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Let's go to Brazil with Sinorides for Expo Parques e Festas 2018
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-06-20 10:30:01
Let's go to Brazil with Sinorides for Expo Parques e Festas 2018
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Time: 2018-06.01 — 2018-06.04   1-4 de Junio de 2018    
Time: A las 10h --19h
Venue: Sao Paulo - SP ,Brazil
Dirección : Expo Center Norte,
Booth No.: I/2-BOOTH #15/59
Organizer: Francal Feiras
Hello, all of my dear friends from around the world! The trade show in Brazil in 2018 is coming the next month! Sinorides sincerely invite you to attend it.
Francal Fairs
Francal Fairs is one of the largest and most traditional business fair promoters in Latin America, recognized for the high quality and seriousness that it prints to all its enterprises.
For nearly five decades, fairs and events in their portfolio contribute to strengthening important sectors of the national economy and expanding business and relationship opportunities between different players. The business environment is enriched by the content that promotes the dissemination of knowledge, the deepening of the debate and the professional qualification. Sinorides will be attending the trade show 2018 in Brazil. And you will find us at I/2-BOOTH #15/59.
Sinorides will try its best to service you on how to choose amusement rides, how to build a theme park, how to make budget, etc. If you have any questions about amusement rides, free to contact us!