?

The installation of the Teacup Fair Ride is carried out by following the instructions given by the instructor.

Moreover, the chosen instructors provide tutorials and complete guides, which makes it easy for the owners to install Teacup Fair Ride.

In addition to the guides and tutorials, the amusement park owner can even hire some professionals to carry out all this amazing Ride installation services.

But the only thing to keep in mind while hiring the professional people for installing Teacup Fair Ride is you’ve to provide them the following services.

  • Round Tickets
  • Visa
  • Translator
  • Daily wage ranging up to $100

What Are the Famous Types of Teacup Fair Ride?

Some of the famous types of Teacup Fair Ride are given as under:

  • 48P Teacup Fair Ride
  • 36P Teacup Fair Ride
  • 24P Teacup Fair Ride
  • 12P Teacup Fair Ride

Types of Teacup Fair Ride

What Are the Features of Teacup Fair Ride?

Some of the essential features of Teacup Fair Ride are given as under:

  • It has versatile speeds
  • The rotation of the gondola is related to the steering wheel
  • Each Teacup vehicle holds up to four to five people
  • The appearance of the Teacup Fair Ride is pretty appealing
  • High quality materials, including stainless steel and FRP, are used in its construction
  • It can be operated outdoor and indoor

What Are The Parts of Teacup Fair Ride?

The main parts of the Teacup Fair Ride are given as under:

  • Small turntables made up of stainless steel frame
  • Rotating power system on the lower side
  • A platform for the movement of Teacup Fair Ride
  • Central Steering Wheel
  • Control Room
  • Large Turntable with support frame

Parts of Teacup Fair Ride

What Are the Other Names of Teacup Fair Ride

The other names of the Teacup Fair Ride include:

  • Spinning Teacup Ride
  • Cup and Saucer Ride
  • Coffee Cup Ride

Who Operates Teacup fair Ride?

The rechargeable rotating motor and the operator in the control room operate the Teacup Fair Ride.

Both the motor and the controller are responsible for changing this amazing Ride’s speed and directional movements.

How Much Space Do Teacup Fair Ride Need for Function?

The estimated area for the functioning of Teacup Fair Ride depends on the models.

Some of the average areas are explained as under:

  • 36P Teacup Fair Ride needs a space of about 11m by 11m for its functioning
  • 48P Teacup Fair Ride needs a space of about 13m by 13m for its functioning

What is the Process of Manufacturing Teacup Fair Ride?

The process of manufacturing the Teacup Fair Ride comprises of the following steps:

  • Choice of Materials

The first step in the manufacturing of Teacup Fair Ride is the choice of quality-made materials.

The majority of the manufacturers, including Sinorides, prefer to use FRP and stainless steel to construct Teacup Fair Ride.

  • Sketch and Drawing

Manufacturer’s mechanical engineers make a basic sketch of the Teacup Fair Ride.

It describes the overall structure of this amazing Ride.

  • Assembling of Parts

All the prepared parts of the Ride are assembled to give a final shape to the Teacup Fair Ride.

  • Final Testing

When all the Teacup Fair Ride parts are, a final testing process is carried out to ensure quality performance and functioning.

  • Packaging

All the parts of Teacup Fair Ride are packed in wooden boxes to ship to all countries.

What Are the Safety Precautions for Teacup Fair Ride?

The safety precautions of the Teacup Fair Ride are given as under:

  • The speed of the Ride should be controlled within the preferred range of about 8 rpm
  • Tie all the harness belts around the riders
  • Make sure about the fulfillment of all the safety standards for the Ride
  • Don’t overload the Ride
  • Inspect the Ride regularly
  • Maintain the Teacup Fair Ride and replace all the damaged parts

What is the Physics of Teacup Fair Ride?

Teacup Fair rides works in the influence of centripetal force.

The circular motion of all turntables is controlled by the centripetal force, which keeps them moving in a circular rotating manner without letting them fly off.

This main force acts towards the central part of the circular path of motion.

Moreover, if the centripetal force is released, the body’s inertia will cause the ride to fly off tangentially.

Physics of Teacup Fair Ride

Is Teacup Fair Ride Noisy?

The Teacup Fair Ride movement is a bit noisy when it’s initiated since the movement of the motor and generator causes the movement of the ride.

The circular motion of the Teacup Fair Ride’s cups causes a slight noise during their movement.

But the noise produced by Teacup Fair Ride is pretty bearable by the riders.

What Places Are Best For Teacup Fair Ride?

Open amusement parks and fairgrounds are perfect for the operation of Teacup Fair Ride.

The operation and functioning of Teacup Fair Ride need plenty of space; this is why the amusement park owners tend to install it in open areas.

Furthermore, they can also be used in some indoor areas, but the models used in indoor spaces are pretty small compared to those used in amusement parks.

Places for Teacup Fair Ride

How to Ensure the Quality of Teacup Fair Ride?

Follow the given points for ensuring the quality of Teacup Fair Ride:

Check the Quality of Materials

The reliability and the durability of the Teacup Fair Ride depends on the quality of the materials used in its construction.

Thus, always look for the use of stainless steel and FRP materials to manufacture Teacup Fair Ride.

  • Performance and Functioning

Another essential thing to ensure the quality is to check the performance of the ride.

Make sure whether all the parts of Teacup Fair Ride are functioning correctly or not.

  • Safety

The safety of the riders is the most crucial factor to look for in quality-made Teacup Fair Rides.

Check the availability of seat belts and harness belts in these rides for the ride’s safe operation.

  • Affordability

Always try to look for the Teacup Fair Ride that lies in your range.

Many Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, provide the highest quality of Teacup Fair Ride at reasonable prices.

Quality of Teacup Fair Ride

How to Choose the Reliable Teacup Fair Ride Manufacturers in China?

Follow the given points for choosing the reliable Teacup Fair Ride Manufacturers in China:

  • Search about Manufacturers

There are many options of reliable Teacup Fair Ride manufacturers in China but get your hands on the most trustworthy manufacturers that can provide you quality services for installation and shipping.

  • Check Process of Manufacturing

Always keep an eye on the process of manufacturing the Teacup Fair Ride and try to choose the rides that are made up of Stainless steel and FRP materials.

  • R&D Services

Make sure to choose the manufacturer which provides the best R&D services.

  • QC Team

The availability of the QC team at the manufacturer makes it easy for you to clear all the confusion related to the shipping and the installation of the Teacup Fair Ride.

Thus, always prefer those manufacturers which have a QC team in their staff.

What to Consider while Buying Teacup Fair Ride?

There are many factors to consider while buying the Teacup Fair Ride; some of them are given as under:

  • Price

There are many price ranges to choose from when you’re out for buying the Teacup Fair Ride.

But always choose the ride that fits your budget most appropriately.

  • Outlook

The outlook and design of the Teacup Fair Ride attract many users to ride it at least once.

That is why make sure to buy the ride that comes with an appealing and attractive outlook.

  • Functioning

Never compromise on the functioning and performance of the Teacup Fair Ride.

Check the complete process of functioning of the ride before buying it.

  • Safety

Last but not least, safety is another most essential factor to consider while buying the Teacup Fair Ride.

Make sure about the presence of harness belts and seat belts in the Teacup Fair Ride you’re going to buy.

Buy Teacup Fair Ride

Can I Use Teacup Fair Ride Indoors?

Yes, you can use the Teacup Fair Ride can be used in indoor places.

But a proper operating arena must be arranged for using Teacup Fair Rides in the indoor areas.

Some indoor places where Teacup Fair Ride has used include malls and play areas.

What is the Power Consumption of Teacup Fair Ride?

The power consumption of 48P Teacup Fair Ride ranges up to 11kW, whereas 36P Teacup Fair Ride’s power consumption is 7.5kW.

However, Teacup Fair Rides’ power needs can be customized according to the power supplies of the amusement parks.

Moreover, these rides’ power consumption varies depending on the model and the type of Teacup Fair Ride.

Power of Teacup Fair Ride

Do You Need Any Certifications for Teacup Fair Ride?

Some of the critical certifications of Teacup Fair Ride are given as below:

  • CE Certification

This certificate ensures the quality manufacturing process of Teacup Fair Ride at the manufacturing site.

  • ISO Certification

This written statement ensures the assurance of all the materials’ quality requirements while manufacturing Teacup Fair Ride.

  • BV Certification

It takes account of the reliability and trustworthy services of Teacup Fair Ride’s manufacturer.

How to Import Teacup Fair Ride from China?

Follow the given steps for importing the Teacup Fair Ride from China:

  • Choose the Manufacturer

Before importing the Teacup Fair Ride, the first step is to choose the best and reliable manufacturer in the town.

  • Contact the Manufacturer

Once you get your hands on the trustworthy Teacup Fair Ride manufacturer, it’s time to reach them out through email and contact number.

  • Confirm Your Order

Look for the best models of Teacup Fair Ride and select the top-notch item with all the customization services you want to be present in your item.

  • Gather Your Documents

Almost all Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, don’t redeem the tax fees while importing the Teacup Fair Ride.

Thus the wise choice is to collect all the documents for fulfilling all the tax formalities.

  • Shipping

Once you’re done with all the tax formalities, ask the manufacturer to ship the Teacup Fair Ride to your given address.

What is the Weight Capacity of Teacup Fair Ride?

Each teacup fair ride can hold the weight of about 12 people.

However, the weight capacity of the Teacup Fair Ride depends upon the seating capacity.

There are several different types of teacup fair rides.

Some have complex structures as well as some teacup fair rides are simple.

There are also the Teacup Fair Rides of either 36 persons or 48 persons based on their design and appearance.

Thus, weight varies according to the seating capacity of the Teacup Fair Rides.

Weight Capacity of Teacup fair

Do Manufactures Deliver Teacup Fair Ride from China?

Yes, manufacturers deliver Teacup Fair rides from China.

There are many benefits of buying a Teacup Fair Rides from China because of top-notch and reliable shipping and installation services.

It is because the Chinese manufacturers as Sinorides have the experience of approximately 27 years in the amusement of ride manufacturing industry.

Not only this, the delivery services of this well-known and reputable amusement ride manufacturing industry have gained the interest of many people by importing the Teacup Fair Rides to more than 200 countries.

Does Teacup Fair Ride come with a warranty?

Yes, the teacup fair ride comes with a warranty of at least one year.

The best quality of the teacup fair ride can be tested for at least 8 hours a day and then also for 80 hours in different conditions before giving back to the owner.

In case any fault comes up in any teacup fair ride before the warranty ends, then the fair ride can be given back to the owner because of the fault

There should be well-trained and professional staff works to handle the loading and shipment of the fair ride.

Can you Customize Teacup Fair Ride?

Yes, reliable manufactures like the Sinorides can offer proper and complete customization of the teacup fair ride.

This customization depends on the budget of the client, the theme of the park, and so many other requirements.

Many efficient manufacturers in China like Sinorides have the most professional staff to carry out the client’s customization services.

Customized Teacup Fair Ride

What is the Voltage Need of Teacup Fair Ride?

Teacup fair rides used the voltage of 380V to run the machine (Teacup Fair Ride).

But the voltage of the Teacup Fair Ride is customized according to the demand of the client.

The more the voltage, the more the current and more power will be required to run the machine (teacup fair ride).

There is also a Teacup Fair Ride of the voltage of the 220V.

Most clients demand a voltage of 380V and a very rare of 220V.

How is Teacup Fair Ride Manufactured?

The teacup ride can be manufactured in different steps:

  • Selection of Right Materials

The durability and reliability of Teacup Fair Ride depend on the type and the quality of materials used in its construction.

This is why most manufacturers prefer to use stainless steel and FRP materials in their construction.

  • Sketch

Before the construction, manufacturers have teams of professional mechanical engineers assigned the task to draw a basic sketch of the Teacup Fair Ride.

The whole structure of the ride is designed on this rough sketch.

  • Assembling

After completing the sketch, all the manufactured parts of the Teacup Fair Ride are assembled to give a final look to the ride.

  • Final Testing

Once everything is done, final testing and inspection are carried out by the professional workers.

This step ensures the proper functioning and performance of the ride.

Manufacturing of Teacup Fair Ride

Are Manufacturers Responsible for the Damage of Teacup Fair Ride?

No, manufacturers are not directly involved in the damage of the teacup fair ride.

Manufacturers are responsible when the teacup fair ride is already damaged before the delivery.

They can be involved in the damage of the ride during the shipment too.

Manufacturers should be cautious in taking the ride before delivery of the ride and during shipment of the teacup fair ride.

Do Teacup Fair Ride Manufacturers Provide After-Sale Services?

Yes, reliable Teacup fair ride manufacturers also Sinorides provides after-sale services like:

  • For the client’s satisfaction, it gives the proper and complete documents and certificates for clearance to the client.
  • The installation of the teacup fair ride also provides highly skilled and also experienced engineers.
  • They also give a warranty of at least one year.

Can you Operate Teacup Fair Ride during Rain?

Yes, we can operate the teacup fair ride during rain because there is high-quality material like stainless steel, and Fiber reinforces plastic is involved in making the Teacup Fair Ride.

The ride is operated both outdoor and indoor, but in heavy and continuous rain, it’s better not to use the teacup fair ride because it may cause any damage.

Operation of Teacup Fair Ride

Is weather worth considering while buying a Teacup fair ride?

Yes, weather is worth considering while buying teacup fair rides since it can impact the ride’s functioning and operation to a greater extent.

The speed of the teacup fair ride can be disturbed during unfavorable weather.

The safety of the riders can also be affected if the ride is used during unusual weather.

Does Teacup Fair Come in Different Sizes?

Yes, Teacup Fair Rides comes in different sizes.

One is a 36 person teacup fair ride, and the other is a 48 person teacup fair ride.

Anyways, the client can also customize the ride’s design, the seating capacity, and the number of cups.

Is China Reliable to Buy Teacup Fair Ride?

China is the hub for the construction of Teacup Fair Ride in the whole world because of its top-notch and reliable services.

Some of the primary reasons which are making China a reliable option to buy Teacup Fair Ride from are given as under:

  1. Availability of manufacturers with more than 28 years of experience
  2. Trustworthy shipping and installation services
  3. Offers after-sale services
  4. Reasonable prices
  5. Use of high-quality materials in the construction of the ride

What Are the Quality Standards of Teacup Fair Ride?

Some of the quality standards required for the Teacup Fair Ride are given as under:

  • CCC Certification
  • CE Certification
  • USA, ASTM 72291 standard for ensuring the quality manufacturing of the Teacup Fair Ride
  • International, ISO standard 17842
  • Australia and New Zealand, AS part 3555

What to Do When a Teacup Fair Ride Stops During Operation?

The first step to do whenever a Teacup Fair Ride breaks down is to call a professional mechanic who can figure out the problem that caused the ride’s breakage.

You can also ask the help from manufacturers since they have a professional team of workers specialized in repairing the Teacup Fair Ride.

But one thing you’ve to keep in mind is that you’ll be paying for the workers’ visa fee and ticket expenses coming your way.

How to Maintain Teacup Fair Ride?

Following are the steps for maintaining Teacup Fair Ride:

  1. Lubricate all the parts of the ride from time to time
  2. Never compromise on the safety precautions
  3. Replace or repair all the damaged parts of the ride
  4. Analyze the working and performance
  5. Make sure to clean the dust from all parts of the ride

How to Reduce the Maintenance of Teacup Fair Ride?

The maintenance cost of the Teacup Fair Ride can be reduced in the following ways:

  • Use the ride with great care
  • Never allow people out of the suggested age group
  • Lubricate the Teacup Fair Ride regularly
  • Hire professional people to operate the ride
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