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Sinorides is Top amusement rides manufacturer in China, you can have a wide choice of Fairground Rides such as pirate ship ride, tagada ride and octopus ride, etc. There are over 100+ types of Fairground Rides from Sinorides, you can contact us to see more Fairground Rides if there is not any suitable type you want to import.

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Sinorides provide various types of Tagada Fairground Ride for Sale from mini tagada ride to 40 seats Tagada Fairground Ride.
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You can buy the latest new design Fairground Rides at the best price, and you can customized the rides according to your needs.
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Sinorides Miami Fairground Ride for Sale are Certified By CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS and your Fairground rides will be Safe & Reliable.
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Your Fairground Carousel for Sale Will Accept 80+ hours Full Load And 8+ hours Empty Load Test Before Delivery
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Sinorides Pirate Ship Fairground Ride for Sale are certified and they also meet international quality standards.
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Sinorides explore a range of amazing Fairground Bumper Cars suited for all kinds of theme parks and fairgrounds.

Your Premier Fairground Rides Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is the leading fairground rides manufacturer in China, sourcing raw materials from trusted metal, fiberglass, and steel suppliers. Our fairground rides for sale feature robust construction, design accuracy, compliance with quality standards, and attention to detail.

From rigorous Ultrasonic testing to safe shipping, onwards to installation, you’ll find our support on each level. Sinorides never hesitates in trying new concepts. You can witness our talent through Amusement Rides Exhibition held every year. Our state-of-the-art premises and over 200 skilled professionals made it possible to hold more than 30 national amusement rides patents.

Undoubtedly, Sinorides concepts speak for themselves. Whether you want Fairground rides for sale, amusement rides spare parts, training, and warranty services as well as park design, you’ll always find us one step ahead.

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Talking about reliability, Senorides understands how to keep customers satisfied. Apart from the long-lasting and high-performance Fairground rides, we ensure after-sales services – training and maintenance. Besides these, our rides comply with multiple international standards, giving you the utmost ease in buying.

Like other valued customers, you’ll also enjoy the freedom of choice, design flexibility, customization, and durability of our Fairground rides for sale. Contact Us to Get the Best Fairground Rides for Sale or Discuss Your Query.

Sinorides Fairground Rides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides fairground rides fire cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides fairground rides derust operation
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Fairground Rides appearance more smooth.
Sinorides fairground rides painting materials
High grade material to ensure your Fairground Rides running safely.
Sinorides fairground rides painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Fairground Rides good status.
Sinorides fairground rides painting frp seats
Multi safety settings for Fairground Rides seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
Sinorides fairground rides painting great welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Fairground Rides steel structure.

Sinorides fairground carousel rides design

Sinorides fairground rides design image

Sinorides fairground rides design

fairground rides technical drawing image

fairground rides technical drawing

Sinorides Fairground Ride Technical Drawing

theme park design

Sinorides is Reliable Fairground Rides Manufacturer

Sinorides is a better choice if you want to import Fairground Rides from China.

We are the direct Fairground Rides manufacturer and have passed all the certifications.

Your Fairground Rides will have a good package before shipping to you and will run at least 80 hours to ensure there is no technical issues.

Sinorides use high tech equipment when producing Fairground Rides and has exported to 200+ countries.

You can also let Sinorides to design your park layout if you need and our creative design team will give you different alternatives to choose based on your park space.

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Fairground Rides-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide gives you the detailed information that will direct you when importing a fairground ride from China.

It covers every information you have been looking for such as the most reliable fairground rides manufacturers in China and the A-to-Z of the importation process.

Please read on before you import your fairground ride from China.

What Is A Fairground Ride?

Viking Boat Ride

Fairground ride

A fairground ride is a funfair attraction comprising of suspended seats about a center pole.

Fairground rides come in various types and may vary from merry-go-rounds, roller coasters, Waltzer, and Ferris wheels.

Where Did The First Fairground Ride Originate From?

Figure 2: First fairground ride

First fairground ride

The first set of fairground rides were introduced to the leisure industry particularly among the British and Iris fun fairs.

The first fairground rides were installed in the 17th century in British and Irish annual fairs and were powered by humans and horses.

Twigdon’s Riding Machine is perhaps one of the first funfair rides documented in the history of amusement parks.

The Twigdon’s Riding Machine was a bit crude as the riders were allowed to sit on wooden horses that mimicked a ring-shaped platform suspended with cables and moved around a center pole.

The rides resembled the Witches Hat.

By the 1860s, the leisure industry had already advanced and took steps to install steam power to the funfair rides such as the Velocipede and gallopers.

As technologies advanced, showmen looked into ways of investing in larger fairs which led to a decline of the small, traditional village-based fairs while paving way for purpose-built amusement sites.

Fairground rides became more varied with the advent of electric power and the associated innovative technologies as many manufacturers entered into the leisure market.

Why Do I Need A Fairground Ride For My Amusement Park?

Figure 3: Fairground rides on an amusement park

Fairground rides on an amusement park

Getting a fairground ride is one of the most effective revenue streams for any amusement park.

Unlike other investments in your amusement parks, fairground rides can accommodate more customers as they are large and powerful.

They will give riders the opportunity to experience a combination of speed, height, and many accelerated directional changes.

Most of the fairgrounds are designed to ensure maximum safety among users of all age groups before they are put to use.

Similarly, countries have local inspection units that vet the safety statuses of fairground rides to ensure that they are safe for the recreational industry.

The checks adopted in these machines make them the best investments for any amusement park investor.

Is It Profitable To Install A Fairground Ride On My Amusement Park?

Figure 4: Profits in fairground rides

Profits in fairground rides

Fairground rides are known to be big money makers in the recreational industry.

International facts and statistics reveal that fairground rides have grown in popularity as sources of attraction for fantasy among all age groups.

In 2019, fairground rides accounted for 25% of the 22 billion U.S dollars generated in the amusement park business.

It is expected that the revenue will rise in future years as the global scene stabilizes from the effects of COVID-19.

The thrill rides are legally addictive and will always benefit from a continuous customer flow.

Since customers make up the bloodline of your business, you will need something that will increase the traffic of the amusement park.

Investing in a fairground ride becomes the most effective enterprise for your leisure business.

Why Should I Import A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 5: Import from China

Import from China

China has grown its capacity as the most diversified center for international business.

As an amusement park investor, you will need a product source that will initiate cost-effective supplies to make optimal profit margins; fairground rides from China meet this spec.

They are cheaper than other markets in the world as the manufacturers benefit from inexpensive labor and readily available raw materials.

Similarly, Chinese engineers and manufacturers are distinguished in their extra-ordinary abilities to design products of high-quality and international standards.

Chinese manufacturers have a great mastery in mass production and have invested in refined and organized production lines compared to their western counterparts.

So, you won’t have to wait for decades even after placing an order of 100 fairground rides in a week.

The Chinese market offers you with a wide range of designs to choose from.

Most of the manufacturers initiate personalized innovations that meet international standards to ensure that your amusement park benefits from the aspects of uniqueness and attraction while at the same time

meeting the internationally set standards.

Nonetheless, Chinese manufacturers are always open for negotiations in KPIs such as quality, color, and price.

They’ll always give you the opportunity to get the best deal just to maintain you as a client.

Lastly, you are set to benefit from efficient customer support by importing from China.

Who Are The Best Fairground Ride Manufacturers In China?

China is the home of the world’s renowned fairground rides manufacturers offering the best deals in the international leisure industry.

Nonetheless, Henan Swonder Amusement Rides Co., Ltd (Sinorides) has distinguished its operations to become the best fairground rides manufacturer both in China and the global scene.

Since its foundation ion 1992, Sinorides has dedicated its operations towards availing its clients with the best amusement rides products and support services.

The company boasts of its diversified product portfolio with over 50,000 square kilometers of workshops, 20 designers and senior-level engineers and 200 professionally trained employees.

Sinorides offers its products and services to over 160 nations.

How Do I Import A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 6: Everything you need to know when importing from China

Everything you need to know when importing from China

Importing a fairground ride that meets your customers’ recreational needs can be a daunting task particularly when you have to deal with the vast Chinese market.

Nonetheless, the process shouldn’t be as draining as you thought. Here’s a 5-step process that will enable you to import the right fairground rides manufacturer from China:

1. Know your goal- This MUST be the first element to put into consideration whenever you approach the amusement rides market in China. You need to know your customer segments (whether they are end users or intermediary businesses) when approaching the manufacturers in China.

2. Research on the top-notch amusement rides manufacturers in China- A small research on the amusement rides factories in China will give you a clue of what you will expect in terms of pricing, quality, reliability and sincerity of the targeted factories. Take time to establish mutual confidence with the manufacturing company that you choose.

3. Enter into negotiations with the selected manufacturer- Be sure to establish your manufacturer’s strengths and weaknesses. A good relationship should end with a signed contract that meets the standards set by your country and devoid of misunderstandings.

4. Establish the mode of transport and clear with the customs department- Make the decision of the shipping model that will suit you. Also comply with the taxation regimes in coordination with the manufacturer.

5. Prepare the legal documentations related to the importation of the amusement rides- Your lawyer will come in handy in terms of preparing the parking lists and business contracts.

6. Check the associated trade tariffs- This places you at an upper hand in terms of the finances and licenses needed to facilitate the process.

Are There Regulations For Installation Of My Fairground Rides?

Figure 6: Everything you need to know when importing from China

Regulations for installation of fairground rides

The recreational industry is highly regulated all over the globe.

This explains why a fairground rides importer must ensure that the equipment meets certain accepted international standards before engaging with the manufacturer or supplier.

Such standards include:

  • ISO Standards
  • IEC Standards
  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
  • Commision Internationale de Eclairage (CIE)
  • American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • European Committee for Technical Standardization (CENELEC)

The industry and its equipment such as fairground rides must abide to certain set of rules, policies and regulatory framework from installation to operationalization.

Countries have adopted laws that govern the minimum mechanical, structural and electrical installation requirements to ensure safe designing, and operationalization of fairground rides.

These regulations aim at protecting the end consumers against the incidents, accidents and deaths that may arise from poor installations, electric shocks and malfunctioning fairground rides.

Governments adopt these regulations to ensure that the amusement parks remain places of safety rather than incident and death grounds.

Some countries make it a requirement that the fairground rides should only be installed after undergoing a thorough inspection process and approval by governmental agencies.

It is your obligation to liaise with your local authorities to verify the kind of authorizations that are needed in your country, state and district before settling for any fairground ride brand.

How Do Fairground Rides Work?

Figure 8: The working mechanism of a fairground ride

The working mechanism of a fairground ride

Fairground rides are designed to be a source of excitement and safety among your customers.

They have many suspended seats that rotate about a central pole.

As electrical instruments, fairground rides have centralized electric motors that spin in circles.

The consumers reach the epic of enjoyment when they are accelerated.

How Do Fairground Rides Spin The Occupants?

Figure 9: How a fairground ride spins its residents

How a fairground ride spins its residents

Fairground rides are designed to spin their occupants when seated on saucer-shaped containers.

They have chairs whose number is specified by the manufacturer and are suspended with tough metals and wires

The suspended chairs operate by swinging out as the center pole is accelerated.

The consumers tend to enjoy when the acceleration is increased.

As the chairs revolve, they move with a simplified up-and-down motion about a track so that the seats rise and fall smoothly.

Who Are The Top-10 Manufacturers Of Fairground Rides In China?

Figure 10: The leading fairground rides manufacturers in China

The leading fairground rides manufacturers in China

China is one of the leading industrial countries in the world.

The country has taken advantage of its youthful population and innovative minds to position itself as the hub of manufacturing for over two decades.

However, manufacturers in the Chinese leisure industry tend to compete to establish their positions in the global market.

Here is the list of the top 10 fairground rides manufacturers in China:

1. Henan Swonder Amusement Rides Co., Ltd (Sinorides)
2. Guangzhou Jason Amusement Equipment Company
3. Guangsh Rides
4. Jinsha Rides
5. Vekoma Rides Manufacturing
6. Zhengzhou Yigee Amusement Ride Company
7. Hotfun Company
8. Zamperla SAmusement Rides Company
9. Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Company
10. Bansar Company- China

Sinorides tops the list of fairground rides manufacturers for its ability to provide seamless services.

The company has a strong product portfolio and a culture that strives to enhance customer satisfaction.

Sinorides has a team of engineers and technicians whose operations will always leave you with smiles long after purchasing its fairground rides.

What Are The Legal Processes Involved In The Importation Of Fairground Rides From China?

Figure 11: Legal process of importing from China
Legal process of importing from China

China is the first market that rings in anybody’s mind when the buzzword “importing” is mentioned.

Even though the advent of the novel Coronavirus disease had a negative impact on the trade relations between China and other countries, particularly the West, imports from this market are still trickling the vast international scenery.

Nonetheless, the importation process can be as seamless as A, B, C, D if you take time to understand the legal operations that accompany the trade.

Here are the legal steps to take when importing a fairground ride from China

1. Read and understand the laws that govern china’s tariffs in your country

Different countries have divergent tariffs when dealing with imports from China.

For instance, the Trump administration in the United States adopted the China Section 301 Tariffs law to regulate the volume of goods from this market while encouraging domestic production.

Since tariffs change with administrations and the budgetary needs of a country, a fairground ride importer must be very keen to ensure that the imports made will be profitable when installed on his amusement park.

Check to see if your country allows for filing of retroactive drawback claims just in case you made wrong payments on the import.

2. Get the necessary permits and licensures

Importing a fairground ride from China can be a costly venture if the right process is not followed.

However, the process can be made hassle-free if you get the right permits and licenses for your amusement park business before placing your order.

This cushions you from unnecessary legal complications when running your business.

3. Understand the incoterms from China

You must ensure that you are conversant of Incoterms when engaging in international trade.

In essence, incoterms are the commercial terms established by the International Chamber of Commerce to regulate the procurement processes and transactions made when importing and exporting.

Most of the incoterm regulations are meant to reveal the risks, costs and processes involved when you engage in international trade.

4. Understand the rules that regulate fairground rides in your country

You don’t want to engage in court battles everyday just because you invested in a fairground ride for your amusement park business.

Whether or not you have the necessary licensures, the customs section in your country will establish certain laws and policies that regulate the importation and use of fairground rides.

You must ensure that your fairground ride units meet the quality standards established in your country.

There is need to take caution since the customs department in your country will not hesitate to impose fines and jail terms or even destroy the import just in case it doesn’t meet the standards set.

It is advisable to have a professional talk with a legal advisor or a third-party sourcing firm to check whether the fairground ride brand you want to import complies with the quality standards set.

What Are The Cost Implications Of Importing A Fairground Ride For My Amusement Park From China?

Figure 12: Cost of importing from China

Cost of importing from China

China is one of the highly sought-after markets by importers across the globe.

This is because of its ability to produce cost effective products in bulk and the low production costs compared to other countries.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe import their products from China every year.

For instance, the United Nations COMTRADE database indicates that Australia alone imported goods worth USD 57 billion in 2019.

Such statistics only indicate the reason to consider China as your destination the next time you want to purchase a fairground ride for your amusement park(s).

Nonetheless, the decision to engage with Chinese manufacturers when importing a fairground ride for your amusement park must be effectively calculated just to ensure that you do not go into extra costs associated with legal suits.

You must look for a reliable customs broker to take you through the duties, costs and taxes that you will incur when importing from China to your country.

This segment gives you a clear guideline of the cost implications of importing your fairground rides from China.

Here are the costs you will pay for your imported fairground ride:

• Shipping costs
• Customs fees
• Customs duty
• Goods and services tax
• Import processing charges
• Documentation charges

What Are The Shipping Costs Associated With The Importation Of A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 13: Shipping costs of imports from China

Shipping costs of imports from China

These are the costs you will incur to move your fairground ride from China to your country.

You must be keen to ensure that the shipping costs are as minimal as possible.

I would prefer the use of shipping freight to air freight as it is significantly cost-effective.

If you choose shipping freight, you are most likely to be charged by the terms of less container load (LCL) or full container load (FCL).

In this case, the shipping fee associated with your fairground ride will be quoted by considering the weight and volume in cubic meters of your fairground ride.

However, there may be complications if the fairground ride model brand you are importing is new in your country.

This makes it necessary for you to engage in consultations with your supplier to get the real weight and volume in cubic meters of the fairground ride once it is packaged and released for export.

You need to know that the price of acquiring a full container load tends to vary with the time of the year you plan to import your fairground ride and the distance between the loading port and the offloading region.

If you choose to use less than container load, the fees charged will vary with the weight and size of the fairground ride per cubic meter.

Nonetheless, the cost of sea freight shipment is generally lower than other associated costs such as fees, taxes and duties.

What Is The Custom Fee Associated With The Importation Of A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 14: Customs fees for imports from China

Customs fees for imports from China

The customs fee charged on your fairground ride imported from China is calculated by considering the free on board price (FOB) of the good.

In essence, FOB is a shipping term in which the product seller gives a quotation of the total price of exporting including the expense of transporting to the nearest port.

Nonetheless, you will be liable for all shipping costs including the responsibility of ensuring that the fairground ride moves from the port to the desired location of your amusement park for installation.

Similarly, it is important to know that FOB legally transfers all the responsibilities and risks associated with the delivery of the imported fairground ride to you- the buyer.

You must also know that the FOB terms act as avenues of communicating the risks, obligations and risks related to the movement of the import.

However, you have the opportunity to establish terms of shipping of the imported goods from China depending on your relationship with the fairground ride manufacturer.

The FOB price charged for your imported fairground ride from China will include:

  • The cost of transportation to the nearest local port (in your destination)
  • The unit price
  • Cost of export clearance

NOTE: The customs value charged in this case will not include the charges for shipping insurance and the shipping costs.

What Is The Customs Duty Associated With The Importation Of A Fairground Ride From China?

Please be aware that the customs duty rates charged on your fairground ride imports will depend on the manner in which your country categorizes this product.

Most countries charge a 5% customs duty for a range of imported goods.

You must also note that the amount charged for customs duty will depend on the customs value associated with your fairground ride.

For example, if the fairground ride shipment you are ordering is worth a customs value of $10,000 and your country charges a customs duty rate of 5%, then you will be required to pay $500.

What Is The Meaning Of Goods And Service Tax (GST) When Importing A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 16: Goods and services tax

Goods and services tax

Most countries impose a mandatory goods and services tax for their imports.

You will be required to submit a GST even in instances where your amusement park business is not registered for this kind of service.

The GST charged by most countries is normally set at 10% particularly for imports from China.

However, there is a chance to defer your GST payments just in case your business is registered for this service by initiating a GST deferment scheme.

You may consult with your country’s taxation offices to check whether your amusement park business is eligible for GST deferment.

Also note that the GST charged is a percentage of the total cost of shipping the fairground ride from China to your local destination.

Here’s a list of what you will need for your GST import cost calculations:

  • The FOB (customs duty) of the shipment
  • Total shipping fees
  • The insurance fees charged
  • The customs duty

Are There Charges For Import Processing Related To My Fairground Ride From China?

The customs value associated with your fairground ride shipment will dictate the value of the import processing fee charged.

Even though most countries adopt a fixed rate for their import processing charges, there are tendencies that it will vary depending on the lodging strategy you use when declaring your import.

However, experts have proven that import declarations done through electronic media tend to be cost-effective and easier than documentary submissions.

Will I Be Charged For Proper Documentation When Importing A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 18: Documentation when importing from China

Documentation when importing from China

Your agent in China will do the documentation at a small fee.

The freight forwarder must be presented with the following documents before releasing your goods for export under FOB terms:

  • An invoice giving a clear detail of the value of your fairground ride
  • A packing list that reveals the contents of each package in the shipment
  • A bill of lading revealing the destination, volume, type, and weight of the fairground ride

How Do I Declare My Fairground Ride As An Import To The Customs Service?

Different countries have requirements when dealing with import declaration.

For instance, the Australian government makes it a requirement for its citizens importing consignments from other economies to make import declarations for shipments whose combined value is above AUD 1,000.

The declaration is made when the imports are cleared for consumption in the home country.

In essence, import declarations comprise the statements made by the importing agency or owner of the fairground ride sourced from China.

The following data must be included in the declaration:

• Information concerning the goods being imported
• Official details of the importer
• The custom value and tariff classification
• Mode of shipping used for the import

How Do I Value My Fairground Ride After Importing From China?

Different countries employ diverse import valuation models for imports.

However, the transactional method is mostly applied in diverse global scenarios.

The transactional method values the goods imported by considering the actual price paid.

There are instances where adjustments are made particularly if the fairground ride brand under consideration is new in the market.

The greatest condition for adopting the transactional valuation model is that there shouldn’t be any relationship between the seller and the buyer that will affect the prices charged.

It is advisable to contact a customs broker since the valuation of imported goods can be a complex undertaking.

What Are The Rules Of Origin When Importing A Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 21: Rules of origin

Rules of origin

Rules of origin are the policies and regulations applied to determine the country from which the import originates for the purposes of international trade.

Most countries adopt the rules of origin for preferential reasons such as the determination of benefits associated with the reduction of duty rates.

In this case, the Origin Advice gives the rulings on whether a certain class of imported products qualify to originate from the specified country.

It is important to consult with your local customs section to know whether the fairground ride you are importing qualifies for duty reductions.

What are commerce trade descriptions when importing a fairground ride from China?

Most economies make it a requirement for a certain line of imports to be labeled in the correct way with trade descriptions before entry into the local ports.

Nonetheless, not all imported goods will need to be labeled.

Similarly, other governments make it a basic requirement that some of the imported goods that require but fail to meet the labeling standards to be seized.

In this case, the trade descriptions included must provide details, suggestions or statements that give a clear revelation of the manner in which the imported fairground ride was manufactured, transported or otherwise prepared to meet the needs placed by the local market.

In this case, the trade descriptions need to meet the following prescriptions:

  • They must be written in the national language of the importing country using prominent and eligible characters
  • Reveal the name of the country of origin, and manufacture
  • In some cases, there must be a clear and true description of the imported goods
  • If the fairground ride does not come as a prepacked article, it must be presented in the form of a brand or principal label presented in a prominent position.

Will My Fairground Ride Be Exposed To Examinations Upon Arrival?

Yes. Your imported fairground ride will be exposed to a random examination just to verify that it meets the quality measures set in the importing country.

However, the examinations are only conducted after you have submitted a customs entry.

Even though most countries apply random examinations, there is a greater likelihood that your fairground ride will be scrutinized if you are a first-timer in the imports business.

This explains why you need to hire an experienced customs broker to minimize the extra costs associated with this process.

Your shipment will only be released for clearance if the examination process reveals that it did not cause any legal or regulatory violations.

What examination procedures will be followed by the customs department for my fairground ride imported from China?

Again, examination procedures vary among countries.

Every country has an organ that is faced with the obligation of examining and verifying all imports as well as the supporting documents.

The following aspects will be checked when examining the fairground ride that you will import:

  • The value of the fairground ride as a way of determining its dutiable condition
  • Whether or not the proper labelling procedures were followed
  • Whether your shipment was used to carry prohibited materials to your country
  • If the contents were invoiced based on the set standards
  • If the volumes and weights declared on the documents actually match while verifying any shortage
  • Checking whether your shipment harbors narcotics

In What Conditions Will My Imported Fairground Ride Be Accorded Entry Of Warehouse?

Your imported fairground ride could be accorded entry for warehouse in instances where you give a written record that you want to differ the applicable duties.

In this case, the imported goods will be placed at a governments bonded warehouse within your country.

However, it is important to note that the goods can only remain in the warehouse for a certain amount of time.

Most countries prescribe 5 years from the day of importation as the maximum period of stay in a bonded warehouse.

You must also know that you have the freedom to withdraw your goods and imports from the bonded warehouse any moment after completing the payment of the applicable duty.

When Will My Imported Fairground Ride Be Classified As An Undeclared Good?

Your imported fairground ride will be classified as an undeclared good if you don’t initiate a customs entry by yourself or through your agent after a certain period from the time of arrival.

Most countries prescribe 15 days of as the maximum period for declaring your imports.

Failure to initiate such declarations, your shipment will be stored in a general warehouse at your expense as the importer.

Other countries make it a requirement for the imported merchandise to be sold through auction or exposure to destruction after 6 months from the day of importation.

Why Choose A Manufacturer Over A Supplier For My Imported Fairground Ride?

Figure 25: Choosing between a manufacturer and a supplier

Choosing between a manufacturer and a supplier

You must get the initial steps right for a successful importation of products from the Chinese market.

Choosing between sourcing your fairground ride from a manufacturer or a supplier is one of the first issues to consider when trading with merchants based in China.

Even though it might be an uphill task to make direct orders from the manufacturer, it is strongly advised that you make the first trial of reaching out to the producing company rather than going through a broker.

While factories are the real manufacturers of goods, trading companies (suppliers) will only source a lot of varied products from many factories.

Here are the reasons why you MUST choose a manufacturer when importing your fairground ride from China:

  • Manufacturing companies will generally offer you with lower prices compared to suppliers.
  • You will benefit from a more direct communication with the manufacturing company hence getting the first-hand information concerning the status of your product.
  • You will reduce the logistical processes involved in the importation of goods from China to your country
  • In other scenarios, you will have to order from a supplier who then orders from the manufacturer before initiating the dispatch process.
  • As opposed to trading companies, manufacturers have a better understanding of the business segments that they serve and are better placed to meet their needs in a more efficient manner.
  • You have the opportunity to make product adjustments by engaging with the manufacturer before they go into the hands of trading companies.
  • You will benefit from reductions in price volatility
  • It can be very spooking when dealing with many agents of a value chain because of the price fluctuations.
  • Establishing a strong relationship with the manufacturer helps you as an importer to take advantage of fixed prices in exchange with loyalty, lengthier contract terms and reduced order levels when sourcing your amusement rides from China.

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing A Trading Company Over A Manufacturer When Importing My Fairground Ride From China?

Manufacturers will not always provide you with the best deal despite the cost advantages associated with their operations.

Even though trading companies will not manufacture the fairground ride under consideration, they have a diverse network that allows them to source a variety of brands from different manufacturers.

Here are the reasons why you may need to choose a trading company the next time you want to import from China:

  • Unlike manufacturers, trading companies will always present you with lower minimum order quantities (MOQs) than the manufacturing firms.
  • Trading companies have a strong reputation of better-quality controls
  • They will avail you with a wide range of brands to choose from
  • You will have the opportunity to benefit from cost reductions particularly if you have a pool of trading companies to choose from when importing your fairground ride.
  • Establishing a good working relationship with trading companies places you at an advantage particularly if you want to reduce any form of availability challenges and delays- this means better service for you as the end consumer

How Do I Negotiate For The Best Prices When Importing My Fairground Ride From China?

You want to get the best deal when importing a fairground ride for your amusement park.

But you will never get it unless you negotiate.

However, you need o get multiple quotes as the first step before engaging in any form of price negotiations

It is recommended that you seek quotations from three or more fairground rides manufacturers that you trust before making the final order.

This places you at a better position to understand the normal cost of the fairground ride brand you are seeking for in the market which fits the needs of your customers.

The Chinese market applies the golden rule: price is directly related to the quality of goods ordered.

Therefore, you must expect poor quality if the fairground ride you are being offered goes at abnormally low prices.

However, this is not always the case as there may be other reasons for low pricing which may include:

  • The quality of the abnormally low-priced fairground ride is significantly inferior than the others in the market.
  • Different manufacturers could be using different shipping terms
  • You could have placed a minimum order quantity that is significantly higher
  • After determining what the normal cost of the fairground ride you are seeking for is, you can have the freedom of engaging in price negotiations.
  • Nonetheless, there is need to note that the present-day Chinese market has resorted towards the adoption of a more fixed pricing mechanism.
  • This has made it a bit difficult to initiate any form of negotiations.
  • The most lenient manufacturers and suppliers will give you discounts ranging between 5% and 10% of the quoted price.
  • However, most of the Chinese manufacturers will give you a window for significant negotiations on the minimum order quantity.
  • You have the opportunity to negotiate the minimum ordered quantity with your supplier by 50% (or more) of the quoted volumes.

How Do I Pay For The Fairground Rides Imports From China?

Payment terms tend to vary with the company in question and the length of transactions between the supplier and the importing agency.

However, most companies will accept 30/70 as their terms of initiating the payments for imports.

In this case, you will be needed to pay 30% of the agreed price when placing the order and 70% after its completion

NOTE: Never comply to a supply system that makes it a requirement for you to make 100% payment (deposit) unless the order in question is small.

Payments are almost always completed through wire transfers which is at times referred to as telegraphic transfer (TT).

Generally, most of the suppliers will almost never accept PayPal o-r credit card payments for orders that cost more than $5,000

Similarly, the US dollar is widely used as the currency of trade when making imports.

In this case, you will have to convert your currency into the US dollar the next time you want to import a fairground ride for your amusement park.

Do The Manufacturers From China Offer Support Services For The Fairground Rides Imported?

Figure 26: Choosing a trading company over a manufacturer

Support services for fairground rides imported from Chinese manufacturers

Most of the manufacturing companies in China will avail their support services whenever you import your fairground rides.

As business players, the manufacturers are well aware that the global landscape will present great competition if they do not treat their fairground rides customers with utmost consideration particularly through their support services.

As an amusement park operator, you must be aware that the success of any venture heavily relies on the price, quality and after-sales services given to the buyer.

Fairground manufacturers such as Sinorides do not only conquer the global market with their prices but also their support services.

Here are the most common support services that you will expect when importing your fairground ride from China:

  • Timely updates concerning the nature of the after sales services that they will expect
  • Fast review of buyer complains even after initiating the sales
  • Offering real-time information concerning the transit of the fairground rides ordered
  • Installations and consistent follow up for new and established customers
  • Liaising with the delivery department to ensure that the client gets the ordered fairground ride(s) in the stipulated timeframe

What Are The Pre-Installation Services To Expect When Importing A Fairground Ride From China?

Every fairground ride manufacturer will present you with an installation manual that is specific to the brand ordered.

Nonetheless, you must be aware that the installation manual will vary depending on the brand ordered and the terms of the manufacturer.

While some manufacturers such as Sinorides will avail you with very specific steps for installation, there is a tendency that others will have directions that are a bit sophisticated.

Similarly, most of the manufacturers will present you with the pre-installation manuals for free.

There is a tendency that other manufacturers will charge a small fee for their installation manuals.

Better still, other companies will go the extra mile of deporting their agents to reach out to you for their installation demonstrations and explanation of the maintenance steps that the amusement park operators should follow.

Will I Be Taken Through A User Training Process After Importing My Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 30: Training process after importing a fairground ride

Training process after importing a fairground ride

Well, this varies with the contract and the relationship you establish with the manufacturer before initiating the deal.

However, most of the manufacturing companies in the Chinese leisure industry have started adopting end-user training as an essential after sales service.

Such services provide a collective framework for both he client and the manufacturer’s agents to engage in face-to-face interactions while checking the working mechanisms of the fairground ride.

Manufacturing firms also consider user training as a way of eliminating the costs associated with product returns as they are able to identify the faulty areas while making the necessary corrections.

What Warranty Services Should I Expect When Importing My Fairground Ride From China?

Figure 31: Warranty services after importing from Chin

Warranty services after importing from China

Warranty service is perhaps one of the commonest after-sales assistances that almost every fairground manufacturing company in China will provide.

In essence, warranty services will always take the form of proposing repairs and replacement of certain selected parts of the fairground ride for a particular period.

For instance, Sinorides offers its fairground rides customers with a warranty with the condition that the manufacturer will repair or replace the device for free in the first year.

However, the customer is held liable of the repairs and replacement from the second year.

The fact that different companies offer diverse warranty terms reveals the need to choose a fairground rides manufacturer that offers the best terms.

This ensures that you are effectively cushioned from the associated costs of repair, replacement and maintenance in a hustle-free manner as you concentrate on building your amusement park.

Will I Get Access To Online Support Services After Importing My Fairground Ride From China?

Yes, you will.

Most of the manufacturers in the Chinese leisure industry have adopted online support mechanisms as a seamless way of offering solutions to any product-related questions.

For instance, companies such as Sinorides have a dedicated customer helpline that aids the reception of consumer grievances.

Nonetheless, the redressal mechanisms adopted by the designated support systems greatly depend on the organizational culture and standard procedures of the firm under consideration.

In this case, you (the customer) will have the opportunity to chat or call the manufacturer’s online support as per your comfort to discuss the issue at hand and get the desired solutions.

Do Chinese manufacturers offer replacement/ return services for their fairground ride brands?

Yes, Chinese fairground ride manufacturers offer return/replacement services for exports.

However, such replacements are time-bound and must be filed within the stipulated timeframes while adhering to the terms and conditions set by the manufacturer.

In this case, the customer can choose between being refunded, getting a replacement or gaining access to store credit.

How Do I Choose A Reliable Supplier When Importing A Fairground Ride From China?

Any successful import business must revolve around making profits and meeting the needs of the targeted customer segments.

Your amusement park business can only succeed if you take time to choose the best manufacturer that the fairground rides market can offer and finding a high-ranking supplier in the Chinese leisure industry.

But how do you ensure that you have picked the fairground ride brand that suits your needs considering the fact that the market will always present you with infinite number of products and services that the

Chinese export market will always bring at your disposal?

Well, the process should be as simple as A, B, C just as highlighted below:

Narrow down your search

You must be sure that the brand you choose will meet the needs of your market before you make any purchase.

Here, you musty do a thorough research on the quality, price and applicability of each manufacturer’s fairground ride brand just to ensure that you get a deal that will profit your business.

The list of companies listed above might come in handy.

Strike a balance

As an entrepreneur, you must be aware that the best fairground ride brand presented by the Chinese exports market will always be faced with the greatest level of competition.

On the other hand, it is your role as an entrepreneur to understand your market considering the fact that the leisure industry is seasonal in nature.

In this case, you must ensure that you strike a balance so you don’t lose on the seasoned customer segments in your portfolio.

Gather the necessary knowledge and expertise

Here, you must ensure that you gather as much information as possible about the fairground ride brand you want to import and necessary data concerning the targeted manufacturing organization.

You will be well-placed to operate with caution and avoid most of the unnecessary loopholes when you operate from a knowledgeable point of view.

you will be required to conduct the necessary research and ask questions concerning both the product and the manufacturer to find a viable and convincing deal.

Where Can I Find The Best Supplier When Importing A Fairground Ride From China?

Now that you have figured out the entire process of importing your fairground ride, it will be necessary to get information on the avenues where you will be well-placed to find the manufacturers who will supply you with the fairground rides that will meet the needs of your amusement park.

The following list will give you a clear guideline to get the best fairground rides deals that the Chinese market can offer:


Referrals have remained the best avenues to access contacts in any line of operation.

You may use the people you know from China to get information concerning the manufacturing companies you have chosen to work with in the import journey.

Look for as many contacts as possible from China to get the real pieces of information concerning the authenticity of the fairground rides manufacturer you have chosen.

Attend trade fairs

Tarde fairs will present you with the most effective opportunities to establish connections with other traders in your line of business.

In essence, most of the big international trade fairs act as essential avenues of bringing key players of the industry on a single platform.

Manufacturers in these settings are always eager to gain access to new prospects and will always present true information just to ensure that they outdo their rivals.

Similarly, attending a trade fair will give you the opportunity to enjoy exclusive face-to-face interactions with the representatives from the manufacturing companies in the leisure industry.

Here, you have the opportunity to ask all manner of questions that you consider as essential and make effective use of the answers you get to make informed judgments concerning the products and services of the fairground rides manufacturers selected.

You are likely to get a deal that will favor you considering the fact that trade fairs present a single platform for all players in the industry.

Check the import records from your country

Are you aware that governments across the world have import databases whose records are made available to the public at any time?

Well, now you know.

Such records can be accessed online or through the state’s chambers of commerce.

Similarly, you may consider perusing through the Bills of Lading as they are among the easiest pieces of data to access from governmental repositories.

Whatever scanty information you get from these records will act as essential stepping stones for your success in the imports journey.

You will only need to use this to move to the next level of the imports business.

If for instance you get a company listed in the import’s records, you can take advantage then move to locate its website and contact information.

Take advantage of online resources

The internet has everything you will ever need whenever you want to import your fairground ride from China.

Online resources could come in handy particularly if you are a new trader as they will give you a strong footing into the market.

You may choose to invest your efforts on searching company websites that are fully dedicated towards establishing connections between import traders and the suppliers.

Nonetheless, you need to remember that there are companies that have been in the imports business for long but may not be tech savvies or their websites could be outdated.

This explains why for all practical intentions, you must choose to go beyond the best ranking search pages just to access the right information.

Searching the internet as far behind as you can could present you with the diamond concealed in a haystack that is worth all the hustle.

How Can I Reduce The Chances Of Being Ignored After Placing An Order To Import A Fairground Ride From China?

Most of the manufacturers from China have heavy workloads.

This explains why the chance of getting ignored could be higher when considering China as your destination the next time you want to import your fairground ride.

Most of the supposed buyers may end up withdrawing their purchases just by assuming that they were ignored by the manufacturer.

However, you might be the reason why the supplier will judge you as a flaky trader.

Here are the things you MUST never do when placing your order particularly when using the modern online systems:

Avoid lengthy background stories

Just like you, manufacturers have busy and tight schedules and will always want to read pieces of information that are clear and concise.

You must ensure that you get directly to the point while confining yourself to what you want; don’t give a lot of unnecessary details.

You must also remember that language compatibility could be a great issue.

Therefore, always work to ensure that you use the simplest terms you can by avoiding unnecessary vocabulary.

Most of the Chinese manufacturers have translators who only capture the major points in your order; so, you must remain as precise and clear as possible.

Don’t make multiple demands in one order

Asking for too man y quotations when you make an order gives a confirmation that you are a newbie in the field.

There are chances that no supplier will read through your order if you follow this trend.

You may only require a maximum of three quotations to get the benchmark that befits your product hunt.

However, you may increase the number of questions after you have established your contact with the fairground rides manufacturer.

Similarly, you may consider numbering the questions you pose as it will make it easy for the targeted supplier to avail answers to each point.

Never ask for less than minimum

Suppliers are most likely to ignore customers who quote less than the minimum indicated quantities.

What Is The Best Kind Of Transportation For My Imported Fairground Ride?

Figure 34: Reducing the chances of being ignored after placing an order to import a fairground ride from China

Shipping methods after buying a fairground ride for import

You must place your priorities right after finding a fairground rides manufacturer that will present you with a product that meets your needs and specifications.

In the real sense, the size of your fairground ride and your budget will dictate the shipping method you will choose.

Essentially, the fairground rides for sale in the Chinese export market will present with an average weight greater than 500 kilograms; this can be very costly to ship.

You only have air freight and sea freight as the most effective methods for shipping your product from China.

Here’s why you should choose air freight as a shipping method:

  • If the weight is too large (over 500 kilograms)
  • If you are operating on average budget
  • If you are operating on a tight budget

Here are the reasons to choose sea freight

  • If you have time to wait- transport by ocean will take long (3-60 days) depending on your location.
  • If you are operating on a squeezed budget
  • If you are dealing with bulky purchases

You must also know that shipping by ocean will only be considered as economical if you handle the customs issues yourself.

How Much Information Do I Need To Give When Booking My Fairground Ride Shipment From China?

The customs authority in your country will require you to give proof that you are the owner of the imported fairground ride.

The following pieces of documents will come in handy whenever you want to clear the fairground ride you have imported:

1. Commercial invoice- This will serve as proof of sale and will contain the following information:
a. Invoice date and number
b. Product description, price, and quantity
c. Details about the seller and the buyer (including tax identification)
d. The accepted Incoterms

2. Packing lists- This will give proper details of the shipment and will come in handy in the shipping procedure.

A part from being used by your customs broker when clearing, the freight forwarders in your country and those in China will require the packing list to book your fairground ride with a trusted carrier who then issues a bill of lading.

The packing list will contain these pieces of information:

a. Details about the buyer, seller and shipping company
b. Date and mode of transport/shipping
c. Product description
d. Carrier information
e. Type, quantities and dimension of the package
f. Pack marks like seal numbers and container

3. Certificate of origin- This will declare the country of origin of the fairground ride and will help the customs section to determine the levies charged.

4. Letter of credit- This is the letter from your financier (bank) that gives the declaration that the seller will receive the charged amount in time and as agreed

5. Bill of lading/airway bill- This is a legally binding document issued by the shipping company giving the details of the goods.

6. Other documents- Depending on the country, the customs authorities may ask for:
a. Business permits
b. Import license
c. Certificate of inspection

How Do I Check If The Fairground Ride Model I Want To Import From China Is Permitted In My Country?

Even though this is an issue of international relations, you must be careful not to spend your hard-earned money on a fairground ride brand that is sanctioned in your country.

Fortunately, there are a dozen of avenues you can access to check whether the fairground ride model you want to import from China is permitted in your country.

Here’s the process:

  • Check your governments website. Websites such as Export.gov in the United States will give you effective assistance when making this decision
  • Consult with your local export assistance centers.
  • Your freight forwarder act as boost on ground as they have the conditions for import
  • Check with your country’s Chambers of Commerce
  • Verify with the export compliance software applicable to your country

How Do I Track My Fairground Ride Cargo From China?

The process of waiting for the imported fairground ride to reach your amusement park can be daunting.

However, the process could be s easy as 1, 2, 3 if you know how to track the import from the time you make your order.

Here are the options available whenever you want to track the status of your import:

  • Engage in a continuous dialogue with the dispatch unit of the manufacturing firm
  • Encourage the supplying agent to install your fairground ride with a tracking system as it will enable you to check the status of the product at any time.
  • Enable automated notifications on gadgets like mobile phones and computers.

What Do I Need To Install My Fairground Ride After Importing From China?

Installation comes next once you have cleared and picked your fairground ride from the local customs department.

Some companies will avail you with their agents to take you through the installation process and verify that the fairground ride is in good working conditions.

Nonetheless, the following steps will come in handy when you want to install the fairground ride:

  • Ensure that you have the right human resources with skills to do the work
  • Prepare the region for installation
  • Avail the necessary tools
  • Follow the safety compliance notes presented by the regulatory bodies in your country.
  • Inspect the working mechanism of the fairground ride
  • Write the final report for future references

Who Will Be The Target Customers For My Imported Fairground Ride?

Figure 38 Customer segments for fairground rides

Customer segments for fairground rides

The leisure industry is one of the fastest growing and most promising.

This can be attributed to the ever-growing youthful population and the increasing interest for populaces to have fun and engage in active leisurely activities.

This explains why investing in a fairground ride can be a great business idea for your amusement park.

Here is the group of individuals that will form the greatest market segment for your fairground rides business:

Children (6-12 years)- This group will form the largest part of your customer segments as they have the desire to explore and have fun. You must revamp your amusement park to ensure that it is friendly and attractive for children.

Teenagers (13-19 years)- Over 50% of your clients will come from this group. Just work to ensure that your amusement park is teen-friendly.

Youths (20-34) – Expect these clients during the weekends. They could visit to enjoy the fairground ride alongside their children.

Older adults- They will come in few numbers maybe accompanying their children and grandchildren.

Why Bother To Find A Freight Forwarder For My Imported Fairground Ride In China When I Have One In My Country?

Figure 39: Hire a freight forwarder from China

Hire a freight forwarder from China

From experience, it is beyond exception that you need to establish a strongly relationship with a freight forwarder from China the next time you want to import a fairground ride from this market.

The city of Shanghai alone has over 10,000 registered freight forwarders who are always willing to give your exemplary services.

This explains why finding a local freight forwarder from China must be a better solution to consider when importing your fairground ride from China.

Here are other reasons to go beyond the freight forwarders in your country and look for one from China:

1. They are cheaper

We know that cheap might not be good. However, cheap is the best when looking for a freight forwarder based in China.

In fact, cheap is the very first reason why you ditched other countries to choose China for your fairground ride.

From the lower expenses and exchange rates, China will remain the best market to source your fairground rides.

Chinese forwarders will charge you cheaply both in their shipping rates and handling fees.

Also note that most of the freight forwarders in your country may not be well placed to deal with the fairground rides manufacturers in China.

2. You will benefit from increased agility

You need to look for a freight forwarder who will be ready to make adjustments on his operations just to ensure that your needs are met while offering flexibility in the manner in which he handles your shipment.

A local Chinese freight forwarder is well conversant of the competition in the local market and will do exactly that.

A multinational freight forwarder is most likely to be stuck in their overseas offices rather than maneuver around companies looking for the “fairground rides for sale” tag just to advise you when you need their services.

This limits you from enhancing their levels of service just incase you face a problem.

You’d better look for a freight forwarder that is big enough to handle all your shipment requirements while operating as small enough to care about your specifications.

You will get all these from a local Chinse freight forwarder.

3. You will get optimal customer attention and personalized service

Just imagine working with a freight forwarder who will avail you with an intimate, personalized operation in the entire logistical process.

A freight forwarder based in China will always be willing to build his/her business by offering you the best services.

They are well-placed to empathize with your day-to-day stresses by paying attention to your challenges and coming up with solutions in a swift way.

4. They are flexible and highly efficient

Just like your country, the customs department in China involves a lot of paperwork, logistics, and administrative issues.

There is a likelihood that you may be faced with the challenges of time differences, language barriers, strict customs procedures, currency and timing when you consider a freight forwarder from your country when importing your fairground ride from China.

Local agents are well placed to interact with their systems to ensure that they get the best quotation for product prices, carrier, and routing.

When Should I Pay For My Fairground Ride Imported From China?

Well, the time of payment will vary with the contents of the contract you establish with your supplier.

However, most fairground rides manufacturers will make it a requirement for importers to pay 30% of the agreed price when placing the order.

The other 70% is paid when you (the customer) receive the fairground ride at your local port.

In most cases, the shipping company will require you to present a letter of credit as a confirmation that the fairground rides manufacturer will get the 70% payment from your bank at the right time.

What Will The Manufacturer Do Next After I Have Paid The Required Costs?

The manufacturer will look into ways of clearing your fairground ride for shipping after you have made the necessary payments.

Here are the steps that the manufacturer will follow to ensure that the fairground ride reaches you in the agreed timeframe

  • They will collaborate with you to hire a trusted freight forwarder
  • Your fairground ride will be loaded to a shipping container in a proper way
  • You will be forwarded with the accurate information concerning the shipment and the customs broker involved
  • The fairground ride will be shipped to the agreed destination for clearance.

Will I Require Cargo Insurance When Importing My Fairground Ride From China?

Yes, you will.

This is only a safety measure that seeks to protect you from the risks associated with freight loss.

Many things could go wrong when transporting your fairground ride from China to your destination.

Cargo insurance provides you with a soft-landing spot as the value of your shipment is cushioned from the dangers of theft, physical damage and general averages.

While your supplier may not automatically include the cargo insurance fees for the shipped fairground ride, it is advisable to purchase a policy from the insurance market to protect yourself just in case the unexpected happens.


Importing a fairground ride from China can be an uphill task if you lack a person to hold your hand.

This manual acts as an ultimate guide to ensure that the import process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Make it a close friend if international business is your thing.

Take time to go through every detail each time you want to import form china.

You will never regret!

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