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You can buy different types of trackless trains for sale from Sinorides to increase your park income. You can save a lot of time and money because Sinorides also ensures your quality assurance and maintenance services to support your park business.

Sinorides provides complete spare parts and technical drawings for trackless trains, so you can save time on installation and maintenance. Sinorides also provides various carnival equipment to help your park business. Please contact us for the complete catalog.

Our amusement trackless train for sale will become the center of attraction in your theme park. Children will love to ride your cute-looking kids rides trackless train. Sinorides manufactures trackless train rides having seats between 8 to 30.

We have several trackless train rides for sale that fulfill different purposes. For example, if you operate a mall, you can invest in our trackless mall train for sale. On the other hand, if you have a theme park, you may choose our regular trackless train rides.

Sinorides 30 seats trackless train for sale
Sinorides 30 Seats Trackless Train for Sale equipped with durable battery for long endurance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Battery: 5Pcs*12V
Sinorides 27 seats trackless train for sale
Sinorides 27 Seats Trackless Train for Sale enable your park visitors enjoy a comfortable trip.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 27P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Battery: 5Pcs*12V
Sinories 24 seats trackless train for sale 2
Sinorides 24 Seats Trackless Train for Sale features in attracive appearance to increase your business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Battery: 5Pcs*12V
Sinorides 16 seats trackless train for sale
Sinorides supply 16 Seats Trackless Train for Sale to support your entertainment business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Battery: 5Pcs*12V
Sinorides 16 seats british trackless train for sale 2
Sinorides 16 Seats British Trackless Train for Sale has a Retro style with customized seats quantity.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Battery: 5Pcs*12V
Sinorides 15 seats trackless train for sale
Sinorides 15 Seats Trackless Train for Sale designed with colorful lights and paintings.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 15P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Battery: 4Pcs*12V
Sinorides 12 seats ocean trackless train for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Trackless Train for Sale composed of reliable quality spare parts.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Battery: 4Pcs*12V
Sinorides 12 seats elephant trackless train for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Elephant Trackless Train for Sale designed with attractive elephant style.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Battery: 4Pcs*12V
Sinorides 8 seats trackless train for sale
Sinorides 8 Seats Trackless Train for Sale is easy to move and install for showmen business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 8P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Battery: 5Pcs*12V

Your Premier Trackless Train Manufacturer in China

Sinorides has been a professional manufacturer of trackless trains since 1992.

The biggest difference between Sinorides and other Chinese train amusement equipment manufacturers is you can obtain European standard trackless trains at a competitive price.

In addition to trackless train, Sinorides can also provide carousel ridesbumper cars to increase your park revenues.

Sinorides has new trackless train design every year, and you are welcome to visit our factory.

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Trackless Train for Sale Project

Sinorides is your premier trackless train manufacturer,with 1789 park cases worldwide. You can save a lot of time and money because Sinorides also give your quality assurance and maintenance services to support your park business.

You will find it easy to cooperate with Sinorides, we will provide you with support from trackless train manufacturing to quality inspection and warranty. Sinorides uses branded materials to produce your trackless trains.

Sinorides has extensive experience in exporting, so you can deal with us conveniently. If you are a beginner in the amusement equipment industry, if you want to do business in China, Sinorides will help you apply for documents.

Sinorides Trackless Train Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Trackless Train appearance more smooth.
Sinorides amusement rides for sale materials
High grade material to ensure your Trackless Train running safely.
amusement rides for sale painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Trackless Train good status.
train rides materials
High grade FRP to ensure high performance and safety for people.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Trackless Train steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA30 Seats Trackless Train27 Seats Trackless Train24 Seats Trackless Train16 Seats Trackless Train15 Seats Trackless Train12 Seats Trackless Train8 Seats Trackless Train
Number of Seats30P27P24P16P15P12P8P
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Trackless Train drawing from Sinorides

Trackless Train Ride drawing

Myanmar-FUN-VALLEY-Park_Design Magic City Design Dream Land Design

Sinorides is Reliable Trackless Train Manufacturer

Sinorides is Reliable Trackless Train Manufacturer

China is the world’s manufacturing plant and Sinorides is capable of manufacturing trackless trains of different international standards. Sinorides provides various trackless trains, such as electric trackless trains, tourist trains, shopping mall trains, indoor trains, children’s trains, mini trains, etc. to support your park business.

You can learn how to maintain and operate your trackless train with the help of Sinorides technical support team. Sinorides also sends you spare parts to save your time. Safety is the most important issue in amusement rides. Sinorides QC team uses inspection tools to check the quality of your trackless trains.

Sinorides is a trustworthy trackless train manufacturer in China. We export our trains to all major locations across the globe at affordable prices. You will find our China factory trackless train similar to a European trackless train but we offer a better price.

We also provide customized trackless trains for different purposes. If you need a train for carnival specifically, you can check out our carnival train for sale. We have given various themes to our carnival trackless trains. Kids will be glad to see an animal, sea theme trackless train ride.

To achieve 100% accuracy and perfection, we use high-performance laser cutters and multi-functioning polishing equipment. You will notice that our trackless train rides for sale have rustproof metal on the main structure and FRP material on cabins or seats.

Sinorides has concern for your customers’ safety. Therefore, we conduct various inspections on all our trackless train rides before delivery. You will receive your amusement ride trackless train after a full load test of eighty hours.

Operating our amusement trackless train is quite easy. Anyone who runs a regular vehicle can operate our train without having any training. However, Sinorides will give you all the installation drawings, and video tutorials to operate and install trains accurately. 

All our trackless trains have glossy car paints that provide a smooth surface and bright appearance. You can also come to the Sinorides factory for quality inspection or request related agencies to conduct quality inspections. Just check the trackless train for sale manufactured by Sinorides here for your park business and send us your inquiry to get a price now!

Trackless Train FAQ Guide

Are you mulling over to add a Trackless Train to your Amusement Park or Shopping Mall?

But don’t have enough information about this fantastic amusement ride?

In this guide, you will have answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions about the Trackless Train Ride.

From choosing the best trackless train for your park to importing it directly from China, we have covered it all!

So, let’s get started!

What is A Trackless Train?

What is Trackless Train

What is Trackless Train Ride

Trackless train is called by different names, including Tram, Road train, and Land train.

It is a miniature train, having a locomotive (driving vehicle) pulling multiple passenger-carrying wagons (carriages) connected by drawbar couplings.

Trackless Trains are powered by electricity, so they are maneuverable and environmentally friendly.

Unlike typical trains, it doesn’t require any track and can operate effortlessly on roads.

Trackless trains are ideal for indoor malls or museums and outdoors in amusement parks, golf courses, carnivals, and tourist sight-seeing.

These rides can easily be customized in different themes, colors, designs, and seating capacity.

Moreover, they can also be designed for short-distance freight or baggage transportation in a factory or airport.

How Many Kinds Of Trackless Trains Are There?

Trackless Train rides are available in various designs, sizes, seating capacity, and quality. Here are some of the most popular ones:

• Amusement Trains: It is a perfect addition to the amusement parks. It has one locomotive and four carriages with a total of 16 passenger seats.

Amusement Trackless Train

Amusement Trackless Train Ride

• Mall Trackless Trains: This Trackless train is designed for indoor use, like in shopping malls. It has a seating capacity of 16 persons, with four wagons and one locomotive.

Sinorides Trackless Train case

Mall Trackless Train Ride

• Tourist Trackless Trains: This train can be used for tour purposes within an area like a park, museum, or any other tourist destination. It consists of 4 carriages and a locomotive. It can carry up to 16 passengers.

Tourist Trackless Train

Tourist Trackless Train Ride

• Carnival Trackless Trains: It is an attractive addition to the carnival rides. With three wagons and one locomotive, this trackless train can carry up to 14 passengers.

Carnival Trackless Train

Carnival Trackless Train Ride

• Horse Trackless Trains: This trackless train is specifically designed for kids. It has a locomotive and four 2-seater carriages with beautiful horse seats, carrying up to 9 passengers.Other famous trackless trains:

• Diesel Train Ride

Diesel Trackless Train

Diesel Trackless Train Ride

• British Trackless Train

British Trackless Train

British Trackless Train Ride

• Clown Trackless Train

Clown Trackless Train

Clown Trackless Train Ride

• Kids Train Ride

Kids Trackless Train Ride

Kids Trackless Train Ride

• Ocean Trackless Train Ride

Ocean Trackless Train Ride

Ocean Trackless Train Ride

• Safari Trackless Train Ride

Safari Trackless Train Ride

Safari Trackless Train Ride

On Which Surfaces Trackless Train Can Travel?

Trackless Train can easily travel on flat, smooth, and non-slip surfaces like roads, concrete, tough tiles, and indoor floors.

However, there are only recommended on a level grade and not on elevated surfaces like hills.

What Is The Purpose Of Trackless Trains?

Trackless Train is a multi-purpose transport vehicle, which can be used as:

• Amusement Ride: Trackless Train can is commonly used as an amusement ride in a Theme park or Amusement Park.
• Tourist Ride: It is used within cities for the sight-seeing of the tourist.
• Carriage Vehicle: It is used in Airports and factories to transport luggage or other materials.
• Mobility Ride: It is used in parks, golf courses, airports, and shopping malls as a mobility vehicle for short-distance transport of old-age or disabled people.

What Are The Other Names Of A Trackless Train?

The trackless train is also known as Tram, Land train, Road train, Parking lot train or Choo-Choo train.

How Do Trackless Trains Work?

A Trackless train has a locomotive (driving engine) that pulls one or more carriages (wagons or trailers) connected by drawbar couplings like a locomotive-hauled railway train.

It has rubber tires and doesn’t require any track to operate. It can easily travel on flat, non-skid, smooth surfaces like roads or concrete.

An electric motor or combustion engine usually powers the driving engine (locomotive).

A driver operates a typical trackless train. However, advanced trackless trains are driverless and used sensors like GPS and Lidar to work.

How Fast Do Trackless Trains Go?

Most trackless trains travel at a speed of 5 to 9 mph. The speed is kept low for the safety of people riding and the ones in the surrounding.

Who Can Ride The Trackless Train?

Trackless Train is a family ride, so both adults and kids can ride it safely regardless of age.

Are Electric Trackless Trains Safe?

Yes, Electric Trackless Train manufactured by authentic and professional manufacturers like Sinorides is 100% safe.

These train rides are commercially manufactured according to the highest local and international safety standards and high-quality material.

How Many Riders Can A Trackless Train Hold?

The seating capacity of a Trackless train varies with types. A standard Amusement Trackless Train can carry up to 16 passengers.

Can A Trackless Train Ride On The Street?

Yes, it can be driven on the street. But make sure the street has low traffic and is wide enough to accommodate the train, especially on turns.

Who Operates The Trackless Train?

A well-trained driver operates a standard Trackless train.

However, the advanced trackless train is driverless and use GPS and Lidar like sensors to operate.

How Much Space Do Trackless Trains Need For Working?

A standard size trackless train requires 30ft by 100ft space to operate. However, space necessary may change according to the dimension and turning radius of the train.

Are Trackless Trains Noisy?

The trackless train powered by a combustion engine is noisy. However, an electric-powered trackless train produces no sound.

How Much Do Trackless Trains Cost?

The trackless train’s cost depends on various factors, including size, material, design, and type of driving engine.

The standard-sized amusement trackless train can cost you above $10,000 from a Chinese manufacturer, while it is more expensive in the US or European Market.

Who Manufactures Trackless Trains?

Trackless Train is manufactured by numerous amusement ride manufacturers worldwide like Sinorides.

What Is The Process Of Manufacturing Trackless Trains?

There are series of steps involved in the manufacturing of Trackless Train ride, which are as follow:

1. Choose the right material: The manufacturing process starts with choosing the best material for the trackless train.

Usually, a quality conscious manufacturer makes the train’s frame out of stainless steel, while the body and seats of the ride are crafted out of fiber-reinforced plastic.

These primary materials are costlier but are lightweight, durable, reliable, eco-friendly, and have high-impact resistance.

2. Design and Technical Drawing: The designing of the Trackless train is done in three phases, which are:

a. Schematic Design: Here, the highly skilled design team sketches out various designs for the trackless train and leave it for the client to decide according to their requirement.
If the client comes up with their own design idea, the design team is responsible for refining it.
b. Technical Drawing: In this phase, the technical aspects of the design are considered, including accurate dimensions, ride’s duration, structural forces, engineering needs, safety mechanisms, and thrill factor.
c. Final Plan: This is the final phase, where the schematic design and technical drawing are further processed and refined to come up with final design drawings.

3. Production: Now, the raw material is shaped according to the finalized design.

The stainless steel goes through the process of cutting, bending, welding, debarring, and CNC machining to craft the train’s frame and other mechanical components.

Besides, the fiber-reinforced plastic (fiberglass) is also shaped, cut, polished, and painted to form required components, including the ride’s body and seats.

4. Assembling: In this phase, all the components, including frame, body, seats, electrical and mechanical parts, are assembled to give the trackless train its final shape.
This process also involves the installation of a safety mechanism and paint job.

5. Testing and Quality Check: Once the ride’s manufacturing is complete. It goes to series of tests. These tests include:

a. Steel Part testing: The size of the steel components is checked according to the details provided on technical drawings. It is also ensured that no rust or burr appears on steel parts and anti-rust liquid is appropriately applied.

b. Welding Part testing: It is ensured that there are no cracks in the welding area, and all welds are neat, tidy, smooth, uniformly textured, and fully fused.

c. FRP inspection: The components made out of FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) goes through the embedded part, teppanning, and appearance test.

d. Painting Inspection: It is ensured that there are no cracks, shrinkage cavity, or leakage in the painted area.

The paint should be smooth, leveled off, and plump. Besides, daub thickness should also be consistent.

e. Equipment testing: This is the final test, where the trackless train is tested with and without load for more than 8 hours.

6. Product Packaging: Once testing is complete, now it’s time to deliver the product to its owner. Every component is appropriately packed in the right packaging material. It is also ensured that the product boxes are marked and placed face-up in the container.

The packaging and shipment process is quite sensitive and should be handled by the professionals like Sinorides to prevent damage.

Can I Use Trackless Trains In An Amusement Park?

Yes, you can use a trackless train in your amusement park for families, who can travel around your park on this trackless train.

Besides, you can also designate a small area within your amusement park where kids can enjoy this as an amusement ride.

What Are The Safety Rules For Riding Trackless Trains?

Every park has its set of rules for riding trackless train or other amusement rides. However, here are the most common ones:

• The train must not be overloaded over its seating capacity.
• Only trained and experienced persons should be allowed to operate the train.
• A child must be three years of age and 30” inches tall to ride alone.
• You must fasten your seatbelts while riding.

Can I Use Trackless Trains Indoors?

Indoor Trackless Train

Indoor Trackless Train

Yes, the trackless train can be operated indoors.

However, you must use the smoke option (if available) during indoor operation, as it may prove harmful.

Is There Any Age Limit For A Trackless Train Ride?

Yes, children of age above three years can only ride the trackless train alone. However, children of age below three can only ride with their parent/guardian.

How Much Power Does A Trackless Train Have?

Trackless Train’s power varies according to their seating capacity and other specification.

An electric-powered trackless train with a seating capacity of 16 has a power of 3 to 4kW.

Do You Need Quality Certifications For Trackless Trains Manufacturing?

There are several certificates acquired by the trackless train manufacturer according to their preference and requirements, including:

• IAAPA: also known as the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Certificate, is an internally recognized certification that confirms that the manufacturer is highly competent and committed and has excellent knowledge and skill of the given task.

• CE Certification: This certificate confirms that the manufacturer takes all responsibility for the product’s safety, performance, health, and environmental requirements.

• CAAPA: also known as China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, is a certification from a non-profit organization that aims to protect the prosperity of the Chinese, Asian, and global attractions industry. This certification indicates that the manufacturer is highly committed to their business’s safety and prosperity.

• ISO: also known as International Organization for Standardization certification, confirms that the management system has fulfilled all the requirements to assure its quality.

• Some other notable certifications are also acquired according to the client’s requirement, like GOST, SASO, BV, and SONCAP.

Do Trackless Trains Have Accidents?

Due to considerably low speed, well-trained operator, easy operation, and adequate safety features, trackless trains have quite a negligible number of accidents on the record.

Do Manufacturers Sell Customized Trackless Trains?

Yes, well-reputed and professional trackless train manufacturers like Sinorides offer complete customization, including changes in design, theme, features, seating capacity, and material.

Customized Trackless Trains

Customized Trackless Trains

Do Trackless Trains Have A Warranty?

Warranty policy for trackless train differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides provide one year of warranty on the trackless train and other amusement rides.

What Is The Payment Method Of Trackless Train Manufacturers?

Trackless Train Manufacturers accept the following method of payments:

• Escrow
• PayPal
• Cash
• T/T: Telegraphic Transfer
• L/C: Letter of Credit
• Western Union

How To Maintain Trackless Trains?

Following are the maintenance tip you as a trackless train owner must follow:

• Conduct regular inspection: you must regularly inspect the functions, operation of the trackless train. Moreover, all of its electrical and mechanical components should also be examined.
A regular inspection can help you detect the problem earlier, and you don’t have to bear expensive repairing cost.

• Keep the trackless train clean: You must make sure that the ride is cleaned regularly. All of the dirt, grease, dust, and smudged is removed.
The trackless train can be washed with lukewarm and pressurized water and thoroughly scrubbed with a soft cloth. You can also use chemicals to clean the surface, but make sure it won’t react with steel or FRP.

• Controlling the Use: You must ensure that a well-trained and experienced person only operates the trackless train. Moreover, in time of no use, the train must not be accessed by any unauthorized persons.

• Follow the recommended operational procedure: To operate the trackless train ride, it must be ensured the manufacturer-recommended procedure is followed. It will prevent your ride from malfunction or damage.

• Assess the ride’s functionality and performance: During the operation of a trackless train, its performance and functionality must be assessed. Whether the ride is working properly or not.
If something unusual is detected, the ride must be stopped, and the problem should be solved.

• Hire the Qualified Staff: You must hire and train a qualified team of staff, which should be responsible for the ride’s operation, maintenance, cleaning, inspection, and repair.

• Replace Spare Parts: Some parts of the trackless train may wear off or expire with time, so they must be replaced before they break.

How To Repair Trackless Trains?

You must hire and train a team of engineers who can regularly inspect and maintain the ride. And in case of any problem, they must detect the cause and repair the component.

However, if the problem is beyond their understanding, you can call the manufacturer and request their expertise.

The manufacturer will send their team and repair the ride for you. If you are ride is covered under warranty, they may not charged you. Else you are responsible for all the repairing expenses.

Are There Any Trackless Train Manufacturers In China?

Yes, there are many trackless train manufacturers in China. However, you are recommended only to choose the trusted and well-reputed one like Sinorides.

Sinorides have 28+ years of experience, IAAPA membership, 200+ patents in an amusement ride.

They also have a dedicated team of professionals and engineers and a reliable source of the material.

Moreover, Sinorides offer excellent after-sales services, reliable shipment solution and one year of product warranty.

How Are Trackless Trains Packed?

Packing of Trackless Train

Packing of Trackless Train

All the trackless train components are wrapped in plastic wrap and later placed inside the wooden boxes.

These wooden boxes are marked with a “this side up” label to ensure better handling during shipment.

However, the level of packaging may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

What Are The Main Parts Of Trackless Trains?

Trackless Train Ride Main Parts

Trackless Train Ride Main Parts

The trackless train comprises of a locomotive and one or more carriages.

The locomotive can be powered using a combustion engine or electric motor with batteries.

What Factors Do I Need To Consider While Buying A Trackless Train?

Trackless trains can have multiple factors. Here are some of the notable ones, which you should consider while buying:

• Material: You must ensure that high-quality material is used to manufacture all the trackless train components.

High-quality stainless steel, wood, and FRP (Fiber-reinforced Plastic) are recommended primary materials.

• Reliability of the Manufacturer: You must ensure that the manufacturer is competent enough to manufacturer special equipment like amusement rides. They must have 10+ years of experience, all necessary local and international licenses and certifications, state-of-the-art machinery, well-trained and experienced staff, research and development department, trusted payment method, product warranty, and excellent after-sales services.

• Design and Theme: More appealing the amusement ride is, the more visitors it will attract. So while choosing the trackless train, you must consider its design, theme, colors, and other features like sound equipment, LEDs, and smoke option.

• Seating Capacity: According to the expected number of visitors at your amusement park, you must choose the trackless train’s seating capacity wisely.

• Safety: The thing most amusement park visitors worry about is the ride’s safety. Therefore, you must ensure that your trackless train is equipped with the most reliable braking system and emergency stop system. Moreover, it must also have seatbelts, fire-extinguishers, and safety nets.

• Comfort: The comfort of the driver’s seat and the passenger seats must be considered while buying the trackless train. A driver has to spend hours driving the train, so it must be well-cushioned. Moreover, passengers may not ride the train a second time if they face any discomfort.

How To Check The Quality Of A Trackless Train?

The quality of the trackless train can be determined by the following factors:

• Performance and functionality: You can get a basic idea of the trackless train’s quality by its operation. Whether the ride is performing normally and all its features are functioning correctly.

• Material: A high-quality trackless train is crafted from high-quality raw materials like stainless steel, fiber-reinforced plastic, and wood.

• Design and detailing: You must check the quality and accuracy of the trackless train’s design and detailing. You can check the curves and cuts of the design and paint quality.

• Manufacturer: Only a well-experienced and competent amusement ride manufacturer can make a high-quality trackless train.

You must ensure that the manufacturer has 20+ years of experience, all the necessary licenses and certification, compliances with safety and quality standards, the latest machinery, and well-trained engineers and other staff.

Check The Quality Of A Trackless Train

Check The Quality Of A Trackless Train

Can I Use Trackless Trains For My Business?

Yes, you can use a trackless train in your amusement park, indoor theme park, indoor shopping mall, or carnival.

You can also use it for your rental business by renting the trackless train on an hourly basis.

Are Manufacturers Responsible For The Damage Of Trackless Trains?

No, manufacturers are not responsible for the damage once the trackless train is delivered to its owner.

However, if the damage was caused during shipment, which the manufacturer managed, only then they are responsible.

Do Manufacturers Deliver Trackless Trains From China?

Not all, but professional amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides provide the one-stop solution to their clients.

From the choosing and customization of the trackless train to delivering it to your doorstep. Sinorides handles it all.

The trackless train is packed adequately with high-grade packaging material. Then it is loaded by the professionals into the container and delivered to the client using Full Container Load (FCL) shipping method.

What Materials Are Used In Trackless Trains?

The primary materials used to manufacture trackless trains are Stainless Steel, Wood, and Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

What Voltage Do Electric Trackless Trains Use?

A standard electric trackless train is equipped with a 48-volt motor.

Do Trackless Trains Have A Steering Wheel?

Trackless Train Steering Wheel

Trackless Train Steering Wheel

Yes, a human-operated trackless train has a steering wheel on its locomotive.

How Much Weight Can Trackless Trains Carry?

The weight capacity of a trackless train depends on its carriages. A standard carriage with a seating capacity of 4 persons has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Do Trackless Trains Have A Roof?

Trackless Train with Roof

Trackless Train with Roof

Not all, but most trackless trains have a roof.

Do Trackless Trains Have Suspension?

Yes, trackless trains have leveling suspension installed in its locomotive and carriages.

What Is The History Of Trackless Trains?

First Ever Trackless Train

First Ever Trackless Train

The first-ever trackless train was built in 1917 by the Henry O McGee Manufacturing Company, Indianapolis.

It was built as a new venture in transport.

Its chassis was acquired from different manufacturers like Dagmar, Graham-Paige, and Cord.

The first customers of the very first trackless train were the Majestic radio station, Kelly-Springfield Tire Company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and other film studios.

Metro-Goldwin-Mayer Pictures leased its McGee’s trackless train in 1925 for the three-year world tour, traveling first to the US and Canada, and then in Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Central and South America.

It came back to the US in April 1928, after the historic journey.

What Quality Standards Do Trackless Trains Need?

Trackless train manufacturing requires one or more quality and safety standard certifications. Which may include:

• CE Certificate
• EN 13814:2019 – Fairground and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety
• International, ISO 17842 – Part 1, 2 & 3 Safety of Amusement Rides and Amusement Devices
• USA, ASTM F2291, Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
• ASTM F1193, Standard Practice for Quality, Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices
• Canada, ASTM F2783, Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Amusement Rides and Devices
• Australia and New Zealand, AS 3533 part 1 & 2, Amusement Rides and Devices
• Brazil, ABNT NBR 15926, Amusement park equipment
• Russia, GOST R 52170, Safety of Mechanized Amusement Rides
• GOST R 53130, Safety of Amusement Rides, General Requirements
• CCC certification (Compulsory Certification of China)

How Many Days Does It Take To Import Trackless Trains From China?

It takes 20 to 45 days to manufacture a trackless train, depending on your design customization.
And once the manufacturing is complete, the shipping time may take 30 to 45 days by sea.

How Long Is The Production Of Trackless Trains?

A small trackless train for kids takes at least two weeks for production.

A larger and more customized trackless train may take longer.

Do Trackless Trains Have Different Sizes?

Yes, trackless trains are available in different sizes and lengths depending on their seating capacity and design.

How Many Coaches Do Trackless Trains Have?

Usually, trackless trains have 3 to 6 coaches (carriages).

However, manufacturers like Sinorides offer complete design customization, where you can increase or decrease the number of coaches according to your requirement.

Is It Necessary To Have A Driver With A Trackless Train?

Yes, a well-trained and experienced driver is recommended to operate a trackless train.

First, it is because a trackless train can’t be operated without a driver. Secondly, it should be handled by a well-trained person to avoid accidents or damage.

What Are The Main Features Of A Trackless Train?

Trackless Train Ride Main Features

Trackless Train Ride Main Features

Trackless trains come with different features, designs, specifications, and seating capacity.

The standard Trackless Train contains a locomotive, which pulls one or more carriages.

A well-trained driver is required to operate the locomotive.

Moreover, the trackless train doesn’t require any track and can be driven on flat, smooth surfaces like roads, concrete, etc. It can be used both inside and outside.

Traditionally, the locomotive was powered by a combustion engine. Now, they run on an eco-friendly 48V

DC motor, with usually 4 to 8 batteries, giving around a 50 km range on a single charge.

The motor power and charging capacity can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

The trackless train can be operated at the maximum speed of 6 to 8km/hours and has a total seating capacity of 16 adults or 24 children in its four carriages.

The locomotive is made out of stainless steel, while carriages with wooden or Polyurethane frames.

The train can be customized into various designs, themes, colors, and standard safety and security features.

It can also be equipped with lots of extra features, including a sound system, Smoke machine, wheels in motion, anti-collision system, roof advertisement frame, LED lights, and disabled entry.

How To Import Trackless Trains From China?

You can easily import trackless train from China by following the steps below:

1. Choose your business goal: You have to determine the purpose of importing a trackless train. Whether you will import it for your amusement park, other’s amusement park, or amusement ride’s reseller. It will help you decide your business strategy, and all choose the best trackless train according to your requirement.

2. Find the Manufacturer in China: almost every well-established Chinese amusement ride manufacturer has made its presence online. All you have to do is to find it.

Simply search “amusement ride manufacturer in China,” “amusement ride for sale,” “trackless train manufacturer in China,” or any similar term on search engines like Google and Bing.

Now you will have a list of websites.

3. Contact the Manufacturers: Visit every website in the list, and contact them using the contact details provided on their “contact us” page.

4. Ask for Quotation: Once you have emailed or called them. You can request their product catalog or ask for quotations by telling them your requirement.

5. Choose the Right Manufacturer: After you have collected all the quotations, you must compare them and choose the best one.

For the comparison, it is recommended to compare product prices, features, specifications, safety features, design, and quality. Moreover, you should also manufacturers’ experience, portfolio, existing projects, quality and safety certifications, patents, warranty, testing methods, payment methods, logistics, and after-sales services.

You can also request to visit their factory and existing project sites for further satisfaction.

6. Finalize your Product: After you have chosen your manufacturer, now it’s time to finalize your trackless train. You can discuss every product detail with your manufacturer, like:

a. Material: You have to choose between stainless steel, wood, and FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic). All of them have their pros and cons and different prices.

b. Design: Make sure you have chosen the most practical and appealing design to attract maximum customers.

c. Specification: Choose the right motor power, number of batteries, seating capacity, and safety features.

d. Features: Trackless trains also come with many standard and extra features, from which you can choose according to your requirement and budget. These features include Sound Pack, Smoke Machine,

Key system, advertising area, anti-collision system, LED lights, wheels in motion, disabled entry, and many other safety features.

7. Place your order: Once you have decided on your product details, you should have a legal contract mentioning product details, payment details, warranty, after-sales services, logistics, and delivery date.

For the shipment and logistics, it is highly recommended to choose high-quality packaging and well-trained and experienced logistic service providers. You or any third-party can handle these services.

However, professional trackless train manufacturers like Sinoride provides the safest delivery to your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

8. Make Payment: You need to make partial or full payment (as decided) before the manufacturer can start the production.

Chinese manufacturers offer multiple payment methods, including Escrow, Western Union, PayPal, L/C, T/T, and cash.

9. Declare your import: Most countries don’t exempt amusement rides from taxes. Therefore, you must declare your trackless train’s import from China in your related Customs department.

10. Get all your legal documents ready: You must contact your related customs department and learn about all the legal documents you require for custom clearance when your shipment arrives from China.

These legal documents usually include a Packing list, sales contract, bill of lading, import license, etc.

How To Install Trackless Trains From China?

You will be provided with all the required video tutorials and installation drawings when you buy a trackless train from China.

Amusement Ride manufacturer, like Sinorides, also provides installation services, where a team of engineers will be sent to you to install the trackless train for you effectively.

However, you are required to provide the installation team with all the round-trip ticket, VISA, accommodation, local transport, food, and a daily wage of $100/person.

Is China Trackless Train Manufacturers Reliable?

Not all, but most trackless train manufacturers in China like Sinorides are reliable.

These manufacturers have:
• 28+ year of experience in the amusement ride manufacturing industry;
• 200+ patents;
• IAAPA membership;
• Satisfied customers in 200+ countries;
• All required licenses for amusement ride manufacturing;
• Compliance with local and international safety and quality standards;
• A well-experienced and trained engineer and other staff;
• Wide range of products;
• Quality and control department;
• Research and development department;
• Logistics, installation, and training services;
• Product warranty;
• Excellent after-sales services.

How To Find Reliable Trackless Train Ride Manufacturer In China?

To find a reliable trackless train ride manufacturer in China, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Search for their official websites on the internet by writing keywords like “trackless train manufacturer in China” or “trackless train for sale in China.”

2. Prepare a complete list of the manufacturer’s websites and analyze their website for their product catalog, portfolio, and other essential details.

3. Look for their contact details, and contact them. You can email them your trackless train requirement, or leave your contact details and wait for their representative to get you back. Once you are contacted, you can ask for their product catalog, quotation, or other necessary questions.

4. Once you have collected all the necessary information from more than one manufacturer, it’s time to compare them.

You can consider the following factors for the comparison:

a. Prices: Ensure you are getting the most affordable price without compromising on the quality.

b. Material: Only prefer manufacturer who uses high-quality material for a trackless train like Stainless Steel, Wood, and Fiber-reinforced Plastic.

c. Spare Parts: Besides the primary material, the trackless train also has several mechanical and electrical components, which should also be reliable.

d. Design: Ensure the manufacturer offers the best designs, which are practical, safe, and appealing.

e. Specification: You should also compare trackless trains from different manufacturers by their specifications like the number of carriages, motor voltage, batteries, etc.

f. Extra Features: Many manufacturers offer additional features with trackless trains like smoke machines, sound packs, LEDs, etc.

g. Safety Features: You must prefer the manufacturer that offers maximum and reliable passenger and ride safety features.

h. Safety and Quality Standards: The manufacturer must follow all the ride’s local and international quality and safety standards like CE, ISO, ASTM, etc.

i. Customization: a reliable manufacturer like Sinorides will offer maximum product customization to their clients, where they can alter the design, theme, seating capacity, or other product features.

j. Licenses: Ensure that the manufacturer has all the necessary permits for manufacturing Amusement rides like a trackless train.

k. Testing: A reliable manufacturer will test the trackless train under different conditions and remove any problem before delivering it to their client.

l. Payment Method: Prefer manufacturer that offers reliable and trusted payment methods like PayPal, Western Union, Escrow, T/T, L/C, and Cash.
m. Logistics: Professional manufacturer like Sinorides will handle the product logistics for you. However, you must ensure that the manufacturer has high-quality packaging and a well-trained and experienced logistic crew.

n. Existing Projects: A reliable manufacturer like Sinorides will have numerous amusement rides already working in different countries. You can even visit their clients for a product review.

o. Experience: You must prefer a manufacturer with at least 10+ years of experience in the amusement ride manufacturing industry. Luckily, Sinorides have 27+ years of experience!

p. Warranty: trackless train must have at least one year of warranty.

q. After-sales services: You must rely on the manufacturer who offers excellent after-sales services. They should provide immediate installation, repair, maintenance, and warranty claiming service.

r. Other Services: A reliable manufacturer like Sinorides offer a one-stop solution to their clients. From amusement park designing to amusement ride designing, from packaging, logistics, shipment to installation, and training services. They offer it all.

What Is The Difference Between China Trackless Train And European Trackless Train?

The main difference between China and European Trackless Trains is the price.

The European Trackless Train will cost you more than double of China Trackless Train for the same quality.

It is due to cheaper labor and easy and affordable access to raw material, the overall cost of production for China Trackless Train is significantly low.

Is China Trackless Train Worth Importing?

Yes, it’s worth importing a trackless train from China if bought from a trusted manufacturer like Sinorides.

Sinorides has 28+ years of experience in the amusement ride manufacturing industry, over 20+ patents, and satisfied customers in 200+ countries.

The trackless train manufactured by Sinorides is crafted from Fiber-reinforced Plastic, Stainless Steel, and Wood. Besides, all of the other electrical and mechanical components are also reliable.

It is available in 5 different designs and specifications, including Amusement Train, Mall Trackless Train, Tourist Train Ride, Carnival Train Ride, and Horse Trackless Train.

Moreover, you also have complete liberty in customizing the trackless train according to your budget and requirements.

Sinorides offers your one-stop solution for your trackless train ride business.

From amusement park designing to trackless train and other amusement ride customization, from easy and trusted payment methods to reliable and safe logistics and shipment of the product at your doorstep, from 1-year product warranty to excellent after-sales and customer services, and from installation to staff training services, Sinorides offer it all.

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