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Sinorides manufactures the quality electric bumper cars. They are safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly. You can choose the custom design for your electric bumper car specifications.

With more than 28 years of manufacturing experience, we deliver the best. Sinorides is ready to give you all the support you need. We help you from idea, design, manufacture, installation through to maintenance.

You park business can go fast and gain profits quickly with Sinorides electric bumper cars. We support you from amusement rides for sale to techncial maintenance. Just check the below products and send us inquiry if you have any questions.

Sinorides cute-looking electric bumper cars for sale are going to be a profitable investment for you. Our electric bumper cars attract people of all ages. They give real fun of driving a car but with enormous safety. 

Our electric bumper cars feature a round rubber bumper on their outer body that protects drivers and cars at the time of the smash. You will find premium quality fiber-reinforced plastic and paint in our electric bumper cars for sale. As a result, they are tough and look adorable at the same time.

Sinorides electric Ground Grid Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides supply Ground Grid Electric Bumper Cars for your unique need

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides electric Ceiling Bumper Cars for Sale
Sinorides Ceiling Electric Bumper Cars is supplied to meet park business

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 230W
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h
Sinorides customzied electric bumper cars for sale
Sinorides Customize Electric Bumper Cars on your unique business need

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: Customize
  • Speed:Customize
Sinorides quality electric bumper cars
Sinorides Quality Electric Bumper Cars fit for different ages kids to play

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides Kids electric Bumper Cars
Sinorides Carnival Electric Bumper Cars for sale can use in carnivals

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 2P
  • Power: 180W
  • Speed:≦7.5km/h
Sinorides electric Portable Bumper Cars
Sinorides Portable Electric Bumper Cars for sale is easy to move and install

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 5.5kW
  • Speed:≦9.5km/h

Your Premier Electric Bumper Cars Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is an IAAPA rated electric bumper car supplier and manufacturer in China. We have all types of bumper cars like ground net bumper cars, battery bumper cars, and skynet bumper cars. Our electric bumper cars are one of a kind.

At Sinorides, we have the most advanced workshop for electric bumper car manufacture. Our skilled production team of more than a hundred people always deliver.

You can learn more about our electric bumper cars by sending us an inquiry.

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Sinorides makeElectric Bumper Cars in a way that matches your business model. We greatly value your electric bumper cars.

Sinorides provide support in shipping and installing the cars. If you experience any trouble using them, there’s a detailed bumper car guide to help.

Sinorides Electric Bumper Cars Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Electric Bumper Cars Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides Electric Bumper Cars derust
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Bumper Cars appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Electric Bumper Cars materials
High grade material to ensure your Bumper Cars running safely.
Sinorides Electric Bumper Cars painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Bumper Cars good status.
Electric Bumper-cars-battery-from-Sinorides
Durable Bumper Cars Battery to ensure your park visitor enjoy a satisfied experience.
Electric Bumper-cars-components-from-Sinorides
Complete Bumper Cars Components to support your business at 24*7 response.
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Number of Seats2P2P2P2P2P24P

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Sinorides is a Reliable Electric Bumper Car Manufacturer

People love riding bumper cars. We love manufacturing the best electric bumper cars. You should get the best for your customers. Sinorides is renowned for its top-notch electric bumper cars. They are equipped with functions like advanced audio, positioning, lighting, timing control, etc.

We give the best prices for the best electric bumper cars. You can trust the quality and functionality of our products. We have different models for electric bumper cars to choose from. We greatly value our electric bumper cars. Always giving it our best with an annual output of 10,000 bumper cars. Every unit is tested that it’s working perfectly before installation.

At Sinorides, we have electric bumper cars for adults as well electric bumper cars for toddlers. Sinorides has an advanced bumper car production factory where two hundred plus professionals work.

Sinorides is a prominent electric bumper cars manufacturer in China, recognized by IAAPA and CAAPA. Each year, we manufacture up to ten thousand electric bumper cars. And we ship them to more than 100 geographical regions. We also provide full support for the installation and maintenance of electric bumper cars.

Sinorides produces two different grid electric bumper cars, ground grid bumper cars, and ceiling grid bumper cars. You can choose that suits your budget and requirements. 

Sinorides manufactures premium quality electric bumper cars that pass various quality certifications. Still, our electric bumper cars’ price is cheaper than European bumper cars.  If you are a showman, we have a portable electric bumper car for you.

We also manufacture and sell childrens electric bumper cars, made keeping the safety of kids in mind. You will find all our electric bumper cars for sale feature-rich. They come with an audio system, timing functions, positioning, and lighting.

You will get all the possible support from our team for electric bumper car installation and maintenance. We also sell electric bumper car spare parts. At your request, we can plan and design an electrical circuit for your electric bumper cars.

Electric Bumper Cars – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Electrical bumper cars are certainly an affordable, accessible, and enjoyable addition to any amusement park.

If you plan to install an electrical bumper car ring on your premises, this is just the resource you need.

We have compiled an all-encompassing guide about electric bumper cars to help you make informed decisions.

Let’s get started.

What Are Electric Bumper Cars?

Families enjoying electric bumper cars

Electric bumper cars are powered by eponymous electricity.

These are small cars used in amusement parks for entertainment purposes.

The ride is themed to enact faulty driving that causes bumps with every neighbouring vehicle for fun.

The steering wheel is used to hit and move without getting hurt.

The cars are powered by the floor or ceiling and are also controlled externally by a ride control through computerized systems.

When looking for a new ride for your amusement park, it is ideal to start with a brand you can trust. Sinorides is one such brand, serving amusement parks since 1992.

You can consult their dedicated team for better guidance too!

What Are The Types Of Electric Bumper Cars?

Types Of Electric Bumper Cars

Today, several types of bumper cars are found in amusement parks.

Some of the most popular ones include ground grip bumper cars and ceiling grid bumper cars, both of which use the ceiling and ground to establish a complete electrical circuit that drives the vehicles on the platform.

Many amusement parks opt for the tough-maintenance battery operated bumper cars too.

Battery-operated cars are not very common because they need to be charged regularly whilst being cheap upfront. They cost a lot more in the long term with regular changes in the battery and maintenance.

How Fast Do Electric Bumper Cars Go?

The electric bumper cars operate at different speeds that are easily adjusted by controllers.

The controller helps limit the speed and adjust it according to the ride’s target audience, age, weight, and height.

On average, the speed of an electric bumper car is five mph.

The speed of your electric bumper car ride can go as high as seven mph for adults and remain as low as three mph for children.

The speeds are ideal for keeping the ride’s fun and making it safe for all age groups.

Five mph may seem slow, but when the rules of physics are applied to such a ride, the difference is visible and experienced physically.

How Do Electric Bumper Cars Get Power?

Simpler version of an electric bumper car ring

Electricity is the power used to run and powered the electric motor and circuit involved in running the ride.

The electric bumper cars are connected to the floor and ceiling through conductive rods attached to each vehicle.

This connectivity completes the circuit that helps electricity run through the ceiling into the bumper cars floor, resulting in the cars moving forward.

The ceiling, floor, and conductive poles of the bumper car are all made of metal to facilitate an efficient transfer of electricity from the roof into the bumper car.

Even the floor grid bumper cars are powered by forming a complete circuit between the vehicle and the floor.

There positive strips, negative strips, and insulating spacers spread on the conductive floor.

There are brushes under the bumper cars.

When the brushes underneath conceal any pair of strips on the floor, completion of the circuit drives the car forward or sideways.

A battery that needs to be recharged after every session is used by the battery-operated cars.

The circuit in these vehicles is completed after the battery is turned on and the acceleration is hit.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Electric Bumper Cars?

Electric bumper cars lined up for maintenance.

At present, electric bumper cars are being produced in different sizes following the vehicles and podiums available on the premises.

The variety in sizes helps the amusement park investors to evaluate the project field accurately by providing comprehensive alternatives.

The bumper cars are qualified according to size as mini and middle, large and maxi.

This division reasons that the sizes usually differ according to the chosen theme of the ride.

The thematic options can appear antiquated by choosing long and wide. Animal figured bodywork for the electric bumper cars.

In terms of best sellers, there are typical and simple models that are the most popular.

The electric bumper cars are usually made to be ridden by two people at once; they are designed specifically for riders to share these moments of excitement and thrill with friends and family.

Although rare, single and triple models for sizing are also available.

Small (child) and big (grown-up) separations are also made in the sizing criteria.

This is done to follow the restriction that to ride a big bumper car, you must meet age limit and height criteria.

This helps in the prevention of common injuries during bumps amongst children with leg lengths not enough to reach pedals.

Are Electric Bumper Cars Safe?

Electric Bumper Cars Safety

Electric bumper cars are an automobile built for rider safety?

Not really, because when one analyzes automobile safety, it is evident that many years have been spent on design and practice research.

The electric bumper cars are kept safe through remote operation of the vehicles from outside the riding ring.

The inner sensor system is designed to ensure none of the rides run over each other.

The hulk of the cars is designed to absorb the impact of each bump during the ride.

Ride safety is often determined by the manufacturers and their experience in the field.

Sinorides and team can help you find the best rides.

How Is Electrical Used In Bumper Cars?

Newton’s third law of motion, that is, the action and reaction principle, is a concept at work while an electric bumper car is running on the ring.

When cars hit one another, they both are capable of bouncing away from each other automatically.

In most cases, electric bumper cars have one of three different kinds of systems that supply power to them.

The electric bumper cars powered by batteries use rechargeable batteries on the inside that operate the mechanism.

When a battery is powered on, the switch inside the car’s body completes the circuit and helps the car move.

One the other hand, the ground grip bumper cars are powered from the floor.

Who Controls The Electric Bumper Cars?

Women enjoying an electric bumper car ride

An electric bumper car is controlled by the rider and an operator who takes care of all the cars functioning at once.

The operator is responsible for turning the cars and off, maintaining the speed, and keeping an eye on the distance between each car as they collide with one another.

The driver carries out the driving itself.

It must be noted that electric bumper cars are very convenient to drive as they only have a gas pedal and a steering wheel to operate.

Acceleration is possible through the pedal that helps the car move forward.

Giving a little pressure to the pedal will accelerate the rider’s speed further.

Releasing the pedal will stop the car after a few moments of slowing down.

The steering wheel helps in changing the direction of the car like the actual automobiles on the road.

A horn is often attached to the steering wheel for fun.

What Happens When Two Electric Bumper Cars Collide?

Electric bumper car collision

When two bumper cars collide on the race track/ring, physics principles about momentum and kinetic energy are directly applied.

The bumper cars carry kinetic energy when they move, and that simultaneously builds momentum.

As soon as two cars carrying momentum and kinetic energy collide with one another, they transfer the energy immediately.

The collision absorbs the energy but the momentum is continuously maintained throughout the ride.

If the cars had zero momentum before the collision, they would remain in the same state after the bump.

The cars immediately stop after a bump as the kinetic energy is absorbed and momentum is scored as zero.

This is where the law of inertia is applied to bumper car rides.

The car may come to a stop, but the driver experiences inertia as their body continues to move in the previous direction the car had been following before the crash.

As soon as the ride resumes after the collision, the rider will feel a little off-center.

Because their body was unable to absorb the impact and it may lead to a slight disturbance in their position while driving on the ring.

Officer enjoying a ride

How Much Do Electric Bumper Cars Cost?

Electric bumper cars have different prices according to their model and power dynamics.

The battery operated cars costs less as compared to the electric bumper cars, and similarly the adult cars are pricier than the children’s cars.

A standard set of ten bumper cars, the costs would total up to a round figure of $20000.

However, If you intend to establish a large electric bumper car setup then it is ideal for you to keep a higher budget around $40000 more or less.

You can consult Sinorides for the technicalities involved in electric bumper car pricing.

What Are The Safety Instructions For Electric Bumper Cars?

According to the safety statistics and manuals printed about electric bumper cars, it is evident that they are a lot safer than the average automobile.

Only minor injuries can result from a bumper car ride and that too would be because of the rider’s ignorance or the controller’s miscalculation.

To keep electric bumper cars safe, the manufacturers often suggest limiting the speed for children and adults.

If children are riding with adults, the senior rider should be driving the bumper car to keep up with the laws of physics.

Speeds for children-only rides should be maintained between three to five mph whereas adult speeds rides should not exceed the speed of seven mph.

Manufacturers must ensure variety in car sizes for each age group of riders.

This will help maintain the speed of the ride according to the height and weight of the passenger.

The height of children should be above 52 inches but if the cars are specially designed for younger kids then the minimum height must be 36 inches at least.

Children shorter than the prescribed height will find it difficult to drive the car and hence not enjoy getting hit by multiple cars at once on the ring.

Pregnant women are strictly forbidden from riding the electric bumper cars as they prove to be very dangerous for the mom and the fetus.

The collisions and inertia continue to strike the body time and time again which could possibly harm the unborn baby.

The cars are very small and do not have enough space to accommodate the belly between the protruding dashboard and steering wheel.

Under all circumstances, pregnant women must avoid electric bumper rides.

Similarly, individuals who are sick, mentally challenged, or under the influence of alcohol must avoid these rides at all costs.

Seat belts and helmets must be worn during the ride and the length of arms and legs reaching the pedal and gas pedal must be done beforehand.

Those who neglect these instructions often end up with injuries to the neck, arm, and legs.  

Can Kids Ride Electric Bumper Cars?

Children riding alone on a junior electric bumper car ride.

Bumper cars were introduced to the mass market as an exciting ride for children in amusement parks.

But since children are often very negligent about the safety measures, it is often advised to keep them away from the electric bumper cars.

Children under the age of 13 should not be allowed to ride alone.

The speed must be locked at 4 mph to ensure safety and children under the age of seven should not be allowed to ride without reaching the benchmark height.

One must make sure that each child is able to reach the gas pedal on their own when they are on the children-only rides.

How do Newton’s laws apply on electric bumper cars?

Electric bumper cars work on Newton’s Laws of motion, especially the one that is better known as the action-reaction principle.

When two cars collide with one another, they immediately bounce away from one another.

Applying the second law of motion here signifies that the rate of change in momentum would equal the net force being applied to the object.

This implies that if the object has more mass then more joules of force would be needed to change the range of motion.

It must be noted that when an individual who weighs less than the average rider gets bumped, the force is often stronger than that applied on a heavier rider’s car.

So, if a person with a light increase in their weight hits a lighter driver, the force would be a lot more effective in changing the motion for the second car.

VR stimulated bumper car ride

How are electric bumper cars shipped from China?

How are electric bumper cars shipped from China?

You can import bumper cars from China through a complete process.

However, it will cost you extra money, including the shipping charges.

The best way is to contact the manufacturers about the shipping.

Many reliable amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides help their customers import bumper car rides from China.

They also cover many other needs, including park design, manufacturing, shipment, and installation.

How does the bumper protect the electric bumper car?

The bumper car on the electric bumper car is the selling feature of the ride.

Each car has a large rubber bumper covering the circumference of the car.

It absorbs the impact to prolong it, thus diffusing the force of the collision.

The bumper cars run on electricity that is transmitted by a pole that connects the back of the car to the ceiling in most cases, the power consumed helps run the car.

The car generates kinetic energy as it moves across the race course that leads to the transfer of energy on each collision.

Thus, activating the role of the bumper for protection.

Are bumper cars AC or DC?

According to the history of electric bumper cars, it is suggested that the original ‘Lusse’ cars were 110v AC.

However, as the amusement industry underwent regulations and standardization the industry standard shifted to 90v DC.

Electric bumper car model

Do electric bumper cars spark?

Electric bumper cars operate on electricity that is transmitted through a pole that connects the car to the ceiling.

The metal pole operates with a small wheel touching the ceiling to power the car at the other end of the pole.

As electricity flows through the wheel, it sets in motion and often sparks up from the excess of electric movements.

Friction between the wheel and metal leads to minuscule rubs that produce higher sparks when the voltage is higher.

What collisions do electric bumper cars face?

Generally, there are only two types of collisions on an electric bumper car ring: elastic and inelastic.

The bumper cars undergo both conditions in some instances.

If two bumper cars collide into one another and stop after the crash, the kinetic energy produced is not conserved.

This leads to an elastic collision between the bumper cars.

There is a possibility that they also exchange momentum and kinetic energy, but the total amount of both forms of force will remain same.

However, if the cars lock each other things would be different.

This means that they will combine the momentum and kinetic energy to move as a single unit, the collision is called an inelastic collision.

Do electric bumper cars have wheels?

Yes, bumper cars have small wheels attached to them under the large rubber bumper to facilitate the movement across the ring.

The presence of wheels is concealed by the bumper to ensure a full range of motion that is not directed by external forces of energy that defy the exchange of momentum and kinetic energy.

Steering wheel on a bumper car

How much do electric bumper cars weigh?

The weight of bumper cars differs according to the type of the ride. It is ideal to consult manufacturers like Sinorides before making any assumptions.

A ceiling grid bumper car weighs around 200kg-300kg.

It mainly includes the weight of chassis, motor, car body and the hot rod.

Ground grid bumper car mainly weigh around 100kg-200kg.

The weight consists of the chassis, motor and car body. All of these account for about 85% of total weight.

A kiddie bumper car is much lighter than an adult bumper car ride.

Any ground grid kiddie bumper car weighs between 100kg-150kg whereas a ceiling grid kiddie bumper car weighs 100kg-200kg.

Battery operated bumper cars weigh roughly around 50kg-100kg.

Why are Chinese electric bumper cars cheap?

Chinese and European bumper cars mainly differ from one another due to the prices they demand.

There is no doubt in the fact that Chinese electric bumper care are cheaper than the European/ American  ones, but there are a large number of factors involved in this difference of prices:

  • Availability of primary raw materials and local production: China is the largest manufacturer of fiber-reinforced plastic and stainless steel.

These materials are mostly exported to European markets where the finished good has such a high price to cover the costs of imports.

But when you purchase electric bumper care directly from a Chinese producer, you can get the same quality at a much lower, very affordable price point.

The same is applicable to the other components of the that experience a hike due to the addition of shipping charges, customs, taxes, and profit margin of the middle-man too.

  • Cheap manual labor: China can indulge greatly in its surplus of cheap labor.

When a producer has lower wage and labor costs, they can actually maintain low prices for ride importing entities such as amusement park owners like you!

  • Research and market trends: The Chinese manufacturers have dedicated research and design development teams that keep an eye on the current quality and continue to increase production quality while cutting down the production costs.

Most European manufacturers outsource their projects to China because of the same reason.

  • Promising export policies: China is a leading amusement ride export all across the globe. That’s why the country has highly efficient export policies that allow bulk exports like amusement rides without any additional taxes, utilities, or even hidden charges.

Hence proven China produces cheaper electric bumper cars due to its overall cheaper rates of production and dispatch.

Mascot on an electric bumper car

Are Chinese manufacturers reliable for buying electric bumper cars?

The Chinese manufacturers have an excellent supply chain that allows them to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices.

There are countless manufacturers that take advantage of the Chinese policies on export and production to ensure reliable services for foreign importers.

It goes without a doubt that the Chinese manufacturers produce the best electric bumper cars that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable for the long term.

As an amusement park owner, you would like to find the best deals without any undue inconvenience. This is why, you can try to contact the manufacturer best suited to your needs through the websites and contact information available on the internet.

Many manufacturers tend to sell via trusted ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay to offer a seamless experience to their prospect clients.

A Google search about ‘reliable electric bumper cars in China’ can help you tremendously in finding companies that can truly deliver what they promise.

You may feel overwhelmed with the long list of options but if you boil down the search to a few elements, then you will be able to find the best match within a short period of time.

Look for companies that have installed electric bumper car rides in your country, better yet, in your city.

This will help you understand whether they deliver on the claims of quality made on the online presence or if everything is just words without actions.

Analyze the reputation of the company by visiting online forums and read the reviews left by their past clients to figure out your plan of action.

Be mindful of the certificates and approval licenses to ensure that you receive bumper cars produced strictly in accordance to the international standards that you may be expecting form them.

All of these checks and balances will help you make an informed decision about how reliable or trustworthy a Chinese manufacturer could be.

The best step is to establish communication.

Make sure that the manufacturer of your choice understands your expectations and is fully capable of delivering them.

Electric Bumper Car Ride in a carnival

How much power do electric bumper cars need?

Bumper cars work on electricity that ranges typically between 48 volts and 50 volts.

Generally speaking 48 volts is the average value of the voltage that drives the bumper cars.

However, some bumper cars might have voltage as low as 24 volts.

Constant supply is necessary to ensure smooth running of the arena.

The highest estimated voltage required to run bumper cars is 90 volts.

What kind of packaging do electric bumper cars have?

Electric bumper cars are usually packed in plastic and bubble wrap to protect the chassis and machinery.

Majority of the manufacturers pack cars individually in a box, depending on the shipping method chosen for your country.

As electric bumper cars are protected and kept very safe during shipping, the polythene plastic covering for furniture is also enough for the protection of the cars.

You can also ask the manufacturers yourself to ensure proper packaging to avoid any risks of damage during shipping.

Most reliable manufacturers follow the directives of their clients in this regard.

How do I find reliable electric bumper cars manufacturers in China?

You can find the most professional and reliable amusement ride manufacturers in China with a quick search on Google alone.

Most of the Chinese manufacturers of amusement paraphernalia have several certifications, due to their serious commitment to the quality of their products and overall service.

They ensure all safety measures and work strictly under the standards appointed by the international industry practices for safety and wellbeing.

Since manufacturers help with the export of electric bumper cars from China, buying a set for your amusement park from a reliable manufacturer will only add value to your experience.

If your budget does not allow fancy investments then buying electric bumper cars from China is the best choice.

Since the manufacturers have a huge advantage over labor costs and raw materials.

The materials used in the production can be sourced from the market, and manufacturers don’t pay any extra money for sourcing.

This process saves a lot of time and reduces the total costs of the electric bumper cars as well.

So, if you have a low budget, you can easily get cheap bumper cars from China.

However, the buyer has to ensure that the manufacturer delivers quality products and has several certifications.

This is why consulting reliable manufacturers like Sinorides is critical for any park owner planning to add electric bumper cars to their premises.

How many riders can sit in an electric bumper car?

Electric bumper cars have a standard seating arrangement.

The cars come with a single seat for the driver in most cases but exceptions with two seats are also available.

The two-seated bumper cars allow children to enjoy the ride as adults drive the car and they can be the excited passengers in the ride.

Most people like riding double-seated bumper cars due to their convenience.

Regardless of the number of seats, the seatbelts of a bumper car are vital.

If the bumper car does not have seatbelts for the riders and passengers, no one should ride them.

Double-seated electric bumper cars

Are electric bumper cars profitable?

Electric bumper cars are a highly profitable investment for any amusement facility because kids and adults love going to amusement parks for recreation.

Although, there is no doubt in the fact that one needs a considerable investment for the arena and construction process, the total returns on investment are very rapid and sizeable.

Rough estimates would say that electric bumper cars generate 5 to 10 times more profit than the initial investment.

The profit varies depending on the amount you have invested, the quality of cars imported, and most importantly, the location of the arena.

If several customers ride the bumper car daily, you can expect higher profits from the business.

However, if you have not built the arena in an amusement park or busy place where children come to play, it is more likely to slow down your returns.

It is better to set reasonable rates for each ride once you have determined the total profit margin you will receive after paying all of your expenses.

A little planning will go a very long way in this case.

Which amusement parks have electric bumper cars?

Any amusement parks with a dedicated arena and government permit can easily install an electric bumper car setup.

Along with these permissions you also need to have the proper staff and resources to afford a profitable electric bumper car arena.

What is the history of electric bumper cars?

Classic Dodgem

The history and invention of electric bumper cars is very controversial.

It is speculated that electric bumper cars were invented by Victor Levand, an employee with General Electric.

However, some say that these cars were invented brothers, Max and Harold Stoehrer, who lived in Massachusetts.

According to most scholarly resources, the original inventor of the bumper cars was Victor Levand.

He introduced a new technology which was further used by Max and Harold to invent the bumper cars.

Both the brother patented their first bumper car on December 7, in 1920.

Then, they created their own company named Dodgems Company.

This also led to the name of bumper cars as dodgems.

Do we need to consider the weather conditions for electric bumper cars?

The weather is a serious detriment to all amusement rides but its significance increases manifold when it comes to electric bumper cars.

The cars are run on electricity and any weather conditions could lead to shock or power break down.

It is advised to arrange automatic plastic tarps and weather-proof shields to protect the arena at the fear of any weather concern.

Can I get electric bumper cars customized?

Yes, you can also customize electric bumper cars according to the theme and style of choice.

Customizing your cars with a unique design is always a better idea as it adds a new look to your arena and attracts more customers.

The customization of the bumper cars is the responsibility of the manufacturer and can be ordered on special moods.

However, not every manufacturer will make customized cars.

So, it is better to discuss your plan of customizing the cars with the manufacturer before placing the order.

As this process requires the manufacturer to build new cars for you, it will take more time.

How many days does it take to manufacture electric bumper cars?

The duration of the production of bumper cars mainly depends on the manufacturer.

The manufacturers generally produce bumper cars in 9 – 12 days after finalizing the contract.

However, many manufacturers might deliver cars in less time while some may take more time.

It also depends on the type of bumper cars and their number.

The production of customized bumper cars takes more time.

If you hire an expert manufacturer like Sinorides then you can easily get the cars manufactured in a week.

Mom and Daughter on an electric bumper car in a carnival

What happens in case of a power breakdown of electric bumper cars?

Electric bumper cars can face power break downs due to mechanical loss or ignorance of performance by the staff.

An electrician can solve the problem if the problem arises in the electrical system.

Mostly, when the current exceeds the limit, it automatically leads to a power breakdown to prevent any loss.

If your staff is qualified with knowledge about the technicalities involved in the management of electric bumper cars than you are already a few steps ahead in the maintenance.

However, it is always better to call a professional as the circuits can be harmful to touch in such conditions.

If the bumper cars do not operate even after fixing the system, they cannot work further as their lives are fulfilled.

In this case, you might need to buy new bumper cars for your arena.

Do electric bumper cars need maintenance?

Electric bumper cars are prone to more damage to their body and internal structures due to the frequency of collisions.

They need a regular maintenance routine to keep them in good condition and enhance maintain optimal performance.

Regular inspection for maintenance must be scheduled every six months.

Similarly, it is better to wipe the exterior of the car’s surface daily to keep them in good condition as dust can quickly settle and damage the machinery.

The owner should also get the wearing parts checked regularly and replace them if signs of damage can be seen.

Electric bumper car collision

What material are electric bumper cars made of?

In the past electric bumper cars had a chassis made from hardwood, however,  the bumper cars manufactured today use plastic composites to form the chassis.

The primary material used is fiberglass or plastic due to the excellent durability and strength.

Fiberglass is as strong as steel and keeps the cars safe even after frequent collisions.

The rubber bumper around the car is a critical component too.

It protects the car and driver from severe effects of the collision by reducing the impact.

Do Chinese manufacturers handle the shipping of electric bumper cars?

Importing electric bumper cars from China is a long process.

It is slightly expensive as shipping charges across the world differ for different countries.

The best way is to contact the manufacturers about the shipping.

Many reliable amusement ride manufacturers help their customers import bumper car rides from China.

They also cover many complexities including park design, manufacturing, shipment, and installation.

What quality certifications do electric bumper cars have?

Every manufacturer is likely to have different certifications according to their preference and requirements.

Manufacturers also have CE certification to show that they take full responsibility for the product’s safety, health, performance, and environmental requirements.

ISO certification is also associated with many bumper car manufacturers. However, it tells nothing about their quality.

ISO certification only proves that the management system has fulfilled all the requirements to assure its quality.

Apart from these, some other certificates are GOST, SASO, BV, and SONCAP.

CAAPA (China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) is also a valuable certification for manufacturers who import bumper cars from China.

It is a non-profit organization whose aim is to protect the prosperity of Chinese, Asian, and global amusement industry.

Although it isn’t a necessary certificate to confirm the quality of bumper cars, its membership indicates that the manufacturers are highly competent regarding their business’s safety and prosperity.

Electric bumper car under inspection

How to cut the maintenance costs of electric bumper cars?

Electric bumper cars offer ease of maintenance that is convenient and efficient in terms of time and money.

It is ideal to purchase maintenance-free, direct-drive, easy to access and high-quality electric bumper cars.

When you import slightly pricier cars then you can save a lot of money in the long term as they require minimal maintenance.

Electric bumper cars only need to be repaired when necessary.

How long does it take to install electric bumper cars?

Electric bumper cars require an arena for their operation, so the process of installing bumper cars is a little time consuming.

It roughly takes 3 months to build, install, and operate an entire electric bumper care ride in any amusement facility.

The ceiling-grid bumper cars require a proper ceiling circuits and poles for operation.

Similarly, the ground-grip bumper cars have their system installed on the floor.

A control system for the operator is also a necessity.

The installation process is determined after the selection of the specific type of cars.

The project should be assigned to a team of builders as a single person cannot build the whole arena.

They are easy to operate and can be fitted into an amusement park and indoor and outdoor parks.

Also, a self-employed person can start a bumper cars business with less operational limitation.

We also strongly suggest to paint the arena and the walls with beautiful colors and add posters wherever possible as it attracts the people and increases the chances of profit from every ride.

Similarly, the arena should be well-made and regularly maintained to make it safe for the ride.

Fire-themed electric bumper cars

Who conducts the electric bumper cars inspection?

In order to verify the quality of the electric bumper car, you must get the set inspected.

EN13814, better known as, European Ride Safety Standards, is a document that represents the state-of-the-art measures expected for the safety of amusement devices and rides in every international attraction.

This standard can be used to inspect the quality of the ride throughout the processes of design, manufacture, operation, and usage.

Following these rigorous international standards will ensure not only the safety of your guests but it will also help you maintain a good brand image in front of international audiences.

If you are importing rides from an affordable sourcing unit like China,  make sure that you get the ride inspected by qualified professionals.

How to make electric bumper cars safe?

Electric bumper cars are essentially very safe for adults and children.

However, it is smart to be prepared and make investments in securing the ride before incurring any significant loss or hit on the reputation.

To make the ride safe for the riders you must hire an administrator who is highly responsible and vigilant about his duties.

The arena and management system should both have clear instructions about safety and regulation to keep the riders informed.

When your supervisors and advisers have the specialization to deal with any issues on the ring, then your arena becomes a lot safer than the ordinary electric bumper car ride.

The staff should have the knowledge and experience about the usage, operation, and performance of the ride.

Routine inspections for the operation and safety are critical for the safety of the passengers.

Supervisors must ensure that the passengers are seated properly with the seatbelts and legs in place.

Can I import electric bumper cars from China?

China is the leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides across the globe.

You can easily import electric bumper cars from the country if you are a part of the European Union, or belong to the following list of countries; United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia, Nigeria, and United Kingdom.

The high quality and low cost of rides have made China the uncrowned king of amusement parks and facilities.

Kiddie electric bumper car ride at a fair

Do electric bumper cars have lights?

Yes electric bumper cars have LED lights above their bumpers.

It adds appeal to the ride and also makes the arena very attractive for children and adults alike. Since the arenas come to life at night, the flashing lights on the cars make them very beautiful.

Can kids ride electric bumper cars at high speeds?

Children should not ride bumper cars at a high speed as it can be very dangerous for them.

Any electric bumper car operating above the speed of 5mph is deemed inappropriate for children as it can lead to dizziness, nausea, and head injury to the kids as their tiny bodies would not be able to absorb the impact.

Since bumper cars continue to collide and exchange kinetic energy to maintain momentum, the laws of physics make it impossible for children to ride high speed electric bumper cars at all.

It is advised to keep the speed for electric bumper cars for children between 3 to 5 mph, that too when an adult is either driving or supervising them.

How to make electric bumper cars attractive?

Electric bumper cars are a fancy attraction in every amusement park and facility.

In order to make the cars more attractive, a park owner can order customization by manufacturer to ensure that they look inviting from a distance.

The use of bright colors and unique designs will add value to the user’s experience and it will add to the popularity of the ride as well.

Deciding a theme for the electric bumper car arena can also be very helpful in this regard as thematic rides are increasing becoming the norm in every amusement facility.

A theme can be inspired by popular movies like Star Trek, Avengers, or even dramas and songs too.

If the electric bumper car arena is dedicated to children then you can use brighter colors and common cartoons like Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol to make the rides even more exciting for the target audience.

Bright colored dodgems

How much area is required for electric bumper cars?

Electric bumper car arenas need space according to the number of cars operating on the ring.

Since the standard set of bumper cars has 7 to 10 cars, it is suggested to allot nearly 50 feet per car.

In that case if you have 20 cars your arena should be 1000 square feet.

This is a basic rule of thumb.

Many amusement parks use kids cars or even operate bumper cars on ice instead of the electric bumper cars on a floor/ground circuit.

These factors play a critical role in defining the number of cars per surface area.

Can electric bumper cars operate outside?

No electric bumper cars cannot operate in outdoor setting unless a mobile arena is installed.

The electric bumper cars need a complete circuit of floor or ceiling connections that power the cars.

To keep the cars operational, you need the arena.

Even if battery-operated bumper cars were used, then too, a specific type of flooring or ice would be required to successfully drive electric bumper cars.

How much does an electric bumper car ride cost?

Electric bumper cars have different prices.

Battery-operated bumper cars cost less than electric bumper cars. Similarly, adult bumper cars are slightly more expensive than bumper cars for children.

If you want to buy a set of ten bumper cars, it would cost around $15000.

However, if you are going to establish an electric bumper car arena, the lowest investment should be approximately $30,000.

Battery-operated electric bumper car ride

What voltage do electric bumper cars run on?

The voltage required to run electric bumper cars typically ranges between 48 volts and 50 volts.

Among these values, 48 volts is the average value of the voltage that drives the electric bumper cars.

However, some bumper cars might have voltage as low as 24 volts.

On the other hand, the highest estimated voltage required to run bumper cars is 90 volts.

What is the total cost of an electric bumper cars setup?

Electric Bumper cars may have different prices but the costs of building an arena remain standard.

If you are going to start an electric bumper car business, the lowest investment should be approximately $30,000.

If you want to buy a set of ten bumper cars, it would cost around $15000.

Generally, electric bumper car arenas cost a minimum of $50,000 and can go as high as $250,000, depending on your budget and preferences.

Do electric bumper cars have an after-sale service?

Formula One themed arena

Most of the electric bumper car manufacturers provide excellent after-sales services.

If you import electric bumper cars from reliable overseas manufacturers like Sinorides, you get a lot more than spare parts and a random phone call for satisfaction.

Make sure that the manufacturers you choose should have several certifications and should also offer and after-sales service so that you won’t get into loss at any cost.

The buyer should ask himself whether the after-sales service is free or not.

It is always better to make an informed decision about such things.

What factors affect the collision of electric bumper cars?

Kinetic energy and momentum are the two things that affect the collision of electric bumper cars.

When you introduce the weight of the rider in the mix, then you get a better answer,

Generally, there are two types of collisions: elastic and inelastic.

If two bumper cars collide and stop after the crash, kinetic energy is not conserved.

In this case, the bumper cars follow elastic collision.

They might also exchange their kinetic energy and momentum, but the total amount of kinetic energy and momentum will remain same.

However, if both the cars lock each other, meaning that they combine and start to move as a single unit, the collision is called an inelastic collision.

How to ride electric bumper cars?

Early sketch of an electric bumper car ride

Electric bumper cars were basically introduced to provide the excitement of riding a car to kids.

After seeing their popularity, we now find bumper cars for adults as well.

Children under the age of 13 should not ride bumper cars alone.

They should also not ride at high speeds.

Children under the age of 10 should be strictly prohibited to ride bumper cars until they are sitting with an adult.

However, all adults can ride bumper cars, and mostly bumper car arenas for adults have higher speeds.

Seat belts and access to the gas pedal are two crucial requirements for qualifying for a electric bumper car ride.

The health, pregnancy, alcohol/drug abuse must also be checked before getting a rider onboard.

What are the qualities of a reliable electric bumper car manufacturer?

While choosing electric bumper cars for your park, the following concerns should be kept in mind:

·        The manufacturer:

The manufacturer plays a critical role in the kind of electric bumper cars you receive.

If the manufacturer sells cheap-quality cars, your arena will suffer tremendously without any loss to the manufacturer.

It is better to buy bumper cars from a professional amusement ride manufacturer with an excellent reputation like Sinorides.

They will help you solve many issues alongside the provision of the highest quality cars.

·        Transmission system:

The electric bumper cars in the market use any one of the four transmission systems.

In the first one, the motor connects directly to the wheel.

The motor has no protection and is at the highest risk of damage and failure.

Such bumper cars are the cheapest due to low quality and less life.

The second type uses a motor along with a chain and a wheel.

It is the most common transmission system used in the market and has a moderate price.

However, it is also likely to get failed due to low power transmission.

The third type of motor uses a three-stage gearbox and wheels.

It has good power transmission with longer life.

Therefore, its cost is higher.

The fourth type is the most expensive due to its excellent power transmission and highest quality.

The motor is directly the wheel with a motor belt clutch.

It has an excellent heat dissipation effect and better running quality than others.

·        After-sales:

As after-sales service is common in the trade industry, good after-sales of bumper cars can save a lot of time and money.

Generally, the manufacturers provide a one-year warranty for bumper cars.

So, it is better to confirm if the after-sales will cost you extra money and whether they provide the spare parts for free during the warranty period.

·        Ease of maintenance:

The ease of maintenance provides convenience and saves extra time and money.

So, it is better to buy maintenance-free, direct-drive, no belts, no gears, easy to access, and high-quality bumper cars.

They don’t have technical systems that prevents extra costs.

Thus, such bumper cars are easy to maintain and only need to be repaired when necessary.

Abandoned arena

How many days does it take to deliver electric bumper cars from China?

Delivering a bumper car from China to US has extra delivery charges and an estimated time of 20 – 40 days.

The time range depends on the manufacturer, the shipping service, and the weather conditions.

Why are electric bumper cars so famous?

Electric bumper cars are a wonderful ride that allows adults to feel as if kids again.

It offers a nostalgic that is hard to resist.

It lets you be free and without a care about what anyone thinks because of the lack rules about the road.

And you may hit anyone you desire; how often can you accomplish that in person?

To have an adult so as to fall behind the wheel of the bumper car allows them the chance to break the law, as we say.

And for many adults who adhere to the laws and rules of life, it feels pretty decent to never possess consequences!

Children on the other hand love bumper cars for similar reasons.

It is a quick and affordable ride for everyone to enjoy alone or as a family too.

How to protect electric bumper cars from damage while shipping?

Electric bumper cars are usually packed in plastic wrap to protect their body and machinery.

However, most manufacturers might pack them inside a box, depending on the shipping method.

As bumper cars are protected and kept safe while shipping, a polythene furniture plastic covering is also enough to protect the cars.

You can also ensure proper packaging to avoid any risks of damage during shipping by directing the manufacturer for additional protection.

Arena closed due to rains

How do I choose electric bumper cars?

When purchasing electric bumper cars, you should take a few points into consideration which are described below:

·        Construction:

You should be aware of the materials used for the electric bumper cars they must be durable and strong to endure the frequent collisions.

The use of high-quality materials in electric bumper cars increases their durability and also enhances the engine power, leading to a safe ride.

·        Design:

When choosing a bumper car, its design makes or breaks the success story of the arena.

Both traditional and modern bumper cars are available in abundance.

They have slight variations where the modern bumper cars are round with a rubber tube surrounding them.

Circular bumper cars are popular because they provide better control and spin around more often, increasing the fun of the ride.

The purpose of different designs is only to attract potential customers.

·        Seating:

Bumper cars come with a single seat for the driver mostly.

The two-seated bumper cars allow children to enjoy the ride as adults can make them sit as a passenger.

Most people like riding double-seated bumper cars due to their convenience.

·        Style:

The appearance of the bumper car also matters to customers.

Most bumper cars will be simple with a single color painted on them.

Some parks go a mile further to make the electric bumper cars attractive by painting them in different colors and adding new styles to their bumper cars.

Such cars are more likely to grab attention than simple and old ones.

The prettier the theme, the more profitable the arena.

Electric bumper car arena at night

What are the main parts of an electric bumper car?

Electric bumper cars have a few major parts that keep them running.

Other than the chassis, the motor is a crucial part that drives the vehicle and controls it.

Malfunction in the motor can disturb the machinery and the performance will be reduced too.

Another important component of the electric bumper car is its steering wheel.

Just like any other car, you cannot ride an electric bumper car without its steering wheel.

The horn of the electric bumper car is also a source of excitement for children while riding.

Although bumper cars are easy to operate, they are of no use without the steering wheel as the riders could not turn their vehicle to hit others.

Similarly, the gas pedal is of equal importance in electric bumper cars.

Bumper cars don’t operate like other automobiles. Only the gas pedal accelerates the vehicle, and the riders can increase or decrease the speed.

If the gas pedal isn’t working, the bumper car won’t accelerate, and the riders won’t enjoy it at all.

The horn and external lighting also add value to the ride.

What are the benefits of electric bumper cars in an amusement park?

There are countless benefits of adding an electric bumper car arena in the amusement park.

Firstly, it is an attraction that is highly profitable.

You can quickly gain returns within two years of operationalizing the ride.

It does not require a huge chunk of investment to start, as compared to rollercoasters and alpine coasters.

Since they are very attractive for audiences of all age groups, nothing would be able to stop you from earning the profits you have in mind.

Multiple age groups riding together

Do electric bumper car manufacturers help in installing the ride?

The best way is to install the electric bumper car ride is to contact the manufacturers about it.

Many reliable amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides help their customers install and operate the electric bumper car rides from China.

They also cover other needs, including park design, manufacturing, and shipment.

How to choose the controller of electric bumper cars?

According to statistics, accidents due to electric bumper cars could possibly be severe as real car accidents.

Damage from the arena could include chest injury, wrist injury, concussion, and back and neck injuries.

The reason for all these injuries is the continuous impact and changing motions of people inside the cars.

If the riders and controllers follow all the safety parameters, electric bumper cars are more fun and less dangerous.

The controllers should keep the speeds limited to avoid any serious accidents and injuries that may become life-threatening.

Controllers must be chosen according to their knowledge and experience in the field.

As any delinquency on the controller’s part could lead to serious damage to the riders in the arena.

Customized electric bumper cars

Does SINORIDES export electric bumper cars all over the world?

Sinorides is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of amusement rides all over the world.

Besides, its affordable pricing and high-quality materials the company offers excellent sales services.

Sinorides is certified for the production and export of amusement paraphernalia according to international standards.

How much do electric bumper cars weigh?

The weight of bumper cars differs according to the type of the ride. It is ideal to consult  manufacturers like Sinorides before making any assumptions.

A ceiling grid bumper car weighs around 200kg-300kg.

It  mainly includes the weight of chassis, motor, car body and the hot rod.

Ground grid bumper car mainly weigh around 100kg-200kg.

The weight consists of the chassis, motor and car body. All of these account for about 85% of total weight.

A kiddie bumper car is much lighter than an adult bumper car ride.

Any ground grid kiddie bumper car weighs between 100kg-150kg whereas a  ceiling grid kiddie bumper car weighs 100kg-200kg.

Battery operated bumper cars weigh roughly around 50kg-100kg.

Beginner’s ride

What certifications does SINORIDES have for electric bumper cars?

To ensure the quality standard of the bumper cars, Sinorides has specific certifications to prove the quality of their electric bumper cars.

For every manufacturer in China, the CCC certification (Compulsory Certification of China) is essential and Sinorides has acquired it.

This certification for Sinorides ensures the standard of electric bumper cars expected manufacturers based in Europe.

According to this certification, the company ensures that the bumper cars are safe for use, perform well, and meet all environmental requirements.

How to supervise riders for riding electric bumper cars?

The riders on electric bumper cars must be observed from multiple vantage points.

A supervisor in the arena should keep an eye on the belts and pedals before the ride is started and a monitor should control the collisions and space between the cars from a computerized system.

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