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Dodgems Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

So you want to buy quality Dodgems for your amusement park, but before you finalize a manufacturer, you want to learn everything about the ride.

Don’t worry; this ultimate FAQ guide will give you all the relevant information about Dodgems.

The guide answers all the queries and questions of Dodgem ride buyers.

After reading this guide, you will be able to choose a perfect dodgem for your business.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is A Dodgems Ride?

What is Dodgem

Dodgem, also known as bumper car, is one of the most entertaining and fun-filled amusement rides.

Dodgem ride is ideal for amusement parks as well as entertainment venues.

Both kids and adults relish driving dodgems and collide with each other.

Dodgems also need an indoor venue to function.

Electrically-powered dodgems get power from the floor or ceiling.

Fun Fact: First dodgems were not designed to collide with each other.

Who Invented Dodgems?

Dodgem Invention

The history of dodgems is controversial.

Some people claim that Victor Levand, who worked for General Electric, was the key person behind Dodgems’ invention.

According to some people, Max and Harold Stoehrer (two brothers from Massachusetts) invented the dodgem.

It’s impossible to say who invented the ride.

However, one thing is true that the Stoehrer brothers were the first people to patent their dodgems in December 1920.

They also started a company called Dodgems Company in 1920.

Stoehrer brothers also gave bumper cars the name of dodgems.

How Fast Do Dodgems Go?

Dodgem Speed Limit

Different Dodgems have different speed limits.

If you want to limit the speed or adjust it, you can do so.

If we talk about the average speed of a dodgem, it’s 5 Miles per hour.

However, the top speed can be 7 miles per hour for adults.

Generally, for kids, the top speed is 3 miles per hour.

What Are The Types of Dodgem Cars?

Dodgems are available in different variants.

You can choose the one fulfilling your park’s requirements.

Some popular types of dodgems for sale include:

  1. a) Electric Dodgems

Electric Dodgem

As the name indicates, these dodgems operate with electric power.

There are two types when it comes to electric Dodgems – Ceiling grid dodgems & Ground grid dodgems.

Ceiling Grid Dodgem uses the overhead power supply while Ground Grid Dodgem gets electric current via a ground grid.

  1. b) Battery Operated Dodgems

Battery-Operated Dodgem

Battery-operated dodgems operate through batteries.

Like electric dodgems, they don’t require any special site to operate.

These dodgems are environmentally-friendly and durable.

  1. c) Fairground Dodgems

Fairground Dodgem

A fairground dodgem is a flat ride, comprising a number of small electrically powered cars that take power from a ground grid.

The ride is ideal for people of all ages.

  1. d) Ice Dodgems

Ice Dodgem

Ice dodgems are in trend.

These dodgems operate on ice and are generally round in shape.

You will notice inflatable tubes surrounding them.

What Are The Main Components of A Dodgem Car?

Since Dodgems come in various variants you can see a slight difference in their components.

However, all-in-all, you will find the following parts in a dodgem car.

  1. a) Operating Mechanism

It enables riders to move dodgem back and forth and left and right.

  1. b) Steering Mechanism

Dodgems’ steering mechanism has a bevel gear to interlock the steering.

As soon as the rider turns the steering wheel, the steering mechanism turns the dodgem.

There are also pins to connect the steering wheel and the steering rod.

  1. c) Chassis and Body

Chassis is the main supporting structure of a dodgem car, covered by the body.

It includes transmission, driver’s seat, etc.

On the other hand, the vehicle body is the major frame of the dodgem ride that holds riders’ weight. It covers the chassis.

  1. d) Rear Wheel

Rear-wheel enables people to run.

  1. e) Seat Belt

A seat belt is a prominent safety device in dodgems that keeps the riders safe during collisions.

It prevents riders from hitting the steering wheel.

  1. f) Conductive Rod

The rod helps the dodgem ride conduct the electricity as the power energy.

You will find it on an insulating board.

  1. g) Electric Switch

An electric switch allows an operator to start and shutdown the Dodgen.

How Does a Dodgem Car Work?

Dodgem ride follows Newton’s third law of motion that is the action and reaction principle.

When one dodgem hits another, both riders bounce away from each other.

Riders hit their dodgems with each other without any danger.

Generally, dodgems operate through electricity.

You will see three types of supply power systems in most dodgems.

  • Battery-powered dodgems
  • Ground grid dodgems
  • Ceiling grid dodgems

The voltage dodgems run on is 90v DC.

How Much Does A Dodgem Car Cost?

A Dodgem’s cost depends on various factors, such as the origin of a dodgem, shipping cost, features, and type.

For example, a battery-operated dodgem is cheaper than an electric dodgem.

Similarly, the cost of adult dodgem is more than the kids’ dodgem.

If you are looking for budget-friendly yet quality dodgems, go for Chinese dodgems.

Request your potential supplier to give you a quote for the type of dodgem you need.

What’s The Role of The Bumpers Around Dodgems?

Dodgem Bumpers

The bumper around a dodgem is a safeguard that protects the vehicle and the rider from any sort of physical damage.

Since riders hit their cars with others’, bumpers protect damage due to collision.

The bumper around dodgem makes the ride fearless and full of fun.

The bumper is made out of high-quality material that provides bounce when colliding.

How To Operate Dodgem Cars?

How to Operate Dodgems

Dodgems are under the control of two people.

The first person is your customer, who is riding the dodgem, and the other is your operator, who manages the control system.

Your rider/customer will be driving your dodgem inside the arena, while the operator will be controlling it via a control system from a distance location.

Dodgems are easy to drive.

Riders need to use the steering wheel and gas pedal only.

As soon as the rider presses the pedal, the car accelerates and starts moving.

The rider can increase the speed by pressing the pedal further.

To stop or slow down the dodgem ride, the driver needs to release the pedal.

Like with all automobile vehicles, the job of the steering is to turn the dodgem around.

Dodgem cars also feature a horn on their steering wheel to make the ride more entertaining.

Are Dodgem Cars Safe?

Dodgem Safety Features

Dodgem cars are highly safe for people of all ages.

They are strong enough to withstand the collision.

Dodgems come with elastic rubber rings around them that save riders and dodgems from physical damage when hitting each other.

Dodgems are family rides that are far safe from big roller coasters and other thrilling rides.

Apart from rubber rings, dodgems also feature seat belts that do not let riders hit the steering during the collision.

How To Ensure The Safety of Your Customers Riding Dodgems?

Dodgem Safety

While dodgems are highly safe for people of all ages, being a park owner, you must ensure your riders’ safety.

You need to make sure that your customers are taking the proper safety precautions.

  1. a) Children below 12 years of age or 1.4-meter must ride dodgem under the observation of their guardians.
  2. b) Riders must obey the instructions from the operator and sit in proper order.
  3. c) Ensure all riders have worn seat belts before they start driving.
  4. d) The person in charge should turn on the power only when no one is walking in the venue.
  5. e) Instruct the passengers not to touch the electrode floor with their hands or any other object.
  6. f) Make sure the speed limit of the dodgem is not more than five mph.
  7. g) The staff must inspect dodgems regularly for breakage, cracks, and other deformities.
  8. h) Lubricate bearings from time-to-time.
  9. i) Check out if all switches in the specified points.
  10. j) Don’t overlook abnormal sound and smell out of your dodgems.
  11. k) See if any electric motor and anchor bolts are loose.

What Are Ice Dodgems?

As the name suggests, ice Dodgems run on the ice surface.

Though they are similar to normal dodgems, unlike electric dodgems, they use an ice floor to move.

Ice dodgems do not use conductive floor or ceiling to accelerate.

The ice floor used for ice dodgems is somewhat similar to the ice floor used for skating.

Ice dodgems come with a motor that accelerates them.

They also have joysticks to control the ride.

Ice dodgems are battery-operated and carry a voltage of 24 volts.

You will need to charge ice dodgems after every use.

What Voltage Do Dodgem Cars Run On?

Dodgems work on electricity.

They require between 48 volts and 50 volts of electricity to operate.

What Are Dodgems Made Out Of?

Dodgems Material

Plastic and fiberglass are primary materials used to make dodgems

Early dodgems used chassis made out of hardwood.

However, manufacturing companies nowadays use plastic composites to make chassis.

The entire body of dodgems uses fiberglass, providing them binding features and strength.

Besides this, the rubber material is also used around dodgem to provide riders some cushioning

The rubber material also protects cars from physical damage when collisions.

Since dodgems collide frequently, rubber bumpers are quite important as they act as a safety barricade.

How Are Dodgems Made

The manufacturing of dodgems involves science.

They follow Newton’s laws of motion.

When dodgems smash they bounce away from each other.

They follow Newton’s action and reaction principle.

Dodgems use high-quality plastic, fiberglass, and rubber as material

Therefore, they don’t cause any physical harm to riders after the collision.

How Are Dodgem Cars Powered?

Dodgem Voltage Power

While there are battery-powered dodgems as well, you will find electric-powered dodgems in amusement parks majorly.

So we will learn how electric dodgems run using electricity.

Electric dodgems feature a motor, which powers the main drive wheel.

How the motor gets the electric current depends on the type of dodgem.

For example, Ceiling Grid Dodgem gets electric power from the metal ceiling above the arena.

These dodgems have a pick-up rod at the rear and a brush underneath the car, allowing electric current to pass and power the motor.

Speaking of Ground Grid Dodgem, it receives electric-current from the floor, having metal strips all across.

Unlike Ceiling Grid Dodgem, this dodgem type receives both negative and positive polarity from below.

Where To Buy Dodgem Cars?

Nowadays, you can buy dodgems both online and offline.

Almost every amusement ride manufacturer produces and sells dodgems.

You can use the internet to get a list of manufactures that have dodgems for sale.

Before you select a manufacturer, don’t forget to check their experience, certifications, and quality of work.

If possible, see their previous work and get reviews from their past clients.

There are some reliable manufacturers in China who provide quality dodgems at an affordable price.

You can contact them and make a deal with one who suits your budget and meets your requirements.

Sinorides is one trustworthy name that has been manufacturing high-quality

dodgems for almost three decades.

You can also get in touch with them and ask them to send you a quote.

Why Do Dodgem Cars Spark?

Dodgems spark because of electricity flow.

All electric dodgems are connected to a metal mesh ceiling or ground on which electric-power flows continuously.

You will see that ceiling dodgems have metal poles at their back that touch the ceiling.

The electricity flows from the ceiling into the car.

It completes the circuit via electric contact (A wheel or a small metal brush) beneath the dodgem.

When that little wheel rolls it starts sparking.

The spark is generally due to friction between the wheel rolls and metal.

How To Choose A Reliable Dodgem Cars Manufacturer?

Reliable Dodgem Manufacturer

Choosing a reliable dodgem manufacturer can be tricky for new park owners.

After all, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

The following tips will help you locate a perfect dodgem manufacturer.

  1. a) Feedbacks & Reviews

Reading online feedback and reviews is an ideal way to learn about your potential manufacturer.

It will help you find out what people and past customers have to say about the services and products of a manufacturer.

  1. b) Compare Pricing

You can put together the list of potential manufacturers and compare their price, experience, and dodgems’ quality.

A reliable dodgem manufacturer must provide you a quality ride at a reasonable price.

  1. c) Check the Quality of Product

Contact manufacturers and check out the quality of materials they are using for their dodgems.

Don’t forget to check the grade of the items.

Reliable manufacturers use superior quality plastic, bearings, and motors in their dodgem cars.

  1. d) Certifications

A trustworthy dodgem manufacturer must have certifications from responsible authorities.

Their dodgems must pass CE/BV/ISO/GOST/SGS certifications.

It will be a plus if the manufacturer is a member of IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions).

  1. e) Past & Current Projects

Ask your manufacturer about their current and past projects.

Find out if they are doing quality work.

It will give you an idea about their capabilities and attitude toward clients.

What Points Should I Consider When Choosing A Dodgem Car?

How to Choose A Dodgem

Dodgems are prominent amusement rides at an amusement park.

If you choose a perfect dodgem, it can bring good returns.

Some of the crucial factors you should give importance to when choosing a dodgem include:

  1. a) Manufacturer

If you want to buy quality dodgems, you must find a reliable manufacturer first.

To some extent, the quality of dodgems you receive depends on the kind of manufacturer you choose.

You can’t expect a quality ride from a manufacturer using low-quality material and has a bad reputation in the market.

Find a trustworthy and professional manufacturer who has been producing quality dodgems for years.

  1. b) The Design

Dodgems are available in several designs, and each has its own benefits.

For example, modern circular dodgems feature joysticks and are easy to control.

Chinese dodgems are available in various eye-pleasing and unique designs.

  1. c) Seating Capacity

Modern dodgems have two seats allowing parents to enjoy the ride with their kids.

  1. d) Transmission System

When it comes to the transmission system, you have four choices.

  • Motor connected to wheel directly.
  • Motor with a chain and wheel.
  • Motor with gearbox and wheels.
  • The motor is directly on the wheel along with a motor belt clutch.

You can choose them as per your budget.

  1. e) After-Sales

With most manufacturers, you get a one-year warranty.

Get to know if after-sales service will cost you extra money.

  1. f) Ease of Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is another major factor you should consider while buying a dodgem.

Make sure the ride you buy is easy to maintain.

How To Install A Dodgem Car?

Dodgem Installation

Installation of dodgems is a bit time-consuming process as they require an arena to function.

For ceiling-grid dodgem, you will need to install a proper ceiling.

In the same manner, grid-dodgem requires some installation on the floor.

The battery-operated dodgems are easier to install in comparison to above dodgem types.

They run on the batteries, installed inside them.

Dodgems also have a control system controlled by an operator during the ride.

The kind of dodgem you choose will determine the installation process.

Always work with an experienced team for the installation process.

Since it’s a complicated job, a small mistake can turn into a big problem.

If you don’t have a qualified team, you can request your manufacturer to provide installation service.

A professional manufacturer should send their engineers to your place for the ride installation.

What Is The Packaging Process For Dodgems?

Dodgem Packaging

Proper packaging is necessary to ship dodgems safely to your place.

Therefore, you must be aware of the packaging process your manufacturer follows.

An ideal packaging should be like this:

Your manufacturer must use good-quality plastic wrap to protect your dodgems’ body and machinery against dust and scratches.

After that, they should pack them inside a box to avoid any risk of damage during the shipping.

Though in most cases, the plastic covering is adequate to protect the dodgems, if you’re not sure, you can request the manufacturer to ship them in a box.

What Are The Quality Certifications For Dodgem Cars?

A quality certification ensures that the dodgem has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests.

Some of the crucial quality certifications you should consider when buying dodgems include:

  1. a) CE Certification

CE certification confirms that the manufacturer understands the importance of the safety, performance, and environmental requirements of dodgems.

  1. b) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Certification

ISO certification confirms that the manufacturer has satisfied all the requirements to assure its quality.

Some other certifications that are worth considering for dodgem rides include:

  • GOST
  • SASO
  • BV

If your local authority demands any other certification, you can request the manufacturer to apply for it.

How Long Does It Take To Install Dodgem Cars?

Dodgem Installation

Installing dodgem cars is a bit of a time-taking process. After all, you have to prepare the entire floor/ceiling to make dodgems run.

Make sure you have a qualified team for this tricky installation process.

How long this process takes depends on the type of dodgems.

However, you can expect to spend 15-30 days on the complete installation process.

Should I Invest in Chinese Dodgem Cars?

Chinese Dodgem

Of course, you should.

You will find that some of the top dodgem manufacturers in the world are from China.

Moreover, since labor cost and the raw material is cheaper in China, Chinese dodgems are often affordable.

You will find that most Chinese manufacturers are committed to provide quality rides and fulfill all certification requirements.

So, if you have a low-budget, a Chinese dodgem can be the right choice for you.

China is the hub of fiber-reinforced plastic and raw material and all raw material is sourced locally.

As a result, you get cheaper dodgems comparatively.

Is Dodgem Ride Profitable?

Profitable Dodgem

Yes, investing in dodgem cars is profitable.

A dodgem ride is a major attraction in most amusement parks nowadays.

Though investing in dodgems requires a considerable budget, you can expect continuous profit.

If you can attract riders daily, you can get higher returns from your investment.

After all, both kids and adults love to ride these tiny and eye-pleasing dodgems.

The profit depends on factors like the location of your park, quality of cars, etc.

Make sure your arena is at a busy place.

What Kind Of After-Sale Services Manufacturers Provide?

If you buy dodgems from a professional manufacturer, you can expect to receive the following after-sale services.

  • If required, the manufacturer can send their engineers to your place to install and debug dodgems.
  • You can expect timely support for technical glitches.
  • You can ask your manufacturer to provide operational training to your staff.
  • You can request your manufacturer for the necessary repairs.

Most manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty on dodgems.

However, not every after-sale service is free of cost.

You need to confirm what services you get for free and for how long.

What Kind of Lubricating Oil Is Used for Dodgems?

Mineral and Synthetic lubricant oils are common for dodgems.

Mineral oil is sourced from natural-occurring crude oil, while synthetic-based lubricants are made out of different processes.

Most manufacturers suggest using mineral-based lubricants because of their higher efficiency and lower cost.

Can I Customize The Dodgem Ride?

Yes, most manufacturers allow park owners to make customization to dodgems as per their needs.

Customization is an ideal way to give your arena your touch and attract more visitors.

It’s advisable to discuss the customization plan with your manufacturer before you place the order.

Remember, not every manufacturer is capable of providing customization.

After all, it requires them to build new dodgems, and that is a time-taking process.

What To Do If The Dodgem Ride Breaks Down?

If you invest in premium quality dodgems they should not break before their actual lifespan.

However, due to the operator’s negligence, you might experience a dodgem ride breakdown.

Dodgems’ breakdown is not a life-threatening situation

Dodgems stop working as soon as the current exceeds the limit.

Call an experienced electrician to fix this issue.

Don’t try to fix it yourself as touching electric circuits can be dangerous.

What Happens to the Driver When Dodgem Cars Collide?

Dodgem Collision

The colliding of dodgems doesn’t cause any physical damage to drivers.

In fact, dodgem colliding is fun for riders.

Though riders feel a slight change in their motion during a collision, their bodies keep moving in the direction they were moving before.

Why Do Both Dodgem Cars Stop After A Crash?

When a dodgem moves, it follows kinetic energy and momentum principles.

And when two dodgems hit each other they transfer kinetic energy and momentum to each other.

Since dodgems have zero momentum before the crash, they don’t move after the collision and stop on the position immediately.

Who Are The Suitable Users for Dodgem Rides?

Suitable Dodgem Users

Dodgem rides are family rides that provide fun to riders.

It is suitable for both kids and adults.

However, kids below age 13 should ride dodgems in the company of their parents or caretaker.

Children who don’t follow safety precautions might get injuries in rare cases.

The speed limit of dodgems for kids should not be more than 3 miles per hour.

However, adults can ride dodgems at higher speeds.

How to Import Dodgems Ride from China?

Importing dodgems from China is cheaper than importing Dodgems from any other country.

You simply need to contact the manufacturer and they will decide the most suitable import process for you.

A professional Chinese manufacturer can help you in the overall importing process.

Since they understand domestic and international regulations better, they import rides to your place without breaking your bank.

However, to ensure the safest importing, you should follow the below rules.

  • Get a detailed contract from your manufacturer that mentions complete delivery dates.
  • Declare your imports as per your country.
  • Determine the mode of transport.
  • Make sure you have all legal documents for legitimate import.

How to Maintain Dodgems?

Dodgem Maintenance

Dodgems require more care and maintenance than any other ride.

The reason is, they face crashes frequently that cause damage to their internal parts and body.

  • Do regular inspection and maintenance of your dodgems.
  • Clean the outer body of your dodgems regularly as dust can settle into the vehicle and enter inside the machinery.
  • Lubricate the motors with the right lubricant.
  • Check wearing parts after every six months and replace them if you notice any signs of damage.
  • Follow your manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance.

What Is The Difference Between Chinese Dodgems and European Dodgems

There is no difference in the quality of Chinese and European Dodgems.

However, one thing is true that Chinese dodgems are far cheaper than European Dodgems.

This is because the raw material and labor cost are affordable in China.

You must go for Chinese dodgems if you want affordable yet quality dodgems.

We hope this FAQ guide answers all the questions you have in your mind.

To buy affordable dodgems or learn more about them, you may contact us.

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