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Sinorides has 28+ Years of Yoyo Ride Manufacturing Experience

Sinorides Yoyo Ride Have Been Exported To Over 120 Countries and Trusted By 2396+ Amusement Parks‎ and Theme Parks

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Sinorides export hundreds of yoyo rides and theme park equipment to 100+ countries. We use advanced production technology to ensure maximum quality and safety.

You can choose from our 20+ types of yoyo rides for sale. If you need any customization to match your theme park’s requirements, we can do that. Our engineers can also integrate various types of movements in yo-yo rides, such as lifting, rotation, and changing inclination as per your demand.

Sinorides 36 seats Yoyo Ride
Sinorides 36 Seats Yoyo Ride has a colorful painting and lights effect in night.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 36P
  • Power: 23.5kW
  • Size: D10m*H7.5m
  • Speed:10-14rpm
Sinorides 24 seats Yoyo Ride
Sinorides 24 Seats Yoyo Ride for Sale got full testing certifications and quality standards.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 11.5kW
  • Size: D8.2m*H6m
  • Speed:10rpm
Sinorides-16-seats yoyo ride
Sinorides 16 Seats Yoyo Ride C equipped with customized voltage for your country.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 3.5kW
  • Size: D6m*H5m
  • Speed:8.5rpm
15 seats yoyo ride by Sinorides
Sinorides 15 Seats Yoyo Ride can be customized for your park need.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 15P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Size: D5m*H3.3m
  • Speed:8rpm
Sinorides 12 seats yoyo ride
Sinorides 12 Seats Yoyo Ride has a unique appearance to attract kids.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 2kW
  • Size: D4m*H3.5m
  • Speed:8rpm
Sinorides ocean yoyo ride for sale
Sinorides Ocean Yoyo Ride is suitable for smaller parks with less space needed.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 2kW
  • Size: D4m*H3.5m
  • Speed:8rpm

Your Premier Yoyo Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a renowned yo-yo ride manufacturer in China, having IAAPA membership. You get a guaranteed warranty on all our flying chair rides.

At Sinorides, you can buy yo-yo rides for children, adults, and even family. We have been exporting yo-yo rides to numerous renowned theme parks across the world.

Safety and quality are our two major priorities. You will receive highly safe yo-yo rides that have certification from CE/BV/ISO/SGS.

Contact Sinorides now to check out our yo-yo rides’ price.

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Yoyo Ride for Sale Project

Sinorides has been manufacturing and selling yo-yo rides for the last 28 years. We have worked with almost all the leading theme parks.

You may check our authorizations, design patents, and certifications for yo-yo rides for sale.

Sinorides also help you with shipping, installation, and maintenance of swing yoyo rides.

Sinorides Yoyo Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Yoyo Ride appearance more smooth.
flying chair ride material
High grade material to ensure your Yoyo Ride running safely.
amusement rides for sale painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Yoyo Ride good status.
36P flying chair ride seats
Multi safety settings for Yoyo Rides seat to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Yoyo Ride steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA36 Seats Yoyo Ride24 Seats Yoyo Ride16 Seats Yoyo Ride15 Seats Yoyo Ride12 Seats Yoyo Ride
Number of Seats36P24P16P15P12P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

16 seats Yoyo Ride Design from Sinorides

36 seats Yoyo Ride Design from Sinorides

Kids Yoyo Ride Design from Sinorides

kids yoyo ride drawing

ocean yoyo ride drawing

yoyo ride drawing

theme park design

Sinorides is a Reliable Yo-Yo Ride Manufacturer

You will find branded mechanical and electrical parts in Sinorides yo-yo rides that ensure safety and durability.

If you need luxurious decorations and lighting for your flying chair ride, you can tell us in advance.

Sinorides have a special team for after-sale service. If you get any trouble while operating our rides, you may contact them.

Contact our sales team to buy yo-yo Rides at the best price.

Yoyo Ride – Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for information regarding yoyo rides?

Don’t worry!

We have answers to all your questions in one place. Our complete Yoyo Ride FAQ Guide will help you from the idea of a Yoyo ride to starting your own business out of it.

So, keep reading for quality information!

What Is A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride

A yoyo ride combines both tower and swing rides to provide a mesmerizing and thrilling ride while reaching the top of the sky.

The passengers sit on the seats hanging from the tower, which then go up and swing in a clockwise direction.

When the swings reach the top, the tower also maintains a slanting position and rotates, providing the most thrilling of all the tower rides.

What Are The Other Names Of A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

As a yoyo ride is a type of tower ride, it has several other names.

Most commonly, it is called a swing ride because riders move in a spinning motion during the whole ride.

Some other names are swing carousel, waver swinger, Dodo, Chair-O-Planes, and swing carousel.

How Do Yoyo Rides Work?

Physics of a yoyo ride

A yoyo ride work similar to other tower rides.

The operator at the control booth starts and stops the ride, and control its speed.

The ride has large powerful motors that work on electricity to drive the yoyo ride.

Several laws of physics work while operating the yoyo ride, which keeps the riders in their position.

The centripetal force acts on the yoyo ride to keep them moving in a circle.

The force of gravity also works to keep the riders in their position, while being secured in their seats.

The seats hang from the tower’s crown through metal strings.

When the riders are seated and secured on the seats, the operator stars the ride.

It starts with a spinning motion and continuously goes up to reach the top of the tower.

Once the ride reaches the tops, the tower’s crown attains a slanting position and rotates in this position.

The tilted position is fixed, and the manufacturers make sure that it does not cross the limit, or else the centripetal force will break and the ride will fall.

Even with the tilted position, the yoyo ride maintains a 360-degree spinning motion.

It creates a thrill for the riders, and they enjoy the swinging ride even more.

When the time for the ride is over, the ride moves down in the spinning motion and eventually stops after reaching the ground.

Who Operates A Yoyo Ride?

A working yoyo ride

A yoyo rider has a control booth where an operator controls the functioning of the ride.

He is responsible for starting and stopping the ride and controlling the speed.

In most cases, the operator also supervises the riders and ensures their safety.

In Which Motion Do Yoyo Rides Spin?

Spinning motion of a yoyo ride

A yoyo ride spins in a pendulum motion throughout the ride.

However, many yoyo rides spin in different motions, first clockwise, and then anti-clockwise to provide a fun and thrill ride.

The crown of the tower also tilts and moves in a clockwise direction during the ride.

What Is The Height Of A Yoyo Ride?

A tall yoyo ride

Yoyo rides come in different heights, but are not one of the tallest swing rides.

Generally, yoyo rides are between 30 and 40 feet high.

They can be higher than 40 feet, depending on the owner’s choice.

The primary fun point of a yoyo ride is its spin motion and height reaching the sky.

Thus, the taller the ride is, the more customers will enjoy it.

How Much Area Does A Yoyo Ride Need?

A yoyo ride

The area occupied by the yoyo ride depends on various factors such as height and size.

Larger and taller yoyo rides will occupy more spaces, and smaller ones need less.

As yoyo rides are smaller than other tower rides and their primary source of attraction is their height, they usually require an area of 20 – 30m in an amusement park.

This area includes the ride, the control booth, and the waiting area.

It can also be more or less depending on the ride and space available in the park.

At What Angle Does The Swing Tilt In A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride with a tilted crown

Maintaining the slanting position of the yoyo ride is essential for the safety of the ride and the riders.

As the crown and swings tilt to a certain degree for a more mesmerizing experience, the operator has to follow the laws of physics.

Generally, the crown and the swings tilt at a 15-degree angle during the ride.

Some towers of yoyo rides can tilt more, but the manufacturers need to keep the laws of physics in mind for this motion.

Are Yoyo Rides Dangerous?

Riders in a yoyo ride

Like other tower rides, a yoyo ride is not dangerous, unless the operators and riders follow the safety precautions.

The riders are secured in the seats with a seat belt and harness.

The seats are also connected with the tower through metal chains to keep them secured.

Also, the yoyo rides don’t have fixed speeds and the operator can increase or decrease the speed, depending on the age of the riders.

When the yoyo rides follow all the safety instructions, they are safe to ride.

What Kind Of Amusement Parks Have Yoyo Rides?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

Any amusement park can have yoyo rides.

As yoyo rides are smaller than other tower rides, they don’t occupy much space.

So, if you don’t have enough space in your amusement park and want to increase customer engagement by installing a tower ride, a yoyo ride is the best idea.

Thus, we can say that any amusement park can have a yoyo ride.

They are not specific for some, which is one of the primary reasons several amusement parks have yoyo rides.

What Are The Weight And Height Limitations For Riding A Yoyo Ride?

Riders in a yoyo ride

The weight and height limitations for yoyo rides are not standard but differ depending on the ride.

In some yoyo rides, you need to be taller than 42’’ to ride.

However, many yoyo rides require the rider to be taller than 48’’ to enjoy the ride.

Similarly, the weight limit also varies.

Some yoyo rides might not have any weight limit, while some won’t allow people weighing more than 170 lbs. to ride the yoyo ride.

Thus, it is better to always check the weight and height limit before going on the ride.

Which People Are Not Allowed to Ride A Yoyo Ride?

Riders in a yoyo ride

Here is a list of all the people who cannot ride a yoyo ride.

  • Children and individuals less than 48’’ height are not allowed to ride the yoyo ride (it depends on the ride rules).
  • Infants cannot go inside the ride.
  • Every child should be accompanied by an adult as he is not allowed to ride alone.
  • Injured people or those with neck braces, full armed cast, or braced arm cast are not permitted on the ride.
  • Pregnant women should not ride the yoyo ride.
  • People with any disability or abnormality should not be allowed on the yoyo ride.

How Are Riders Secured In A Yoyo Ride?

Riders secured with seatbelts in a yoyo ride

The riders have to follow special safety precautions to keep themselves safe while riding.

Some yoyo rides require self-assistance, meaning you will get on the seat yourself and ensure the safety requirements.

In other yoyo rides, a supervisor will check whether you are secured or not before starting the ride.

The seats are hanging from the tower through metal chains.

When seated, the riders are secured with a between-the-legs harness and a lap bar for safety.

They also have an additional seatbelt that goes across the chest and under the arms.

This seatbelt protects the riders when the tower attains a slanting position and protects them from falling.

How Tall Is A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride

The primary source of attraction for a yoyo ride is its height and spinning motion.

Although the yoyo ride is a kind of tower ride, it is generally less tall than the other rides.

But that doesn’t mean that every yoyo ride needs to be short in height.

You can make the yoyo ride as high as you want, as some tower rides reach high up the sky.

In general, the heights of yoyo rides are between 30 and 40 feet.

They can also be taller, which depends on your budget.

What Is The Speed Of A Yoyo Ride?

An operating yoyo ride

Yoyo rides have different speeds, depending on the age of the riders.

In general, the speed of a yoyo ride is 45 mph when spinning at top speeds.

However, many yoyo rides operate at lower speeds when children are riding, and the speed can be as low as 17 mph.

Are There Any Yoyo Ride Manufacturers In China?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

China has many well-known and reputed yoyo ride manufacturers like Sinorides.

They also have several certifications that prove that all their manufactured products are up to quality standards.

How Many Seats Does A Yoyo Ride Have?

Riders in a yoyo ride

Yoyo rides have different numbers of seats.

In general, many yoyo rides can accommodate 32 passengers at a turn.

Some have less customer accommodating capacity, which is usually 24 customers per ride.

The number of seats in a yoyo ride depends on your choice.

The more seats the yoyo ride has, the more riders it will carry, the more profit it will generate.

What Makes A Yoyo Ride Attractive?

An attractive yoyo ride

The most attractive feature of a yoyo ride is its height.

Like other tower rides, it takes the riders high up in the air and lets them see the whole park.

Higher yoyo rides allow the riders to see the whole city, which seems attractive to the customers, and they visit again and again to enjoy the ride.

Besides, customizing the yoyo ride is another way of making it attractive.

The best idea is to use bright colors on the tower and seats and give a cartoon character look to the ride. It will be the best strategy to attract children.

Another idea is to use several lights on the yoyo ride for a better nighttime experience.

Floodlights and color-changing LED lights are the best ideas to make the yoyo ride attractive at night.

A taller yoyo ride with an excellent lighting system will be visible to all citizens residing nearby, which will attract customers from all over the city.

Are Yoyo Rides Safe To Ride At Night?

A yoyo ride at night

Yoyo rides are safe and fun to ride at night.

Almost every yoyo ride has floodlights on the tower and different color-changing LED lights to make it attractive.

The riders also get enchanted when they see the whole city flourished with beautiful lights on the top of the tower.

Thus, yoyo rides are not dangerous but thrilling to ride at night.

How Does A Yoyo Ride Increase Footfall In An Amusement Park?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

Yoyo rides are one of the most common of all the tower rides.

They usually do not cost much for the construction and installing process compared to other tower rides.

Besides, they offer a fun and thrilling experience through the spinning seats at the top of the tower.

As riders can see the whole park and the city as well at a great height, it creates a thrilling experience that attracts customers.

In this way, more customers come to visit the park to enjoy the yoyo ride and others.

Unlike many other rides that are mean specifically for children or adults, the yoyo ride is a family-friendly ride.

It operates at different speeds, and family members can enjoy the fun together.

This factor also attracts the families, helping in increasing footfall in the amusement park.

What Is The Passenger Loading Capacity Per Hour Of A Yoyo Ride?

Riders in a yoyo ride

The per-hour passenger capacity of a yoyo ride varies, depending on the number of seats and duration of each ride.

In general, a yoyo ride can accommodate 500 riders per hour.

However, if your yoyo ride has fewer seats and a long ride duration, its passenger loading capacity will be less.

Can We Ride With A Partner On A Yoyo Ride?

Riding with a partner in a yoyo ride

It depends on the seats of the yoyo ride.

Every yoyo ride can only accommodate one rider in a single seat.

Some yoyo rides have single seats, while others have dual seats attached.

You can easily ride with your partner in the dual-seated yoyo ride and enjoy the thrilling ride at high speeds.

As yoyo rides can be single-seated or dual-seated, it is better to check the seating arrangement of the yoyo ride if you want to ride with a partner.

How Do I Build A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride

Building a yoyo ride in an amusement park is a time-taking process.

Therefore, if you plan to build a yoyo ride, you need a highly professional team.

The best choice is to consult an amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides.

They have highly skilled and experienced workers and a team that will assist you in the whole process.

Thus, it is better to sign a contract with an amusement ride manufacturer instead of hiring workers yourself.

Their team and workers will plan the whole construction process and help you in installing the ride.

Thus, they will make your task much easier as you would only have to invest money.

Can I Trust Chinese Manufacturers For My Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride

Yes, many Chinese manufacturers are well-known for their exceptional services as amusement ride manufacturers.

However, it does not mean that you can trust any Chinese manufacturers.

Several things indicate whether the manufacturer is trustworthy or not.

So, always look for well-reputed Chinese manufacturers with several certifications, like Sinorides.

What Is The Ticket Cost Of A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride

Yoyo rides are less tall than other tower rides, and their initial investment is also less.

Therefore, the tickets for a yoyo ride cost less.

Although the ticket’s cost will vary for different yoyo rides, it ranges between $4 and $8 for one ticket.

How Much Does A Yoyo Ride Cost To Build?

Construction of a yoyo ride

A yoyo ride costs much less than other tower rides to build, and that is why they are the best option for people with a low budget.

In general, the lowest investment for building a yoyo ride would be 2 – 3 million dollars.

The price may vary according to the area, height, and rider capacity of the yoyo ride.

What Is The Installation Process Of A Yoyo Ride?

installation process of a yoyo ride

The installation process of a yoyo ride is relatively simple because it is a type of tower ride.

You also won’t require too many workers for the process because large cranes will manage the work.

They will load the pieces of the tower one by one and then fix the crown at the top.

However, you will need workers to build the control booth and waiting area.

In this way, the installation process will take less time without hiring several construction workers.

How To Maintain Yoyo Rides In An Amusement Park?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

Yoyo rides are easy to maintain compared to other tower rides.

However, regular maintenance is necessary to keep the ride working in optimum condition and make the riders feel safe while enjoying the ride.

Regular inspection by professional maintenance workers is essential to keep the yoyo ride working correctly.

If you have skilled workers in your team, they can also inspect on time.

However, the best idea is to ask a professional maintenance technician to conduct monthly or yearly inspections.

Conducting weekly inspections is also a good idea as it allows you to detect the problem before it becomes life-threatening for the riders.

What Is The Age Limit For Riding A Yoyo Ride?

Riders enjoying in a yoyo ride

A yoyo ride does not have any age limit.

However, small children and infants are not allowed on the ride as it goes high up in the air and spins in a clockwise direction.

Thus, any child less than 42’’ or 48’’ cannot ride the yoyo ride.

The limit varies for different rides, their height, and speed.

How To Ensure The Quality Of A Yoyo Ride?

An operating yoyo ride

The quality of a yoyo ride is the first thing to consider as it determines how safe the ride will be for customers.

The first step to ensure the quality of the yoyo ride is to get it manufactured from a reputable amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides.

They have several certifications, which prove that their products are up to the quality standards regarding the state.

Secondly, ensuring regular maintenance and routine inspections will help ensure that the yoyo ride is working perfectly.

Installing a high-quality yoyo ride will increase customer engagement and cut regular maintenance costs that may arise once the ride starts functioning.

At What Voltage Do Yoyo Rides Operate?

A yoyo ride

The yoyo ride’s voltage varies and depends on the height, rider capacity, and time duration.

Besides the above mentioned features, each country have a different voltage requirements a yoyo ride.

So, before buying a Yoyo Ride for your park, discuss the country of installation with the seller.

What Weather Conditions Are Ideal For Yoyo Rides?

A yoyo ride operating in moderate weather

The weather conditions do not face a magnificent role in yoyo rides because they are less tall than other tower rides.

However, they need to keep some factors in mind to ensure that the riders enjoy the best experience in their yoyo ride.

The best idea is to build a yoyo ride in the city where the weather stays moderate most of the year, not too hot and not too cold.

Scorching weather will not encourage riders to get to the top of the sky in the yoyo ride.

Similarly, snowy weather may affect the functioning of the ride.

The area that faces rainfall most of the year will also meet less customer engagement, as it isn’t safe to enjoy the ride in the rain.

Therefore, it is essential to check the climate of the area before constructing a yoyo ride.

How Much Time Do Yoyo Rides Take To Build?

Construction of a yoyo ride

The time required to build a yoyo ride depends on various factors, like the height, area, and the number of seats.

In general, a yoyo ride will take around 20-30 days to build, excluding the installation time.

The best idea is to consult an amusement ride manufacturer.

Every manufacturer requires a different time to build the amusement ride.

How Are The Seats Of A Yoyo Ride Secured?

Riders secured in a yoyo ride

The seats of a yoyo ride are secured with metal chains, from which the chairs hang.

It makes them robust and allows them to handle excessive rider weight.

Besides, the seats themselves are made of high-quality materials and contain a seatbelt and between-the-legs harness to ensure rider safety.

What Power Is Required For A Yoyo Ride?

An operating yoyo ride

The power of yoyo rides is different and depends on the height and rider capacity.

A taller yoyo ride with 32 seats will require more power, up to 30kW.

Similarly, a mini yoyo ride with 24 or 28 seats might need less power than 25kW.

Thus, the power of a yoyo ride is between 25-30kW.

When Was The Yoyo Ride Invented?

A yoyo ride

The invention of yoyo rides is controversial, and nobody has clear evidence of when it was invented and by whom.

However, the history dates back to 1869, when Newhall and Cummings invented the first rotating swing ride.

Its name was ‘’Flying Horse Machine.’’

Since this invention, many new amusement rides were manufactured following the same concept.

In 1972, the wave swinger ride was first premiered in Germany.

Such alterations and newer ideas helped people design and manufacture the yoyo ride.

Can I Get My Yoyo Ride Customized?

A customized yoyo ride

Yes, many manufacturers like Sinorides provide the flexibility of getting their yoyo rides customized.

This customization is basically in the form of different colors.

You can also customize the overall design of the tower or crown.

How To Make Yoyo Rides Attractive?

An attractive yoyo ride

You can make the yoyo ride attractive by introducing bright colors and catchy designs.

Bright colors like yellow and red are always attractive and make the ride visible from a distance.

You can also make the yoyo ride attractive by customizing the overall design.

If the ride is for kids, a better idea is to introduce cartoon characters to make it attractive.

As even and night is the best time for enjoying rides in the amusement parks, you can provide a fun experience to the riders by introducing a lighting system.

Floodlights in the crown and color-changing light all over the yoyo ride will make the best experience and attract other customers in the park.

People love high tower rides. So, increasing the height is another idea to make the yoyo ride attractive.

Tall yoyo rides will allow the riders to view the whole park and the city, and they would love to revisit the park.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Help In Installing The Yoyo Ride?

Installing a yoyo ride

Many reputable Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides help in installing the yoyo ride as well.

Thus, their work is not confined to the manufacturing process.

Their team of professional workers assists you in the installation process, making the task much more manageable by resolving the problems that may occur.

What Certifications Are Required For Yoyo Rides?

A high-quality yoyo ride

Yoyo rides need some quality certifications. So, it is better to get them manufactured by a reputable amusement ride manufacturer.

Sinorides is one of the best manufacturers to consider in this case.

They are IAAPA and CAAPA certified and offer many other certifications to their customers as well.

As they have clients from all over the world, they provide certifications according to their country.

These quality certifications include GOST, CE, EN13814, SC, BV, TUV, SASO, SONCAP.

All these certifications prove that they value the quality of their rides and take all safety measures to come up with the best results.

How To Check The Quality Of A Yoyo Ride?

A high-quality yoyo ride

The first thing to do is get the yoyo ride manufactured from a reputable amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides.

In this way, you won’t have to spend extra money on regular maintenance.

Still, you need to check the quality of the yoyo ride before starting it to ensure the customer’s safety.

First of all, it is better to inspect the control booth, which is where the functioning of the ride is controlled.

It is always better to ask a professional technician to check all the electrical systems and look for signs of a fire.

Then, check whether the ride is stable while operating and does not cause disruption.

You also need to check the seats. Besides being constructed from high-quality materials, they should have a seatbelt and harness to keep the riders safe.

How Many Yoyo Rides Should An Amusement Park Have?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

Every amusement should have at least one yoyo ride to provide a thrilling experience to riders and increase customer engagement.

Installing a yoyo ride is also an excellent idea if you want to upgrade your park with a low budget.

However, if your amusement park already has a tower ride that is higher than the yoyo ride, it isn’t a good idea to install the yoyo ride.

The yoyo ride won’t be able to replace the taller tower ride, which will result in a loss of your business.

As you should have every kind of ride in your park for increased customer engagement, one type of tower ride is enough.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer After-Sale Service For Yoyo Rides?

A yoyo ride

Yes, many reputed Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides provide after-sale service for yoyo rides.

It is an excellent service as it saves a lot of your time and money.

Thus, always go for amusement ride manufacturers who offer after-sale service.

What Safety Precautions Do Passengers Have To Follow In A Yoyo Ride?

Riders in a yoyo ride

Every rider needs to follow several safety precautions to keep themselves safe during the ride.

  • No child should ride alone in the ride. An adult should ride with a child.
  • The riders need to ensure that they have fastened the seatbelt before the ride begins.
  • No rider should start jumping or try to get off their seat once the ride starts.
  • It is always a better idea not to take any food items or heavy possessions with you on the ride.
  • The riders should wait for the ride to completely stop before leaving it.

What Happens In Case Of A Power Break-Down Of A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride

In case of a power break-down, the control center operator ensures that the riders stay safe.

He slows down the ride and slowly makes it come to the ground.

Do Chinese Yoyo Ride Manufacturers Export Yoyo Rides?

Yes, many Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides also export yoyo rides to other countries.

They supply services all over the world and have several quality certifications for each country.

Do Yoyo Rides Need Maintenance?

Maintenance of a yoyo ride

Yoyo rides are considered the most convenient tower rides due to their simple installation process and less maintenance.

However, that does not mean that they can work perfectly without maintenance.

It is the responsibility of the owner to conduct a routine inspection by professional maintenance technicians regularly.

Weekly and monthly inspection is the best choice to keep the yoyo ride working in optimum condition.

How Do I Reduce The Maintenance Costs Of A Yoyo Ride?

Inspection of a yoyo ride

The best way to reduce the maintenance costs of a yoyo ride is to get it manufactured from a reputable amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides.

They use high-quality materials in the manufacturing process, which stay sturdy for several years.

In this way, you won’t have to buy separate parts for the yoyo ride and replace them with new ones.

It will save a lot of your time and money.

Another strategy is to conduct weekly and monthly inspections of the ride.

However, make sure to call a qualified maintenance technician for monthly inspections.

You can also reduce the maintenance costs by hiring qualified staff or training your workers about the maintenance procedure.

In this way, the workers will solve any minor problem that may arise, saving money from calling a professional technician.

How Do I Find A Trustworthy Yoyo Ride Manufacturer?

If you want to find a trustworthy yoyo ride manufacturer, look for companies with several customer reviews.

These customer reviews prove that they have completed previous subjects and their clients were satisfied.

Then, have a look at the materials that they use.

These materials will hint about how much they value quality.

It is always a better idea to choose manufacturers with a QC team.

They are highly reliable, and their team is well-prepared to tackle any problem.

Lastly, make sure to check what kind of certificates the manufacturer has.

Many reliable manufacturers like Sinorides have many certificates, and they also offer different certificates according to the state.

In this way, it becomes easier for people to get their yoyo ride manufactured from China.

How To Supervise Passengers In A Yoyo Ride?

Riders in a yoyo ride

In order to supervise the passengers, the best way is to hire a supervisor for the yoyo ride who will tell all riders about the safety precautions.

You can also display a large board with safety instructions at the entrance of the yoyo ride and ask all riders to read it before entering.

The supervisor will also be responsible for checking whether the riders have secured the seatbelt and harness.

Do Yoyo Rides Have A Fixed Voltage And Power?

An operating yoyo ride

The voltage and power of a yoyo ride depend on the number of motors, height, and number of seats.

Larger yoyo rides with higher passenger loading capacity will require higher power and voltage.

However, small yoyo rides with less rider capacity may require less voltage and power.

Thus, yoyo rides do not have a fixed voltage or power, but they vary depending on different factors.

Do Yoyo Rides Make Noise While Operating?

Rider screaming in a yoyo ride

Yoyo rides do not make much noise while operating if a reliable amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides has manufactured them.

They operate like other rides in the park without making much noise that could cause discomfort to the people around them.

However, the riders usually scream out of excitement and make noises while enjoying the ride.

As those screams are high up in the sky, they don’t disturb the other people in the park.

What Is The Best Place In An Amusement Park For A Yoyo Ride?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

The best place to build a yoyo ride is the center of the amusement park.

Tower rides are always attractive for customers, and many of them only come to the park to see and ride them.

Thus, the best idea is to place the yoyo ride in the center of the amusement park.

In this way, the customers will visit the whole park and enjoy different rides, and then come to the center of the park for the yoyo ride.

It is a kind of marketing strategy that will encourage people to visit the whole park.

As amusement parks also have memorable attractions as a marketing strategy, a yoyo ride can play its role.

People will love to rise high up in the sky and watch the whole amusement park while spinning.

How Much Does A Small Yoyo Ride Cost To Build?

A small yoyo ride

Mini yoyo rides are usually for kids because they require less area and aren’t much tall.

Thus, their budget is also less.

On average, a small yoyo ride will cost around $1 – $2 million to build.

Do I Need To Train The Staff For Operating The Yoyo Ride?

Workers at a yoyo ride

It is always better to have a well-trained staff to avoid misunderstandings and consequences, as they may cause you to lose customers.

If you are starting a new yoyo ride and need to hire workers, make sure to train them.

It is possible by asking professional workers for training courses.

They will assist your workers in the process and inform them about any problems that may arise while operating the ride and how to solve them.

Such a strategy will enable you to have high-trained workers in your team, thus improving customer satisfaction.

How Is A Yoyo Ride Different From Other Tower Rides?

A yoyo ride in an amusement park

Although a yoyo ride is a kind of tower ride, it is generally different from other rides of its kind.

Unlike other tower rides, the yoyo ride’s crown maintains a slanting positing while rotating the ride.

It is the main aspect that differs the yoyo ride from other tower rides, making it one of the most thrilling of all the tower rides.

Do Yoyo Rides Operate In Rain?

A yoyo ride operating in mild weather

Yoyo rides have a robust covering around the internal machinery so that they can easily handle extreme weather conditions.

The tower is also protected so that the rainwater does not seep into it and damage its parts.

It makes the yoyo ride suitable to operate in the rain.

However, we personally do not recommend riding the yoyo ride in the rain because the seats get filled with water, and strong winds may disturb the ride’s spinning motion.

How Are Yoyo Rides Profitable?

Riders enjoying in a yoyo ride

Because tower rides are highly profitable, a yoyo ride is a kind of business that demands less budget but promises high profit and quick investment return.

It makes them highly profitable for those who want to start their own business with a low budget.

These family-friendly rides are ideal for all age groups, and you won’t have to install separate ones for children and adults.

They also provide a thrilling experience by spinning high up in the sky.

Thus, they can generate high profits and increase customer engagement in the amusement park.

Is A Yoyo Ride Safe For Kids?

Kids enjoying in a yoyo ride

Yoyo rides have a height limit of 42’’ or 48’’.

It means that small children cannot go on the yoyo ride until they are up to the required height.

Thus, we can say that yoyo rides are not safe for infants and kids less than 5 years of age.

However, if kids want to ride and have the required height, it is strongly recommended to make them ride with an adult.

Also, the operator should keep the speed low while children are riding the yoyo ride.

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