40 Seats Pirate Ship

►40P Pirate Ship belongs to thrill rides. Movement for the hull around the horizontal axis of the swing, visitors take it, under the effect of a huge acceleration, experience the feeling of weightlessness and overweight, as if in a stormy sea, sometimes rushed to the peak, sometimes fell to the bottom.

►The equipment is magnificent and spectacular. It is an organic combination of entertainment and science, is the exercise and training of people brave tenacious spirit of the tool, therefore, by the majority of tourists love and welcome.

►This 40-seat Pirate Ship ride has two types of power: 37Kw and 40Kw.

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3: Sinorides Pirate ship ride for sale use the pressing shoulder that is the same design with Roller coaster. It can be interlocked with the running stroke of the Pirate ship rides to ensure the safety of people. The body of the Pirate ship ride can be controlled by the automatic program, which means it requires a lower operating level for your park operators and reduces your park running cost.

Height Dimension14.5m
Number of Seats40P
Rated Voltage380V
VersionPark Model

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