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How to choose the best flying car amusement ride for your amusement park?

If you want to surprise visitors and attract new customers, you need a flying car amusement ride. This unique and innovative amusement ride lets you feel like you are driving a flying car. But how to choose the best flying car amusement ride for your amusement park? This post will answer the most common questions about this ride and give you valuable tips.

Sinorides Flying Car Ride for Sale Projects 2
Sinorides Flying Car Ride for Sale Projects


What Should I Consider When Buying a Flying Car Ride?

When purchasing a flying car ride, there are several factors to consider, some of which are outlined below:


The first factor to consider when buying a flying car ride is the price, as most buyers think it is their top priority. Try to find models with a preferable price.


Another crucial factor is the warranty on the flying car ride, as it indicates the ride’s durability. There are various options with different warranties, so look for models with a warranty of at least one year.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

How the manufacturer treats customers is paramount as it reflects their performance and efficiency. Sinorides, a well-known Chinese manufacturer, is renowned for its excellent reputation in ride production.

Enjoyment Factor

A flying car ride should provide enjoyment for children and families. Therefore, the enjoyment factor is another important consideration when making a purchase. Ensure the chosen flying car ride model is best suited to entertain future visitors.


Lastly, but importantly, safety should be considered when purchasing a flying car ride, as it is loved by children the most. Ensure the protection of the ride to prevent accidents.


How to Check the Quality of a Flying Car Ride?

To check the quality of a flying car ride, follow the instructions below:

  1. Check the Raw Materials Never compromise on the quality of raw materials, as they ensure the durability of the flying car ride.
  2. Visit the Production Facility A primary factor in checking the quality of the ride is to visit the official production site of the flying car ride. Ensure that all steps are carried out with great care and attention.
  3. Examine Safety Measures Another essential aspect to consider is the safety measures for the flying car ride. Never compromise on the quality of safety harnesses integrated into the flying car ride.

Mini Flying Car Ride for sale in Indonesia

Mini Flying Car rides

Do Manufacturers Take Responsibility for Damages Caused by the Flying Car Ride?

Yes, manufacturers are responsible for damages caused by the flying car ride as long as the ride is within its warranty period. Within the warranty, manufacturers will address any physical or mechanical damage sustained by the flying car ride.

You can contact the company’s professional mechanics and amusement ride experts to inspect damages to your ride, but you may need to pay their service fees.

One of China’s well-known amusement ride manufacturers, Sinorides, is known for providing excellent services to resolve issues with damaged flying car rides.

How Much Weight Can the Flying Car Ride Carry?

A flying car ride can carry approximately 1500 kg at once, not including the weight of the equipment.

In a standard flying car ride with four rows, each row accommodates six people for twenty-four passengers.

Therefore, a flying car can transport around 600 passengers in one round. However, the weight capacity of the flying car ride can vary depending on the type of passengers.

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Quality of Flying Car rides

What is the story behind the Flying Car rides?

The history of flying car rides is connected to a shuttle ride created by Schwarzkopf in 1978, available in portable and park versions.

Subsequently, Zamperia introduced a towable version, the Flying Car Ride.

It is considered the first line of family rides in “Half Pipe Ride.”

Currently, many manufacturers replicate the fundamental style of the debut Thunder McQueen model and offer intriguing variations with minor innovations.

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The history of the Flying Car rides

Chinese Flying Car Rides vs. European Flying Car Rides: What’s the Difference?

The significant difference between Chinese and European flying car rides lies in their prices. European flying car rides are relatively expensive compared to Chinese ones.

Another difference between Chinese and European flying car rides is the quality of materials used. In China, flying car ride manufacturers use high-quality stainless steel supports and fiberglass, while in Europe, materials of average quality are typically used.

Is It Worth Importing a Chinese Flying Car Ride?

China is among the most reliable countries for importing high-quality flying car rides worldwide. Here are some possible reasons why you should consider sourcing top-quality rides from China:

  • Affordable prices for high-quality models.
  • Availability of mechanical equipment from manufacturers.
  • Budget flexibility.
  • Use of high-quality materials in flying car ride production.
  • Maximum safety measures.

What to Do If the Flying Car Ride Breaks Down During Operation?

The first thing to do when a flying car ride breaks down during operation is to shut off the drive and rotating motors immediately. Both of these motors are responsible for moving forward and backward without friction. Avoid unfastening safety harnesses when flying car rides malfunction during operation, which can lead to severe injuries.

Who Inspects the Flying Car Ride?

Safety inspection programs check flying car rides to ensure safe and reliable operation. Applus+ services provide comprehensive expertise for inspecting flying car rides. Both entities ensure compliance with all safety, quality, flawless operation, and technical maintenance requirements for flying car rides.

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Flying Car Ride Inspection

Does the manufacturer of the flying car ride charge for training? How much does it cost? (Data not available)


What Category Do Flying Car Rides Belong to?

Flying car rides belong to the category of family rides.

It is one of the most incredible rides for children and adults seeking safe and exciting adventures in theme parks.

Undoubtedly, it is primarily designed for children, but parents can enjoy it while accompanying them.

Mini Flying Car Ride - Model E

What Are the Main Components of the Rockin Tug Ride?

Below are the main components of the Rockin Tug ride. All of these components play a crucial role in how the Rockin Tug ride operates:

  1. Axis
  2. Drive Motor
  3. Rotating Motor
  4. Concave Arch
  5. Control Panel
  6. Bottom Platform
  7. Rails
  8. Ceilings

What Material Is the Platform and Dispatch Room of the Flying Car Ride Made From?

Stainless steel makes the platform and dispatch room of the flying car ride.

The support structures of the platform are made from high-quality fiberglass.

The dispatch room also contains glass components that make up the controllers of the flying car ride.

Mini Flying Car Ride - Model G

How to Determine the Operating Costs of the Flying Car Ride?

To determine the operating cost of the flying car ride, follow these guidelines:

  1. Consider the size of the flying car ride.
  2. The required power of the drive and rotating motors is also significant.
  3. The quality of materials used in manufacturing control components also affects operating costs.
  4. Addition of extra parts.

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Do You Have Agents for Flying Car Rides in Our Country?

Yes, as China’s most reliable amusement ride manufacturer, Sinorides likely has agents in your country.

All our agents are professionally equipped to address your concerns promptly.

All you need to do is visit our official website and inform us about your flying car ride-related issue, and our agent will visit you to resolve it.

How to Determine When My Flying Car Ride Needs Replacement?

To understand when it’s time to replace your flying car ride, look for the following signs:

  1. Sudden malfunctions during operation.
  2. Excessive power consumption by the engine.
  3. Decreased performance.
  4. Increased friction between the boat and the platform.
  5. Wear and tear on the rails.
  6. Loss of control in the control panels.

All these symptoms indicate that you should replace your flying car ride immediately; otherwise, it may lead to severe accidents.

How can repair and maintenance costs for the flying car ride be reduced?

To reduce repair and maintenance costs for the flying car ride, follow these instructions:

  1. Periodically inspect the chassis.
  2. Address any wear and tear after rides.
  3. Avoid running the ride continuously for extended periods.
  4. Use a stable power source for electricity.
  5. Apply lubricants to enhance component efficiency.
  6. Tighten all nuts and bolts at specified intervals.

Who Can Ride the Flying Car Ride?

Children taller than 1.2 meters can easily ride the flying car ride.

Since it is a family ride, adults can also ride it.

Allowing children under five years old on this family ride is not recommended.

However, one guardian will be required if you still want to provide them with this experience.

Mini Flying Car Ride - Model A

How Many Passengers Can the Flying Car Ride Accommodate?

The flying car ride can accommodate approximately 24 passengers per cycle.

A standard flying car ride has about six rows, with room for four people in each row.

Regarding theoretical passenger capacity, the flying car ride can accommodate up to 600 passengers per hour.

However, some other models of the flying car ride have different capacities, such as 8, 12, and 16 passengers per cycle.

How Much Space Is Needed for Operating the Flying Car Ride?

To operate the flying car ride, you will need an area of 15m by 5m.

Since it is not a very large ride, it doesn’t require much space for operation.

Most flying car ride models have a length of 11.5 meters and a width of 2 meters. Therefore, you can comfortably place them in smaller areas.

If you are interested in a smaller flying car ride model than those mentioned above, you can visit Sinorides, as we have various options with different sizes.

Sinorides Flying Car Ride for Sale Projects 2

Is the Flying Car Ride Noisy?

Flying car rides are not very noisy, but they produce some noise during the operation of the motors for generating cycles.

The sound system of flying car rides plays music distinct from the noise of the motor operation, and the music volume is maintained below the preferred noise level.

Apart from the motor noise, the movement of the cabin forward and backward does not create any significant noise.

In contrast to many other rides, the flying car ride produces the lowest noise level.

Can I Use the Flying Car Ride Indoors?

You cannot use the flying car ride indoors, as these rides are designed for outdoor amusement.

Setting up and operating this ride requires an open environment, and relevant authorities have restricted their use indoors.

Additionally, it occupies a significant amount of space compared to indoor facilities, making it more suitable for open amusement parks.

Are There Age Restrictions for Riding the Flying Car Ride?

Children under five years old and people over 60 are not allowed to ride the flying car ride due to the risk of falling from the ride.

However, adults of any age can enjoy this ride without any restrictions.

Children taller than 1.2 meters prefer riding the flying car ride, but children below the desired height are only allowed with an accompanying adult.

What Is the Power of the Flying Car Ride?

Different models of the flying car ride consume varying amounts of power, but on average, it has a power rating of around 9 kW.

The power output for any Rockin Tug ride depends on the type of drive and rotating motors.

The drive motor has an output of approximately 7.5 kW, and the rotation power is around 0.75 kW.

Some other flying car ride models may have power ratings of 5 kW or 25 kW.

New Mini Flying Car Rides

Do You Need Certificates for the Flying Car Ride?

Yes, certificates are required for the official operation of the flying car ride.

Some certificates needed for this ride include standards from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Bureau Veritas (BV).

These certificates are conducted to ensure the ride’s safety, quality, and operational efficiency parameters.

Some other technical documents and notes are included in the above certificates for importing offshore and international flying car rides.

Are There Accidents During Rides on the Flying Car Ride?

The flying car ride does not lead to noticeable accidents since it is a children’s ride and is relatively safe in all aspects.

The lower accident rate is due to its popularity in theme parks, shopping malls, and outdoor playgrounds.

Handling a mini-flying car and its operation does not cause inconveniences or accidents.

Do Manufacturers Sell Custom Flying Car Rides?

Yes, manufacturers sell custom flying car rides made to order because amusement park owners want their parks to be unique.

Since the flying car ride is the best way to capture children’s attention immediately, manufacturers typically add more colors and music to make it appealing to children.

Manufacturers usually sell custom flying car rides to decorate clients’ thematic parks.

Manufacturers can also change the colors and accessories of the flying car ride according to the park owners’ preferences.

Many major amusement ride manufacturers in China, such as Sinorides, are known for selling high-quality custom flying car rides. Thus, you can approach them for the best options.

Mini Flying Car Ride for sale in Indonesia

Is there a warranty for the flying car ride?

Yes, the flying car ride has a one-year warranty and various other services.

Different manufacturers offer different warranties on the flying car ride.

The warranty covers the following services:

  • Repair of damaged ride parts.
  • Replacement of a non-working ride.
  • Are there any inconveniences during the ride installation?
  • Advice and instructions on timely ride maintenance.
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