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Recommend Pirate Boat Ride

Sinorides manufactures and sells highly safe pirate boat rides at affordable prices. You can customize the design of pirate boat rides as per your amusement park’s space and theme layout. The most significant difference between Sinorides and other suppliers in China is that we produce pirate boat rides with European components and keep the price affordable.

Sinorides manufactures pirate boat rides with Strict Quality Control; all Sinorides pirate boat rides Have To Go Through 80+ Hours of Full Load Test Before Shipping. Your pirate boat rides are composed of high-grade reinforced fiberglass to bear people with different weights.

Sinorides has strong technical ability. If you want to buy a pirate boat ride for kids, we can even design a mini boat for you.

Sinorides 40P Pirate Boat Ride for Sale can increase your revenue with large capacity.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 40P
  • Power: 49kW
  • Space Area: L15mxW14.5m
  • Single Swing Angle: 60°
Sinorides 32P Pirate Boat Ride for Sale is popular and can grow your park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 32P
  • Power: 21.5kW
  • Space Area: L11mxW10m
  • Voltage: 380V
Sinorides 24p pirate boat ride for sale
Sinorides 24P Pirate Boat Ride for Sale meet European standard for great performance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 11.5kW
  • Space Area: L12mxW8m
  • Single Swing Angle: 43°
18P Pirate Boat Ride for sale by Sinorides
Sinorides 18P Pirate Boat Ride for Sale passed full testing certificates for your business need.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 18P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Space Area: L12mxW6m
  • Single Swing Angle: 43°
16 Seats Pirate Boat for Sale by Sinorides
Sinorides offer qualified 16P Pirate Boat Ride for Sale to meet your unique park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 8kW
  • Space Area: L9mxW6m
  • Version: Park Model
Sinorides 8p pirate boat ride for sale
Sinorides provide 8P Pirate Boat Ride for Sale for different park based on their requirements.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Space Area: L6mxW4m
  • Version: Park Model

Your Premier Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is an expert manufacturer of pirate ship rides. We construct pirate boat rides at its high-tech workshop. You need not worry about the quality as each pirate boat ride stands on various safety norms. Sinorides pirate boat rides meet EN13814 Standards.

Our pirate boat ride uses mechanical and electrical components along with RGB lights to give your riders an exhilarating experience. The ride facilitates a drive system and friction wheel to run and stop. Sinorides uses spectral analysis and ultrasonic testing on theme park rides to ensure no defects for your park rides. Your pirate boat ride will accept flaw detection inspection by a professional agency before delivery.

You can control the hull’s movement using an automatic program or manually. We have also applied safety shoulders that use automatic stop mechanisms.

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Pirate Boat Ride for Sale Project

Sinorides pirate boat ride is popular among both children and adults. You can install it at any outdoor ground, theme park, and entertainment center. Our pirate boat rides include 18P Pirate boat ride, 24P Pirate boat ride, 32P Pirate boat ride, 40P boat ride, etc.

Sinorides can train your staff to operate and check the pirate boat ride. Sinorides pirate boat ride consists of solid structure and eye-pleasing cladding. It will harness your riders safely in their seats and give them a thrilling experience.

Sinorides can provide pre-opening guidance, a marketing plan, and a theme park daily management plan to support your park business.

Sinorides Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Pirate-Boat-Ride-Prototype
Professional Prototype to ensure reasonable structure
Sinorides Pirate-Boat-Ride-Material
High grade FRP material to guarantee stable and durable pirate boat ride
Skillful workers with cutting equipment to ensure precise processing
Durable painting to protect your Pirate Boat Ride against rain and rust.
Sinorides Pirate-Boat-Ride-QC
Magnetic flaw detection to inspect the Pirate Boat Ride quality
Sinorides Pirate-Boat-Ride-welding
Qualified welding workers make the structure more durable
TECHNICAL DATA40P Pirate Boat Ride24P Pirate Boat Ride32P Pirate Boat Ride18P Pirate Boat Ride16P Pirate Boat Ride8P Pirate Boat Ride
Space AreaL15mxW14.5mL12m*W8mL11m*W10mL12m*W6mL9m*W6mL6m*W4m
Number of Seats40P24P32P18P16P8P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V

Pirate Boat Ride design from Sinorides

Sinorides Kids Pirate Boat Ride design

Sinorides Pirate Boat Ride design

Sinorides Pirate Boat Ride technical drawing

Sinorides Pirate Boat Ride drawing

Sinorides is a Reliable Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides is a Reliable Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer

Sinorides has been selling swing boat rides for many years. You will find our rides reliable, durable, and safe. We are a member of CAAPA and IAAPA.

Our pirate boat ride has a unique design; you can see our patent certificate.

You can do multi-safety settings to ensure the maximum safety of your customers. We inspect and test each pirate boat ride before installing it on a theme park.

Sinorides uses pressing shoulders for its rides that quickly interlock with the stroke of the ship ride.

You can import our pirate ship ride to more than 200 countries. Contact us; our experts will help you with everything from ride designing to shipment and installment.

Pirate Boat Ride: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

So you’re planning to buy a pirate boat ride for your amusement park but have several questions in mind?

You’re at the right place.

This guide will answer all your questions about the pirate boat ride’s design, operation, purchase, maintenance, and more.

The article aims to help you choose the right yet affordable pirate boat Ride.

So, before you begin your search, go through this comprehensive guide.

What Is A Pirate Boat Ride?

What is a pirate boat ride?

Also referred to as Pirate Ship Ride, it’s a famous amusement ride that you see in almost every theme park.

The ride resembles a pirate boat, comprising a seated gondola that moves back and forth.

Depending on the type of pirate boat ride, it can have different levels of momentums.

The boat hull swings with electrical power under the force of friction movement.

You will find various mechanical and electrical parts in a pirate ship ride.

Some rides also have a music system and RGB lights to entice people and provide them with a delightful experience.

When Was The First Pirate Boat Ride Invented?

Charles Albert Marshall of Tulsa was the key person behind the invention of the pirate boat ride.

He introduced the first pirate boat ride between 1893 and 1897, and its name was “The Ocean Wave.”

The famous circus of then, Marshall Bros Circus, featured this ride in 1897.

Mr. Charles and his brothers Mike, Ed, and Will used to run this circus.

How Does Pirate Boat Ride Work?


A pirate boat ride is more like a mechanical pendulum that swings back and forth.

In the beginning, you will find it swinging slowly and at a lower height, then it goes faster and higher.

You riders will have a thrilling experience and relish good airtime.

The pirate boat rides feature rollers to swing the ship.

You will find them beneath the boat’s platform.

You can use these rollers to change the direction of the ride clockwise around the pivot point.

The hull of the ride moves around the axis wheel.

There is a drive system to control the swing of the ride.

The operator can use the brake device to stop the ride.

What Are The Main Materials Of A Pirate Boat Ride?

Pirate Boat Ride Main Material

You will see various mechanical and electrical components in a pirate boat ride.

The primary material of the ride is the frame that supports the hull.

There are four steel frames fixed to the ground in total.

Another significant material is FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), which is used to make the seats of the pirate boat ride.

Speaking of electrical components, the ride uses various electrical mechanisms to function.

For example, PLC helps the ride run according to the designed program.

Similarly, the Thermal Relay protects the motor from overload.

What Is Physics Behind Pirate Boat Ride Working?

Pirate Boat Ride Physics

The physics behind the working of the pirate boat ride is relatively straightforward.

It uses the physics of rotation, torque, physical momentum, and periodic motion to function.

Besides these principles, the ride uses centrifugal (fictitious) force to maintain its motion.

This type of force acts on everything that drives with the help of energy produced by some moving thing.

What Are The Types of Pirate Boat Rides?

Pirate Boat Ride Types

Most manufacturers provide pirate boat rides in various variants and seating capacities.

You can buy 16P, 18P, 24P, 32P, and 40P pirate ship rides depending on your requirement.

Some experienced manufacturers allow you to customize the appearance and seating capacity of the ride as per your unique requirements.

Generally, you will see the difference in seating capacity, lighting, color, and appearance.

A 40P pirate boat ride can accommodate 40 people simultaneously and requires an area of 26mx8.5m to operate.

Similarly, the 32P Pirate Boat Ride can hold 32 persons simultaneously and operate in 20mx11m.

Mini Pirate boat rides are preferred by park owners with limited space who want to entertain kids.

This miniature pirate boat ride will need an area of 5mx3m to operate, and eight riders can relish this ride altogether.

What Are The Features of A Pirate Boat Ride?

Sinorides pirate ship ride for sale park case

Pirate Boat Ride Features

Over the past few years, pirate boat rides have become an essential investment for amusement park owners.

And why not?

These rides attract adults and kids and help park owners grow their businesses.

Moreover, they come with a lot of features, such as:

Great Thrilling Experience

Pirate boat rides provide your customers an exhilarating experience when this seated gondola swings back and forth.

High-Quality Steel Structure & Fibre Glass Plastic

On the ride, you will see premium quality welded steel structures and fiberglass benches.

 Smart Driving System

The pirate boat ride features an intelligent drive system that consists of a drive wheel, a cylinder lifting device, and a belt reduction device.

The driving wheel rotates by the belt speed as soon as the main motor starts.

The cylinder pushes the driving wheel to rub against the hull.

Advanced Braking System

You will get a cutting-edge braking system in your pirate boat ride that comprises a brake wheel, a brake hub, and a cylinder.

Indicator Lights

Indicator lights indicate the status of your pirate ship ride.

You will find them in the electrical cabinets.

Perfect in Different Working Conditions

When you buy a pirate boat ride from a trustworthy manufacturer, you get a quality ride working perfectly in all possible conditions.

You can expect your ride to work fine in almost all weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Different Momentum Features

The pirate ship ride has flexible momentum, helping it move freely from the pivot.

The roller has a torque button to control the pivot and the ride.

You can operate the ride at a steady momentum as well.

How Does A Pirate Boat Ride Move?

The pirate boat ride swings back and forth like a hanging object.

It hangs from the pivot point.

In the beginning, it swings clockwise and then anticlockwise.

Your operator can adjust the swing of the ride clockwise and anticlockwise with the help of rollers.

How Much Will A Pirate Boat Ride Cost?

Pirate Boat Ride Cost

It wouldn’t be right to mention one fixed amount, as several variants are available for pirate boat rides.

The cost for a pirate boat ride will vary from model to model.

Of course, buying a mini pirate boat ride with limited features will cost you far less than a big and premium pirate boat ride.

Many other factors impact the cost of a pirate boat ride, such as the number of seats, height, dimension, size, and driving power.

Some manufacturers also provide customized pirate boat rides.

You can ask them to manufacture the pirate boat ride that fits your requirements and budget.

To know the exact price, you can ask your preferred manufacturer to provide a quote for the type of pirate boat ride you want.

What Is The Size/Height of A Pirate Boat Ride?

Pirate Boat Ride Height

As mentioned above, pirate boat rides are available in various sizes and heights.

With most manufacturers, you can buy the highest 14.5m. in height, pirate ship ride, while the shortest, 7m. pirate ship ride.

Of course, you can ask the manufacturer to customize the size and height to some extent.

How Much Space Is Required to Install A Pirate Boat Ride?

Pirate Boat Ride Space Requirement

There is no straight answer to this question.

How much space a pirate boat ride will take to install and operate depends on the length of the ride.

For example, if you buy a 14-meter (in height) pirate boat ride, you will require an area of 26mx8.5m.

Similarly, for a 32P pirate boat ride, you will need an area of 20mx11.

Most miniature pirate boat rides that carry only eight riders at a time will require a space of 5mx3m to operate.

What Are The Requirements to Install A Pirate Boat Ride?

Pirate Boat Ride Installation

Installing a pirate boat ride is relatively straightforward.

You will get a comprehensive installation guide from your manufacturer.

Still, you must keep the following things in mind while installing a pirate ship ride:

  1. a) Choose the right place at your amusement park because the hull of your pirate boat ride requires adequate space to move.
  2. b) Inspect the quality of crucial components, such as hulls, frames, motors, and electrical components.
  3. c) Ensure your workers are fixing the ride at the right point.
  4. d) Clean all parts and assemble them carefully.
  5. e) Make sure all electronic components fit correctly.
  6. f) Conduct a trial operation to ensure everything is working correctly.

Note: Don’t forget to read your manufacturer’s installation manuals and guides.

Where to Find Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturers?

Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer

There are plenty of online platforms that list pirate boat ride manufacturers.

If you Google the “best pirate boat ride manufacturer,” you will see several results.

However, don’t rely on the random manufacturer you find online.

Before you choose the one, make an adequate inquiry about their experience and company reputation.

Check for reviews on Google and trustworthy review websites.

Also, don’t forget to see the authorization and certification of the company.

Please check their past work.

Ask your prospective manufacturer to show their past work.

What To Look for In A Reliable Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer?

Sinorides pirate ship ride for sale case

Reliable Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer

Finding a reliable pirate boat ride manufacturer is tricky as the market consists of manufacturers claiming to be the best.

You should remember the following points when choosing a qualified pirate boat seller.

  1. a) Quality of Raw Material

No matter how beautiful a pirate boat ride looks, it would not last long if it didn’t have the quality raw material.

Make sure the primary material of the ship uses high-grade steel.

  1. b) Branded Accessories

A pirate boat ride consists of several accessories, and their quality impacts the overall performance of the ride.

Make sure your ride has branded motors and Japanese bearings.

  1. c) Certifications

Ensure the manufacturer has certification from organizations like IAAPA, CE, ISO, SGS, etc.

  1. d) Support

A reliable pirate boat ride manufacturer must provide all the support for shipping, installation, and maintenance.

How to STOP A Pirate Boat Ride?

Pirate Boat Ride Braking System

The pirate boat ride has a robust braking system that your operator can use to stop immediately.

The braking system comprises a brake wheel, a brake hub, and a cylinder that helps the operator stop the ride properly.

All these braking components work together to stop the pirate boat ride.

The cylinder pushes the brake wheel to rub against the main beam.

When you buy a pirate boat ride from a top-rated manufacturer, you get a ride with multi-safety settings.

What Safety Features Are in A Pirate Boat Ride?

Sinorides 8P Pirate Ship Ride drawing

Pirate Boat Ride Safety Features

The pirate boat ride comes with multi-safety settings to ensure the security of your riders.

You can expect the following features in a quality pirate boat ride.

  1. a) Steel Frames & Fiber Reinforced Material

The quality pirate boat ride uses premium steel frames and fiber-reinforced material to ensure the quality and durability of the ride.

  1. b) Advanced Braking System

You see an advanced braking system using friction wheels with most pirate boat rides.

  1. c) Pressing Shoulder

You also get mechanical gear pressing that is locked throughout the operation to ensure the riders’ safety.

  1. d) Well-Arranged Force Bearings

The main hull of the pirate boat ride has sensibly arranged force-bearing points that improve safety five times.

Note: When buying it from a reputable manufacturer, you can only expect your ride to have the ed above features. Therefore, ensure the ride you buy meets basic safety requirements and GB 8408-2018 safety regulations.

Is Pirate Boat Ride Safe for Kids?

Mini Pirate Ship Amusement Ride for sale in Saudi Arabia

Pirate Boat Ride Kids

While pirate boat rides are exceptionally safe, kids who are too young might not feel good riding them.

Since young kids don’t have good muscle strength, it would be challenging to withstand ride forces.

If you’re looking for a pirate boat ride to accommodate kids, you can buy a mini pirate ship ride with only a height of 3.8m.

Moreover, this ride will require less space to run.

What is the difference between Chinese and European Pirate Boat Rides?

Chinese Pirate Boat Ride

Many park owners get confused between Chinese and European pirate boat rides.

People often think Chinese pirate boat rides are of poor quality because they are cheap.

However, the reality is different.

The Chinese pirate boat rides are as good as the European pirate boat rides.

You won’t find any difference in the quality as both rides pass through similar quality inspection and analysis.

Chinese pirate boat rides are affordable because China’s manufacturing and labor costs are comparatively low.

So, if you have a limited budget and want good returns, you should go for a Chinese pirate boat ride.

How do you import a pirate boat ride from China?

Chinese Pirate Boat Ride

Importing a pirate boat ride from China can be challenging if you’re a newbie.

However, when you buy it from a renowned manufacturer/supplier, they take the entire headache of safely supplying it to your doorstep.

Nevertheless, consider the following things when importing the pirate boat ride.

  1. a) Ensure your chosen supplier can safely export and ship the ride. Ensure your contract has all the necessary delivery details.
  2. b) Decide on the mode of transport (Sea or Air) as per your preference.
  3. c) Don’t forget to include duty imports and taxes in the overall expense.

How to Choose a Pirate Boat Ride?

There are plenty of factors that make a pirate boat ride an ideal pirate boat ride. These include:

  1. a) Appearance

Ensure the pirate boat ride you choose is eye-pleasing and attracts kids and adults. Ask your manufacturer to decorate it with RGB lights and beautiful color schemes.

  1. b) Seating Capacity

Choose a pirate boat ride that fulfills your park requirement. Depending on your needs, you can buy a 40P, 32P, 24P, 18P, and 16P pirate boat ride,.

Other things that you should keep in mind include:

  • Swing speed
  • Swing angle
  • Power requirements

What Should You Look for in A Perfect Pirate Boat Ride?

Ideal Pirate Boat Ride

A perfect pirate boat ride is a combination of the following things.

  1. a) Attractive Appearance and Strong Structure

Buying an attractive pirate boat ride with excellent manufacturing quality would be best.

See if the ride has high-quality components and high-grade steel frames.

  1. b) Safety Features

Being a responsible park owner, you can’t compromise on the safety of your customers.

Verify if the ride has all the essential safety features, including pressing the shoulder, the force-bearing structure of the hull, the intelligent braking system, etc.

Check if the ride meets basic safety requirements and standards such as GB 8408-2018 Safety Regulations.

  1. c) Pricing

Pricing is another crucial point when buying a pirate boat ride.

Pirate boat rides are available in various variants and price ranges.

Choose one that fits your needs and budget.

Go for a Chinese pirate boat ride if you want an affordable ride but don’t want to compromise on quality.

How to Install a Pirate Boat Ride?

Ideal Pirate Boat Installation

Installing a pirate boat ride is relatively straightforward if you follow the manufacturer’s manuals and recommendations appropriately.

You will need a crane to fit all the ride components in place.

First, you need to insert anchor bolts into the ground.

After that, you have to adjust all the parts of your pirate boat ride into the anchor bolts to ensure the grip of the steel frames.

One thing that can get you into trouble is transporting parts of your ride from one place to another.

If you’re installing the ride for the first time or don’t have adequate tools and experienced workers, seek your manufacturer’s help.

A reliable manufacturer should provide you with complete installation support.

They should send their engineers to your place and help you with installation if required.

What Are The Methods For Buying A Pirate Boat Ride?

Today, most park owners prefer to buy pirate boat rides online as it allows them to purchase a quality ride from any geographical location worldwide.

Nowadays, every manufacturer has an online presence.

You can visit their websites to see their rides and contact their staff to make further inquiries.

However, choosing an online method would be best if you prefer certified and IAAPA-rated manufacturers only.

Before you decide, don’t forget to see their reviews, testimonials, and terms and policies.

Also, clarify terms for after-sale service and warranty in advance.

Is Buying A Pirate Boat Ride Profitable?

Quality of pirate ship ride

Pirate Boat Ride Profitable

The straightforward answer to this question is “Yes.”

Over the past few years, the demand for pirate boat rides has increased dramatically.

Not only are these rides eye-appealing, but they deliver a significant amount of fun.

Riders feel like they are surfing at sea and enjoying the waves.

Moreover, they are suitable for people of all ages.

It’s not scary for older adults as well.

In short, it’s a complete family ride.

Therefore, amusement parks across the globe are investing in this ride.

Investing in this ride will be a center of attraction for your park and boost your income.

It would be wrong to say that it’s a long-term investment.

Since it requires minimum maintenance, you can profit well at low costs.

What Are The Benefits of A Pirate Boat Ride?

  1. a) Ideal for the people of All Ages

Unlike some theme park rides, pirate boat rides are appropriate for people of all ages.

Since children and adults like to take pirate boat rides, you can generate more revenue from your investment.

Your riders will have a thrilling experience, and they will visit your park again and again.

  1. b) Lots of Choices

The good thing is that you have various choices when buying a pirate boat ride.

Based on your needs and budget, you can buy either a 40p pirate boat ride or a mini pirate boat ride.

  1. c) Good Seating Capacity

If you’re looking for a ride that can hold many people together, a 40P pirate boat ride is an ideal option.

It will help you get more return on investment.

  1. d) Thrilling & Enjoyable

Not all amusement park rides are as thrilling as pirate boat rides. They let riders enjoy bumps, swings, and elevation simultaneously.

  1. e) Safe & Sound

When you buy it from a trustworthy manufacturer, you rest assured about the safety of your riders.

Their pirate boat rides pass rigorous quality control testing and use sturdy materials, making them safe and sound.

  1. f) Low Maintenance

The pirate boat ride is a low-maintenance ride.

As a result, it has become the choice of every park owner nowadays.

Low maintenance means you will get high returns on the investment.

What Are The Disadvantages of A Pirate Boat Ride?

The pirate boat ride becomes a major center of attraction in a theme park.

Both adults and children enjoy riding this thrilling ride.

However, like every amusement ride, it has a few disadvantages.

Very young children (below age 5) should avoid this ride.

Moreover, people who feel nauseated should not ride it.

Though this is not a disadvantage of the ride, park owners can cope with this issue by investing in a dedicated mini pirate boat ride for kids.

How Many People Can A Pirate Boat Ride Hold At A Time?

Pirate boat rides are available in different seating capacities.

You can buy it as per your amusement park’s needs.

Some of the significant pirate boat variants include:

  1. a) The 40P pirate ship ride can accommodate 40 people at a time and requires an area

of 26mx8.5m to operate.

b)The 32P pirate ship ride holds 32 people simultaneously and needs an area of

20mx11m to function.

Similarly, 24P, 18P, and 16P pirate boat rides are available.

The mini pirate ship ride enables you to accommodate eight people altogether.

You will need an area of 5mx3m to install and operate it.

Is There Any Warranty On Pirate Boat Rides?

Your pirate boat ride should run for a long time if you give it proper maintenance from time to time.

However, you must know the warranty period for your ride as it guarantees that the supplier will fix the ride free of cost in case of a manufacturing defect.

As a result, always buy pirate boat rides from a certified manufacturer who provides warranty service.

You can expect a 1-year warranty from a reputable amusement ride manufacturer.

Sinorides, an IAAPA-rated manufacturer, provides free repair and maintenance services for the 1st year.

Before investing in a pirate boat ride, we advise checking the warranty period and other terms and conditions.

How to Operate A Pirate Ship Ride?

Sinorides pirate ship ride for sale park case

Pirate Boat Ride Operation

An experienced amusement park operator can operate pirate boat rides without prior training.

However, the operator should follow the proper guide and manuals from the manufacturer.

You must get comprehensive operation manuals and videos from your manufacturer. Watch the video and do the needful.

While different variants for pirate boat rides are available in the market, they all operate similarly.

The boat (hull) moves freely from the pivot and operates by rollers beneath the ship.

Your operator can change the ship’s motion by pressing the clockwise or counter-clockwise torque button.

How to Do the Maintenance & Repair of Pirate Boat Ride?

Sinorides pirate ship ride for sale park feedback

Pirate Boat Ride Maintenance

Most pirate boat rides are easy to maintain and repair.

However, if you invest in a quality pirate boat ride, you won’t need to repair it so frequently.

Sinorides uses high-quality steel frames, fiber-reinforced plastic, and branded accessories in their rides.

Therefore, they last for a long time.

With most manufacturers, you get full support for maintenance and repair.

They give you diagrams, drawings, and videos to guide you on maintenance.

Experienced operators can manage most of the essential maintenance themselves.

However, if a significant fault or some parts need replacement, you can request the manufacturer to send their engineers for the proper maintenance and repair.

What Is The Lifespan Of Pirate Boat Ride?

Sinorides pirate ship ride for sale in Philippine

Pirate Boat Ride Life Span

A high-quality pirate boat ride should run long if you care for it properly.


You should follow the tips below to improve the lifespan of your pirate boat ride.

  1. a) Clean your pirate boat ride regularly.
  2. b) Don’t ignore minor defects and breakage. Contact your manufacturer immediately if you notice any fault.
  3. c) Reinforce your pirate boat ride whenever required.
  4. d) Follow all the operational regulations and standards recommended by your manufacturer

Of course, no rides run forever.

You will need to replace your pirate boat ride in the following conditions.

a)The material of your pirate boat ride is wearing out.

b)Your ride is degrading because of the extremely harsh environment.

c)Technological change.

How do you check the quality of Pirate Boat Ride when receiving it from the manufacturer?

Sinorides pirate ship ride for sale park case

Pirate Boat Ride Quality Check

  1. a) Check the Quality of Pirate Boat Ride

The best way to analyze the quality of a pirate boat ride is to check the quality of its raw material.

Ensure the ride uses premium quality stainless steel for frame structure and fiber-reinforced plastic for hulls and seats.

If your ride has an ordinary iron, it will rust quickly.

  1. b) Branded Accessories

A pirate boat ride comprises several electrical and mechanical mechanisms.

The quality of these components can affect the quality of the ride significantly.

Therefore, ensure your ride has accessories and bearings that meet international standards.

Quality pirate boat rides use branded PLC (Programmable logic controller) to operate the ride automatically.

  1. C) Certification

Don’t forget to check your riders’ certifications. A reliable manufacturer must have ISO, GOST, SGS certification, etc.

What Are The Quality Certifications for A Pirate Boat Ride?

The quality certifications of a pirate boat ride might vary depending on the location of the manufacturing unit of the ride.

However, an international manufacturer/supplier must have the following quality certifications.

  1. a) They should comply with all the mandatory regulations and laws.
  2. b) The management must apply for the Quality Management System.
  3. c) The manufacturer should be a member of IAAPA and CAAPA.
  4. d) They must have certifications for CE, BV, SC, and TUV.
  5. e) Make sure the ride meets ISO standards.
  6. f) Last but not least, the supplier must have a legal license to operate a manufacturing business.

What To Do If A Pirate Boat Ride Breaks Down During Operation?

Sinorides viking ship ride park project

Pirate Boat Ride Break Down

It should not happen if you buy it from a reliable manufacturer and frequently give it the necessary maintenance.

The majority of the time, we humans are responsible for ride accidents.

Follow the below steps if your pirate boat ride breaks down.

  1. a) As soon as the operator finds any breakdown, they should stop the ride immediately.
  2. b) Take your passengers to a safe place.
  3. c) Ask your manager to inspect the ride and operation progression of the operator deeply.
  4. d) Contact your manufacturer and request they send their engineers for troubleshooting.

Several reputable pirate boat ride manufacturers in China, such as Sinorides, send their engineers to fix manufacturing defects and mechanical breakdowns.

A few tricks you can try yourself to fix the ride include:

  1. a) Tighten up all the loose bolts
  2. , b) Grease the frames of the pendulum
  3. , c) Lubricate all the ball bearings. See if they need a replacement.

Note: Give your pirate boat ride maintenance from time to time.

What After-Sale Service Does A Pirate Boat Ride Manufacturer Provide?

Sinorides Pirate Ship Amusement Ride production capacity

Pirate Boat Ride After-Sale Service

You can expect the following after-sale service from a trustworthy pirate boat ride manufacturer.

  1. a) Safe import
  2. b) Proper inspection before installation
  3. c) Affordable technical assistance for the installation
  4. d) Free online consultation for installation and maintenance of the ride.
  5. e) Free training for your operators.
  6. f)  Time-to-time analyses of your pirate boat ride.

Can I Customize The Appearance of My Pirate Boat Ride?

Pirate Boat Ride Customization

Yes, you can

Manufacturers like Sinorides don’t hesitate to work with their clients to provide them with the rides they want.

You can request that your manufacturer change your pirate boat ride’s seating capacity, color scheme, and appearance per your unique needs.

They can even help you customize voltage power according to your country’s standards.

How Much Electricity Does A Pirate Boat Need to Operate?

Different types of pirate boat rides have additional driving power requirements.

How much electricity a pirate boat will consume depends on the seating capacity, driving power, and the size of the ride.

It’s important to understand that the voltage power requirement for finishing the movement is almost the same for all pirate boat rides, i.e., 380voltage.

However, power consumption depends on the control system of the ride.

For instance, a 40-seater pirate boat ride needs a driving power of 30kW, while a 16-seater boat requires 8kw driving power.

Is Pirate Boat Ride Water & Lightning Proof?

Most pirate boat rides can bear harsh weather conditions but are not entirely waterproof.

However, some critical parts, such as electrical components, adopt waterproof features.

A quality boat ride often uses waterproof and anti-rust paint that keeps it in good condition for a long time.

If you want to make your ride lightning-proof, you can ask the manufacturer to install surge protection and ESE rods (Early Streamer Emission Lightning).

These rods ensure safe operations in bad weather.

You can install surge protection in the electrical system of your ride as well.

What Kind of Lubrication Can I Use for My Pirate Boat Ride?

Options are endless when it comes to lubricating oil for a pirate boat ride

Some of the popular choices include:

  1. a) Biodegradable Lubricant:

This oil type has better viscosity and improves the lubricity of your pirate boat ride.

  1. b) Mineral Oils

Mineral oil minimizes the friction to a great extent.

However, such oil has approximately 10% additives.

  1. c) High-Performance Greases

The high-performance grease improves the movement of ball bearings in a ride.

How Does A Manufacturer Ship a Pirate Boat Ride?

Shipping Way For Self-Control Plane Ride

Pirate Boat Ride Shipping

Safe shipping is as important as quality manufacturing.

A responsible manufacturer should ship your pirate boat ride safely to your park.

Most manufacturers use large-sized wooden boxes to pack the essential parts.

You should read all the necessary instructions available on the upper side of the boxes before unboxing.

Final Words

A pirate boat ride is ideal for park owners who want to earn significant investment returns.

The pirate boat rides are on-trend.

They are the center of attractions of all popular amusement parks across the globe.

So this is a comprehensive guide on Pirate boat rides.

We hope it answers all your questions.

Still, you may contact us if you have any questions or queries.

You can check our recommended pirate boat rides if you want a quality one.


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