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How to Choose the Best Airborne Shot Ride for Your Amusement Park

The airborne shot ride is a thrilling and beautiful amusement ride that lets you experience the fun of spinning, bouncing, and flying in the air. You may have many questions and concerns if you want to add such an attractive ride to your amusement park. For example, the price, safety, installation, maintenance, customization of the airborne shot ride, and so on.

To help you solve these problems, we have prepared a detailed article containing the frequently asked questions and answers about the airborne shot ride. You can find the following contents in this article:

What Is an Airborne Shot Ride?

The airborne shot ride is an amusement park ride with 16 seats that spin, bounce, and fly in the air.

It is also called a spiral jet ride.

Like a flying chair ride, the spiral jet has a rotating function.

This ride is one of the most liked riders in amusement parks, thanks to its colorful LED lights and attractive design.

The starry skies and LED lights add even more excitement to the flying experience at night.

What Is an Airborne Shot Ride

What Is an Airborne Shot Ride

How Does the Airborne Shot Ride Work?

The airborne shot ride works on the principle of centripetal force, which causes the chairs to rotate.

This ride’s seats initially rotate at a constant speed.

An outward bouncing movement occurs when the seats begin to turn at a certain angle.

Also, specialized buttons control the up and down motion of the seats.

The ride incorporates a continuous back-to-back combination of bouncing, spinning, and lifting.

How Much Is Area Required For An Airborne Shot Ride?

The airborne shot ride requires an area of 11m by 11m.

Interestingly, the required area can vary according to the size and the ride model.

Majorly, large airborne shot rides require a larger area for their installation than the estimated price.


Area for Airborne Shot Ride

Are Chinese Manufacturers Reliable For An Airborne Shot Ride?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers are reliable for an airborne shot ride because of their high-quality services and reasonable prices.

Sinorides is listed among the most reliable Chinese manufacturers for constructing airborne rides.

Some of the potential reasons that make it the most trustworthy manufacturer among all are given as follows:

  • More than 29 years of experience in manufacturing amusement rides
  • Transportation services to almost 200+ countries
  • Eligibility for all quality and safety international standards
  • Use of purest quality raw materials in the construction of the airborne shot ride

Is An Airborne Shot Ride Dangerous?

The airborne shot ride is a bit dangerous, where safety rules aren’t followed correctly.

No doubt, this thrill ride gives a mind-boggling experience to the riders.

However, the safety bars and harnesses make the airborne shot ride even less dangerous.

Plus, this ride can be dangerous if the operator fails to control it.

What Are The Other Names Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The airborne shot ride has some other names, which are as follows:

  • Spiral jet ride.
  • Air shot ride.
  • Wave Swinger facility
  • Couples fly light.

What Is The Motion Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The airborne shot ride has a circular and rotating motion with changing momentum.

The acceleration of this thrill ride changes drastically during the motion.

Also, the circular motion of the airborne shot ride is due to centripetal force, which keeps it in the circular path.

The presence of centripetal force generates centripetal acceleration, which keeps the motion of the airborne shot ride varying during the motion.

Motion of Airborne Shot Ride

How Many Passengers Can Ride The Airborne Shot Ride In One Turn?

According to an estimate, sixteen passengers can ride the airborne shot ride.

This passenger count is referred to as the medium-sized airborne shot ride.

However, the small and large-sized airborne shot rides can have a varying number of passenger-carrying capacities.

In addition, the passenger capacity of an airborne shot ride depends on the number of seats present.

What Is The Duration Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The duration of the airborne shot ride is five to ten minutes on an average count.

However, the operating duration of the airborne shot ride can change according to the speed and the control method.

The duration of an airborne shot ride generally decreases with the increase in its speed.

Not only this but the duration of this exciting ride can be set according to the thrill-bearing level of the riders sitting in it.

Duration of Airborne Shot Ride’s Motion

What Is The Hourly Capacity Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The hourly capacity of the airborne shot ride ranges from 12 to 16 persons.

However, this hourly capacity can vary from the efficient manufacturers’ models.

Sinorides is a Chinese airborne shot ride manufacturer that produces the models with the highest hourly capacities.

The hourly capacities of an airborne shot ride can be customized according to the buyer’s choice.

How Are Passengers Secured In An Airborne Shot Ride?

All passengers are secured in an airborne shot ride because of the presence of harnesses and seat belts.

Besides the availability of seat belts, safety rods keep the passengers restricted from falling on the earth while the ride moves in the air.

In some models of the airborne shot ride, foot clutches are present to increase the stability and grip of the riders in the ride.

What Is The Tilting Angle Of Seats In An Airborne Shot Ride?

The tilting angle of seats in the airborne shot ride is 50-60 degrees.

All seats maintain this angle in synchronization while moving in the air.

The primary reason for maintaining a particular angle in airborne shot ride seats is to generate a steady momentum.

This steady momentum continues until the ride stops, and the angle becomes 90 degrees with the earth.

What Is The Height Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The height of an airborne shot ride ranges up to 6.5 meters.

However, some other models have versatile heights depending on their thrill level.

Plus, the buyers can customize the height of the airborne shot ride according to the space and type of their amusement park.

Height of Airborne Shot Ride

Airborne Shot Ride Come In Which Category Of Amusement Rides?

Airborne shot rides fall in the category of thrill rides because of their structure and the exciting experience they give riders.

It’s considered the major attraction for the thrill-loving riders in the amusement parks.

The high height and tilting angle of the airborne shot ride make the rider enjoy the life-threatening experiences in amusement parks.

Do Airborne Shot Rides Operate Indoors?

No, airborne shot rides cannot be operated indoors because of their directional motion and the rotating seats’ angle.

Plus, it requires a larger area for its operation, which is unavailable indoors.

The high height of airborne shot rides makes it convenient for the controllers to operate them in indoor parks and malls.

This is the reason the majority of the manufacturers suggest installing it in outdoor amusement parks.

What Is The Driving Voltage Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The driving voltage of an airborne shot ride is 380V.

However, the voltage frequency of this thrilling amusement ride can be changed according to the voltage supply of the amusement parks.

The voltage needs of the airborne shot ride can be customized by asking the manufacturer.

Sinorides can be your best pick if you want to customize the voltage requirements of an airborne shot ride since it has professional workers to do it for you.

Driving Force for Airborne Shot ride

Who Operates An Airborne Shot Ride?

The operator in the control room is responsible for operating the airborne shot ride.

  • He operates this amusement ride in the given steps:
  • Presses the compressor button to start up the air compressor
  • After starting the compressor, he waits for five minutes
  • Presses the bell button to inform the riders and waits for five seconds
  • Turn on the start button to make the ride start working
  • Rotates the ride by controlling the rotating option
  • When time is up, the operator presses the stop button to stop the airborne shot ride
  • He also uses the emergency button in the case of an accident

How Much Does An Airborne Shot Ride Cost?

An airborne shot ride ranges from $4000 to $20000.

However, the building cost of this ride depends on several factors, such as the size, seating capacity, height, and customization services.

Besides this, you can get an airborne shot ride from China’s most reasonable amusement ride manufacturers.

One of these most budget-friendly airborne shot ride manufacturers is Sinorides, which offers the highest quality of this amusement ride at low prices.

What Is The Cost Of A Mini Airborne Shot Ride? (repeated)

What Drives The Motion Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

Centripetal force and continuously changing centripetal acceleration drives the rotating motion of the airborne shot ride.

This force points towards the axis of rotation and is responsible for the steady circular motion of the airborne shot ride.

Besides centripetal force and centripetal acceleration, the momentum is also responsible for driving the motion of this amusement thrill ride.

The momentum results in the change in velocity of the ride during movement.

How to Install an Airborne Shot Ride in an Amusement Park?

Installing an airborne shot ride in an amusement park requires specialized technicians and engineers.

The installation process consists of the following steps:

  • Preparing the Site

The technician, as well as workers at the installation site, should follow the design drawings, ensure adequate weather and space.

  • andthe Ride

The workers and the suppliers should carefully unpack and check the ride and its parts.

  • Positioning

Position the ride properly and set the baselines and reference points.

  • Inspection

Hire qualified engineers who can inspect the quality of the ride and its parts.

  • Transportation

As an airborne shot ride is a large-sized unit, it needs a crane to move it to the installation site.

  • Fixing to the Ground

Use anchor bolts to tighten the ride to the ground.

  • Lubrication

Lubricate the parts to avoid any friction.

  • Running the Ride

Ensure you have an adequate supply of electricity to run the ride smoothly.

  • Trial Operation

The last step is to run a trial operation to remove any remaining faults.

Additionally, if you head out to Sinorides, you do not need to worry about the installation process.

It provides installation videos and pictures to the customers.

They will send their technicians and engineers to install the airborne shot ride if you live overseas.

You must hire a Chinese translator and pay for accommodation and visa costs to install your airshow ride in the amusement park in no time.

airborne shot ride installation

Installing an Airborne Shot Ride

Do Chinese Manufacturers Offer A Warranty For Airborne Shot Rides?

Many well-known and replenishing Chinese amusement ride manufacturers offer a warranty of almost one year for airborne shot rides.

This one-year warranty comes with a variety of services.

Some of these services include:

  • Installation aid for the ride
  • Replacement of the damaged ride’s parts
  • Repair of the worn-out parts of the ride

Can Children Ride The Airborne Shot Ride?

Children can ride the airborne shot ride because it is incredibly safe.

Flying with beautiful and colorful LED lights brings children unmatched pleasure and happiness.

Therefore, let your children sit on the fantastic airborne shot ride to give them the best experience.

Lastly, each arm of the airborne shot ride holds two seats; therefore, you can also sit with your child for quality time and unlimited joy.

How To Make An Airborne Shot Ride Attractive?

An airborne shot ride can be made attractive by adding more LED lights and colorful themes to it.

It plays a leading role in attracting incoming rides in amusement parks because of its vibrant colors and embellished structures.

Besides this, you can add music to an airborne shot ride to make it even more attractive.

Attractive Airborne Shot Rides

Which Amusement Park Needs An Airborne Shot Ride?

A large and open amusement park needs an airborne shot ride because of the thrill level it provides to the riders.

In addition to the amusement parks, carnival parties also need an airborne shot ride.

Most amusement park owners demand manufacturers design airborne shot rides for their outdoor parks.

How Much Power Do Airborne Shot Rides Need?

An airborne shot ride needs 16kW for its operation.

However, the power needs of the airborne shot rides can be changed according to the power surges provided by the control rooms of amusement parks.

You can ask the manufacturer to customize the power limit of an airborne shot ride for you.

What Is The Speed Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

The speed of an airborne shot ride is 13 revolutions per minute.

The operator is responsible for controlling the speed of the airborne shot ride.

However, this estimated speed of the airborne shot ride can be increased or decreased according to the convenience level of the riders sitting on this ride.

Speed of Airborne Shot Ride

Is It Dangerous To Operate An Airborne Shot Ride In Strong Winds?

Operating an airborne shot ride in solid winds is quite dangerous since such winds can change the tilting angle of the moving seats.

The change in the tilting angle can cause the riders to fall during its operation.

Plus, stormy winds make it even more challenging for the operator to control the ride since it becomes hefty to maintain the appropriate angle of the seats.

Do Airborne Shot Rides Have A Height Limit?

Airborne shot rides don’t have a particular height limit for adults.

However,, individuals under 5″ cannot sit oon this ride.

In addition to this, disabled persons and kids of small height are strictly prohibited from entering this ride’s seating area.

Who Should Avoid Riding The Airborne Shot Ride?

The following persons should avoid riding the airborne shot ride:

  • Pregnant women
  • Disabled persons
  • Individuals with mental illness
  • Dumb and deaf people
  • Infants

How To Find A Reputable Airborne Shot Ride Manufacturer In China?

Follow the given steps for finding reliable and reputable airborne shot ride manufacturers in China:

  • Search for the Manufacturers

The availability of many efficient airborne ride manufacturers in China may bewilder you.

That is why it suggested searching for reliable Chinese amusement ride manufacturers on search engines like Google.

  • Analyze the Working of Manufacturers

Once you have jotted down some of the best options for airborne ride manufacturers, start analyzing their work.

Check the quality of materials and manufacturing process for selecting the best option.

  • Contact the Manufacturer

After selecting the final option of an airborne shot ride manufacturer, it’s time to reach out to them.

You can use email or number to contact the selected manufacturer.

  • R&D Services

The availability of R&D services will help you get a perfect idea of the manufacturer’s efficiency in constructing the ride.

Thus, I always prefer the one that comes with handy R&D services.

  • Availability of QC Team

The presence of the QC team on the manufacturer’s platform makes it easy for customers to solve their queries about the ride’s construction, shipping, and installation.

That is why we need to ensure the selected manufacturer has a QC team.

How Do I Train My Staff To Operate An Airborne Shot Ride?

You can train your staff to operate an airborne shot ride since it can avoid accidents.

You can offer the training to staff by guiding them through the guides and tutorials.

In addition to the guides and tutorials, many reputable manufacturers like Sinorides have a skilled team of professionals who work hard to train the operating staff of an airborne shot ride.

Training for Airborne Shot Ride

What are the primary materials used in manufacturing and airborne shot rides?

The common materials used in the manufacturing of an airborne shot ride include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless steel

Electrical and mechanical components make up the airborne shot ride.

They are either made up of steel or fiberglass.

The quality of the steel and fiberglass determines the ride’s performance and functionality.

High-quality, durable, and sturdy airborne shot rides ensure relentless fun and safety for the rider.

Can We Sit With A Partner In An Airborne Shot Ride?

Yes, you can sit with a partner in an airborne shot ride due to the presence of many sites.

A partner can also make you feel safe during the thrilling movement of an airborne ride.

Even the operators suggest that the parents sit with their kids if they are riding this ride for the first time.

What Sets The Airborne Shot Ride Apart From Other Amusement Ride?

The rotating motor and seat angle sets the airborne shot ride apart from the other amusement rides.

Unlike all other thrill rides, the airborne shot ride moves with a changing centripetal acceleration while maintaining a steady angle of seats in the air.

Besides the operation and angles, the airborne ride’s outlook and themed appearance also keep it apart from other amusement rides.

What Happens In Case Of A Power Failure In An Airborne Shot Ride?

The airborne shot ride stops immediately in the case of a power failure.

The power surges in the amusement parks generate the rotating motion of airborne shot rides.

Thus, when a power breakdown occurs, the power supply of the ride becomes zero, which causes it to stop working.

What Are The Unique Features Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

Some of the unique features of an airborne shot ride are listed as under:

  • It operates at a particular power and voltage frequency
  • The seats maintain an angle of 50-60 degrees in the air
  • A three-phase alternating current keeps it moving
  • The centripetal force is responsible for the rotating motion of the airborne shot ride
  • It’s embellished with LED lights and music parts

What Certificates Ensure The Quality Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

Some of the needed certificates for ensuring the quality of an airborne shot ride are given as follows:

  • CE Certification

This certificate ensures using the highest quality materials in constructing an airborne shot ride.

  • BV Certificate

It is necessary to ensure the manufacturer’s eligibility criteriar for for all quality and safety standards.

  • CCC Certification

The international certificate of China checks the efficiency of all amusement ride manufacturers.

  • GOST Certification

This certificate assures the fulfillment of tax formalities while transporting the airborne shot ride overseas.

How Long Does It Take To Manufacture An Airborne Shot Ride?

It takes more than one to two months to manufacture the airborne shot ride.

The primary reason for the more extended manufacturing period of the airborne shot ride is that it consists of several steps ranging from designing to packaging.

However, the manufacturing period of airborne shot rides varies according to the size and model of the ride.

Plus, the estimated time for manufacturing this thrilling ride can be increased if you want it with some customization services.

Manufacturing of Airborne Shot Ride

Does Sinorides Have A Warranty For Its Airborne Shot Ride?

Yes, Sinorides, China’s leading amusement manufacturer, offers aa one-one-year airborne shot ride warranty.

It also offers a lifetime warranty for some of its products.

Thus, customers can enjoy the ease of repairing or replacing their damaged airborne shot ride within the warranty.

Can I Customize My Airborne Shot Ride From Sinorides?

Yes, you can customize your airborne ride from Sinorides.

You can choose the material, design, and size, and even expand or decrease the number of arms of the ride.

You do no need to compromise on the quality of your airborne ride with Sinorides, regardless of the material, design, shape, or size you choose.

Embellished Airborne Shot Ride

How To Replace The Airborne Shot Ride?

Follow the given steps for replacing the airborne shot ride:

  • Contact the manufacturer from which you’ve bought the airborne shot ride
  • Reach out to their customer support for better communication
  • Discuss the problem you’re facing with the airborne ride
  • Ask them to replace the ride with the most appropriate options
  • Ship back the ride to the manufacturers

You can replace your airborne shot ride in the time suggested by the experts.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Airborne Shot Ride?

The average time duration for installing an airborne shot ride ranges from one to two weeks.

This estimated time is only for the medium airborne shot rides, whereas the larger models can take months to install.

However, the installation time of the airborne shot ride depends on the number of workers involved in the installation of the ride.

You can install the airborne shot ride in less than the estimated duration by hiring a large team of skilled workers.

Installation Time of Airborne Shot Ride

What To Do If The Airborne Shot Ride Gets Damaged?

When an airborne shot ride gets damaged, the first thing to do is call a professional mechanic who can determine the reasons for the ride’s damage.

If the local mechanic cannot check the damaged parts of the airborne shot ride, you can call the manufacturer to aid a professional inspection team.

The manufacturer’s inspection team will determine the reasons for damaging the ride.

Not only this, but their team includes mechanics and skilled workers who repair the ride’s damaged parts on the spot.

How Does The Airborne Shot Ride Generate Profit?

Airborne shot ride generates two-fold profit by attracting many exciting rides in amusement parks.

Most airborne shot rides are equipped with vibrant color themes and music-integrated parts.

Thus, these customizations hook the riders to this ride at first sight.

Besides the looks, it needs low maintenance and low installation cost.

Thus, the amusement park owner can profit significantly from this fantastic thrill ride.

Profit of Airborne Shot Ride

What Are The Safety Precautions Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

Some of the safety precautions that need to be ensured in an airborne shot ride are given as follows:

  • Allow the suggested age group to sit in the ride
  • Don’t allow pregnant women and disabled individuals to sit in an airborne ride
  • Make the riders read the safety rules before sitting in the airborne shot ride
  • Take account of the proper use of safety tools among the riders

How to Maintain the Airborne Shot Ride?

Experience technicians are required to maintain an airborne shot ride.

Furthermore, annual maintenance is necessary to prolong the ride’s life and ensure smooth operation.

But a proper way to maintain airborne stability is as follows:

  • Don’t forget to lubricate all the moving parts of the machine.
  • Hire technicians to test all parts by using different testing practices
  • The faulty parts should be replaced with new ones.
  • Hire expert operators to handle your airborne ride

Do I Need A Supervisor For My Airborne Shot Ride?

Yes, you’ll need a supervisor for your airborne shot ride since he can help you better understand the ride’s movement.

A supervisor will genuinely guide you in the operation and maintenance of the airborne ride.

Not only this, but a supervisor can also train the operational staff at amusement parks.

Supervisor of Airborne Shot Ride

Should I Buy An Airborne Shot Ride From China Or Europe?

It would be best to buy an airborne shot ride from China since it is considered the hub of airborne amusement rides.

A never-ending list of Chinese airborne shot ride manufacturers will never disappoint you regarding the quality of amusement rides.

Besides the highest quality manufacturing process of airborne shot rides, China has centers for producing premium-level raw materials used in the construction of rides.

Plus, the prices for manufacturing, shipping, and installing an airborne ride in China are pretty budget-friendly compared to Europe.

Sinorides can be your best decision for reliable airborne shot ride manufacturers in China for getting long-lasting rides.

Does Sinorides Test Its Airborne Shot Ride Before Delivering?

Yes, Sinorides will carry fine al testing before delivering it to the amusement park owners.

They have skilled teams that ensure the fulfillment of all safety and quality standards in constructing the airborne ride.

Plus, they even check the performance and functionality of all parts in the ride to check for any flaws.

After comprehensive analysis and testing, Sinorides packs the ride’s parts in wooden boxes and delivers them to the owner.

Tests of Airborne Shot Ride

How To Ensure Daily Maintenance Of An Airborne Shot Ride?

Follow the given tips for ensuring the daily maintenance of an airborne shot ride:

  • Lubricate all the parts of the ride after every use
  • Don’t let the dust accumulate in the moving parts of an airborne shot ride
  • Fix proper timings for the ride’s operation
  • Don’t compromise on the presence of damaged and worn-out parts in airborne shot rides
  • Clean the outer parts of the airborne shot ride with high-quality cleaners

How To Operate An Airborne Shot Ride?

The airborne shot ride is operated with the help of a compressor and control buttons.

The trained operator carries out all the procedures for operating an airborne shot ride.

He presses the compressor button to operate the airborne shot ride.

But the ride begins to work when the start button is pressed.

The proper speed of the ride is maintained through the operating buttons.

When it’s time to stop the ride, the operator presses the stop button to cease its motion.

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