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Sinorides has various Dodgem Bumper Cars for sale and you can choose from below. We give you Dodgem Bumper Cars with reliable quality. You can use Sinorides Dodgem Bumper Cars in many places.Sinorides’ Dodgem Bumper Cars for sale include battery bumper cars, portable bumper cars, electric bumper cars, and indoor-bumper cars. You can also customize one for your special need.

You can choose more carnival equipment such as tagada rides, airborne shot ride and pirate ship ride, etc from Sinorides. Sinorides offer one-stop solution to help you get the reliable Dodgem Bumper Cars.

More than 28 years of manufacturing experience for dodgem bumper cars has made Sinorides one of the leading suppliers in China. We make sure to provide the reliable quality of dodgem bumper cars for sale at reasonable prices.

Regardless of the reasonable prices, we make sure not to compromise on the quality of the manufactured products.

Sinorides dodgem Ground Grid Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides Ground Grid Dodgem Bumper Cars looks great to ride

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides dodgem Ceiling Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides Ceiling Dodgem Bumper Cars for sale is great quality

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides dodgem electric bumper cars for sale
Sinorides Electric Dodgem Bumper Cars is cool in attractive designs

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides dodgem battery bumper cars
Sinorides Battery Dodgem Cars for sale features in durable battery

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides dodgem kids Bumper Cars
Sinorides Dodgem Kids Cars can be tailored for your need

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides dodgem Portable Bumper Cars
Sinorides Portable Cars for sale can be moved by the truck

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h

Your Premier Dodgem Bumper Cars Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a leading manufacturer of dodgem bumper cars. Sinorides understand that every park owner needs unique and attractive amusement bumper cars. You can pick already designed bumper cars or ask for customization. It all rests on your taste and preference.

You can also ask for different modifications when ordering a dashing bumper cars. Whether its color, design or style, Sinorides is versatile when it comes to designs. The level of customization goes beyond exterior design. You can request for custom seats, music and other finer details.

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Dodgem Bumper Cars Project

Once you pick best dodgem bumper cars styles for your park, there is testing, installation and servicing at no extra cost. Sinorides team of engineers fits and carry out all necessary installation and testing.

Sinorides has more than 100 persons comprising specialists with different expertise. You can trust the team to cut, weld and finish your dodgem cars with perfection.

Sinorides Dodgem Bumper Cars Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides dodgem Bumper Cars Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides dodgem Bumper Cars derust
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Bumper Cars appearance more smooth.
Sinorides dodgem Bumper Cars materials
High grade material to ensure your Bumper Cars running safely.
Sinorides dodgem Bumper Cars painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Bumper Cars good status.
Durable Bumper Cars Battery to ensure your park visitor enjoy a satisfied experience.
Complete Bumper Cars Components to support your business at 24*7 response.
TECHNICAL DATAGround Grid Bumper CarCeiling Bumper CarElectric Bumper CarBattery Bumper CarKids Bumper CarPortable Bumper Car
Number of Seats2P2P2P2P2P24P


dodgem bumper car drawings

dodgem bumper cars technical drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Dodgem Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Reliable Dodgem Bumper Cars Manufacturer

Sinorides Company is almost 3 decades old, making amusement rides. The 28 years means a lot it comes to reliability. You can also be one of the happy customers due to premier quality dodgem bumper cars.

With over 10,000 dodgem bumper cars annual deliveries to more than 100 countries, it is among the top manufacturers.

The 20+ patents prove that the team is in a continuous mission to make next-level dodgem bumpers cars. Thus, you can always enjoy low maintenance, high safety and durable cars.

There are very few options in China for the dodgem bumper car suppliers that provide a one-stop solution for the increasing demands of customers worldwide.

The versatility of spin bumper cars for sale is also available on our platform. Thus, you can enjoy the access to order almost all types of bumper cars from Sinorides.

A wide range of options for dodgem bumper cars for sale is available at Sinorides. We offer different colors and even sizes for different dodgem cars for sale.

It means you don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate type of dodgem bumper car parts to integrate into your amusement park.

We are known for exporting the highest quality of dodgem cars for sale to more than 136 countries worldwide. Thus, your location isn’t a problem for us when it comes to delivering the chosen dodgem bumper car for sale.

Our customers don’t have to bear the inconvenience of replacing the damaged rides. We offer an almost one-year warranty for all types of dodgem bumper cars.

In such a way, we give favor to our clients to use the amusement dodgem bumper cars for sale without the concerns of damaging them.

If you’re looking to install a proper setup of spin zone bumper cars for sale in your amusement park, we can assist you best in this regard as well.

We have a professional team of expert workers who perform best for installing the versatile parts of dodgem bumper cars for sale.

When you place an order, installation, testing, transformation, and other after-sale services comes as a package.

Dodgem Bumper Cars – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you want to attract more kids to your amusement park?

Or are you wondering about installing small Dodgem Bumper Cars in your amusement park?

If yes, it’s going to be the best decision for you ever!

But wait; have you any idea about the operation or installation of Dodgem cars?

Just don’t worry! We’ve got our hands on the handiest Dodgem Bumper Cars buying guide for you.

What Are Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Dodgem Bumper Cars are small electric cars powered by electric batteries containing a wide rubber strip on all their surfaces.

They’re operated by kids in the amusement parks with fences all around.

Moreover, the accommodation area is for only two persons.

The speed and the turns of Dodgem Bumper Cars are operated through steering wheels.

Besides, electric motors the power source can be vertical poles that are connected t the ceilings.

Dodgem Bumper Cars

What Are The Other Names For Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The other names for Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as below:

  • Bumper Cars
  • Bumping Car Rides
  • Dodging Cars
  • Dashing Cars

What Are The Common Types Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Some of the common types of Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as under:

  • Battery Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Common Battery Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Inflatable Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Spin Zone Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Kids Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Fairground Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • Bumper Cars on Ice

How Does A Dodgem Bumper Car Work?

Dodgem Bumper Cars work by bumping into the other cars in operation with the electric motors or ceiling power surges.

There’re large rubber bumpers present all around these cars responsible for prolonging the collision impact and diffusing the force.

The electric poles are connected to the grid ceiling, which transfers the electric power to the Dodgem Bumper Cars.

This electricity is then converted into Kinetic energy.

Some amount of the kinetic energy is then converted into heat after the collision.

Working of Dodgem Bumper Cars

How Fast Dodgem Bumper Cars Go?

The speed of Dodgem Bumper Cars ranges up to 6-10 km/h.

However, the speed of the Dodgem Bumper Cars can also be increased with the help of steering.

As kids are mostly riding this amazing ride, the operator has fixed the speed limit to ensure the riders’ safety.

Are Dodgem Bumper Cars Dangerous?

No, Dodgem Bumper Cars aren’t dangerous to a greater extent, but they can cause severe injuries in cases where safety precautions aren’t carried out.

They can common injuries like broken bones, wrist fractures, and head injuries to the kids who don’t properly tie safety belts.

Thus this amusement ride can be dangerous for small kids if they don’t follow the safety tips.

Why Do Dodgem Bumper Cars Stop After A Crash?

When two Dodgem Bumper Cars collide, they stop because the kinetic energy is not conserved after their collision.

The kinetic energy is worked out of each object that is involved in the process of collision.

Thus the forces of collision cause a change in the inertia and state of motion of the riders.

The loss of kinetic energy and change in inertia causes the Dodgem Bumper Cars to stop.

Dodgem Bumper Cars Crash

Are Dodgem Bumper Cars AC Or DC?

Unlike all other bumper cars, Dodgem Bumper Cars are operated with Direct Current (DC).

They mostly use a 12V DC motor instead of using a 110V AC motor.

The gel DC Cell battery is present on the lower side of the Dodgem Bumper Car and is operated with a steering wheel and a fool button.

In Which Category Of Amusement Ride Dodgem Bumper Cars Fall?

Dodgem Bumper Cars fall in the category of kid’s amusement rides since they’re particularly designed for kids’ fun.

Almost all Dodgem Bumper Cars are small in size and have space only for two kids.

Moreover, the design and style of the Dodgem Bumper Cars are made according to kids’ interests.

Besides all this, the speed limit and the steering wheel’s position are also adjusted for the better convenience of kids.

What Are The Safety Tips Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The safety tips for riding Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as below:

  • Only the riders of the suggested age limit should ride the Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • All the seat belts should be tied properly around the bellies of kids
  • The riders must be provided with helmets for providing any head injury
  • A steady speed of the Dodgem Bumper cars must be maintained during the ride

2. How To Ensure The Quality Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The quality of the Dodgem Bumper Cars can be ensured by following the given tips:

  • Check the Quality of Materials

Highest-quality materials plays the leading role in increasing the lifespan of Dodgem Bumper Cars.

Thus, prefer the use of premium quality materials in the production of Dodgem Bumper Cars

  • Safety of Riders

Dodgem Bumper Cars’ quality is also ensured by the presence of all safety requirements in the car ride.

Never compromise on the safety of the riders.

  • Design and Themes

A perfect Dodgem Bumper Car is designed according to the amusement park theme so it can attract more kids.

Look for the customized Dodgem Bumper Cars for ensuring high quality.

Quality of Dodgem Bumper Cars

What Are The Quality Certifications Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Some of the important quality certifications for Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as under:

  • CE Certification

This certificate ensures the use of safety measures in the manufacturing of Dodgem Bumper Cars

  • ISO

The International Organization of Standardization gives this certificate for ensuring the premium quality of materials in manufacturing Dodgem Bumper Cars.

What Are The Main Parts Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The main parts of the Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as below:

  • Accelerator
  • A Steering Wheel
  • DC Motor
  • Rubber Bumper

Parts of Dodgem Bumper Cars

How To Choose The Best Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Following are the handiest steps for choosing the best Dodgem Bumper Cars:

  • Look for the Manufacturers

No doubt there’re many replenishing amusement ride manufacturers in China.

So the first task is to find the best amusement ride manufacturer that stands right on all your demands.

  • Contact the Manufacturer

After selecting the best manufacturer, the next step is to contact them through email or contact number.

  • Prefer Quality

Check the quality of materials which are used in producing Dodgem Bumper Cars.

Prefer the use of high-quality stainless steel and Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic in the construction of Bumper Cars.

  • Testing Certificates

Make sure about the availability of all testing certificates with the Dodgem Bumper Cars you’re going to choose.

These testing certificates are responsible for giving proof of the high-quality standards and safety of the Dodgem Bumper Car ride.

  • Check the Power System

No doubt there’re two power supplies for the operation of Dodgem Bumper Cars, including the DC motors and electric pole ceilings.

Choose the one that suits your fairground platform in the most suitable way.

What To Consider While Choosing The Best Manufacturers For Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Following are the points which you should consider while selecting the best manufacturers for Dodgem Bumper Cars.

  • Look for the Companies that Use Quality Materials

The rush of amusement ride manufacturers might confuse you, but all you have to do is to get your hands on the manufacturer that prefers to use the highest quality of materials for producing Dodgem Bumper Cars.

  • Investment in R&D

Prefer the company which is quite efficient in investing in R&D service since it’s pretty important to carry out Dodgem Bumper Cars’ production.

  • One-Stop Solution

Choose those manufacturers who provide the one-stop solutions to all your problems related to the installation and operation of Dodgem Bumper Cars.

  • Search for QC Team

The QC team will enable you to get a complete idea about the quality and process of manufacturing Dodgem Bumper Cars.

So always go for the manufacturers which have a QC team with them

What Is The Process Of Manufacturing The Best Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The process for the manufacturing of Dodgem Bumper Cars is given as below:

  • Choice of Materials

The first step in the manufacturing of Dodgem Bumper Cars is the choice of the materials.

Most manufacturers prefer stainless steel and Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic in the production of Dodgem Bumper Cars.

  • Design and Sketch

The mechanical engineers then draw a rough sketch of the basic design of Dodgem Bumper Cars.

This model is quite related to the final shape of the Dodgem Bumper Cars.

  • Assembling of Parts

All the integrated parts of the Dodgem Bumper Cars are assembled with the help of nuts and bolts for giving a final touch to the ride.

  • Final Testing

After assembling, final testing is carried out by the professionals to ensure the proper working and performance of the ride.

How To Import Dodgem Bumper Cars From China?

The process of importing Dodgem Bumper Cars from China is hefty, but you can carry it out by following the given steps:

  • Look for Reliable Manufacturers

Being an amusement park owner, you’ll find a wide variety of options about the best Dodgem Cars Manufacturers in China.

So the first task to perform is to approach the professional Dodgem Car manufacturers who can provide you quality services.

  • Contact the Manufacturer

Approaching a reliable manufacturer isn’t enough.

The next step is to get the contact of the chosen manufacture.

  • Select Your Product

Once you’ve chosen the right manufacturer and contacted them, it’s time to decide which model or type of Dodgem Bumper Car you want to buy.

In addition to this, ask the manufacturer to carry out all the Dodgem Bumper Car customization.

  • Gather Your Documents

The majority of the manufacturers in China, including Sinorides, don’t redeem the tax formalities.

Thus, another most important thing to do is gather all your required documents to fulfill the tax formalities.

Import Kids Bumper Cars

Is It Profitable To Install Dodgem Bumper Cars From China?

Yes, it’s very profitable to install Dodgem Bumper Cars from China because of the amazing quality of the products in this country.

In addition to this, the attractive and fun ride of this amazing amusement ride catches the attention of a large number of kids at very first sight.

The thrill experience of the Dodgem Bumper Car ride makes all the riders try it again and again.

This is the reason it generates considerable profit for amusement park owners.

Install Dodgem Bumper Cars

How To Maintain Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The maintenance of the Dodgem Bumper Cars can be done in the following steps:

  1. Inspect all the parts of the ride on a regular note
  2. Replace all the damaged parts of the ride
  3. Take care of the operating system of the Dodgem Bumper Car
  4. Regularly check the damaged wearing parts of the ride
  5. Continuously take account of the welds of all parts of the ride
  6. Don’t let the dust accumulate in the ride’s parts
  7. Wipe the exterior of the Dodgem Bumper Car

What Are The Best Lubrication Oils For Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Some of the best lubrication oils for Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as under:

  1. Mineral Oil
  2. Biodegradable Oil
  3. Synthetic Oil

Mineral oil has noticeable varying viscosity; thus, it plays an important role in reducing the friction between the ride parts.

Biodegradable oil contains those materials which don’t harm the environment on any basis.

Synthetic oils don’t contain any kinds of drawbacks.

Also, it contains many petroleum-based lubricants which will lubricate the ride with improved thermal and oxidative stability.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide After-Sale Services For Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Yes, the majority of the Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides provide top-quality after-sale services for Dodgem Bumper Cars.

Some of their top-rated after-sale services include the import and installation of Dodgem Bumper Cars in amusement parks.

In addition to this, the repair of any kind of damage, either physical or mechanical, is also included in their after-sale services.

Dodgem Bumper Cars After-Sale Services

What Is The Time Duration For The Installation Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The average time duration of the installation of Dodgem Bumper Cars ranges up to one to two weeks.

The installation period of the Dodgem Bumper Cars can vary according to the size of the ride.

Besides this, the ride’s installation time can also be decreased by hiring a big team of workers.

How To Install Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The installation of the Dodgem Bumper Cars is carried out in the following steps:

  • The lower floor is set up to make it even for the Dodgem Bumper Cars
  • The power sources are made active by the workers, especially the ceiling power surges
  • All integrated parts of the Dodgem Bumper Cars are assembled
  • Assembling is done with nuts, bolts, and welding
  • The assembled Dodgem Bumper Cars are then connected to the power providing batteries for their action

What Is The Power Source For Dodgem Bumper Cars?

There are two types of power sources of Dodgem Bumper Cars, which are given as under:

  • Ceiling integrated power source
  • The motor batteries

Both these types provide an efficient amount of electricity or voltage to the Dodgem Bumper Cars for initiating their movement.

Power Source of Dodgem Bumper Cars

What Kind Of Floor Is Needed For Moving Dodgem Bumper Cars?

An even frictionless floor is needed for moving the Dodgem Bumper Cars.

Dodgem Bumper Cars’ base is completely flat; that’s why it’s made sure that the floor is free of any bump on it since it can lead to severe accidents.

In addition to this, some Dodgem Bumper Cars need power surges from the floor; thus, the continuous electric supply is provided to the floor.

What Is The Age Limit For Dodgem Bumper Cars?

The suggested age limit for Dodgem Bumper Cars ranges up to 8 to 15 years.

Since Dodgem Bumper Kids are majorly designed for kids, that’s why adults aren’t allowed to enjoy this amazing ride.

Moreover, the kids lower than the suggested age limit are strictly prohibited from riding this ride because of safety issues.

What Materials Are Used In The Construction Of Dodgem Bumper Cars?

Some of the most common materials used in the construction of Dodgem Bumper Cars are given as below:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic
  • Rubber

Stainless Steel is mainly used to manufacture the overall structure of the Dodgem Bumper Car Ride.

The sturdy nature and reliability of steel greatly increase the durability of Dodgem Bumper Cars.

The Reinforced Fibreglass Plastic makes the seating area of these cars.

In addition to these materials, Rubber is used to make the thick bumper on Dodgem Bumper Cars’ sides.

How Much Does A Dodgem Bumper Car Cost?

An average Dodgem Bumper costs up to $4000-$20000.

Besides the estimated price, you can get a better idea about the price of Dodgem Bumper Cars by visiting the site.

Other than this, the price of the Dodgem Bumper Cars depends on the type of raw materials and the labor cost required to construct them.

Moreover, the customization services can also increase the costs of the Dodgem Bumper Cars.

Do Dodgem Bumper Cars Come In Different Sizes?

Yes, Dodgem Bumper Cars come in different sizes.

Some of the Dodgem Bumper Cars range up to 1 to 2 meters.

Other than this, some of the Dodgem Bumper cars are bigger in size with two seats.

However, the kid’s Dodgem Bumper Cars are mainly smaller in size with only one seat.

Sizes of Dodgem Bumper Cars

Do Dodgem Bumper Cars Contain Steering Wheels?

Yes, Dodgem Bumper Cars have a steering wheel that is used by the riders to control the speed of the car.

In addition to this, the steering wheel is also important to control the directions of the Dodgem Bumper cars.

Most of the kids enjoy the steering wheel in Dodgem Bumper Cars as they’re sitting in a real car.

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