What is Mini Pendulum Ride

Ultimate Mini Pendulum Ride FAQ Guide for Amusement Park Investors and Operators

You’re involved in operating an amusement park, investing in a theme park, or procuring rides for a park. In that case, our comprehensive Mini Pendulum Ride FAQ Guide is valuable you don’t want to miss. The Mini Pendulum Ride has been capturing attention in indoor and outdoor amusement settings, offering exhilarating experiences for riders while proving to be a lucrative addition for park owners.

What Makes the Mini Pendulum Ride Stand Out?

The Mini Pendulum Ride is meticulously crafted to deliver maximum excitement within a compact footprint, making it perfect for parks with limited space. With its pendulum motion and captivating back-and-forth swings, this ride creates an experience that keeps guests returning for more, blending safety, durability, and entertainment seamlessly.

Key Advantages:

Compact Design: Suitable for parks of all sizes, regardless of space constraints.

High Thrill Factor: Attracts a wide range of age groups, offering excitement for everyone.

Durability: Constructed with top-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resilience under heavy usage.

Cost-Efficiency: Provides a high return on investment due to its popularity and relatively low maintenance costs.


Common Inquiries Addressed:

  • What are the space requirements for installation?

The Mini Pendulum Ride requires a relatively small area, allowing for flexibility in various park layouts.

  • What is the maintenance schedule?

Regular maintenance includes weekly safety checks and annual inspections to ensure the ride’s longevity and safety.

  • How many riders can it accommodate per hour? The ride capacity varies, but it accommodates many riders, enhancing throughput and reducing wait times.
  • Is it suitable for all age groups?

Yes, the Mini Pendulum Ride is designed for children and adults, with adjustable safety features to accommodate different age groups.


The Benefits of Investing in Mini Pendulum Rides:

Embracing a Mini Pendulum Ride can significantly enhance your park’s attraction portfolio. Ipark’s thrill factor, combined with low operational costs, makes it an innovative and worthwhile investmentride’shermore, the rinvestmentride’shermores a sidestream of visitors, ultimately boosting overall park revenue.

Please explore our complete ride to understand how the Mini Pendulum Ride can elevate your park. Whether experiencing current offerings or planning a new theme park, this guide offers all the insights you need to make an informed and positive decision. Exciting times lie ahead for your park!

A Mini Pendulum Ride is an amusement park ride for youngsters.

It is pretty similar in physics and looks like a Frisbee ride, but much smaller and portable.

What is Mini Pendulum Ride

What is the Mini Pendulum Ride

As youngsters cannot ride huge ones, this replica is the perfect chance for them to enjoy.

How Does The Mini Pendulum Rides Work?

As is evident by its name, it moves in a pendulum.

This movement is caused by a motor attached to it.

The moving part of this ride is attached to a motor drive, which senses its movement.

That motor then helps the ride move in a non-uniform clockwise motion and To and Fro pendulum movement.

What Are Different Types Of Mini Pendulum Rides?

Depending on size and features, many types of Mini Pendulum rides exist.

There is 360ᵒ Frisbee Ride, Portable Pendulum Ride, Mobile Pendulum Ride, 12-Seater Ride, and Mini Pendulum Ride.

These rides come in different skids, depending on the kids’ heights and ages.

What are the different types of mechanical components used in mini pendulum rides?

Following are a few of the Mechanical Components used in Mini Pendulum Rides:

  • Chicken Leg Shoulder

This component looks as exact as it sounds.

This support component is made from pure steel and provides safety to riding arms.

  • Air Cylinder

Moving such heavy equipment is not easy, so this component compresses air and turns its strength into mechanical energy toward ride movement.

Usually, two of these components are attached for more strength.

  • Brake Motor

This is an essential component of this whole ride.

Whether the ride needs an instant stop or is required to stay in safe movement, this motor is the one to rescue.

  • Flange

A flange is the perfect component for connecting different parts.

Each part of the mini pendulum ride requires a flange for a safe connection.

  • Threaded Hole

This is a minor component yet a valuable component.

It is used to connect ride parts and other components.

  • Standard Slewing Bearing

This is the central part added when it comes to ride movement.

It is connected to the central axis and withstands the main load of the ride movement.

  • Planetary Reducer

This component helps increase the motor’s productivity while increasing the ride movement output.

  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing

It is a simple, structured ball bearing used for moving parts of the mini pendulum ride.

What are the different types of electrical components used in mini pendulum rides?

Following are a few of the Electrical Components used in Mini Pendulum Ride:

  • Electric Bell

This alarm bell is used before the ride starts or when the ride is about to end.

It is an electromagnet bell that operates on an AC power source.

  • Distribution Panel

This is a complete control panel, which helps to operate multiple rides from a single platform.

At the back end, there is a whole panel for wiring to decide the power source for each ride.

  • Rotary Switch

This is like an On/Off switch but comprises a lever instead of a standard switch.

Rotary Switch

It is a waterproof switch for the primary circuit.

  • Indicator Light

This component is installed on multiple spots to determine each circuit’s status.

  • Ammeter

This circuit is placed on the primary circuit to find AC and D currents.

This meter is beneficial to keep a balanced current in the circuit.

  • Emergency Button

A vast Red button instantly breaks the connection between the circuit and the ride.

It is used when there is some short circuit or any other fault.

  • Voltmeter

This is another measuring instrument used in the control panel.

This meter measures the total voltage in the circuit and helps determine if voltages are within the safe limit.

  • Intermediate Relay

This is another switching and safety component.

This relay is used to keep the voltages under a safe limit.

  • Current Transformer

This is a small transformer used in the circuit.

It is used to lower the current at the secondary side and provide a safe range.

  • Switching Power Supply

This is voltage control equipment.

Switching Power Supply

Using this component, you can easily convert voltage levels according to your requirements.

  • PLC Host

It is an electronic system that controls all the circuit operations.

Whether it is about control or safety, everything is done from here.

  • AC Contactor

This safety component quenches the generated arc, which switches on/off the circuit.

  • Frequency Converter

It is another motor controlling component which controls the speed of the AC motor attached to the central axis.

It controls the motor speed by changing the frequency.

  • Terminal Block

It is a connecting component used to join circuits with different elements.

It is an insulated case where different wires are connected easily.

  • Molded Case Circuit

This is a protection device that keeps the circuit secure from the current.

Molded Case Circuit

There is a set limit for current, and if it exceeds the limit, it trips the circuit.

  • Resistance

These are very small yet amazing components of the circuit.

They are responsible for protecting and determining the exact voltage of other components.

  • Communication Connector

These are simple connectors used to connect two electrical devices for signal transmission.

What Is the Material Used To Make the Mechanical Structure Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

Following are a few of the materials used in mechanical structure:

  • Channel Steel

These are the long bars of U-shaped steel.

This is the primary raw material used to construct the Mini Pendulum Ride.

Channel Steel

  • Steel Plate

This is a thick sheet of raw steel, later molded and pressed to a defined shape.

These steel plates are also made by melting and forging them into square plates.

  • Square Tube

Again, these are the long bars of square tubes, one of the essential materials for platform construction.

The square tube is made from a round tube and is forged into a square shape.

  • Round bar

This is a long steel bar with a circular cross-section, and it is used in the pendulum axis.

  • Rectangular bar

These rectangular bars are lightweight and hollow from within.

These are used for mechanical purposes and in engineering as well.

  • Pattern aluminum plate

The pattern on the aluminum plate is such that there are alternate five concave and convex patterns placed 60 to 80 degrees from each other. Such a pattern will provide you with no slip.

These plates are used on the parts people must walk on to ensure they walk without slipping.

  • Round tubes

Round tubes are made of stainless steel and are hollow from within with a concentric cross-section.

This material is used to make motors and column tubes.

The length of the round tubes is greater than the periphery of these hollow tubes.

  • Angle steel

Angle steel is perpendicular to each other on each end. This sheet is used because it has better plastic deformation performance and excellent mechanical strength.

Due to its strength, the sheet is very long and helpful in the mini pendulum rides.

What Material Is Used to Make the Orbital Platform of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

Channel steel is mainly used to make up the orbital platform of mini pendulum rides.

Channel steel is available in different sizes and shapes.

Still, the average size of channel steel is used for the orbital platform of mini pendulum rides.

The channel steel is made so that it looks like a block C when looking from the cross-section. Steel is present with the straight wall of steel to a small attachment perpendicular to the channel.

Some of the cases make your channel steel even stronger and more stable. Two extensions on each side are added to turn it inwards and give your channel steel almost a rectangular steel bar shape.

The channel steel design can be changed to make adjustments regarding the use of channel steel for the orbital platform.

What Material Is Used to Make the Platform of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

The square steel tubes are used to make the platform for the mini pendulum ride.

These square tubes may or may not have equal sides, and all that you can be sure about is that they are hollow from the inside.

These square steel tubes make an excellent platform for your mini pendulum rides.

square steel tubes

This is used in the mini pendulum ride platform because it has excellent strength and can also survive extreme tolerances.

Not only temperature, but they can also survive extreme pressure and all the other destructive elements of ordinary steel.

What Material Is Used to Make Metal Components of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

The material used to make the metal component of the mini pendulum ride is angle steel.

The angle steel is the one where both ends are perpendicular.

These sheets are used because they have plastic deformation properties and can be altered later on very quickly.

 angle steel

The angle sheets’ mechanical strength adds even more to the favor of using the angle steel sheets. Another thing is the durability and weldability of these steel sheets.

All these characteristics and features make it a perfect choice for the angel steel sheet.

What Material Is Used to Make Axis of The Mechanical Structure Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?

Different materials are used on each part of your mini pendulum ride.

The round steel bars are required to build the axis of the mechanical structure in that mini pendulum ride.

 round steel bars

These round steel bars are not hollow from within but provide great strength while maxing the axis of your mini pendulum ride.

The shape of these round steel bars makes them very suitable for forming the axis of the mechanical structure of a mini pendulum ride.

What material is used to make mechanical parts and engineering structures for the mini pendulum ride?

The steel plate is used to make the mini pendulum’s mini pendulum’s mechanical parts and engineering structures.

The steel plate is made by melting and pressing it into a plate after being cooled.

This steel plate is used because it can be easily forged into different required structures for the mechanical arts.

Engineering structures can also be formed with the help of this steel plate.

Steel plates of different thicknesses are available for suitride’sini pendulum rides. Is nesuitride’sini the best material used for the mini pendulum ride’s column tubes and motor covers?

Round steel tubes are used to make column tubes and motor covers for the mini pendulum ride.

The round tube is hollow from within.

Round tubes of steel

All these steel tubes will open at both ends, benefiting from using it as a motor cover for the mini pendulum ride.

These tubes are available in different sizes as well.

Despite being made of steel, the round tubes are not very heavy.

HowRide’sini Pendulum Ride’s PlaHowRide’sinie pendulumRide’se’si pendulum’s ripendulum’sTride’siapendulum’slride’sh the help of patterns on it.

These patterns provide enough friction, making the whole platform not slippery.

Without those patterns, the platform would have been very slippery.

The pattern on top of the platform is the alternate five concave and convex.

All these are placed against each other at a 60-to-80-degree angle.

This pattern is repeated all over the sheet, so it is not slippery anywhere.

The material used for the platform is aluminum, which makes it even lighter and better.

Due to this pattern on aluminum, the whole platform gave an excellent non-slip property.

How Much Does A Mini Pendulum Ride Costs?

The cost of the pendulum ride depends upon many factors.

The cost depends upon the material used.

The cost of labor also factors in.

The average cost fluctuates somewhere between $9000-$12000.

The manufacturing sites will also give you a quotation.

This will help you choose the best manufacturer.

You are advised to do your research and choose the best one.

How to Install Mini Pendulum Ride?

It would be better if the manufacturer offered to install the ride himself.

That will decrease any chances of an accident.

Good manufacturers offer to install the rides.

They know that they can do the installation better.

Sinorides is one of the best manufacturers of installation and ride manufacturing.

The manufacturer is a qualified engineer who will help with a better installation.

Mini Pendulum

Does Mini Pendulum Ride Manufacturer Provide Warranty Or Guarantee Of The Product?

If a reliable company manufactures the products, they will provide a warranty and guarantee.

Warranty is a sign that the company you are working with can be trusted.

If Sinorides installs the ride, we will give you a one-year guarantee.

Still, if the installation is done by someone else, then the warranty will not be provided.

What To Do When The Mini Pendulum Rides Breaks Down During Working?

Even after careful inspection and installation, the rides can break down.

In case of a breakdown, you should switch off the ride urgently.

Then, carefully transfer the passengers to a safe place.

Check the operating cabinet.

After that, check for any fault that may have caused the breakdown.

Call the supplier for further details.

Does The Voltage And Hertz Of The Mini Pendulum Ride Can Be Customized?

The voltage and Hertz can be customized for the mini pendulum rides.

The customization depends upon the country and state where you want to install the ride.

The client should ask for a specific voltage and hertz, which the company will provide.

It tells about the company’s capability when they offer you a range of voltage and hertz.

Voltage And Hertz Of The Mini Pendulum Ride

Who Does The Inspection Of The Mini Pendulum Rides?

The manufacturer must inspect the pendulum ride for any fault or breakage.

If they provide you with a warranty, it should be their priority to check for any damage.

Still, if the amusement park owner wants to involve a third party, they are well within their rights.

A third party may also provide a better inspection.

Does Mini Pendulum Ride Manufacturer Charge For Training? How Much In Charge?

Yes, the manufacturers are in charge of training and installation, too.

The manufacturer knows the ride more than the buyer.

If you need the manufacturer to train your workers, they can do that, too.

Sinorides can send their engineers to train your workers, but you must pay for the trip and other expenses.

The travel charges and stay charges are all paid by the buyer.

What are the advantages of buying mini pendulum rides from Chinese manufacturers?

There are many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Low manufacturing costs – the mainland factories that manufacture products have higher costs than Chinese manufacturers.
  • Inexpensive labor – local hiring will require training.
  • Still, the Chinese labor is already trained, which will cut the cost of training.
  • Increased production potential – when you purchase products from China, the factories are more experienced than local ones. The production will be better than the production of products locally.
  • Prevention of failure – when you produce domestically, the chances of failure are higher because of the lack of training.
  • Still, with Chinese manufacturing, the chances of failure lessen considerably.

Buying Mini Pendulum Rides

What Are The Characteristics Of 6 Seats Mini Pendulum Rides?

Six-seat mini pendulum rides are perfect for small amusement parks.

It only requires an area of 6m x 6m.

The rides are safe and thrilling for the passengers.

The ride has all the features to ensure that its pressure and sister harness are added for safety concerns.

Customized rides can also be manufaccustomer’srding to custommanufaccustomer’srding Pencustomer’ss Safe For Passengers.

Yes, Mini pendulum rides are safe for passengers.

Sinorides inspects all its rides before they are supplied to ensure they are safe.

The rides are only supplied once we have ensured that an adult can use the ride safely.

Research and quality tests are done to make the ride safe.

Does the Chinese Mini Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Provide After-Sales Services?

Yes, many manufacturers provide after-sales services such as installation of rides and training of workers.

The one-year warranty also ensures that the company keeps the ride under check and balance for at least one year.

Some manufacturers also replace the ride if the ride gets damaged during the one-year warranty.

After-Sales Services

How Is The Packaging Of The Mini Pendulum Ride?
There are three types of packaging that the client can choose from.

  • There is a standard packaging involving non-woven fabric and a long sheet of bubble wrap in which different parts are wrapped.
  • High-rank packaging uses a multi-layer plywood box.
  • Customized packaging is donclient’sing to the client’s rdonclient’singow To Chclient’s Best Mini Pendulum Rides Manufacturer In China?

Do your research, but also keep an ear on word of mouth.

Ask people who have already purchased rides from that specific vendor.

Choose manufacturers that use high-quality materials for manufacturing.

A manufacturer that has a research and development department.

This quality should be preferred above all.

This indicates that the manufacturers have done their research.

Manufacturers that have a qualified team of engineers and quality assurance officers should also be considered.

A manufacturer that has all of these qualities should be preferred above all.

How To Control And Cut Your Mini Pendulum Ride Costs?

Please choose the best manufacturer to make it easier to control the cost.

The European manufacturers are more expensive than the Chinese manufacturers.

Choosing Chinese manufacturers will save you a lot of money.

Engineers who have a lot of experience also help cut costs.

Manufacturers like Sinorides have qualified engineers and high-quality, inexpensive materials that help control costs.

Cut Your Mini Pendulum Ride Costs

How To Avoid DamRide’sini Pendulum Ride’s EquDamRide’sinig ShippingRide’scan avoid damage using high-rank packaging instead of standard packaging.

The high-ranking packaging is costly, but it will ensure the ride is not damaged during delivery.

A box should be added for the ride’s further safety.

It is best not to overload the containers with the pendulum ride.

Overload can lead to damage.

Why Are Chinese Mini Pendulum RidesSinorides’ser Like SinorideRidesSinorides’serhan OtSinorides’srices are higher for good reasons.

It is seen that the low-priced manufacturers do not use good quality material.

Many buyers buy from them so they can buy cheap rides.

These rides are a problem for safety.

The high prices are due to:

  • High-Quality Material
  • Qualified Engineers
  • A high-quality research and development center
  • Quality Assurance department that ensures the safety of the ride
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