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How to Choose the Best Backyard Train for Your Park

Backyard trains are a unique and fun amusement ride that can bring extraordinary joy to your visitors in your park. They consist of a cabin, an engine, and a track, which can be either trackless or track-based.

Backyard trains can be customized to fit different themes, such as animals, cartoon characters, or historical locomotives.


How to Choose the Right BACKYARD’S TRAIN? A Professional Buying Guide

What Are Backyard Trains For Sale?

Backyard Train for sale is a unique and trendy amusement ride used in backyards to create extraordinary enjoyment for riders.

Backyard train

How Does Backyard Train For Sale Operate?

There are backyard trains for sale that consist of cabins, an engine, and a track. The cabins are well arranged and connected to the engine. As the engine moves, the cabins move along with it.

To operate the backyard train, the driver of the train sparks the engine. The driver increases the speed of the backyard train by clicking on the train’s controls. This moves the backyard train forward. The driver controls the direction of the train by turning the steers.

To stop the backyard train for sale, the driver slows down the train by pushing the controls. The driver then turns off the backyard train by switching off the engine.

Operation of backyard train

Where Can Backyard Train For Sale Be Used?

As the name suggests, backyard trains are mostly used in backyards at home and backyards in communities.

Backyard train in operation at a backyard

Who Are The Suitable Users Of Backyard Train For Sale?

Because of the versatility of the backyard train for sale, it attracts people of different age groups. The backyard train for sale is suitable for kids, children, and adults.

Manufacturers can build specialized backyard trains for adults and kids.

Adult and children riding backyard train

What Are The Parts Of Backyard Train For Sale?

Backyard trains for sales are mainly made of engines, cabins, tracks, and controls.

Depending on the type of backyard train and place to be used, they can have tracks or be trackless.

Backyard train track

What Is The Price Of Big Backyard Train For Sale?

Backyard trains for sale vary depending on several factors. The type of backyard train, the type of manufacturer, and the quality of the materials used for manufacturing all affect the price of backyard trains.

The price of a backyard train can be anywhere around $5000 or more.  It’s possible to get a backyard train below the above price.

You can however get cheaper backyard trains from the Chinese markets.

Are Backyard Trains For Sale Safe?

Backyard Train for sale is one of the most safe amusement rides around. Why? This is primarily due to its simple structure, design, and usage.

Backyard trains are very close to the ground and this lowers the possibility of falling when riding.

In the very unlikely event that a rider falls, there won’t be any serious damage.

Aside from this, credible manufacturers like Sinoride add safety features like emergency stops, seat belts, fire extinguishers, etc to the trains to make them more safe.

How Can I Buy Backyard Train For Sale?

Buying a backyard train shouldn’t be a difficult task if you know the exact processes to follow.

Let’s quickly dive into the processes you need to follow to buy a backyard train for sale.

Jump on to Google or Bing and search for the keyword “backyard train manufacturers”. You can also search for ” backyard train directory ”

A tall list of manufacturers will pop up on Google’s search results.

Go through the websites of the manufacturers and look for the following:

Look for a manufacturer that has a lot of experience, has recognized industry certifications, uses quality materials for manufacturing, and follows standard manufacturing processes. The manufacturer should also have experience in shipping backyard trains to different parts of the world, especially your country.

Send messages to the manufacturers that meet the above-listed standards and request quotes for the backyard train you prefer. You can get the manufacturer’s contact information on their website.

When you receive feedback from the manufacturers, choose the manufacturer whose train meets your requirements, has a reasonably low price, and falls within your budget.

Ask for the payment details and instructions from your selected manufacturer and make payment accordingly. The manufacturer will make arrangements to ship the backyard train to your country.

What Is The Minimum Set Of Backyard Train For Sale I Can Order?

Most manufacturers offer as low as one set of backyard trains for sale.

What Factors Determines The Cost Of Backyard Train For Sale?

The price of a backyard train for sale just like other amusement rides is primarily influenced by 4 main factors. They are:

  • The type of backyard train for sale
  • Manufacturer
  • Quality of materials
  • Customized features.

Different types of backyard trains for sale vary in price because of their design, structure, and size. Simple and small-sized backyard trains for sale are mostly cheaper.

Different Manufacturers have varying costs of backyard trains for sale.

The type of materials used for manufacturing backyard trains influences its price. The higher the quality of materials used, the higher the cost of the backyard train.

Backyard trains with additional unique features cost more than those without.

Does Backyard Train For Sale Manufacturers Grant Warranty?

Yes, most manufacturers grant warranty on backyard trains for sale. Most credible manufacturers grant at least 1-year warranty on their backyard trains.

Always choose a manufacturer that has a warranty for their backyard train as this will help you reduce maintenance and repair costs.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Backyard Train For Sale?

A lot of factors go into choosing the right backyard train for sale. In this section, we will look at the top factors you should consider to help you choose the right backyard train.

Backyard requirements

The first thing you need to look at is your backyard’s requirements. You need to look at the size of your backyard to help you choose a train that fits the backyard. Large backyards can accommodate large backyards and vice versa.

Texpensiveof backyard train

Having a fair idea of your backyard’s space and surroundings will help you choose a backyard train of the right size and requirements.


Another important factor you need to check is your budget. How much money do you have to buy the backyard train for sale? Your budget will determine the type and quality of the backyard train. Large and quality trains are more expensive than small and less quality trains.


There are certain things you need to look out for in a manufacturer before buying a backyard train.

Look for a manufacturer with massive experience and a professional team. The manufacturer should also have good payment and shipping systems. Also, find out the type of materials the manufacturer uses for their backyard train.

Go in for a manufacturer that uses quality materials like stainless steel and fiber-reinforced glass.

How Are Backyard Trains For Sale Manufactured?

Manufacturers use different ways to produce backyard trains. But there are standard processes almost all credible manufacturers employ in their backyard train-for-sale manufacturing.

Below are the standard processes most manufacturers follow when producing backyard trains.


Manufacturers kickstart backyard trains for sale production with a design. The train’s design helps manufacturers to produce accurate and functional backyard trains. During the design stage, several drawings of the required backyard train are sketched with software drawing tools. The best design is selected and developed into a final design using the right dimensions and tolerance.

Fabrication of components

At the fabrication stage of the backyard train manufacturing, the various parts of the train are made.

The engine, cabin, track, controls, safety equipment, and other electrical parts of the train are produced. The materials for the backyard train are cut into parts, welded, or joined together depending on the part being produced.

Inspection of components

Under this stage, the various parts produced are inspected by the engineers and quality team of the manufacturer. They compare the parts produced with the design of the train to make sure they meet the requirements of the design. They check the functionality and tolerance of the parts.

Assembling of components

When the engineers and quality team are satisfied with the parts produced, they move on to the next stage of the manufacturing process which is assembling. The individual cabins produced are joined together and mounted on the engine. The safety and electrical parts of the train are also assembled.


The last step of the manufacturing process is testing. The manufacturer’s engineers test the backyard train for sale to verify if it functions well and has no faults.

Is China Backyard Train Worth Buying?

China backyard trains for sale are worth buying because Chinese manufacturers have massive experience and expertise in backyard train manufacturing.

As one of the world’s technology giants, China manufacturers use highly advanced technology to produce high-quality and reliable backyard trains.

China manufacturers use high-quality materials to produce backyard trains. On top of that China manufacturers use European standards in their backyard train production. This makes China’s backyard trains valuable and quality like those from Europe.

The exciting part about buying Chinese backyard trains is that they are cheaper than European trains. You will save money when you buy from Chinese manufacturers.

Quality Chinese backyard train

Are China Backyard Trains for Sale Safe?

Yes, China backyard trains are safe because of the high-quality materials and top-quality standards used for production.

China manufacturers also build reliable safety features into their backyard trains, therefore making them super safe.

Credible China manufacturers like Sinorides have professional quality teams who inspect all backyard trains after manufacturing. This ensures only safe and well-functioning backyard trains are released onto the market.

How Are Backyard Trains For Sale Installed?

There are two ways to install backyard trains for sale. The first option is to let the manufacturer install it for you. The second option is to hire local professional engineers with experience in backyard train to do the Installation.

Before the installation takes place, you need to prepare your backyard and keep it in good condition. Make sure you make available all the train’s manual and technical drawings before the installation team arrives.

All necessary tools, equipment, and materials for installation should be provided at the site before commencing installation.

Can Manufacturers Customize Backyard Train For Sale?

Yes, manufacturers can customize backyard trains for sale. Manufacturers can use specific materials, designs, and colors to customize backyard trains.

How Are Backyard Train For Sale Maintained?

Backyard trains need regular maintenance to make them efficient, safe, and last longer. Below are the various ways you can maintain the backyard cleaning


Inspect the backyard train parts regularly. You need to inspect the engine, cabins, tracks, controls, electrical components, and safety equipment to ensure they are in good condition.

When you detect a faulty or damaged part, quickly replace it. Fix any fault you see during your inspection.

Always use the manufacturer’s guide for this inspection. Credible manufacturers like Sinoride can train you or your team to professionally do maintenance on your backyard train.


Clean the body and cabins of the backyard train with a clean and soft cloth or duster. You can use pressurized water to wash stains and thick dirt on the backyard train. Ensure electrical components and all sensitive components are covered when washing with water.

China mini electric backyard train

What Are The Quality Certifications For Backyard Trains For Sale?

CE, BV, and TUV, CAAPA are the top industry quality certifications for backyard trains for sale.

Can Backyard Train For Sale Be Repaired?

Yes, backyard trains can be repaired.

What Should Be Done When Backyard Train For Sale Breaks Down?

The following tips should be followed when the backyard train for sale breaks down:

  • Troubleshoot the backyard train to find out the cause of the breakdown. Most manufacturers provide information about troubleshooting in their manuals. Troubleshooting should be done by a qualified technician.
  • When you find the fault, follow the manufacturer’s suggested instructions on how to fix the fault found.
  • Immediately contact the manufacturer for assistance if you can’t fix the backyard by yourself.

How Are Backyard Trains For Sale Repaired?

There are various ways backyard trains can be repaired. Below are some of the best ways to repair them.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s manual to repair

In the backyard train manual, manufacturers normally include potential faults that can develop on the backyard train and their possible ways to solve them. Follow the manufacturer’s suggested solutions to help you repair the backyard train.

Most credible manufacturers can also help you repair your backyard train through video calls, voice calls, etc.

In most challenging situations, the manufacturer can send a team to help you repair it.

  • Hire professional technicians

You can also hire a professional technician who has experience in backyard train repairs to fix it.

You can hire credible manufacturers like Sinorides to train you and your team to repair backyard training professionally.

What Quality Factors Should I Look For When Buying Backyard Train For Sale?

Before buying a backyard train for sale, you need to consider a lot of quality factors. This will help you buy a safe and well-functioning train.

Below are the top quality factors you need to look out for in the backyard train for sale.


You need to check the design of the backyard train. The design of the train must be practical, and safe and also meet both local and international standards.

The backyard train should have an effective braking system and safety equipment. The train ride should be stable and can withstand high stress.


The second quality factor you need to check is the material for manufacturing the backyard train.

The materials for manufacturing the backyard train for sale should be quality. Most backyard trains are made of quality materials such as steel, fiber-reinforced glass, and aluminum, depending on the type and manufacturer.

What Can I Do To Lower The Repair And Maintenance Cost Of Backyard Train For Sale?

Maintenance and repair cost eats up the revenue of most backyard train owners because they have to use a chunk of it to repair their train.

To drastically reduce the repair and maintenance cost, follow the following tips:

  • Purchase a backyard train that has a warranty.

Always buy from a manufacturer that offers at least 1-year warranty on their backyard train for sale. With this, most of the repair and maintenance costs will be covered by warranty.

  • Hire professionals to install your backyard train.

Most faults that develop on amusement rides can be traced to improper installations. Hiring qualified engineers to install your backyard train can eliminate most of these faults. This will in turn help you cut down repair and maintenance costs.

  • Maintain backyard train.

Maintaining the backyard train regularly will help you avoid a lot of breakdowns. This will go a long way to help you lower your repair and maintenance costs.

All repair and maintenance works need to be done by qualified technicians or engineers.

How Are Backyard Train For Sale Packaged For Shipping?

Most manufacturers pack backyard trains for sale parts in quality plastics. Other sensitive components of the backyard train are packed in boxes for shipping.

What Are The Advantages of Backyard Train?

  • It has no age limitation

Backyard trains have no age limitations. Both kids and adults can ride them.

  • It is relatively affordable

Backyard trains are affordable when compared with other amusement rides.

  • It covers less space

The backyard train for sale covers less space. Because of its vertical structure, it covers less space. This can offer more space for other rides.

  • It can be easily maintained

The parts of the backyard train for sale are easily accessible and this makes maintenance very easy.

  • It attracts several visitors.

The style and design of backyard trains for sale make it loved by all people. This helps to attract several visitors to your backyard.

  • It offers riders the real experience of riding actual trains.

What Amount Of Power Is Required to Operate Backyard Train For Sale?

Various types of backyard trains have different power ratings or consumption.

On average, a backyard train for sale has a battery with a capacity of 240V/400A. Most backyard trains have a motor with an average power of 15kW.

It may take 8 to 14 hours to fully charge backyard trains.

Battery-powered backyard train

Does Backyard Train For Sale Require A Driver?

Yes, backyard trains require a driver to control the direction of the train. The driver should undergo thorough training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the train controls.

How Long Can Backyard Train For Sale Operate?

A fully charged backyard train can operate for 8-14 hours a day.

However, some factors can affect how long a backyard train operates. Below are some of the factors:

  • The amount of power in the train’s battery determines how long it can operate.
  • The quality of materials and parts of the backyard train affects the operating hours of the train.
  • The weight of riders also affects how long a backyard train can work. Follow the weight restrictions given by the manufacturer for longer operational time.

How Many Cabins Does Backyard Train For Sale Have?

Various backyard trains have different quantities of cabins. The number of cabins on the backyard train depends on factors such as the design of the train, the size, and the manufacturer.

What Are The Quality Standards Of Backyard Trains For Sale?

EN 13814 and GB 8408-2018 are the top quality standards in the backyard train manufacturing industry.

In What Ways Do Manufacturers Transport Backyard Train For Sale?

There are several ways manufacturers transport backyard trains. Backyard trains for sale can be transported by air, water, and road.

Most credible backyard train manufacturers transport their trains by water through ships.

How Do I Buy Backyard Train For Sale?

The basic processes you need to follow to buy a backyard train are as follows:

  • Research online for credible backyard train manufacturers
  • Send a quote request to several credible manufacturers
  • Go through the quotes from manufacturers and select the one that meets your requirements and budget
  • Receive payment details of the manufacturer and make payment.

Small Elephant backyard train for sale

What Qualities Should I Check For In A Backyard Train Supplier?

  • The first quality you need to look at is the experience of the supplier. The backyard train supplier should have experience in supplying backyard trains globally.

Select a supplier that has experience in shipping backyard trains to your country or region.

  • The supplier should have good packaging systems to avoid damage to the backyard train.
  • The supplier delivers backyard trains worldwide on time.
  • A good backyard train supplier should have a proper tracking system for all shipped products.
  • Another important quality you need to watch out for is the payment systems the supplier offers. Make sure the supplier has flexible and globally accepted payment systems like payment through cash, Western Union, Paypal, escrow, MoneyGram, telegraphic transfer, letters of credit, etc.

What Is The Lifetime of Backyard Train For Sale?

Backyard trains have an average lifetime of 20 to 30 years. But this depends on how you operate and take care of the train.
To make the backyard train for sale last, you need to check the performance and efficiency of the parts regularly.

You need to also maintain it frequently. Follow the manufacturer’s guide for operating and maintaining the train.

How Can I Import Backyard Train For Sale From China?

To have a smooth importation of a backyard train for sale, you need to follow the steps below.

Google “backyard train manufacturers in China” and select a credible manufacturer.

Shortlist the credible manufacturer and contact them through their website.

Contact the manufacturer and request for the train’s price quote through their website.

Obtain all relevant documents you need to import backyard trains from local authorities in your country

Find out the quality standards of backyard trains in your country.

Contact the manufacturer to help you with  the importation process once you get all the required information and documents

Inform the manufacturer about your preferred way of importing the backyard train.

Receive the payment details of the manufacturer and make payment.

The manufacturer will initiate the importation process once they confirm payment.

Wait to receive the backyard train at the specified time

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