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Why choose Sinorides?

Safety is our top priority: Our rides adhere to stringent European safety standards (EN13814), ensuring peace of mind for operators and riders alike.

We also pride ourselves on innovative designs: With over 28 years of expertise, we continuously research and design new attractions to keep your park fresh and exciting.

Plus, we use high-quality stainless steel for durability – making our coasters and pirate ships stand the test of time.

Discover the thrill of Sinorides’ rides today and transform your park into an adrenaline-fueled wonderland!

What is a Thrill Ride?

Thrill ride refers to amusement rides.

Thrill rides are the parent category with subcategories ranging from Star Flyer Ride, Drop Tower Ride, and Ferris Wheel to a roller coaster.

Thrill rides are considered the prime factor that helps expand amusement park businesses.

Example of a thrill ride

What is the Difference between Rides and Attractions?

The difference between rides and attractions is pretty simple.

Rides are something that is taken for enjoyment. Simply put, it is a ride on which you can sit and go on a ride, such as a Drop Tower Ride, Zip Line Roller Coaster, etc.

Rides are the basic features of an amusement park.

While attractions are broader, they are more like a theme implemented to make an amusement park more appealing.
Attractions are the essential elements that add value to the amusement park. Attractions are the vital factors that make amusement parks stand out.


Difference between rides and attractions


What is the Difference between Thrill Rides and Family Rides?

Both sides are pretty different from each other. Thrill rides refer to the “show-time,” while family rides are more of “fun time” rides.

Thrill rides are full of thrill. They are fast, tallest, most extended, and are full of inversions.
Additionally, thrill rides exhibit intense g-thrill,g-launches, and intense drop moves. It will abruptly shoot your adrenaline level up.
Besides, thrill rides are ranked as extreme, total fun, and adventure. They are designed for thrill-seekers.

Thrill Ride (Roller coaster)

Family rides usually range from sightseeing cars to teacup and worm coaster rides. They are on ground levels usually.

Family rides are not the tallest or longest and do not exhibit g-launches or thrill; they are shorter and longer than thrill rides.

Plus, family rides are less fast and do not exhibit such a significant drop.

They are tailored to appeal to the family. It is a type of ride that anyone can take.

Family Ride (Tea Cup Ride)

How to Import Thrill Rides from China?


Import thrill rides from China

Choose a Reliable Manufacturer

To import Thrill Rides from China smoothly, you must find a reliable company with a minimum of 10 years of experience that offers import services to your country.

Choose Companies That Use Quality Raw Material

This is another crucial point you must consider while importing a thrill ride since raw material determines the thrill ride’s price.

Run Basic Inspection

Before importing, ensure the quality certificate of the thrill rides. It must be given on demand by the construction unit.

Besides, hire a well-reputed engineer to inspect the appearance of thrill rides.

Perform Empty and Full Load Tests

Before opening your thrill rides for visitors, you must run an empty and full load test to avoid accidents.
The process of tests includes empty load test, full load test, running current test, partial load test, motor speed, voltage, and bearing temperature rise test.

Once the trial operation starts, perform each test individually, note the trial operation record after the trial process, and stop the fault found during the procedure to fix the defect.

Check Your Contract

You must have a clear contract that describes the payments and delivery issues to avoid misunderstanding.

Plus, you need to make sure that you select those thrill rides that are allowed in your country.

Keep the Duty Fee in Mind

Calculate the exact e number of duty fees you will be charged. Remember, the duty fee could vary from country to country.

Check Delivery Process

Understand how thrill rides will be delivered to your place. Generally, you have two choices when it comes to the delivery process.

First, outsource the work and let the company do its job. Second, handle all the logistics by yourself.

I prefer the delivery by sea as it’s the cheapest alternative, but it takes 20-45 days. Plus, arranging cargo beforehand helps with hassle-free delivery.

Put legal Documents in your Suitcase.

Look for all legal documents ready for the import business of thrill rides. These documents are required while collecting your thrill rides in your local customs.

The documents might include a packing list, sales contract, bill of lading, etc.

What to Consider When Importing Thrill Rides from China?

When importing thrill rides from China, consider the following points to get the best deals:
• Look for a reliable manufacturer that chooses a suitable material
• Visit the factory and check the raw material since it determines the cost of thrill rides
• Do the quality inspection to ensure thrill rides comply with quality and safety guidance
• Run the empty and full road test to make sure the ride is working properly
• Carefully review documents to ensure regulatory agreement and reconsider shipping procedure
• Lastly, choose a company that offers installation services


Importing from China

What are the Best Manufacturers of Thrill Rides?

Finding the best manufacturer of thrill rides can be a little burdensome.

When choosing the best manufacturers of thrill rides, the following prime factors should be taken into account:
• The manufacturer should provide services like theme design and Installation of the product, etc.
• Good communication skills
• Quality should be the priority
• Competitive pricing
Sinorides is your go-to place as they are more reliable and provide the above facilities. You can explore it by merely making a single click.

Thrill ride construction

Thrill ride construction

Do Thrill Ride Manufacturers Provide Installation Services?


Thrill Rides installation by Sinorides

Yes, many thrill ride manufacturers facilitate you with installation services.
But Sinorides offers some fantastic features that stand them out among its competitors.
They are the most prominent and reputable manufacturers of thrill rides since they not only help with Installation but always go the extra mile when it comes to maintenance services.

Do Thrill Rides Manufacturers Provide After-Sale Services?

Yes, there are many licensed manufacturers of amusement park rides in China that offer after-sale services. Sinorides is one of them that goes beyond the expectation to help cater to your needs.

Why Would You Choose Sinorides for After-Sale Services?

• Offer Installation at affordable prices
• Provide a testing report before the Installation
• Offer technical assistance to both international and domestic buyers
• The packaging is by the exporting standards
The most significant plus point is that they have a proper team that thoroughly inspects before installing in domestic and international markets.

Do Thrill Ride Manufacturers Help You Design Your Theme Park?

Yes, there are many thrill-ride manufacturers out there who can help design your theme park.

With that said, Sinorides, the old manufacturer, offers many other perks you might be interested in. They thoroughly understand the client’s requirements.

Which Country Has the Cheapest Thrill Ride Manufacturers?

China is considered to be the cheapest thrill-ride manufacturer. Most distributors import amusement park thrill rides from China and resell them to their local market.

China can cater to your needs and requirements. They are flexible with different budgets and situations to manufacture top-notch thrill rides.

Chinese made thrill ride

It’s a Chinese-made thrill ride.

What is the Price of Thrill Rides?

Various factors are responsible for determining the price of thrill rides. Calculating cost varies from ride to ride.

Because thrill ride comprises other subcategories that vary from pirate ship rides, roller coasters, tower rides, etc.

They all exhibit different model specifications, features, heights, and dimensions.

However, an average roller coaster comes with a price tag of 1 to 2 million minimum, but if you have a huge budget, you can try your hands on some of the newest attractions that may cost you around $20 million.

What should the quality standards of Thrill Rides be?

Following should be the quality standards under EN13814 and GB8408-2018 for large amusement park rides, mainly Thrill Rides:
• Under the series of EN13814- 1, it is entirely dedicated to the safety of design, manufacturing, and operations of large rides.
• Series EN13814-2 specifies the minimum requirements for maintenance of operation, control system, and testing large rides before opening.
• Series EN13813-3 focuses on monitoring and inspection.
• Composition of alloy and metal should conform by GB/T 3190, 3191, 3880, 6892, AND 6893.
• Thrill rides should be labeled with their nameplates. Nameplates should be with the name of the manufacturer.
• Structure of wood should conform to GB 50005 & 5026.
• Calculated life of design shouldn’t be less than 35000 hours.
• Concrete structure should comply with GB 50010.

How to Ensure the Safety of Thrill Rides?

Many steps can be taken to ensure the safety of thrill rides.
• Daily inspection of seatbelts, cabin doors, safety devices, and bolts before the operation.
• Brakes with compressed air.
• Friction under wheels.
• Adapting safe practices like block zones that minimize the probability of accidents.
• Analyzing failure points that help control accidental situations.
Authority is responsible for keeping a check and balance for the safety of the amusement park thrill rides. However, being a park owner, you should remember the above points to avoid accidents.\


Thrill rides safety

How to Keep Your Thrill Rides Work Smoothly?

To keep thrill rides working smoothly requires a lot of industry work since thrill rides are the critical elements of amusement parks.

The most challenging factor is controlling driving forces to keep amusement rides working smoothly. In short, they need a lot of technical assistance.

The rope, glider, suspender, and pedal are all firmly connected in their proper places. Friction helps balance the kinetic forces that keep thrill rides working smoothly.

How to Maintain Thrill Rides?

Various steps can be taken to maintain thrill rides. Let’s explore them.
• Lubricate all the components/daily.
• Inspect torque, bolts, cables’ tension, and wire before commissioning thrill rides.
• Assembled wheels.
• Make sure there is gravel on the outer body of the rides.


Maintain thrill rides

Can You Import Thrill Rides to the USA?

Yes, many manufacturers out there can help you import thrill rides to the USA.
Sinorides is a leading company that imports thrill rides to the USA and offers installation services.
They make the delivery process very sound and take preventive measures that simplify shipment.

Can Thrill Rides Manufacturers Customize the Rides According to Your Budget and Size Needed?

A well-reputed company like Sinorides can assist you with your park customization design.

They offer a customized design that fits your budget and size requirements.

They also cater to your need for model specification and appearance at affordable rates.

Do you Get a Testing Report Before Buying a Thrill Ride?

Yes, you’ll get a complete Testing Report before Buying a Thrill Ride if you buy thrill rides from a professional company.
One of China’s leading manufacturers, Sinorides, thoroughly inspects the quality of products and provides technical support. They offer testing reports before the installation process.
Amusement rides are also inspected before Installation in domestic and markets. Equipment parts are also checked per industry standards.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Good Quality Thrill Rides?

There is a misconception that products tagged as “Made-in-China” are low-quality. Instead, almost every high-end product is assembled there.

Chinese thrill ride manufacturers are the best in the world, producing high-quality amusement park rides for years.

European and Asian countries import amusement thrill rides from China since they hold TUV certifications and resell them in their markets.


China manufacturer thrill rides.

How Can Thrill Rides be Profitable for your Theme Park Business?

Thrill rides are the heart of the theme park. They are considered the most profit-yielding rides at theme parks as they catch the attention of tourists in the blink of an eye.

They are motion simulators with significant turns & drops, full of innovative attractions that drive visitors crazy.

As a result, tourists’ repetitive visits add more profit to the business.

So, the bottom line is that you must consider thrill rides for your new amusement park since they generate higher investment than other rides.

They are the main features of the business model of theme parks.

Profit of thrill ride

Profit of thrill ride

Is Installing Thrill Rides at Your Park a Good Idea?

Of course, it is since thrill rides are regarded as an attractive feature for parks because they compel the visitor to visit again.

Installing thrill rides in your park could be the best decision as it yields a more significant income than other rides.

Last but not least, thrill rides exhibit more demand in both domestic and international markets.


Installing thrill rides

What is the Electricity/Power Cost of Thrill Rides?

On average, thrill rides consume 380 volts of electricity, while power usage depends on the system panel of the thrill rides.

Power consumption varies from model to model and categories of a thrill ride.

Thrill rides range from the Ferris wheel consuming 25Kw, Drop Tower consuming 100Kw, to the Pendulum consuming 82Kw.

You can reduce the power cost of a thrill ride by purchasing a quality one from a well-known company like Sinorides.

They are among the rising stars in amusement ride manufacturers, bringing numerous varieties depending on the power consumption per your unique requirements.

What is the Maintenance Cost of Thrill Rides?

Calculating the maintenance cost of thrill rides can be a little intimidating. Because thrill rides are further segregated into different rides, including pendulum rides, zip line roller coasters, drop tower rides, etc.

Plus, it varies according to the model, body type, material, and other ride specifications.

Roughly, Thrill Rides’s maintenance cost can be from $200,0 to $500,000 or even more.

What is the Feature of Thrill Rides?

Thrill rides is a broader term that is further divided into different rides. Thus, they all exhibit different features depending on the type and model.
Following are some of the features of thrill rides:
• Hull swing.
• Brake runs.
• Drive tire.
• Launch track.
• Rotating gondolas.
• Head chopper
• Axle


Thrill rides feature

What are the Suitable Users of Thrill Rides?

Thrill rides are enjoyed by almost everybody who wants to have fun or experience something new.
However, experts don’t recommend thrill rides for a heart patient because the deadly loop and drives of thrill rides can speed up the heart rate, which could lead to a big problem.
In short, thrill rides are specifically designed for people seeking a thrill and having good health conditions.

What are the Types of Thrill Rides?

The following are the most popular types of thrill rides:
• Zipline roller coaster

Zipline Roller Coaster image

Zipline roller coaster
• Pirate ship

Features of Pirate Ship Ride

Pirate ship
• Drop tower ride

Sinorides drop tower rides for sale project

Drop tower ride
• Swing tower ride

Swing Tower Ride

• Super booster ride

Super booster ride image

Super booster ride
• Speed windmill ride

Speed windmill ride image

Speed windmill ride
• Kamikaze ride

Kamikaze ride image

Kamikaze ride
• Super suffer ride

Super suffer ride
• Ferris wheel ride

Ferris wheel ride

How to Choose Thrill Rides for My Theme Park?

The following are the primary factors to consider while choosing thrill rides for your theme park.

• Type of the thrill ride.
Thrill rides have many types that vary, including Ferris wheel rides, swing tower rides, roller coasters, pirate ships, star flyers, flying chair rides, pendulum rides, etc.
Consider the specialty of each ride, and then choose the one that suits the best for your theme park.

• Size:
Size is considered to be the prime factor in choosing a thrill ride. In short, height, feet, length, and area play a vital role in determining size. However, size and appearance can be customized to your needs.

• Speed:
Thrill rides are no fun if they are not fast. The faster the thrill ride is, the better and more efficient it is. Speed works wonders for the thrill genre. Go for the maximum speed, but it varies depending on the type and power consumption of different thrill rides.

• Capacity of passengers:
Every ride has a different capacity for passengers. They can carry from 2-18 or even more passengers in one go. But it depends on your own business. Choose the one that suits your business needs.

• Weight capacity:
How much weight thrill rides hold plays a crucial part. Rides comprise cabins, cars, and chairs that can carry 1 to 18 persons. The customer base plays a vital role. If they like large thrill rides, then choose according to that.
If your theme park attracts more tourists, go with the thrill ride that can bear maximum weight.

What are the Components of Thrill Rides?

Thrill rides consist of various rides, all composed of different components.

For example, the Ferris wheel has several components, such as gondolas, capsules, pods, hydraulic cylinders, etc.

The roller coaster comes to the market with a track, brake run, buzz bars, drive tire, and lift hill.

It isn’t easy to describe all components of thrill rides as they are a big category with further categories.

However, all thrill rides exhibit the same features that are:
• The base of the thrill ride is comprised of a foot margin and an arm.
• Thrill ride rive comprises combustion and electric power
• Thrill rides should have safety devices (safety & transit fence)
• The hydraulic system pushes the wheel to work. It uses fluid to make the ride move.
• Pneumatic transmission compresses the air and converts the energy into a potential state that pushes the thrill ride.
• Machinery system of the thrill ride.

Components of Ferris wheel ride

Components of Ferris wheel ride

What is the Material of Thrill Rides?

Since thrill rides are further categorized into different rides, they vary from model to model, feature to feature, type, and body of the ride.

Some of the standard materials used in the construction of thrill rides:
• Reinforced high-quality nylon coupled with other plastic material.
• Woods and steel are the prime materials directly contributing to durability.
• Steel made up of concrete and correct material that adds value to the quality of thrill rides.
• Metal & alloy of good quality that increases the longevity of the thrill ride.
• Fiber-glass that enhances the quality of cabins and cars of thrill rides.

Material Used for Roller Coaster

Material Used for Roller Coaster

How does the Thrill Ride work?

The mechanisms of every thrill ride differ since thrill rides are divided into subcategories (Roller coaster, Zipline, Ferris wheel, Pirate ship, etc.).

The roller coaster works on Newton’s law. It’s the gravitational and centripetal forces that make it move.

Besides, the Pendulum ride and Ferris wheel ride work on gravitation forces. It’s the gravity that keeps them moving.

Ferris wheel ride spins downward and upward with the help of the combustion motor and gears, but gravity pulls the wheel.

But, the most common factor among thrill rides is “SPEED.” Kinetic and potential energy do the work in pushing the thrill rides.

Mechanism of Roller Coaster

Are Thrill Rides Waterproof?

Yes, thrill rides are waterproof to a certain level. However, thrill rides comprise many types that may or may not be waterproof.

For example, a 360⁰ pendulum ride has the specific effect of waterproofing. The roller coasters can be enjoyed during rain, but you should be cautious. As heavy downpours and lightning have risks involved, they are avoided.

Rain can affect the functioning of thrill rides. Hence, precautionary measures should be the prime priority.

What is the Life-Span of Thrill Rides?

The life span of thrill rides varies from type to type.

Because Thrill Ride is the main category divided into different subcategories, it is called a ride.

For example, the Roller coaster, on average, has a life span of 25 years; the Pirate ship has a life expectancy of 30+ years.

On the other hand, the Ferris wheel, on average, has a life cycle of 28-35 years.

Are Chinese Thrill Rides Worth Buying?

Yes, Chinese thrill rides are worth buying since China is a hub of amusement ride manufacturers and produces top-notch quality rides.

Besides, due to the immense increase in the cost of production in European countries, people prefer buying as they provide high-quality thrill rides at reasonable rates.

The other feature that sets China apart is that the Chinese thrill rides manufacturer offers both installations and after-sale services.

Moreover, Chinese thrill ride manufacturers facilitate customization to your budget, appearance, and size requirements.

Star fly ride 32

Star Flyer Swing Ride

How to Choose a Reliable Thrill Rides Manufacturer in China?

To choose a reliable thrill rides manufacturer in China, keep the following steps in mind:
• Choose a company that invests in research and development.
• Choose a company that provides high-quality raw materials.
• Choose a company that has more experience in the industry(at least ten years)
• Company complying with quality inspection.
• Company agreeing with industrial standards.
• Company providing a one-stop solution to your problems.


How to choose thrill rides manufacturer.

What Documents Do I Need to Run The Thrill Rides?

Following are the primary documents that you will need to run thrill rides successfully:
• Detailed documentation that complies with all regulations and meets national and international standards.
• Approved test report of designs.
• Quality standards reports following under EN 13814, DIN EN 13782.
• State building codes at both local and international levels.

What Agency Will Do the Quality Inspection for Thrill Rides?

Following are some of the agencies that provide quality inspection of thrill rides:
• TUV is one of the leading companies providing quality inspection services for decades.
• SGS is a prominent Swiss company ranked by Forbes as a quality Inspection Company.
• BV has been providing inspection forces for 190+ years
• CIQ is responsible for the inspection of imports and exports.

Can I Customize the Voltage and Electrical Factors for The Thrill Rides?

Yes, you can customize the electrical factors and voltage.

Thrill rides always operate at a voltage of 380V. However, the electrical factors can be altered per your unique requirements.

A small pendulum ride will require 30Kw, whereas a super pendulum requires 82kW.

Zipline Roller Coaster

ZipLine Roller Coaster

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