30 Seats Pendulum Rides For Sale

Space Area:25m*17m
Type:Park Model

More Details About 30 Seats Pendulum Rides

Sinorides is a top-rated 30-seats pendulum rides manufacturer from China, providing reliable and affordable theme park rides for sale all across the globe.

Our 30-seats pendulum rides for sale have the following characteristics.

  • Eye-pleasing Color Schemes
  • Customized Designs
  • Can Hold 30 People At Once
  • Equipped With An Aviation Plug

Sinorides 30-seats pendulum rides are thrill rides designed to give passengers good airtime.

The ride consists of a gondola, arm, and an axle. The passenger-carrying gondola swings back and forth and gives a thrilling experience.

Sinorides has affordable 30-seats pendulum rides that meet International and European standards.

You will notice various safety features in our 30-seats pendulum rides. For instance, seat belts, safety lever, pressure shoulder, and more.

As the name suggests, Sinorides 30-seats pendulum rides are capable of holding 30 people at once which means you can earn more revenue.

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Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Rides Quality Control

Sinorides check all its 30-seats pendulum rides before delivery.

  • Sinorides uses only banded components, metal, and FRP material.
  • We use anti-corrosion and waterproof paints from well-known brands.
  • Sinorides also conducts welding flaw detection.
  • We have a separate quality analysis team to take care of all possible faults.
  • Sinorides 30-seats pendulum rides have passed inspection from China Special Equipment Safety Inspection And Research Institute.

Full Support on Your 30 Seats Pendulum Rides Installation

Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Ride is easy to install, and we will provide you with installation video, drawing and operation manual. If you need, sinorides can send seasoned installation engineers to your local site do the installation of your Pendulum Ride.

On-site Support
Sinorides can send engineers to help you install the Pendulum Rides on site if you need.
Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.
Video Support
Sinorides provide installation photos and videos to you to guide the Pendulum Rides installation.
Each Pendulum Rides has a standard operating manual, Sinorides can help to train your staff how to operate and maintain the Pendulum Rides.

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Sinorides has more than 20 Pendulum Rides designs for you to choose, and you also can customized the Pendulum Rides as your needs.

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Sinorides 30-Seats Pendulum Rides

Sinorides is a renowned 30-seats pendulum rides manufacturer in China.

We have an advanced workshop and qualified engineers that manufacture safe and high-quality 30-seats pendulum rides for sale.

We use FRP material in seats that can easily hold people with different weights.

If you have a special requirement as per your park’s need, buy our customized 30-seats pendulum rides

You can ask us to add your logo to the ride or request changes in colors and lighting.

Our budget-friendly 30-seats pendulum rides go through a full load test before we put them on sale.

Contact us now to buy 30-seats pendulum rides.