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Get the best and reliable Kiddie trains at Sinoride for a very reasonable price. You can choose your desired designs and specifications. All our services are set towards giving you exactly what meets your needs.

Kiddie trains are available for purchase at Sinoride. We provide all the support that your amusement park needs. Sinorides train rides bears responsibility for the design, manufacture, installation, and continuous maintenance.

A kiddie train is a classic amusement park ride that attracts more kids to your amusement park. It can be a profitable investment for any park owner since kids of different ages love to ride a cute-looking kiddie track train. Sinorides kiddie train for sale is pocket-friendly but does not compromise on the quality.

You can buy a kiddie track train or trackless trains at Sinorides. If you want to buy a kiddie train to run inside a mall or in a carnival, you can invest in our trackless kiddie train. You will find glossy car paints on our kiddie train that protect it from rusting and fading.

Sinorides 24 seats kiddie train
Sinorides 24 Seats Kiddie Train is suitable for indoor and outdoor shopping mall.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 9kW
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides 20 seats kiddie train
Sinorides 20 Seats Kiddie Train for Sale has the very colorful appearance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 20P
  • Power: 9kW
  • Track: 70m
Sinorides 15 seats Kiddie train
Sinorides 15 Seats Kiddie Train For Sale will help grow your park business fast.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 15P
  • Power: 4kW
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides 14P Cartoon Kiddie Train
Sinorides 14 Seats Kiddie Train for Sale fit for various shopping mall.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 14P
  • Power: 2kW
  • Size: L35m*H2m
Sinorides 12P Kiddie Train
Sinorides 12 Seats Kiddie Train for Sale let visitors enjoy viewing.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 2kW
  • Size: L12m*W6m
Sinorides 12 seats elephant kiddie train
Sinorides 12 Seats Elephant Kiddie Train meet all of your needs.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Voltage: 380V

Your Premier Kiddie Train Manufacturer in China

Sinorides Kiddie trains are one of a kind in China. Sinorides offers a warranty and training program for your amusement parks. We customize our products to fit your needs and site.

Sinorides Kiddie train manufactures at the European and International standard with great quality control. you can also import other kiddie rides from Sinorides.

You can rest assured that all our rides are never made below standard. We have great minds and an expert production team manufacturing these rides.

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Kiddie Train for Sale Project

Sinorides keeps improving and advancing to give you the best. It’s all about serving you well. We listen to your ideas and design exactly what you want. Everything is subject to what fits your needs.

Sinorides takes pride in the high level of professionalism. We are well known for our outstanding products and customer services.

Sinorides Kiddie Train Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides-Kiddie Train Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides-Kiddie Train Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Kiddie Train appearance more smooth.
Sinorides-Kiddie Train Material
High grade material to ensure your Kiddie Train running safely.
Sinorides Kiddie Train painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Kiddie Train good status.
Sinorides Kiddie Train Seats
High grade FRP to ensure high performance and safety for people.
Sinorides Kiddie Train Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Kiddie Train steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA24 Seats Kiddie Train20 Seats Kiddie Train15 Seats Kiddie Train14 Seats Kiddie Train12 Seats Kiddie Train12 Seats Elephant Kiddie Train
Colorcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customizedcan be customized
Number of Seats24P20P15P14P12P12P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

kiddie train design 2

kiddie train-design

Kiddie Train drawing from Sinorides

Kiddie Train drawing

Myanmar-FUN-VALLEY-Park_Design Magic City Design Dream Land Design

Sinorides is Reliable Kiddie Train Manufacturer

Your business will skyrocket with Sinorides qualified kiddie train. All of our train rides are certifed by CE, ISO BV and more certifications.

Sinorides has been manufacturing premium-quality kiddie train rides for almost three decades. We make hundreds of kiddie train rides every year for leading amusement and theme parks worldwide. For your reference, we have ten thousand customer cases.

Sinorides kiddie train for sale passes several quality tests at each stage of manufacturing. You will find that the design of our kiddie train ride is unique. Our kiddie trains feature various animal characters to attract kids.

To make a kiddie train ride more attractive, we have added LED lights and music systems. If you need any other type of customization, we can provide you with that too. We can paint kiddie trains in a color that matches the overall theme of your park.

Sinorides uses a rust-proof metal that has a zinc coating to make the tracks and other metal-based body parts. For cabins, we use fiber-reinforced plastic that has good withholding capacity.  

Operating our kiddie train ride is quite easy. You can operate it after the training of a few days. Our trackless kiddie train comes with a powerful pedal brake to stop it immediately.

Buy kiddie train at an affordable price now. Let Sinorides be your great supplier for amusement rides today! You can also get repair & techncial support from Sinorides for your train rides.

Kiddie Train: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

So you’re planning to invest in a Kiddie train, but want to get in-depth knowledge before placing the order. Great going!

The comprehensive research will help you make the right decision about your purchase. You will come to how to choose the right kiddie train for your park and many more things.

So that you don’t rove website to website, we have tried to answer all your questions about a kiddie train ride in this inclusive FAQ guide.

So without any further ado, let’s begin this guide.

What Is a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train

As the name indicates, Kiddie train or Kids train is a miniature version of the amusement train ride designed for kids specifically.

Kiddie trains come in various designs. Generally, they feature cartoon shapes, flashlights, and sound effects to attract kids.

A Kiddie train has various compartments where passengers sit and enjoy the ride.

Nowadays, both on-track and trackless kiddie train rides are available in the market.

Park owners use kiddie trains for entertainment purposes so that their visitors can roam their entire park.

How Does A Kiddie Train Work?

How Does Kiddie Train Work

On-track Kiddie trains work similarly to real passenger trains.

The track plays a significant role in the overall functionality of the train.

The electric power supply controls the track of the Kiddie train. The train track has conductive columns fixed to negative and positive terminals of the power supply.

An electric control cabinet manages the power supply and controls all electrical functions.

The train’s wheels have a connection with a cockpit motor.

When wheels contact the train’s conductive columns, they start using the power supply and drive the motor.

Thus an On-track kiddie train starts moving on the track.

On the other hand, trackless Kiddie trains have a straightforward mechanism.

The driving mechanism is beneath the train, covered by a protective layer.

Generally, trackless trains use battery power to operate.

What Are The Main Components of the Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Components


The engine is a crucial component in a Kiddie train ride, having a cabin for the driver.

It also delivers energy and controlling speed to the train.


The tack is another essential component that helps park trains run.

It’s a major structure that a Kiddie train runs on.

The Kiddie train operates on the track through power taken from the power supply.


Cabins are seating arrangements for passengers.

Generally, they have windows so that passengers can look outside and enjoy the journey simultaneously.

What Are Types of Kiddie Trains?

Kiddie Train Types

There are three types of kiddie train rides available in the market.

  • On-track Kiddie Train Ride
  • Trackless Kiddie Train Ride
  • Coin-Operated Kiddie Train Ride

On-track Kiddie Train Ride

As the name suggests, the on-track kiddie train ride runs on the track.

This type of kiddie train requires a small space and uses electric power to operate.

The wheels of the train follow the pattern of the track.

Trackless Kiddie Train Ride

Since this type of kiddie ride doesn’t use a track, it’s free to move anywhere.

It runs on the road, operated by a driver.

Businesses can run them inside a mall, and in the amusement park.

Coin-operated Kiddie Train Ride

Coin-operated Kiddie Train Ride is not as popular as the above two train ride types.

The ride has a different mechanism.

To make it functional, passengers need to put a coin in the hole situated on the train.

The train will stop after a complete turn.

How Safe Is A Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Safety

Kiddie trains are highly safe.

Passengers sit inside cabins, surrounded by the walls and roof of the train cabins.

Therefore, there is a negligible chance of falling from the train.

Besides this, Kiddie trains run at low speed that makes the journey comfortable.

To take the safety of your customers to the next level, park owners can enforce various types of safety guidelines in their amusement parks.

For example, the supervisor should ask kids to wear seat belts and guide them about dos and don’ts.

How to Buy A Kiddie Train?

Buying a Kiddie train is easy.

Nowadays, you can even purchase a kiddie train ride from any geographical location worldwide, thanks to the internet.

One significant benefit of buying a Kiddie train online is, you can choose from various manufacturers.

If you’re looking for a cheap option without compromising on the quality, choose a Chinese manufacturer.

The raw material is quite affordable in China. Therefore, Chinese manufacturers produce Kiddie rides of international standards at a low price.

Take the following steps to buy a Kiddie ride from a Chinese manufacturer

  • To find a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer, browse the websites of top Kiddie rides manufacturers in China.
  • Check out their certifications.
  • Look for reviews over Google and other websites. It will give you an idea of what people have to say about your potential manufacturer.
  • See the picture of their kiddie train and choose the one.
  • Get to know about the features and demerits of the train you choose.
  • Ask the manufacturer to send you the best price quote.
  • If the deal suits your budget, place the order.

How to Choose a Reliable Kiddie Train Manufacturer?

Choosing Kiddie Train Manufacturer

It might be challenging to choose a reliable kiddie train manufacturer, especially if you’re a newbie.

Consider the following points when looking for a trustworthy kiddie train manufacturer.

a) Experience

First, check the experience of your potential manufacturer.

They must have adequate experience in manufacturing kiddie trains.

Choose a manufacturer that has at least ten years of experience.

b) Reviews

Reviews say a lot about business.

Make sure the manufacturer has positive reviews over the internet.

You can read reviews over Google and other review websites.

c) Certifications

Ask the manufacturer about certification.

Depending on their country, they must have CE, ISO, GOST, etc., certifications.

d) Shipping Assistance

A reliable Kiddie train manufacturer must provide you assistance for safe shipping.

Generally, reliable manufacturers have a robust network for global shipment.

e) After-Sales Service

Ask about the warranty period and the kind of after-sales service you will get from your manufacturer.

f) Testing

A reliable manufacturer must test their rides for performance and safety before delivering them to you.

Get to know if your potential manufacturer conducts a full load test before delivery.

Is Chinese Kiddie Train Worth Investing?

Chinese Kiddie Train

China has a large number of top-rated Kiddie train manufacturers; one prominent name is Sinorides. They have been manufacturing and selling high-quality Kiddie trains since 1992.

They use high-quality raw material in their rides and have certifications that ensure the quality of their work.

Most Chinese manufacturers make Kiddie trains of European and international standards.

They provide park owners with warranty and after-sales services as well.

What gives Chinese Kiddie train rides a competitive edge over kiddie train rides of other countries is they’re comparatively affordable.

Due to the abundance of raw material, cheap labor cost, and shipping, Chinese manufacturers manage to provide Kiddie train rides at affordable prices.

Considering this, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a Chinese Kiddie train ride is worth investing in.

Difference Between Chinese and European Kiddie Train?

You won’t notice any significant difference between Chinese and European Kiddie trains, except for their prices.

Most of the raw material used for kiddie trains is sourced from China only, it minimizes the labor and material cost for the Chinese manufacturer.

As a result, Chinese kiddie train rides are much more affordable than European kiddie trains.

Park owners can benefit a lot from this huge price difference.

If you buy a Chinese Kiddie train, you won’t have to wait too long to get your investment back and even good returns on it.

Apart from manufacturing costs, the freight industry in China is quite competitive.

Therefore, it is cheaper to import a Kiddie train from China than from Europe.

Shipping from China to other countries is much easier and safer. This is the reason most Chinese manufacturers handle the shipping process themselves.

How to Analyze the Quality of a Kiddie Train for Sale?

Before you place an order, you must analyze the quality of the Kiddie train ride.

Wondering how to do that? Try the following methods.

  • If you’re buying online, you can’t check components physically.
  • However, you can ask your manufacturer to show quality certifications.

It will ensure that the manufacturer is reliable and use high-quality raw material.

  • Get to know if the Kiddie train has CE/GOST/ISO certifications.
  • If you’re able to visit your manufacturer physically, you should try out the following methods.
  • Check all the major components of the Kiddie train, especially the engine.
  • The engine shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to start as soon as the ignition is On.
  • Ensure the seats and other parts of the train use high-quality material.
  • Don’t forget to test braking system responsiveness.
  • Also, check if cabins are safe and have walls of adequate height so that passengers don’t fall off.

Who Are Suitable Users for A Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Suitable Users

As the name indicates, Kiddie trains are designed for kids only, they are not suitable for adults.

Kiddie trains are smaller in size, height, and weight limit; therefore, they can hold kids who are under the age of 12.

Kids slightly above the age of 12 can also ride the Kiddie train if they match the height and weight requirements.

Park owners shouldn’t let adults ride the train.

How to Maintain a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Maintenance

If you want your Kiddie train to work in good condition for a long time, you should give it regular maintenance.

To ensure proper maintenance, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Make sure your Kiddie train goes through regular inspection.
  • Your staff should inspect the train precisely at least once a month.
  • Look for wear and tear and if you notice any weird sound, call the professional to analyze the matter.
  • Hire a professional for inspection as they better understand the technical problem.
  • Moreover, you can train your staff for the same.
  • Park owners, having On-track kiddie trains, also need to ensure that tracks are also in excellent conditions.
  • Before you get kids on the train each time, run a test ride to ensure safety.
  • Also, give your staff training for better operation and maintenance.

How Many Kids Can Sit On a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Seating Capacity

How many kids can enjoy the Kiddie train ride in one turn depends on the number of compartments/cabins the train has.

A regular Kiddie train can hold 20 to 30 kids in a single turn.

Nevertheless, you can increase or decrease the number of cabins depending on your park’s requirement.

You can ask your manufacturer to do this customization.

Who Operates a Kiddie Train

Park owners will need to hire a driver to operate their Kiddie train rides.

The driver/operator sits in the cabin inside the engine and operates the ride.

The driver uses steering to turn the train and accelerates the speed by pushing the control.

All the major controls of the kiddie train are inside the engine’s cabin.

To stop the Kiddie train, the driver needs to push the brake down.

Operating a Kiddie train is quite straightforward.

After training for a few days, any of your staff members can operate the kiddie train ride.

How Much Space a Kiddie Train Needs to Operate?

Kiddie Train Space Requirement

If you have an on-track kiddie train, then it will depend on the length of your track that how much space the train will take.

Most park owners lay circular tracks so that they don’t take more space.

The train simply starts from one place and moves through the track, and stops at the same spot.

Even trackless kiddie trains don’t require that much space.

You can ask the operator to run them in a certain area only.

You can decrease the number of cabins if you have less space in your park.

What is the Price/Cost of A Kiddie Train?

The price/cost of a Kiddie train depends on various factors such as the size of the train, track length, quality of raw material, shipping cost, etc.

If you want to know the price, contact manufacturers of different countries and request them to send you price quotes.

Compare the cost and quality of the rides and then make a decision.

You will find that Chinese manufacturers are giving you the best deals.

This is because China is the largest producer of raw materials for amusement rides.

Since the raw material is readily available in China, Chinese manufacturers can provide high-quality rides at affordable prices.

Sinorides is an IAAPA-rated Kiddie train manufacturer in China. You can get in touch with our salesperson to know our kiddie train price.

What is the Age Limit for A Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Riding Age Limit

While most Kiddie train rides don’t have an age limit, they are not suitable for kids above age 12 due to the less space and height of trains.

In some kiddie trains, park owners allow parents to ride with their kids so that they can protect them.

Can I Customize A Kiddie Train?

Customized Kiddie Train

Yes, you can ask your potential manufacturer to customize the Kiddie train as per your park’s need.

Several Chinese manufacturers sell customized Kiddie rides, one popular name is Sinorides.

While Sinorides has their own designs, they welcome ideas from customers.

You can tell them your requirements so that their engineers can design the kiddie ride accordingly.

How Much It would Take to Get A Customized Kiddie Train?

Customized Kiddie Train

Customization takes time as it is like manufacturing a kiddie ride right from scratch. So you need to have patience.

The manufacturing of a customized Kiddie ride can take 30 to 45-days.

If you have an emergency requirement, you can check out Sinorides ready to use Kiddie train rides.

What Is The Warranty Period of A Kiddie Train?

Warranty is necessary for park owners. After all, it saves a lot of their money and time.

If you notice a manufacturing defect in your Kiddie train ride under the warranty period, your manufacturer will fix the problem without any charges.

The warranty period may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

However, if you’re working with a reputable Chinese manufacturer, you can expect to get at least a one-year warranty.

For the main metal structure, you get a warranty of up to 5 years, while for bearings and electrical components, you get a one-year warranty.

What is the Main Material Used In Kiddie Trains?

Kiddie Train Main Material

The main material of the Kiddie train is metal and fiber-reinforced plastic.

You will majorly see metal in the main structure of the train, its track, wheels, and cabins.

However, some internal parts of cabins such as seats are made out of high-quality fiber-reinforced plastic.

What is the Voltage Requirement of a Kiddie Train?

The voltage requirement of a Kiddie train depends on its type and size.

Generally, a regular Kiddie train requires a voltage of 220v.

However, if you buy a small or trackless Kiddie train, it might consume less voltage of around 110V.

What are the Quality Certifications for Kiddie Trains?

Depending on the origin of the manufacturer, quality certification for kiddie trains might vary.

However, you can expect a global manufacturer to have the following certifications.

a) CE

The manufacturer who takes responsibility for their rides’ safety, performance, and environmental requirements gets CE certification.

b) ISO

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The manufacturer who completes all the requirements to assure the quality of their rides receives this certification.

Some other notable quality certifications include GOST, BV, SONCAP, and SASO.

Sinorides’ Kiddie train ride passes all the major certifications. If you have any special quality certification requirements, we can apply for them.

How to Buy a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Buying

Buying a Kiddie train is straightforward. Either you can choose the online or offline method.

The online method is quite convenient and beneficial, especially if you want to buy a Kiddie train from an international manufacturer.

Moreover, it allows you to make a deal with a top-rated manufacturer.

The process for online shopping should be as per below.

  • Visit the website of your prospective manufacturer.
  • See all the pictures of the Kiddie train ride
  • Read manufacturer’s reviews on Google
  • Ask the manufacturer about the features and limitations of the train.
  • Confirm the price and if it suits your budget, finalize the deal by paying the bill.

What Are The Safety precautions for a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Safety Precautions

If you follow proper safety precautions, you can minimize accidents to a great extent.

While Kiddie trains are exceptionally safe, basic safety precautions are crucial to avoid any mishappening.

Park owners must enforce the following safety precautions to achieve maximum safety.

  • The age of the kids should not be more than 12-year.
  • If they are above the recommended age, they should meet height and weight requirements at least.
  • Make sure your maintenance and operational staff implement all the safety settings to enhance safety.
  • The operator should operate the Kiddie train within the speed limit.
  • The supervisor should instruct kids to follow all the safety instructions.
  • He or she should tell kids not to jump off the train.
  • Don’t allow eatables and drinks inside the train.
  • Some trains also feature seatbelts. So, if your train has seat belts, ask the riders to use them properly.
  • The supervisor needs to make sure that no one is standing up when the train is moving.

Can I Use a Kiddie Train for Indoors?

Kiddie Train Indoors

Yes, if you buy a trackless Kiddie train, you can operate it indoors, such as in a mall or an arena.

If you want to operate your Kiddie train indoors, make sure you buy a compact size kiddie train so that it doesn’t require that much space to take a turn.

Note: Since Kiddie trains are for sightseeing, you should install them outdoors.

What Are the Age and Height Restrictions for a Kiddie Train?

The Kids’ age riding the Kiddie train should be no more than 12-year and height should be between 140 to 149 cm.

What Things Should I Keep in Mind when Buying a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Buying Tips

You can’t go wrong with your decision when you follow the below tips when buying a Kiddie train ride.

  • Analyze the quality of raw material the manufacturer has used in the Kiddie train. Remember, the train with low-quality raw material might get durability issues and face frequent problems.
  • Check the quality certifications to ensure the quality of the kiddie train ride.
  • Get to know if you get a warranty and after-sales service.
  • Always choose the manufacturer with a QC team. It ensures that all the mechanical and electrical components of the Kiddie train are up to industry standards.

How to Import a Kiddie Train from China?

No matter which country you reside in, you can import a Kiddie train from China easily.

However, to ensure everything is smooth, you need to contact a trustworthy Chinese Kiddie train manufacturer.

The manufacturer should provide a convenient shipping service at an affordable price.

Generally, the manufacturer having tie-ups with shipping companies is more capable of managing the international shipping process.

Below are the things you can do at your end.

  • Always place an order for Kiddie train via the manufacturer’s legit website.
  • Make sure all the information about the contract, delivery, and payment is clear to both parties.
  • Declare all your taxes and duty imports
  • Get all your legal documents ready.
  • Follow all the international terms for shipping if importing the kiddie train outside China.

How to Find a Reliable Kiddie Train Manufacturer in China?

Kiddie Train Reliable Manufacturer

When you choose a reliable manufacturer, you not only get a quality Kiddie train but also receive great customer support.

The following steps will help you choose a trustworthy Chinese manufacturer.

a) Experience

The more experience a manufacturer has, the more reliable they are. Go for the manufacturer that has been manufacturing Kiddie trains for at least ten years. Sinorides has been dealing in kiddie trains for almost three decades.

b) Raw Material

The manufacturer must use high-quality raw material. It would be an advantage if the company has a QA team to analyze the quality and performance of raw materials used in the train.

c) Certifications

You should check the CE/ISO/GOST and other certifications.


Read the reviews about your prospective manufacturer. It will give you an idea of how good the manufacturer is in terms of product quality and customer support.

How Do Manufacturers Pack Kiddie Trains for Safe Shipping?

The right packaging process is important to ensure the safe shipping of a Kiddie train.

Generally, manufacturers use plastic wrap for the packaging.

All the components are packed with multiple layers of plastic wrap.

Besides the plastic wrap, huge wooden boxes are used to preserve delicate parts, such as electric motors and other components.

Manufacturers can also arrange premium packaging for some extra bucks.

At Sinorides, we pack all the delicate components in safe wooden boxes.

How Long Does It Take to Import a Kiddie Ride from China?

There are plenty of factors that influence the import duration.

These include:

  • Distance of your country from china
  • What method/way do you choose for transportation, for example, sea, air, or road.

Nevertheless, you can expect to receive your Kiddie train between 10 to 15 days.

Park owners from countries that belong to the Southeast Asia region might get the Kiddie train delivered within a week or before.

Is A Kiddie Train Ride Good Investment for My Theme Park Business?

Kiddie Train Investment

Many park owners want to know how beneficial a Kiddie train investment is for their business.

Well, kiddie trains are in demand nowadays. So, you can expect good returns on your investment.

Let’s take a look at some reasons you buy a Kiddie train ride for your park.

  • More kids will visit your park after installing a Kiddie train ride.
  • If you have an amusement park with a large space, you can use it as internal transport.
  • It requires low maintenance comparatively.
  • Kiddie train is an affordable investment but gives good returns.
  • Kiddie trains are highly safe.
  • You don’t need a big staff to operate a kiddie train.

What Is The Manufacturing Process of a Kiddie Train Ride?

Kiddie Train Manufacturing Process

Many park owners want to know the manufacturing process of a Kiddie train ride.

If you’re one of them, below is the step of the process.

The manufacturing process starts with the assembling of mechanical and electrical components.

After assembling, the laser-cutting is done to give the train a nice finished look. Manufacturers use state-of-the-art laser-cutting machines.

After that, the material has to go through the fire cutting process.

Then after engineers use a CNC machine to ensure that the Kiddie train structure meets all the required specifications.

The very next process involves welding the joints.

The manufacturing staff then uses a multi-functional polish to make the overall appearance neat and clean.

In the last steps, painters paint all the external parts of the Kiddie train using eco-friendly paint.

How Much Weight Can A Kiddie Train Ride Carry?

Kiddie Train Weight Limit

The weight limit of a Kiddie train may differ from one train to another.

After all, different Kiddie trains have different accommodating capacities.

However, a regular Kiddie train ride’s weight limit should be between 350-450 Ibs.

Kiddie train rides with fewer compartments accommodate less user weight.

Nevertheless, you can ask your manufacturer to customize the seating capacity and weight limit of your kiddie train Can I Operate My Kiddie Train In The Rainy Season?

Kiddie Train Operation

While operating a Kiddie train on rainy days is not a significant problem, you should avoid operating it when it is raining outside.

Though most kiddie trains come with a roof, the rain splashes might enter inside and seats can get wet.

If it is continuous heavy rain, you shouldn’t operate the train.

However, running a Kiddie train in a slight drizzle shouldn’t be an issue.

After all, Kiddie trains feature protective measures to protect the electrical components.

Do Kiddie Trains Come With Suspensions?

On-track Kiddie trains don’t require suspensions.

The train tracks are smooth in design; therefore, trains don’t experience any bumps.

Trackless kiddie trains, on the other hand, feature suspensions to provide a smooth drive in the bumpy areas.

If you want to operate your Kiddie train outdoors, you should go for the train with suspension as your customers won’t like bumps while riding.

Ask your manufacturer about this feature in advance.

What Are the Features of A Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Features

Kiddie trains are in demand worldwide as they have turned into the major attractions of amusement and theme parks.

Amusement park businesses can expect huge returns investing in Kiddie train rides.

Some crucial features of Kiddie trains include:

  • Kiddie trains are available in various cartoon characters that entice kids.
  • You find flashing lights and sound effects in Kiddie trains that make them more appealing.
  • Kiddie trains also feature a smokey chimney that gives them an aesthetic appearance.
  • Kiddies trains are easy to operate. The driver uses pedals and a steering wheel to run the train.

How to Install a Kiddie Train?

Kiddie Train Installation

The installation process shouldn’t bother you as long as you’re working with a professional Kiddie train manufacturer.

Most manufacturers provide a comprehensive user manual for installation along with drawings, and videos.

Still, if you find any difficulty with the installation process, you can ask your manufacturer to send engineers to your place for the installation.

For an on-track Kiddie train, the workers/staff installs the train tracks first. Electricians ensure proper power supply.

A trackless train, on the other hand, doesn’t require any installation process.

Park owners can operate them anywhere like a car.

Should I buy A Kiddie train from A Chinese Manufacturer?

A lot of park owners doubt the quality of Chinese Kiddie trains.

They think that since Chinese manufacturers have a low price, they produce cheap-quality products.

However, it’s not true.

China is the leading Kiddie train manufacturer country in the world.

They provide affordable kiddie trains because the raw material is readily available in the country.

Additionally, the labor and shipping industry is quite competitive in China.

Some other reason that confirms Chinese Kiddie ride is worth investing include:

  • Chinese manufacturers use premium quality material in their kiddie trains, making them last longing.
  • Chinese manufacturers provide after-sales and warranty services.
  • Chinese Kiddie trains pass through the same quality test that European trains pass.

How Many Coaches Do A Kiddie Train Has?

Kiddie Train Coaches

Kiddie Trains are available in various sizes. Therefore, the number of cabins depends on the train size you choose.

You can choose from 6-cabin, 8-cabin, 12-cabin, and even 16-cabin kiddie trains for sale.

Generally, the mini Kiddie train has 3 to 4 cabins while the large-sized kiddie train might have up to 16 cabins.

Nowadays, you get customized kiddie trains as well.  You ask your manufacturer to add coaches as per your need.

What Is the Difference Between On-track and Trackless Kiddie Train?

The major difference between on-track and trackless Kiddie trains is in the way of their operation.

As the name suggests, on-track kiddie trains run on the dedicated track.

Park owners who invest in an on-track Kiddie train need to install the track first.

The track is more like a real train track that plays a crucial role in the overall functionality of the train.

The Kiddie train track features conductive columns connected to the power supply’s positive and negative terminals.

Trackless Kiddie train, on the other hand, is a comparatively low maintenance ride.

Since it doesn’t require a track to operate, you can run it anywhere on the appropriate surface.

Trackless Kiddie trains run like cars on the road.

Do Kiddie Trains Come With Steering Wheels?

Kiddie Train Coaches

Since on-track kiddie trains run on the track, they don’t necessarily require a steering wheel.

The operator controls the speed of the on-track kiddie train from the cockpit.

Not all trackless kiddie trains feature a steering wheel.

If the train has another way to take a turn, it doesn’t need a steering wheel.

The control of a kiddie train is always under the control of its operator.

In most cases, steering wheels are for fun and make the ride more enjoyable.

However, in the coin-operated kiddie train, you see real steering wheels.

Do Kiddie Trains Have Roofs?

Kiddie Train Roof

While it’s not necessary for a Kiddie train to have a roof, most kiddie trains feature the roof.

It gives the riders a feel of a real train journey.

If your purpose is to provide your customers with sightseeing only, you may go for a roofless kiddie train.

What Can I Do to Make My Kiddie Ride More Appealing?

By default, kiddie trains are eye-appealing.

However, if you want to enhance its appeal, you may try the following methods.

You can add special lights to make them more attractive.

You can ask your manufacturer to give them the shape of a cartoon character.

Ask your manufacturer to include a smoking chimney at the front of your Kiddie train.

You can also include a music system in your Kiddie train to enhance your customers’ experience.

So this is an in-depth FAQ guide on Kiddie trains.

We hope it answers all questions in your mind.

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