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Sinorides is a reputable big Ferris wheels manufacturer. Among the choices, you can make are a big Ferris wheel for sale. These amusement rides and other theme park rides are available in over 100 styles. The design versatility ensures every theme park can have a great way to get visitors boom.

You can get 120m, 88m among other big Ferris wheels. The crafting of amusement rides features original high-quality components. Sinorides has a vast network of part suppliers. Some like electrical motors are CE approved.

You must invest in our big Ferris wheel if you want to give your park visitors ultimate fun and excitement.  Sinorides sells Ferris wheel rides of international standard, but at a low price. While our rides are affordable, we don’t compromise on the quality.

All our Ferris wheel components are of a brand. You will find Japanese bearings and Siemens electrical systems in our amusement rides that ensure durability and high performance. Sinorides supplies its Ferris wheel to 120+ countries. Already, more than two thousand theme and amusement parks across the globe are our regular customers.

Sinorides 120M big ferris wheel for sale
Sinorides 120m Big Ferris Wheel can help grow your park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 360P
  • Power: 50kW
  • Height: 120m
  • Space Area: 52x58m
Sinorides 88m big ferris wheel for sale
Sinorides 88m Big Ferris Wheel is suitable for adults and teenagers.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 288P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 88m
  • Space Area: 44mx38m
Sinorides 65M Big Ferris Wheel for sale
Sinorides 65m Big Ferris Wheel composed of reliable spare parts.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 216P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 65m
Sinorides 49M-Big-Ferris-Wheel
Sinorides 49m Big Ferris Wheel designed with durable structure.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 96P
  • Power: 20kW
  • Height: 49m
  • Space Area: 35x32m
Sinorides 42m big ferris wheel sale
Sinorides 42m Big Ferris Wheel can hold 96 person at one time.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 96P
  • Power: 20kW
  • Height: 42m
  • Space Area: 31x28m
30m big ferris wheel for sale from Sinorides
Sinorides 30m Big Ferris Wheel is suitable for small & middle park.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 18P
  • Power: 15kW
  • Height: 30m
  • Space Area: 23x21m

Your Premier Big Ferris Wheel Manufacturer in China

Your solution when it comes to all types of giant Ferris wheel lies for sale in Sinorides. Especially when you need big Ferris wheels, they are unique and expertly made. The structure features top notches steel for remarkable sturdiness.

The innovative design in Sinorides big Ferris wheel keeps then safe and reliable. Even at high height, you can be sure riders safety is supreme. Especially, for 120m Ferris wheel for sale, it’s massive, but safety and structure make your park look magnificent.

  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-manufacturer detail
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-factory detail
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-factory detail (2)
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-detail
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-case 2
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-case 3
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-case
  • Sinorides-Big-Ferris-wheel-project

Big Ferris Wheel Project

Sinorides employs all the top-grade engineering to achieve internationally certified Ferris wheel. Increased safety and smooth running are some of the features you will love. Additionally, large capacity means maximum traffic and more fun to your visitors.

You get design of theme parks, training your staff and general big Ferris wheel operation.

Sinorides Big Ferris Wheel Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides big-ferris-wheel-design_detail
You can choose the best type of ferris wheel from 20m to 128m height for your park business.
Sinorides-big Ferris-wheel qc
Sinorides do the QC work for raw materials to enaure your ferris wheel is composed of reliable spare parts.
Sinorides-Big Ferris-wheel-Material
High grade material to ensure your Ferris Wheel running safely.
Sinorides-Big Ferris-wheel-painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Ferris Wheel good status.
Sinorides-Big Ferris-wheel-seats
Sinorides use quality FRP to manufacture your ferris wheel seats to bear people with different heights.
Sinorides-Big Ferris-wheel-structure
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Ferris Wheel steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA30m Big Ferris Wheel42m Big Ferris Wheel49m Big Ferris Wheel65m Big Ferris Wheel88m Big Ferris Wheel120m Big Ferris Wheel
Space Area23x21m 31x28m 35x32m38mx32m44mx38m52mx58m
Number of Seats18P96P128P216P288P360P
Rated Voltage380V380V380V380V380V380V
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides big-ferris-wheel-design

Sinorides big ferris wheel design

Sinorides big ferris wheel for sale design

Big ferris wheel ride for sale drawing

Sinorides kid big ferris wheel ride drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Big Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

The global presence is an indicator Sinorides is a reliable company. You can request a giant Ferris wheel for sale from everywhere and will be delivered. Actually, there are thousands of theme parks enjoying the amusement rides.

Safety, reliability and high performance are what you get. The Ferris wheel has CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS certification. Also, Sinorides is a member of Caapa and Iapaa full-time membership. Therefore, you get premium amusement rides without quality compromise.

Sinorides is one of the leading Ferris wheel manufacturers in China. We let you import big Ferris wheels, no matter which country you belong to.  You will get full support for shipping, installation, and maintenance.

At Sinorides, we also deal in Ferris wheel parts. If you ever need to replace them, you can get genuine Ferris wheel components with us. We use fiber-reinforced plastic for cabins or cars, while for the center shaft, wire rope, and outer rim, we use high-grade metal.

You buy a Ferris wheel that gets certification from CE, BV, ISO, GOST, SGS, and more. If you want us to apply for other certifications as per your country, we can do so. Our big Ferris wheel passes through several quality tests before you receive them. 

Our Ferris accepts a full load test of 80+ hours. Besides this, we also do welding flaw detection on all the welded parts. The steel structure of our Ferris wheel rides is 100% galvanized; therefore, it does not catch rust. You will also see clean, polished, and bright paint on our Ferris wheel.

Sinorides also let you customize the Ferris wheel as per your amusement park’s size. We would be glad to work with you. At your request, we can make changes in the theme, lights, seating capacity, and size of the ride.

Apart from making, delivering and installation, you can request Sinorides to assist in different operations.


Are you looking for a super safe and top-performing amusement ride that will drive several riders to your park? If so, the big ferris wheel is the ride you must add to grow your park business.

In this guide, you receive in-depth knowledge about the big ferris wheel and have all your questions about it answered.

Let’s start.

What Is Big Ferris Wheel?

A big Ferris wheel is a  popular carnival ride that’s made up of a big wheel and cabins – a passenger-carrying component.

The cabins are also called gondolas or cars. The cabins are connected to the rims of the wheel in an upright position.

A motor is connected to the wheel to turn the big ferris wheel.

Big ferris wheels normally have wheels that have a height of 42m and above.

Bigger ferris wheels require bigger motors to rotate the wheels. A 120-meter ferris wheel requires a bigger motor than a 50-meter big ferris wheel to operate.

Big Ferris wheel

How Does The Big Ferris Wheel Work?

The big ferris wheel works with a simple principle. Passengers sit in the cabins or gondola attached to the rim of the big ferris wheel. The motor connected to the wheel drives and rotates the big ferris wheel upwards.

When the big ferris wheel reaches upwards, gravity acts on the wheel and pulls it downwards. These upward and downward movements create a continuous circular motion on the big ferris wheel throughout its ride duration.

Here is Sinorides ferris wheel running video.


What Are The Types Of The Big Ferris Wheel?

Big ferris wheels are mainly differentiated by their heights. The most common big ferris wheels types:

  • 30m big ferris wheel
  • 42m big ferris wheel
  • 49m big ferris wheel
  • 65m big ferris wheel
  • 88m big ferris wheel
  • 120m big Ferris wheel

Now, let’s take a look at the features of some of the big Ferris wheels we have listed above.

42m big ferris wheel

The 42-meter big ferris has a height of 42 meters and can take up to 96 riders.  It is manufactured with lightweight materials. This makes them super simple and easy to install and disassemble.

They are recommended for medium-sized carnival parks.

Its main components are the gondola, motor, gears, and electrical control system. It can cover an area of 24.4mx20m.

42m big ferris wheel

65m big ferris wheel

This 65-meter ferris wheel has a height of 65 meters and has a sitting capacity of 216 riders. They are perfect for big theme parks and garden tours.

It offers amazing excitement for its riders and has 6 of its cabins air-conditioned.

The 65-meter big ferris wheel is best for medium to big theme parks. It is powered by a 26.4kW drive system and a 380V voltage.

65m big ferris wheel

120m big Ferris wheel

The 120-meter big ferris wheel is a super powerful amusement ride suitable for huge parks.

Having a height of 120 meters, this virtually impressive big ferris wheel can serve as a tourist center or landmark in a city.

This big ferris wheel can accommodate an area of 52mx58m. Among its unique components are a gondola, a drive system, air-conditioned gondolas, electrical control system, and LED lighting.

Aside from classifying big ferris wheels according to various heights, big ferris wheels can also be categorized according to their design, shape, and features.

120m big ferris wheel

What Are The Parts Of Big Ferris Wheel?

The main parts of the big ferris wheel are:

  • Cabins or cars
  • Roulette structure
  • Control system / room
  • Support system
  • Drive system
  • Platform

Aside from the above major parts, there are numerous minor parts used to manufacture big ferris wheels.

Big ferris wheel cabin

Big ferris wheel cabin

Where Can Big Ferris Wheel Be Used?

Big ferris wheels can be used at amusement parks, carnivals, garden tours, tourist centers, malls, etc.

Big ferris wheel at a tourist centre

What Is The Minimum Set Of The Big Ferris Wheel I Can Order?

The minimum number of big ferris wheels you can order is as low as one.

Where Can I buy A Big Ferris Wheel?

You can buy big ferris wheels from manufacturers in China, the USA, Europe, and Japan.

But you need to make sure you are buying from a credible big ferris wheel manufacturer.

You can do a quick search on the websites of some big ferris wheel manufacturers to get their contact details.

This can be done by first searching the keyword “big ferris wheel manufacturers” on Google or Bing. A list of big ferris wheel manufacturers’ websites will appear.

Search through the manufacturers’ websites and choose the one you feel is credible.

From there, you can contact them, make inquiries and buy from them.

buy A Big Ferris Wheel

where to buy A Big Ferris Wheel

What Are The Steps Involved In Ordering A Big Ferris Wheel in China?

To order a big ferris wheel in China, follow the steps below.

First search Google for potential big ferris wheel manufacturers in China using the keyword “big ferris wheel manufacturers in China”

Make a list of big ferris wheel manufacturers from Google’s search results.

Go through the websites of the listed big ferris wheel manufacturers.

Shortlist manufacturers that have massive experience – 10+ years, professional engineers, designers, and a quality team. Also, find out if the manufacturer has top machinery and facilities.

After shortlisting, contact these manufacturers and ask for a quote through the contact forms on their websites. You can also send the details or requirements of your big ferris wheel to the manufacturer.

When you receive feedback from the manufacturers, you need to analyze, compare and choose the right manufacturer.

What do you look out for to help you make a good decision?

I know you may be thinking about the price. Yes, you need to consider the price of the big ferris wheel but you need to look at other important factors.

Look at these factors:

  • Big ferris wheel specifications and features

Look for a manufacturer that offers better big ferris wheel specifications and features.

  • Safety of the big ferris wheel

Find out if the manufacturer’s big ferris wheels are safe. How?

A safe big ferris wheel is designed and manufactured by following both local and international safety standards. Get to know the quality standards the manufacturer uses for their manufacturing.

Look out for this safety equipment in the big ferris wheel

A safe ferris wheel should have safety components like seat belts, emergency brakes, emergency circuits, fire extinguishers, circuit breakers, etc.

  • Warranty of the big Ferris wheel

Order from a manufacturer that offers at least one year warranty on their big ferris wheel.

With this, you are assured that the manufacturer will replace all faulty parts for free within the warranty period.

  • Materials used for producing big ferris wheel

What materials do the manufacturer used for manufacturing their big ferris wheel?

Look for a manufacturer that uses quality materials like stainless steel, fiber-reinforced glass, and aluminum.

  • Testing of the big ferris wheel

Make sure the big ferris wheel manufacturer tests their products after production.

Ideally, look for a manufacturer that does a no-load test of about 8 hours on the big ferris wheel. The manufacturer should also do a continuous 80-hour load test on the big ferris wheel after the no-load test.

  • Customization of the big ferris wheel

Go in for a manufacturer that can provide you with a big ferris wheel that meets your requirement.

Also verify, if the manufacturer can offer you optional features like an air-conditioned gondola, LED lights, etc.

Does Big Ferris Wheel Manufacturers Grant Warranty?

Yes, big ferris wheel manufacturers offer at least one year warranty to buyers.

Parts that are covered by warranty are replaced by manufacturers when they are faulty. Note that manufacturers would only replace parts when the fault occurred naturally.

Can Big Ferris Wheels Be Customized?

Yes, the big Ferris wheel can be customized to meet your requirements. Depending on the requirements of your park, manufacturers can use specific materials, designs, and features to build your big Ferris wheel.

You can also ask the manufacturer to add optional features to your big Ferris ride.

Customized big ferris wheel

Customized big ferris wheel

How Do You Manufacture Big Ferris Wheel?

Now, let’s jump into how big ferris wheels are manufactured.

When manufacturing the big ferris wheel, manufacturers go through 7 major processes. These processes are:

  • Designing a big ferris wheel
  • Choosing quality materials
  • Production big ferris wheel
  • Validation of components
  • Shipping of components
  • Assembling of the big ferris wheel
  • Testing of the big ferris wheel

Let’s go into details for each step.

Designing the big ferris wheel

To build a safe big ferris wheel ride, manufacturers first produce a design. The design serves as a blueprint that guides the manufacturing process.

Proper design eliminates any form of guesswork in the manufacturing process and helps produce precise and accurate big ferris wheels.

To kickstart the design process, various designs of the big ferris wheel are sketched.

This is followed by a technical drawing of the ferris wheel where dimensions are added to the sketched designs. The best design is selected and developed into a final design.

Choosing materials

The final design helps manufacturers to choose the right and quality materials for the big ferris wheel.

Choosing the right materials is equally important because it determines the safety and quality of the big ferris wheel.

The popular materials used for big ferris wheels are stainless steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic.

Production of the big ferris wheel

The production of big ferris wheels can be divided into three processes. They are

  • Steel component production
  • Aluminum component production.
  • Other components manufacturing

Steel component production

The stainless steel components of the big ferris wheel are manufactured through processes like cutting, welding, machining, bending, debarring. The following are some of the major structural parts made with stainless steel. They are:

  • Trailer chassis,
  • wheel support towers,
  • wheel cross-members,
  • wheel spokes,
  • support towers,
  • tubes,
  • channels,
  • angles,
  • wide-flange beams, etc.

Aluminum component production

Aluminum is used to produce parts like entrance and exit ways, drive rims, seats. Fiber-reinforced plastics can also be used for the seats.

Other components manufacturing

Some components of the big ferris wheel are produced using fiber-reinforced plastic.

Inspection of components

After producing the various components, manufacturers do a thorough inspection of the parts. They make sure the parts produced match the design. They also check the welded parts for smoothness, cleanliness, and uniformity.

Shipping of the manufactured components

The components produced are shipped to the buyer’s country.


Unlike other amusement rides, big ferris wheels are assembled on the park owner’s site and not the manufacturer’s factory. This is because the big ferris wheel is huge and would be difficult to ship if it’s assembled.

A team of professionals from the manufacturer assembles and installs the big ferris wheel components on your park.

Testing of the big ferris wheel

The big ferris wheel is tested to ensure it performs as expected. A no-load and full load test is done on the big ferris wheel.

How Do I Maintain The Big Ferris Wheel?

One of the major ways to make your big ferris wheel perform well and last long is by maintaining it regularly.

In this section, we will go through the top processes you need to follow to do effective maintenance on your big ferris wheel.

  • Clean big ferris wheel regularly

Because the big ferris wheel is used outdoors, it easily gets dirty. You need to do a thorough cleaning on the big ferris wheel regularly.

One of the effective ways of cleaning the big ferris wheel is by using pressurized and lukewarm. This can help you get rid of dust, mold, stains, and oil substances on the big ferris wheel.

You can also use a soft cloth or sponge and water to clean the big ferris wheel. Never use chemicals that react with stainless steel and fiberglass for cleaning. This can damage the body of the ride.

Make sure you cover or close all electrical components, control systems when cleaning with water. Only professional technicians should be allowed to clean the ride.

  • Do regular inspection

Trained technicians should regularly inspect the big ferris wheel. They need to inspect all the major parts of the big ferris to find out if they are working well. When a fault is detected, it should be fixed immediately.

  • Check how the big ferris wheel functions and performs

Your team of professional technicians should regularly assess how the big ferris wheel functions and performs.

They need to look out for any abnormal behaviours or functioning of the big ferris wheel and correct it.

  • Operate big ferris wheel by following standard procedures

Trained operators should follow standard operations standards when operating the big ferris wheel. They need to use the manufacturer’s recommended procedures to operate the ride.

  • Make big ferris wheel accessible to authorized people only

Only trained, professional and authorized people should be given access to the big Ferris wheel.

  • Lock ride when not in use

When the big ferris wheel is not in operation, it should be locked to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it.

Maintain The Big Ferris Wheel

Maintain The Big Ferris Wheel

How Do I Repair The Big Ferris Wheel?

Repairs on the big Ferris wheel should be done by trained and professional technicians.

Credible manufacturers like Sinoride can help you train your technicians to become experts in ferris wheel repairs. This will help your technicians inspect, troubleshoot, and repair your big Ferris wheel.

You can as well contact your manufacturer to guide your team to repair your big ferris wheel. This can be done through a video call.

Depending on the nature of the repairs, you can ask your manufacturer to come to your park to repair your ferris wheel.

But note that this service comes with a charge. You need to provide tickets, accommodation, transportation, a Chinese translator, and daily allowance for your manufacturer’s team that comes to repair your ferris wheel.

Repair The Big Ferris Wheel

Repair The Big Ferris Wheel

How Do You Install Big Ferris Wheel?

Big ferris wheel manufacturer will send a team of professionals to help you install your big Ferris wheel.

The manufacturer’s installation team will come with the big Ferris wheel manual, tutorials, and installation videos to guide them in the installation process.

Installation by the manufacturer’s team comes with a cost. You need to pay for the team’s ticket, accommodation, transportation, daily wage.

You need to also provide a translator for the manufacturer’s team.

Unboxing  big ferris wheel parts for installation

Unboxing  big ferris wheel parts for installation

Installing big ferris wheel

Installing big ferris wheel

Is Big Ferris Wheel Safe?

Yes, the big Ferris wheel is a safe amusement ride. If you are looking for one of the safest amusement rides in your park, you must get the big Ferris wheel.

What makes the big Ferris wheel super safe?

Unlike other rides like thrill rides, the big Ferris wheel does not exert gravitational force on the passengers.

Big Ferris wheel is built with top safety equipment like safety belts, fire extinguishers, emergency brakes, circuit breakers, sidewalls,  locking doors, etc.

Of course, the big Ferris wheel needs to be built by a credible manufacturer like Sinoride to make it safe. It also needs to be installed, maintained, and operated by well-trained technicians and operators.

What Determines The Cost Of Big Ferris Wheel?

The cost of the big Ferris wheel is determined by several factors. Below are some of the top factors that most influence the big Ferris wheel’s cost.

The size of the big Ferris wheel

As we’ve already discussed in this guide, the big Ferris wheel comes in different sizes. The bigger the size of the Ferris wheel, the higher the cost. This is because a lot of materials, resources, and capital go into the building of large and complex big Ferris wheels.

The type of material

The type of material used for manufacturing the big ferris wheel affects its cost. Big Ferris wheel built high-quality materials are costly than those built with low-quality materials.

The type of manufacturer

Manufacturers have a significant influence on the cost of the big ferris wheel. The cost of big ferris from big manufacturers is higher than those from less small manufacturers.

This is because big manufacturers have massive experience and experience to produce super quality big ferris wheel. And high-quality big Ferris wheels are costly than less quality ones.


Customized big ferris wheels come with an extra cost. If you decide to add some unique features to your big ferris wheel, it will likely increase its cost.

Cost Of Big Ferris Wheel

Cost Of Big Ferris Wheel

Who Are The Suitable Users Of The Big Ferris Wheel?

The big ferris wheel is the safest carnival ride and it is suitable for both children and adults.

However, age restrictions must be enforced when riding the big ferris wheel. Children, less than seven years must be accompanied by adults who are at least 14 years.

Pregnant women and riders having heart and neck problems shouldn’t ride the big ferris wheel.

How Do I Make My Big Ferris Wheel Ride Safe?

Making a big ferris wheel ride safe involves the cooperative effort of the manufacturer and the park owner.

This is how.

  • The manufacturer’s role in making the big ferris wheel ride super safe involves doing the following:
  • The manufacturer needs to use experienced and professional engineers to design and build the big ferris wheel.
  • The manufacturer has to use high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum to build the ride.
  • The manufacturer must follow recommended industry standards – both local and international to manufacture the big ferris wheel.
  • The manufacturer should build safety features onto the big ferris wheel. These safety features include seat belts, emergency brakes, fire extinguishers, entrance and exit gates for the gondola, etc.
  • Upon completing the manufacturing of the big ferris wheel, the manufacturer needs to test the ride for hours before packaging and shipping it to the client.
  • After testing the big ferris wheel, the manufacturer needs to carefully pack its components so they don’t get damaged.

Now, let’s have a look at the role of the park owner in ensuring the big ferris wheel is safe for riders.

As a park owner, you need to:

  • Ensure qualified and professional engineers install the big ferris wheel
  • Hire only qualified and trained technicians and operators to work on the big ferris wheel.
  • Ensure that trained technicians maintain the big ferris wheel regularly.
  • Make sure that all the ride’s parts are inspected frequently. When a fault is detected, it should be fixed at once.
  • Ensure only people with the right age, height, weight, and health conditions ride the big ferris wheel.
  • Ensure that visitors do not enter unauthorized places on the big ferris wheel.

Make Big Ferris Wheel Ride Safe

Make Big Ferris Wheel Ride Safe

What Safety Instructions Should Be Followed When Riding The Big Ferris Wheel?

To ensure maximum safety on the big ferris wheel, the following instructions should be followed:

  • Passengers should patiently wait in cue and follow the park instructor’s directions. They need to follow all the safety instructions given by the instructor
  • The park instructor shouldn’t permit pregnant women to ride the big ferris wheel
  • Children below seven years shouldn’t ride the big ferris wheel alone. They should be under the care of adults of at least 14 years when riding.
  • People having various health problems like heart problems, neck disease, or who had recent surgery must not ride the big ferris wheel.
  • Passengers on the big ferris wheel must only alight when the ride stops completely. Riders must only leave the ride when the operator asks them to do so.
  • Riders must be disciplined when riding the big ferris wheel. They must not jump in the gondola or leave the seat when riding as this may make the gondola unstable or even cause an accident.

What Do I Look For When Checking The Quality Of Big Ferris Rides?

To check the quality of the big ferris wheel, you need a professional and well-trained team. You can hire a third-party company that offers this service or ask your manufacturer to do it for you.

The inspection team inspects the following when doing quality checks on the big ferris wheel.


They check the design of the big ferris wheel to find out if it’s practical, safe, and meets both local and international standards. The inspection team conducts a design risk assessment, design loading, stress analysis, stability test, braking system test, harness, etc.


The Inspection team inspects the materials used for manufacturing the big ferris wheel. They find out if the ride was made of quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic.

Parts inspection

The next step of the quality inspection process is component inspection. Here, the team checks both mechanical and electrical parts for their quality.


Facilities of the big ferris wheel like the rider’s gate, fence, barriers, evaluation system, etc are inspected for their quality.


The team completes the quality inspection by doing several tests on the big ferris wheel. This series of tests unveils the quality and performance of the big ferris wheel. Below are some of the test done of the ride:

  • No-load test
  • Full load test
  • Unbalanced load test
  • Hydraulic system test
  • Electrical installation test
  • Pneumatic system test, etc.

Quality Of Big Ferris Ride

Quality Of Big Ferris Ride

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying The Big Ferris Wheel?

Buying the best big ferris wheel that suits your amusement ride is critical for the success of your park’s business. Many important factors should be considered to help you buy the right ride for your park business’ success.

Below are the top factors you need to look at before buying your big ferris wheel.

Know your park’s needs

You need to determine your park’s needs to help you buy the best big ferris wheel. You need to do a feasibility study and evaluate the following for your park:

  • The park’s theme
  • Park’s surrounding
  • Required big ferris wheel
  • Existing big ferris wheel
  • Landscape
  • The number of potential visitors
  • The demand for the ride
  • Competitors

Evaluating these would help you choose the right big ferris wheel for your park: the size, features, and seating capacity of the big ferris wheel.

Determine your budget

Determine your budget to help you know the size and capacity of ride you can buy. You need to also consider the operational, marketing, and maintenance cost of the ride.

Determine your park’s space

Get to know the size of your park’s space to help you choose a suitable big ferris wheel size.

Choose a credible manufacturer

Look out for a manufacturer that has the experience, offers a quality ride, and gives after-sales services.

Check the quality of materials used for the big ferris wheel

Choose a manufacturer that uses quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum for their rides

Buy ride having safety features

Check out for the big ferris wheel ride that has safety features like an emergency stop button, seat belts, emergency brakes, safety gates, emergency brakes, and fire extinguishers.

Choose the manufacturer that offers a warranty

Choose a manufacturer that offers at least one year warranty for its big ferris wheel

Look for a ride with optional features

You need to look for a big ferris wheel with optional features that meets your budget. Some of the optional features you can consider are air-conditioned cabins, opened cabins, LED lights, and a sound system.

Consider When Buying The Big Ferris Wheel

Consider When Buying The Big Ferris Wheel

What Is the Difference between Chinese And European Big Ferris Wheels?

The major difference between Chinese and European big ferris wheels is the price. China’s big ferris wheels are cheaper than those from Europe. This is because China is a hub for stainless steel which is a major raw material for producing big ferris wheels.

Chinese manufacturers get these raw materials at an affordable price and this helps to reduce their production and the overall cost of the big ferris wheel.

In terms of quality, European and Chinese rides are the same. Formerly, European-manufactured big ferris wheels were known for their quality and exceptional designs.

Chinese manufacturers have now improved massively and produce high-quality rides of the same standards as Europe.

Difference between Chinese And European Big Ferris Wheel

Difference between Chinese And European Big Ferris Wheel

When Should I Replace My Big Ferris Wheel?

The reality of running a park’s business is that at some point in time, the ride’s parts would get worn out and have to be replaced. This section will help you to know when to replace your ride’s part.

Replace parts when they are worn out

When you see worn-out parts on your big ferris wheel, it gives you a clue that it’s time to change those parts. Inspect your ride frequently and replace worn-out parts immediately.

Replace parts when they are degraded.

Big ferris wheel parts are prone to damage when they are exposed to acid gas released into the environment. Steel parts and fiber-reinforced plastics react with these gases to degrade their surface. Degraded parts should be replaced.

Also, big ferris rides that operate near beaches can cause steel parts to rust. Parts exposed to extensive sunlight can fade with time. You need to replace corroded and faded ride parts.

Replace  parts when there is an upgrade

Replace parts when they become outdated. Manufacturers strive to improve existing ferris wheels so they can perform more efficiently and produce amazing enjoyment experiences for riders. They do this by using advanced technology to design and produce upgrades of existing parts and system controls.

It is in the best interest of your park’s business and your riders to replace outdated parts with upgraded versions. This will make your ride last and attract more riders to your park.

Replace parts when they are damaged by natural disasters.

Sometimes parks may be hit by natural disasters like earthquakes, thunder, storms, etc that may damage ride parts or weaken them. When this happens, you need to replace affected parts so the big ferris wheel would be safe to ride.

How Do I Import Big Ferris Wheel From China?

The following are the steps you need to follow to successfully import a big ferris wheel from China.

Contact the manufacturer

After deciding on your favorite big ferris wheel manufacturer, get in touch with the manufacturer. You can connect with the manufacturer by sending a message via the contact form on their website.

Request a quote for your desired ride. You can also submit the requirement of your desired big ferris wheel and ask for a quote.

Sign contract

When you agree to purchase a specific ride from the manufacturer, you need to sign a contract with them. The contract should capture all important information about the ride such as its price, mode of transportation, and payment. The contract should also indicate if the ride comes with a warranty and other after-sales services.

After signing the contract, the manufacturer would give you their account details so you make payment.

The manufacturer will start making arrangements to ship the ride.

Declare imports

Import declaration varies from country to country. Check from your local authorities how to import declaration is done in your country.

Determine duty fees

Determine the amount you need to pay for duty. This amount depends on the size of the big ferris wheel and your country’s laws.

Receive important ride documents from the manufacturer

These documents include a packing list, sales contract, and bill of lading. Do well to collect these documents from the manufacturer before your ride gets to your country.

Obtain delivery codes

Request a delivery code for the big ferris wheel from the manufacturer.

You would need this code to pick your ride at the port.

What Are The Quality Certifications Of The Big Ferris Wheel?

The most recognized quality certifications for big ferris wheels are CE, BV, TUV. Credible manufacturers like Sinorides have these quality certifications. Manufacturers having these certificates are known for producing quality, safe, and high standard rides.

How do Manufacturers Package Big Ferris Wheel Before Shipping?

Manufacturers pack big ferris wheels by wrapping them in high-quality plastics. Sensitive components are packed in wooden boxes.

Package Big Ferris Wheel

Package Big Ferris Wheel

What Can I Do To Lower The Repair And Maintenance Cost Of The Big Ferris Wheel?

Making efforts to reduce the repair and maintenance cost of your big ferris wheel will go a long way to boost your park’s business. This is because you won’t use the revenue you generate from your park for repairs and maintenance.

The following are what you need to do to reduce your repair and maintenance cost:

Hire qualified technicians

After professionally installing your ride, you need to employ qualified and well-trained technicians to operate, repair and maintain your big ferris wheel.

When well-trained technicians operate and maintain your ride, they will do it professionally without causing damage to your ride. This will help you cut down repair and maintenance costs.

Follow manufacturer’s guide

Make sure your technicians always follow the manufacturer’s guide when operating, repairing, and maintaining the ride.

Clean the ride frequently

You need to clean the ride regularly to keep it in good condition. Because the big Ferris wheel is an outdoor ride, dust, stains and other particles can easily get onto it. It will take careful and regular cleaning of the ride to prevent dirt from entering important components. This will greatly reduce the breakdown of the ride and maintenance cost.

You can use pressurized and lukewarm water to clean the big ferris wheel. Mechanical and electrical parts should be cleaned by experienced technicians.

Do regular inspections on the ride.

Conducting regular inspections on the ride would help you easily detect potential faults and correct them before the ride breaks down. Let qualified technicians regularly inspect components of the ride during operation and sometimes when the ride is not in use. This will save your ride from major breakdowns and damages, thereby reducing repair and maintenance costs.

Keep your warranty documents.

This is super important. Your warranty document is the only proof that your manufacturer has agreed to replace damaged parts for free within the warranty’s duration.

Keep your warranty documents safe so that you can enjoy the benefits of the warranty. This will massively reduce your repair and maintenance cost since you don’t need to buy parts covered by a warranty with your money.

Lower Repair And Maintenance Cost Of The Big Ferris Wheel

Lower Repair And Maintenance Cost Of The Big Ferris Wheel

Who Is Responsible For Conducting Big Ferris Wheel Ride Inspections?

You need to hire professional and well-trained technicians to do inspections on your big ferris wheel. Your manufacturer can also help with the inspection of your rides.

Another option is to request the services of third parties if you find it difficult to get well-trained technicians for your ride’s inspection. A credible manufacturer like Sinorides can help you with inspecting your rides. Sinorides can also train your technicians to become experts in inspecting and maintaining your big ferris wheel.

Other professional big ferris wheel manufacturers can offer ride inspection services for you.

Big Ferris Wheel Ride Inspection

Big Ferris Wheel Ride Inspection

What Are the Quality Standards for Big Ferris Wheel?

Credible big ferris wheel riders manufacture safe and quality rides by following industry standards. The top quality standards in the big ferris wheel ride manufacturing industry are EN 13814 and GB 8408-2018

In Conclusion

This guide has provided you with valuable information about the big ferris wheel. Whether you are looking to acquire a new big ferris wheel to kickstart your park business or you want to add it to your already existing park, we hope that the information in this guide will help you make a good decision.

Feel free to contact Sinorides now for further information about the big ferris wheel. We can help you get a suitable big ferris wheel to help you grow your park business.

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