How to Buy the Best Mini Jet Rides for Your Amusement Park

Are you looking for fun and exciting rides for your amusement park?

Do you want to offer your visitors a thrilling and memorable experience? If yes, then you should consider buying a Mini Jet Ride.

A Mini Jet ride is a type of amusement ride that allows passengers to control the movement of their planes. They can make the aircraft go up and down, spin around, and enjoy the sensation of flying. It is suitable for children and families and can attract people of different ages and preferences.

But how do you buy the best Mini Jet Rides for your amusement park? Where can you find reliable and professional manufacturers? What are the features and specifications of different types of Mini Jet Rides? How much does it cost, and how long does it take to deliver? How do you install and maintain it?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered! In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. We will provide a comprehensive guide on buying the best Mini Jet Rides for your amusement park. We will also introduce you to Sinorides, one of China’s leading Mini Jet Rides manufacturers, who can offer you high-quality, safe, beautiful, and durable products with full service5.

This FAQ guide is for your help — from basics to manufacturing to variations, all are answered here!

What Is A Mini Jet Ride?

What Is A Self-Control Plane Ride

What Is A Mini Jet Ride

Mini Jet Rides are a form of kiddie amusement ride that is entertaining and educational.

This type of kid ride can be found in amusement parks, outdoor playgrounds, plazas, and public gardens, among other places.

Regarding airplane rides, there are six or more aircraft with kiddie-rider cabins.

Each plane has two seats that can be moved up and down.

Around the vertical axis, the airplanes are fixed on the guns.

Where Are Mini Jet Rides Made?

The Mini Jet Rides is made primarily made in China.

Many companies in China specialize in manufacturing high-quality Mini Jet Rides for sale.

Also, many countries import Mini Jet Rides from China.

What Are The Different Types Of Mini Jet Rides?

There are two kinds of self-control planes: hydraulic and forced.

Manufacturers usually make the pressure-controlled self-control plane to produce cost-effective pieces of the Mini Jet Rides.

The top and competent manufacturer or retailer of various amusement park rides for kids& families offers many versions of Mini Jet Rides.

However, a Mini Jet Ride’s central rockets and arms are fitted with lights for maximum attraction.

Types Of Self-Control Plane Ride

Mini Jet Rides

The following are the different types (other than the two main types) of Mini Jet Rides that are most popular:

  1. 24 Seats Mini Jet Rides
  2. 16 Seats Mini Jet Rides
  3. 12 Seats Mini Jet Rides

Where Can I Buy A Mini Jet Ride?

There are many e-stores where you can buy Mini Jet Rides, but specific rubrics should be kept you should keepe buying.

Moreover, Sinorides is one of those suppliers in China that can help you better understand Mini Jet Rides.

In addition, a Mini Jet Ride is a form of amusement park ride with unique features.

Features include trendy plane designs, cartoon elements, streamlined shapes, and a manageable elevated system provides riders with a lot of fun.

Therefore, keep all these in mind before buying one.

How Much Does A New Mini Jet Ride Cost?

Self-Control Plane Ride Cost

Mini Jet Rides Cost

A new set of Mini Jet Rides would easily cost the US $10,000 to $13,000.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper one for your amusement park, it will cost around the US $6000 to $8000.

Also, keep in mind that these prices are an estimated one.

The prices may vary depending on the manufacturer and manufacturer.

How Does A Mini Jet Ride Work?

Riders on the Mini Jet Rides will feel as if they are soaring across the sky in a real plane.

Riders experience a feeling of flight and are comfortable and cheerful as their bodies rotate up and down.

The planes can rotate around the vertical axis until the flat ride is operational.

Riders may push the button simultaneously to make the plane go up and down or stop at any time.

The self-control plane trip has a high-tech music player and bright LED lights.

It’s very colorful, easy to use, and brings endless joy.

This is how it works!

Easily functional!

What Type of Motion Does a Mini Jet Ride have?

Mini Jet Rides for kids

It has a rotating motion.

In simpler words, it rotatesund the vertical axis, lifting freefreecaircraft-type equipment.

An aircraft rocket spinning around the middle is a type of amusement ride in which visitors can control lift rides by themselves.

Also, freely control the climb, casual visitors grip lever lift in flight, chasing each other.

How Many Volts Does A Mini Jet Rides Need?

A standard Mini Jet Rides requires 380/220V 50HZ voltage to operate.

How Many Planes Does A Mini Jet Ride Have?

Self-control plane ride seats

Mini Jet Rides seats

There are mainly 3 types of Mini Jet Rides in terms of planes.

The following is the complete depiction of the planes of the Mini Jet Rides.

Type 01: 6 Arms

This type 1 of Mini Jet Ride has six plane arms in this one.

Also, with a capacity of 12p, a rotating speed of 4r/min, and a rising height of 1.8m, it covers a 9m*9m area and has a power of 7.5KW.

In addition, it weighs 2 tonnes, is 8 meters in height, can function for eight years, and requires 380V/50HZ voltage.

Type 02: 8 Arms

This type 2 of Mini Jet Ride has eight plane arms in this one.

Also, it has a capacity of 16p, a rotating speed of 4r/min, a rising height of 1.8m, a 9m*9m area, and a power of 7.5KW.

In addition, it weighs 2 tonnes, is 8 meters in height, can function for eight years, and requires 380V/50HZ voltage.

Type 03: 12 Arms

This is the type 3 of Mini Jet Rides and has 12 plane arms in this one.

Also, it has a capacity of 24p, a rotating speed of 4r/min, a rising height of 1.8m, a 9m*9m area, and a power of 7.5KW.

In addition, it weighs 2 tonnes, is 8 meters in height, can function for eight years, and requires 380V/50HZ voltage.

How Much Does A Mini Jet Rides Weigh?

The weight of the Mini Jet Rides is 2 tonnes (mostly).

However, it can vary depending on the material and manufacturers.

How Much Time Does It Take The Mini Jet Rides To Make One Revolution?

Self-control plane ride running time

Mini Jet Rides running time

The Mini Jet Rides typically take 120 seconds to complete one revolution, but it depends on the diameter of the plane.

However, the other technical parameters of the Mini Jet Rides are:

  1. The maximum passenger limit is 20 persons
  2. The equipment height is 8.5m
  3. Number of the airplane 10sets*2persons/set
  4. Maximum flying height 6.5m
  5. The maximum rotation diameter of an airplane is about 14m
  6. Total power of it is40kw
  7. Power supply AC380/50Hz/60Hz, three-phase TN-S system
  8. The theory passenger capacity is 400persons/hour
  9. Occupied area 380㎡

How Long Will It Take To Make Delivery After The Order Of Mini Jet Rides Is Placed?

When you order Mini Jet Rides, there is a chance of an extended delivery period.

But on average, the delivery takes a good 45 to 60 days.

However, there are sites like Sinorides that deliver within 30 days.

However, many manufacturers have different delivery scales; therefore, look for the best!

Also, many websites do not count on (days of delivery) your order placement if you have not paid for the Mini Jet Rides.

So, it is essential to look at every aspect before buying one.

What Is The Warranty And After-Sale Service For The Mini Jet Rides?

Self-control plane ride warranty

Mini Jet Rides warranty

The warranty of the Mini Jet Rides is mostly 12 months.

But for some, it depends upon the manufacturers, too.

The company does not entertain after-sales services, but many after-sales service centers provide optimum level service.

Also, these centers are interlinked with companies, so they know the model and manufacturing.

However, this does not mean that companies do not offer after-sale services; multiple companies offer them.

So, before buying one, check out the policies.

But in general, the after-sale services include:

Passionate salespeople assist you in becoming familiar with the company’s goods and business

Your orders are generated by skilled engineers and staff

Until delivery, a professional inspector inspects the quality of the rides

Rides with an excellent technician guide assemble at your place

Does Mini Jet Rides Manufacturers Accept Customization?

Yes, they do accept customization.

What is included in The Customization:

The following parameters can be customized:

  1. Passengers limit
  2. Area (technically the diameter)
  3. The height of rising (when the ride starts)
  4. Height
  5. Turning speed
  6. Time Range
  7. Color
  8. Theme

What Is The Cooperation Process To Order Mini Jet Rides?

Order Self Control Plane Ride

Mini Jet Rides

Generally, the cooperation process to order Mini Jet Rides undergoes nine steps.

Here are those nine steps. Have a look!

Step 1: Order Acceptance

When the customer places the order and adds its details to it.

The order undergoes an order acceptance process, and once it is verified, the order is accepted.

Step 2: Purchasing Of The Raw Material

To start building the order upon the request the labor purchases the raw material.

That includes all mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical materials.

Step 3: Placement In Warehouse

For proper building, the raw materials are then brought to the warehouse.

In the warehouse, the manufacturing of the Mini Jet Rides starts.

Step 4: Making Mould And FRP Process

After building up the pieces of the Mini Jet Rides, now it’s time to mold all of them.

Also, in this step, the mandatory FRP process takes place.

Step 5: Painting And Polishing

One of those steps makes the entire Mini Jet Rides attractive.

This is the step where the customer has free space for customization.

Step 6: Machining

The step where labor checks if all technical and electrical parameters are working fine.

Many companies do this twice to ensure no flaw in building the customers’ Mini Jet Rides.

Step 7: Step And QC Inspection

When everything is done!

There is a final test ride to ensure that none of the parameters is undone.

Step 8: Cleaning And Packing

This is one of the most critical steps.

It seems easy, but it is not.

The gigantic Mini Jet Rides pieces must be adequately packed to avoid inconvenience.

The packing is done in 2 steps:

  1. Bubble plastic wrap packing inside
  2. Wooden frame packing outside

This way, the frames and pieces remain safe.

Step 9: Shipment

The last is the shipment of the final product to the customer.

Is There Any Discount On Buying Mini Jet Rides?

In particular, there is no discount on buying a Mini Jet Ride.

But there could be a possibility of a discount, say, on different events.

For instance, if there is a children’s day or any other special occasion, many manufacturers may lower prices.

Also, if you are looking for cheap Mini Jet Rides, you can always look for e-stores that sell great assembled ones at lower prices.

Moreover, a new set may cost the US $10,000 to $13,000.

Also, a cheaper one in the US costs $6000 to $8000.

How To Install Mini Jet Rides?

Install Self-Control Plane Ride

Mini Jet Rides

Installation is simple; customers can install the self-control plane according to drawing or video by themselves.

However, it can be installed in amusement parks, parks, squares, and other indoor and outdoor places.

Therefore, check out the manual once you receive your order.

Can Mini Jet Rides Manufacturer Help Design For My New Park?

Yes, they can.

Also, you can list all your requirements before confirming your order.

Who Will Construct The Foundation Of The Mini Jet Rides?

Mini Jet Rides

The buyer will construct the foundation according to the foundation condition drawings.

However, the companies do provide videos, images, and manuals for assistance.

How Do You Manufacturer Ensure The Quality Of The Mini Jet Rides?

The manufacturers ensure the quality of the Mini Jet Rides by offering the following parameters:

High-quality FRP and robust steel are used to ensure long-term consistency.

It is painted by a talented artist using high-quality paints that are resistant to fading and bright enough to ensure the outer quality is up to the mark.

The ceiling on each cabin is attached to avoid heat burn.

Mechanical principles are not overlooked.

Does Mini Jet Rides Equip With Safety Belts?

Mini Jet Rides

Yes, they are.

The cockpit is fitted with seat belts, and before operating the equipment, the operator must ensure that everyone is wearing their seat belts.

Can I Just Order One Mini Jet Ride?

Yes, you can.

However, the best Mini Jet Rides to order are:

  1. BAR-KP7 Buy Mini Jet Rides
  2. BAR-KP5 New 24 Seats Mini Jet Rides
  3. BAR-KP6 Kiddie Plane Rides
  4. BAR-KP2 Kiddie Plane Rides
  5. BAR-KP3 Quality Mini Jet Rides

What Is The Manufacturer’s Shipping Way For Mini Jet Rides?

Shipping Way For Self-Control Plane Ride

Shipping Way For Mini Jet Rides

The best and most preferred method of shipping is by sea.

But if you prefer to travel by road, many manufacturers can work on your request.

The Sinorides can be the best pick if you are too picky regarding transportation.

Do Mini Jet Rides Manufacturers Accept OEM?

Yes, they do accept OEM.

Many of the Mini Jet Rides products are accessible as OEM orders, and you can also opt for customized packaging for specific parameters or areas.

Does Chinese Mini Jet Rides Manufacturer Provide Certification And Testing Report For The Product?

Yes, the manufacturers provide the product’s certification and testing reportt.

They show the certification and testing report of the product received by the Chinese government.

They must have certification and testing reports approved by CE and ISO.

So, if you are about to own a Mini Jet Rides, make sure the manufacturers provide their certification and testing report for the product you want.

What Are Then Different Variations Of Mini Jet Rides?

Variations Of Self-Control Plane Ride

Variations Of Mini Jet Rides

The variation of the Mini Jet Rides depends upon your customization, but in general, there are two main variations of the self-control plane rides.

Hydraulic self-control and pressured self-control plane.

Considering the cost-effectiveness of the products, manufacturers usually use pressure-controlled self-control planes.

The model of a self-control plane is an airplane with several small planes circling it.

Each cabin has two seats and a self-contained lift, and children can sit inside while listening to beautiful music and rhythms as if they were piloting an airplane.

Riding in a self-control plane is similar to cloud riding, with its ups and downs, and it is widespread among children and teenagers.

The self-control plane’s revolutionary architecture, lovely charming decorative lanterns, and practical stimulus battle acoustics attract many visitors, making it a good investment.

Self-control planes are ideal for people aged 2 to 55, but their parents must accompany children under two.

These are the main parameters of both the variations of the Mini Jet Rides.

What Are The Different Parts Of Mini Jet Rides Called?

The Mini Jet Rides has 3 main components.


It is also known as Stabilator.

Its airplane movement is pitch.

The axes of rotation are lateral.

However, the type of stability is longitudinal.


It is only known as Rudder, which is its primary control surface.

Its airplane movement rolls.

The axes of rotation are longitudinal.

However, the type of stability is lateral.


It is only known as Aileron, which is its primary control surface.

Its airplane movement is Yaw.

The axes of rotation are vertical.

However, the type of stability is directional.

What Is The Material Used For Mini Jet Rides Cabin?

The primary material used in the cabin is glass fiber.

However, Mini Jet Rides are made of high-grade glass fiber-reinforced plastic materials that are anti-aging, challenging to crack, rot,, and have a long service life.

Also, a thick stainless steel frame makes it solid and durable.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Mini Jet Rides From Chinese Manufacturers?

Firstly, buying from any Chinese manufacturer is itself an advantage because the Chinese have the largest pool for exporting Mini Jet Rides.

However, here are the main advantages:

  1. High-quality FRP and steel materials, as well as sound engineering principles, ensure that the system can last a long time
  2. Skilled manufacturer with several years of experience, adept at installation and complete equipment repair procedures
  3. The architecture of these one-of-a-kind cabins can be tailored to your liking, making the theme park more appealing.
  4. Direct supply from the factory is given
  5. After-sale services are offered
  6. Customization is entertained
  7. With or without the laser gun for each cabin is offered

How To Maintain Mini Jet Rides?

Mini Jet Rides

Here are the things that are considered under maintenance of the Mini Jet Rides:

  1. Lubrication of the mechanical devices
  2. Testing of each piece
  3. Fiberglass check (whether it is broken or not)

How To Find Reliable Mini Jet Rides Manufacturer In China?

China has tremendous products such as mini jet rides, and on almost one of the following websites, you will find it reliable to pick your best self-control plane rides.

However, do not miss out on the essential details, sucsuch as certification and product testing.

If an e-store or website does not offer these, then those are not reliable places to buy Mini Jet Rides.

How To Check The Quality Of Mini Jet Rides?

Mini Jet Rides

Many suppliers offer different Mini Jet Rides products. However, the things that are supposed to be looked at under the term “quality” are:

  1. Cockpit glass
  2. Fiberglass used in the manufacturing
  3. Springs (that hold the object)

How To Ensure The Safety Of Mini Jet Rides?

Safety Of Self Control Plane Ride

Safety Of Mini Jet Rides

The safety of the Mini Jet Rides depends upon how sturdy the ride is.

Also, if there are safety belts or not.

However, riders can adjust the lift by pressing the green and yellow buttons in the cockpit.

To have complete safety, you must know that the green button indicates the lift is rising, while the yellow button means it is falling.

To ensure safety, check out if the stainless steel frame is 3-4mm thick, making it sturdy and long-lasting.

At last, more than ten times with gauze until it is smooth and free of welding slag

These are ways and parameters to ensure safety before getting on or buying a Mini Jet Ride.

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