23 Seats Pendulum Rides For Sale

Space Area:14m*18m
Type:Park Model

More Details About 23 Seats Pendulum Rides

You can import different types of pendulum rides, tagada rides, roller coaster and more quality amusement park rides for sale from Sinorides.

Sinorides 23-seats pendulum rides for sale are not only affordable but also come with various features.

  • Customized Designs Available
  • Frequency Converter to Adjust Swing Range
  • Adopt Roller Coaster Pressure
  • Pneumatic System to Control Platform Lift

Sinorides is a well-known 23-seats pendulum rides manufacturer in China.

We have been selling our pendulum rides worldwide at competitive prices for almost three decades.

Sinorides 23-seats pendulum rides can hold 23 people and are ideal for park owners with a limited budget.

Our 23-seats pendulum rides have various safety features.

They come with an aviation plug allowing park owners to install them as per the corresponding number.

Sinorides’ budget-friendly 23-seats pendulum rides have a frequency converter that enables you to regulate the speed of the pendulum as per your need.

Sinorides 23-seats pendulum rides don’t run until pressure shoulders are locked. It automatically enhances the safety of your customers.

Sinorides 23 seats pendulum rides

Sinorides 23 seats pendulum rides manufacturer

Sinorides 23 seats pendulum rides for sale

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Sinorides 23 Seats Pendulum Rides Quality Control

Sinorides 23-seats pendulum rides pass a myriad of tests for quality and performance.

  • Our 23-seats pendulum rides get certification from CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS.
  • We use ultrasonic testing and spectral analysis to find defects in 23-seats pendulum rides.
  • Sinorides 23-seats pendulum rides accept the full load and empty load test.
  • We use paint thickness testing equipment to analyze the paint quality.

Sinorides conducts testing for welding faults.

Full Support on Your 23 Seats Pendulum Rides Installation

Sinorides 23 Seats Pendulum Ride is easy to install, and we will provide you with installation video, drawing and operation manual. If you need, sinorides can send seasoned installation engineers to your local site do the installation of your Pendulum Ride.

On-site Support
Sinorides can send engineers to help you install the Pendulum Rides on site if you need.
Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.
Video Support
Sinorides provide installation photos and videos to you to guide the Pendulum Rides installation.
Each Pendulum Rides has a standard operating manual, Sinorides can help to train your staff how to operate and maintain the Pendulum Rides.

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Sinorides has more than 20 Pendulum Rides designs for you to choose, and you also can customized the Pendulum Rides as your needs.

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Sinorides 23 Seats Pendulum Rides

Globally recognized Sinorides has been manufacturing 23-seats pendulum rides since 1992.

From design to manufacturing to installation, you get all services at Sinorides.

Though you get a comprehensive user guide, videos, and drawing for 23-seats pendulum rides installation, we can also provide you with physical assistance, if you need it.

Moreover, we also provide you with warranty service for 23-seats pendulum rides.

Sinorides 23-seats pendulum rides for sale fulfill anti-corrosion standards.

Our 23-seats pendulum rides have a sturdy structure and an alluring exterior attracting people of all ages.

Get in touch with our salesperson to know our 23-seats pendulum rides price.