Mega Bounce Ride

TAG:  Thrill Rides

TAG:  Thrill Rides
Dimensions D13m×H4m
Area 14.8mx14.8m
Number of Seats 24P
Power 90kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Thrill Rides

►MEGA BOUNCE carnival ride is a type of fairground ride in which the chair planes are arranged on a number of radial arms around a central axis.

►MEGA BOUNCE is a 24-passenger capacity family fun thrill ride that features 12 sweeps each with a 2-seat ride assembly that bounds up and down in alternate cycles. The fast-rotating ride spins around as the sweeps quickly bounce in up and downbursts to a maximum height of 20ft in synchronized motion to create a wave-like undulation as the 2-seat planes follow each other’s lead around the center structure of the ride.

►MEGA BOUNCE is available in both park and portable models with the portable model easily transportation on a single trailer.

TAG:  Thrill Rides
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