Wild Mouse Roller Coaster For Sale

Track Length:186m
Space Area:30m*20m
Total Height:5.45m

More Details About Wild Mouse Roller Coaster For Sale

Sinorides is a one-stop-shop for wild mouse roller coasters for sale and other park rides.

Actually, there are many roller coasters types, and you can order over 100 amusement park rides from Sinorides. It all depends on your park or mall which prompts you to select the ideal one.

  • Precisely Designed Tracks
  • Smooth Running Movement
  • Intelligent Control System
  • Meet Various Quality Standards.

Sinorides wild mouse roller coasters are super elegant and safe to ride.

Unlike the metal wheels, Sinorides use polyurethane which eliminates noise and offers an impressive riding experience. Also, the smooth tracks are not bumpy and let your visitors come again and again.

Sinorides creates roller coasters for sale that are versatile. You can use them in parks, malls and even attraction sites. With your specifications, you can get perfect suiting wild mouse coaster.

Whether you order a roller coaster from the other end of the world, it will reach your park on time. Also, you enjoy fixing and all tests needed.

  • Sinorides roller coaster factory detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster seats detail
  • Sinorides roller coaster spare parts detail

Sinorides Wild Mouse Roller Coaster For Sale Quality Control

Sinorides always use premium materials in Wild Mouse Roller Coaster construction. The wild mouse roller coaster for sale have premium FRP which is for train seat construction. Besides, padding and harness system keep everyone safe.

  • Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Steel Parts Inspection

Meet full quality certfications and quality standards on steel quality.

  • Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Welding Parts Inspection

Professional agency with tools will inspect the welding quality.

  • Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Painting Inspection

Eco-friendly paint and professional airbrush painting leave the roller coasters looking amazing.

Full Support on Your Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Installation

As a professional Wild Mouse Roller Coaster manufacturer, Sinorides will help you install and maintain your Wild Mouse Roller Coaster at your park site.


On-site Support
Sinorides can send engineers to help you install the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster on site if you need.
Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.
Video Support
Sinorides provide installation photos and videos to you to guide the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster installation.
Each drop tower ride has a standard operating manual, Sinorides can help to train your staff how to operate and maintain the Wild Mouse Roller Coaster.

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Sinorides is Reliable Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Manufacturer

The patented amusement rides construction is one way you can trust Sinorides wild mouse roller coasters.

With over 30 patents, there is super reliable amusement park manufacturing. The tracks and cars are super smooth for memorable ride impression.

Sinorides give you full support on roller coaster and other amusement rides for sale.

Despite the bending track system, there is super safety. The sensors and digital control system enable smooth running without inconveniences. Also, certification by CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS and other agencies guarantee the highest reliability.

Sinorides make different extreme roller coasters that meet or exceed European Union and international standards. Intense testing by professional leaves your park running without constant breakdowns.

FAQ Guide -Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

There is no shortage of wild mouse roller coasters in the market.

However, not all are equal in terms of quality, performance, and pricing.

Consequently, you must be careful when choosing a manufacturer.

Find the one who provides a quality wild mouse roller coaster without breaking your bank.

This FAQ guide aims to help you choose the best roller coaster.

So without any further ado, let’s start it.

What is A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

Also known as Crazy mouse or Mad mouse, a Wild mouse roller coaster is a thrilling amusement ride.

This roller coaster features small cars riding on the top of the track.

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster is safe for people of all ages.

The ride takes tight and flat turns at a reserved speed and produces high lateral G-forces.

One small car can hold up to four people, two in front and two in back.

The wild mouse coaster uses a flat, un-banked track with several hairpin turns.

These tight turns make passengers feel like they are flying over the edge.

The speed of cars is often around 30 mph.


What Are The Major Components of A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Components

Several mechanical components make up a wild mouse roller coaster.

However, its major parts include:

a) The Main steel structure 

It’s the main structure of the roller coaster holding the track and cars riders sit on.

b) Track

Similar to general trains, a wild mouse coaster runs through the track to complete its movement.

Four-seater cars that move on the track

c) Cars

Cars are the seating arrangements for riders allowing them to experience thrilling movement.

d) Lifting System

The lifting system drives cars from the bottom to the top position of the track.

It consists of a chain hanging on the track and cars to lift the cars.

e) Braking System

The braking system slows down the car when it runs from the top of the track.

Other Materials Used in A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

  • The cars use Polyurethane wheels as they do not cause noise due to friction between vehicles and tracks.
  • For car seats, most manufacturers use high-grade FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic) material.


Where Was The First Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ride?


Early Wild Mouse Roller Coaster

The first-ever wild mouse roller coaster appeared in the 1950s.

In the beginning, only steel and wood materials are used to make wild mouse roller coasters.

Schiff & Associates and Miler Manufacturing companies manufactured wild mouse roller coasters in abundance during the 1950s.

These roller coasters are used to run on a flat steel track.

In 1957, a German manufacturer, Mack Rides, made the first wooden Wild mouse roller coaster.

However, the first tubular steel roller coaster called Matterhorn Bobsleds appeared in 1959.

During the 1960s, a large number of wild mouse roller coaster installations happened in the United States.

What’s The Design of A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Ride?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Design

A wild mouse roller coaster consists of a track and cars. Cars move on the track and give a thrilling experience.

Almost all wild mouse roller coasters feature hairpin turns traveling around them makes riders feel that the car will fall off the track.

They also give strong lateral g-forces.

With most wild mouse roller coasters, riders experience a series of 180-degree turns.

How to Ensure The Safety of Customers Riding Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Safety

While riding a wild mouse roller coaster is safe and comfortable, park owners must ensure the safety of customers at their end as well.

Park owners should follow the following tips.

  • Ask the operator/staff to inspect the roller coaster carefully before every ride.
  • If they notice any sign of wear and tear, fix or replace that section immediately.
  • The operator should tell riders in advance about the rapid movements and sudden speed changes.
  • Ensure your passengers meet age, weight, height, and health requirements.
  • Don’t let people ride the roller coaster suffering from heart health disorders.
  • The operator should analyze the safety settings and ensure that the brake system is working properly.

How to Buy A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Buying Tips

Nowadays, wild mouse roller coasters are available both online and offline.

You can buy it from any country as per your requirement and budget.

If you want to buy it online, we would suggest you do a bit of research.

Put together a list of popular manufacturers from the internet and request them to send quotes to you.

Choose the one who is selling premium quality wild mouse roller coasters at an affordable price.

You should keep following things in mind when choosing an online manufacturer.

  • Go for an experienced manufacturer as they can provide you with a quality mouse roller coaster at an affordable price.
  • Check their reviews over different websites to find out what their previous customers have to say about them.
  • Make sure the manufacturer has the authorization to make and sell rides legally.
  • Their rides must pass CE, GOST, ISO, and other certifications.

You can also check out affordable wild mouse roller coasters at Sinorides.

They have been manufacturing quality rides for the last 28 days.

All their rides pass through strict quality control and various quality testings.

What Is The Price of A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


The price of a wild mouse roller coaster depends on the following factors.

a) Origin of the Ride

The country you’re buying a wild mouse roller coaster from can impact the overall cost to a large extent.

For instance, the Chinese wild mouse roller coaster is far cheaper than the European wild mouse roller coaster.

This is because; the manufacturing cost is comparatively cheaper in China due to the abundance of raw material, low labor cost, competitive shipping industry, etc.

b) Size 

Another thing that impacts the cost of a wild mouse roller coaster is the track’s length and the number of cars.

You can customize the track’s length and seating arrangement as per your budget and requirement.

To know the exact price, you may tell your requirement to your potential manufacturer and request them to send you a quote.

You may also get a quote from Sinorides.

How Many People Can Ride A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster At A Time?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Seating Capacity

An average wild mouse roller coaster of 280m track length can accommodate 10 to 12 people simultaneously.

Generally, an average-sized car of a wild mouse roller coaster features four seats, two in front and two in back.

However, you can customize the seating arrangement.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can increase or decrease the number of seats.

If you want to increase the seating arrangement, you will have to enlarge the length of the track as well.

How to Install A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Installation

Installation of large amusement rides like a wild mouse roller coaster can be complicated and time-consuming.

The entire installation process might take one to two months.

If you’re installing it on your own (without professional help), you should strictly follow your manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

If you’re a newbie or you don’t have knowledgeable staff to install a wild mouse roller coaster, it’s better you seek your manufacturer’s assistance.

A reliable manufacturer should provide you all the help you need for ride installation.

The installation process for the wild mouse roller coaster goes like this:

a) Preparation of Site

Preparation of the site is crucial before any construction takes place.

First, you need to level out the surface of the construction.

b) Technical Preparation

In this process, technical operators make them familiarize themselves with the entire technical plans and drawings.

c) Preparation of Construction Materials

All the engineers and workers should familiarize themselves with drawings before the construction begins.

After that, they should start with concrete construction for roller coaster installation.

The major structure of the coaster should be installed in a way it is tourist-friendly.

There should be a proper drainage system for rainwater as well.

How to Choose The Best Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Manufacturer?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Buying Tips

Choosing a wild mouse roller coaster manufacturer can be tricky if you are a newbie specifically.

Thankfully, the following points can help you buy the best wild mouse roller coaster.

a)Read Reviews

In the internet era, it’s easy to learn about any company.

Just Google the name of the manufacturer and learn about them.

Read reviews to find out whether or not people are happy with products and services.

Besides the manufacturer’s website, check Google reviews as well.

b) Experience

Quality comes with experience.

Therefore, choose a company that has at least five years of experience in manufacturing roller coasters.

Moreover, due to their tie-ups with shipping and raw material companies, they can provide you a comparatively cheaper ride.

Experienced manufacturers produce modern and high-quality wild mouse roller coasters.

Sinorides has been manufacturing roller coasters since 1992.

c) Certifications

Certifications ensure that your ride has passed several quality tests.

Make sure your roller coaster passes CE, GOST, ISO, and other necessary certifications.

d) Pricing

Get quotes from multiple manufactures and check the quality of their rides.

Buy from one who sells high-quality wild mouse roller coasters at an affordable price.

A Chinese manufacturer is often cheaper than a European manufacturer even though the quality is similar.

Is The Chinese Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Worth Buying?


China is a global leader when it comes to amusement ride manufacturing.

Some of the renowned amusement/theme parks across the globe buy amusement rides from China only.

Not only do Chinese manufacturers make quality roller coasters, but also they are affordable.

Chinese rides are affordable due to the abundance of raw materials and cheap labor costs.

According to several reports, China is around 20% cheaper than major European countries.

Since the Chinese wild mouse roller coasters go through the same manufacturing and testing process as European roller coasters go, you don’t need to worry about quality.

Sinorides is one trustworthy Chinese amusement ride manufacturing company that has been selling premium-quality roller coasters since 1992.

You may contact them to buy a high-quality yet affordable Chinese wild mouse roller coaster.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide After-Sales Services?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster After-Sales service

If you have purchased your wild mouse roller coaster from an authorized and trustworthy Chinese manufacturer, you will get after-sales services for sure.

A trustworthy manufacturer should provide all sorts of assistance for shipping, installation, and maintenance.

From a Chinese manufacturer, you can expect to get the following after-sales services.

  • Assistance for shipping
  • Operational training for the first few days
  • Repair for manufacturing defects
  • Warranty for one year
  • Customer support to answer your queries

How to Get A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster At Affordable Price?

If you have a limited budget, but you want to install a high-quality wild mouse roller coaster at your amusement park, buy a Chinese roller coaster.

As mentioned above, Chinese manufacturers are more affordable than European manufacturers.

Besides this, you can buy a smaller wild mouse roller coaster to cut the cost.

Less length means less raw material is used for making a roller coaster. It automatically decreases the price.

To buy an affordable wild mouse roller coaster, you can get in touch with Sinorides.

What Is The Warranty Period of A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Warranty

Different manufacturers have different rules when it comes to the warranty period.

Though, most manufacturers give at least one year warranty.

For some sturdy and major parts, you can get a warranty of up to 5 years.

Check the warranty card and rules before placing an order.

If you have any doubt or any term and condition is not clear, ask your manufacturer in advance.

Get to know the services you will get under the warranty period.

Generally, free repair and replacement are valid under warranty for manufacturing defects.

Moreover, you get free assistance for maintenance.

What Should I Consider Before Choosing A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Buying Tips

Buying a wild mouse roller coaster is a huge investment for any park owner.

Consequently, they should be extra careful.

It’s advisable to consider the following points when choosing a wild mouse roller coaster.

a) Design/size:

Wild mouse roller coasters are available in a wide range of designs & sizes.

Therefore, you should choose it as per your park’s requirements and budget.

The design of your wild mouse roller coaster should be eye-pleasing to both kids and adults.

For a mid-sized amusement park, 280m wild mouse roller coaster track length is adequate.

b) Safety Features

Also, make sure the roller coaster has all the safety features.

Passengers must be properly locked during the ride.

Moreover, the ride must have a robust braking system.

c) Pricing

Compare the quality and pricing of multiple manufacturers and choose the roller coaster that suits your budget.

To cut the cost, go for a Chinese manufacturer that is affordable than a European wild mouse roller coaster.

How to Check The Quality of A Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Quality Analysis

Being a park owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your wild mouse roller coaster stands on quality.

A quality roller coaster not only lasts for a longer time but also ensures the safety of your customers.

You should analyze the following things to ensure the quality of your ride.

a) Material Quality 

Check if the manufacturer uses high-quality steel for tracks.

Plastic should be fiber-reinforced plastic.

Moreover, the cars’ wheels must be made out of Polyurethane.

b) Design

The wild mouse ride must have precisely designed tracks for smooth operation.

Moreover, the color scheme of cars should be appealing to both kids and adults.

c) Certifications & Testing

While most Chinese wild mouse roller coasters pass through strict quality control, you shouldn’t forget to check certifications like CE, ISO, and GOST.

Also, confirm that your roller coaster has passed the empty and full load test before delivery.

d) Branded Accessories

Ask your manufacturer if they have used quality raw material and branded accessories in their wild mouse roller coasters.

e) Safety

Of course, you don’t want to put the safety of your customers at risk.

Therefore, you must check all the safety settings of your rides.

What to Do If My Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Breaks Down During The Operation?


While high-quality wild mouse roller coasters do not break down all of the sudden, you should be prepared for catastrophe.

You should take the following steps in case of breakdown.

As soon as you notice any fault with your wild mouse roller coaster, ask the operator to stop it right away.

Find out the causes of break down.

In most cases, it’s human fault causing failure.

Find out if the operator was handling the coaster properly.

If you’re unable to find the defect, seek professional help.

Get the fault fixed with the help of a professional.

You can also ask your manufacturer to send their engineers to fix the fault.

If you need to replace some parts, get them from your manufacturer only.

They will provide you accurate and genuine spare parts.

Note: Do regular cleaning and time-to-time maintenance to prevent breakdown.

Can I Customize My Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Customization

The straightforward answer to this question is ‘Yes.

Different park owners might have different needs when it comes to buying a wild mouse roller coaster.

Depending on your budget or your park’s space, you can ask your manufacturer to customize the length of the track of your wild mouse roller coaster.

You can also customize the seating capacity.

Chinese manufacturers not only customize the mechanical components but also bring changes to electrical components.

Moreover, you can ask them to customize the color scheme of cars and match them with your company’s logo.

You can also ask them to bring changes to voltage as per your requirements.

Note: Customization is like manufacturing a new roller coaster from scratch. Therefore, it takes time.

If you have an urgent need, you can check out Sinorides’ wild mouse roller coasters for sale.

What Are The Quality Certifications for A Wild Mouse Roller coaster?

Different manufacturers might have different certifications depending on their country.

Certifications guarantee that the wild mouse roller coaster you receive has passed several quality tests.

If you’re buying a wild mouse roller coaster from an international Chinese manufacturer, check out the following quality certifications.


ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization.

The organization develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of service and product.

The organization recognizes the company that accomplishes all the requirements to ensure the quality of its products.

Make sure your manufacturer is ISO certified.

CE Certification

Amusement ride manufacturers who ensure the safety & environmental needs of their wild mouse roller coasters get this certification.

Other quality certifications you should check include:

  • SASO
  • BV
  • GOST

Who Are The Suitable Users to Ride Wild Mouse Roller Coaster?


Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Suitable Users

People of almost all ages can relish the wild mouse roller coaster.

However, children below age 5 or 130 centimeters in height should avoid this ride.

Additionally, people suffering from Acrophobia and heart disease should avoid this.

So this is a comprehensive FAQ guide for a wild mouse roller coaster.

If we have missed any question, you wanted to ask, you can get in touch with Sinorides.

We will answer all your questions and queries related to wild mouse roller coasters.