Where To Buy Tea Cup Ride

How to Choose the Best Tea Cup Ride for Your Amusement Park

If you’re seeking a timeless and enjoyable amusement ride to appeal to families, friends, and couples, consider investing in a teacup ride. This spinning attraction features 6 or 9 tea cups and a central teapot, each capable of independent rotation. Riders can turn a central wheel to manage their tea cup’s speed and direction. Suitable for all ages, the teacup ride offers both excitement and relaxation.

sinorides korea case - tea cup
sinorides Korea case – teacup

How do you select the ideal teacup ride for your amusement park? Consider factors like size, capacity, theme, color, material, quality, safety, and price. Additionally, find a trustworthy manufacturer offering customized Design and installation services.

Sinorides, with 28 years of experience and advanced technology in the amusement ride industry, stands out as one of the premier manufacturers of teacup rides. The company offers a variety of options, including 48-seat, 36-seat, 24-seat, strawberry, and pony bear-themed teacup rides. Tailor your experience by selecting your tea cup ride’s color, size, and capacity to match your preferences and needs. Sinorides constructs these rides using high-quality FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and steel, ensuring durability, vibrant colors, and resistance to fading. Our teacup rides boast gorgeous lights, beautiful music, and smooth movements, creating a delightful atmosphere for your amusement park. Compliance with CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS certification standards, Sinorides’ tea cup rides guarantee safety and quality.

48P Tea Cup Ride for sale from Sinorides

Sinorides offers complimentary design services to our customers, allowing you to create your own distinctive and personalized tea cup ride. Our skilled design team provides complete support and guidance, welcoming your input on design ideas or requirements. Sinorides ensures that your teacup ride aligns precisely with your desires and needs.

If you want to purchase a teacup ride from Sinorides, visit our website to explore our products and services. Feel free to reach out to us for a complimentary quote and consultation. Sinorides is a reliable and reputable manufacturer dedicated to enhancing the appeal and profitability of your amusement park.

To delve deeper into the tea cup ride and its features, check out the FAQ section on our website. It addresses common questions and concerns, such as the ride’s operation, the recommended age group, and necessary safety precautions. This information enhances your understanding and enjoyment of this amusement ride.

What are you waiting for? Enhance the fun and excitement of your amusement park today with a teacup ride from Sinorides!

What Is Tea Cup Ride?

What Is Teacup Ride

What Is Teacup Ride

The teacup ride, also known as the “cup and saucer ride” or “coffee cup ride,” is an amusement ride that consists of 3 different turntable-like spinning platforms.

The big central turntable-like platform carries four or more smaller turntable-like platforms and rotates at about 8 rpm.

Each small turntable-like platform usually has three or more vehicles (cups) that can spin freely.

The whole ride is driven by a motor connected to two rotating systems or gears.

One is the rotating system of the giant turntable, while the other is the rotating system of the small turntable.

The operator starts the ride by rotating each small turntable-like platform individually while the sizeable one spins the entire ride base.

How Does A Tea Cup Ride Work?


The operator starts the driving motor, which turns the ride to spin slowly, then accelerates the operator up to 8 rpm.

The driving motor is connected to two rotating systems or gears. One system rotates the giant turntable, while the other is the rotating system of the small turntable. The passengers can control the cups using a steering wheel placed inside the cup.

What Are The Features Of Tea Cup Ride?

Features of Teacup Ride

Features of Teacup Ride

Teacup rides have the following features:

  • Each teacup vehicle (gondola) can seat 4 to 5 passengers.
  • Teacup rides can be operated at variable speeds.
  • Each gondola has an entrance and exit gate for passenger’s safety.
  • Interactive gondola rotation with the steering wheel.
  • The ride can be operated both indoors and outdoors.
  • The ride has a beautiful appearance and innovative Design.
  • High-quality materials like stainless steel and FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic) are the ride’s primary components.
  • The ride is highly safe and durable.
  • It is trendy and can be applied in various businesses, including theme parks, indoor play areas, etc.
  • Teacup rides cost low and give high returns.

Other optional features like LED lights and a Sound system can also be included according to the client’s demand.

How Much Does A Tea Cup Ride Cost?

The manufacturing cost of a teacup ride depends on various factors, including:

  • Size of the ride: Teacup rides are measured according to their seating capacity. A 48-person teacup ride is costlier than a 36-person teacup ride.
  • Source of Raw Material: China is the largest producer of stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic, used as primary materials in teacup rides. So, Chinese manufacturers have access to this material at much lower prices than the manufacturer in other countries.
  • Design and Appearance: Not all teacup rides work in the same way. Some feature a complex structure, while others are comparatively simple.

Complex design costs are higher than simple ones.

Similarly, amusement rides are designed and appropriately decorated to attract maximum visitors, adding extra cost.

  • Type of Material: Teacup rides can be made from different materials, costly and reliable, while others are cheaper with low quality. So, the cost of materials is affected by the overall cost of the teacup ride.
  • HVAC system: You require an HVAC system for indoor use of a teacup ride, which also increases the overall ride cost.
  • Manufacturer: Different manufacturers have different rates for the teacup ride.

For example, European manufacturers are significantly costlier than Chinese ones.

  • After-Sales Services: Teacup rides with a warranty and other after-sales services are more expensive than the ones without them.

This is due to the additional cost of the teacup ride’s installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of the spare parade.

Tea Cup Ride Cost

Tea Cup Ride Cost

How To Make Tea Cup Ride Safe?

Although a teacup ride is a family ride, which is safe for both adults and kids, the following precautions can be taken to ensure maximum safety:

Ride Manufacturers can make the ride safe by:

  • According to modern health and safety guidelines, limit the ride’s speed to 8 rpm.
  • Place seat belts for every passenger in the vehicle.
  • Each cup should have its entrance and exit door, making it safer for riders while the ride is spinning and whirling.
  • An emergency stop button, braking device, spring reset device, and other safety components must be placed to ensure the ride’s immediate and safe stopping in case of malfunction.
  • The teacup ride must be manufactured according to all the local and international safety and quality standards.
  • Test the teacup ride under different conditions, i.e., with and without load, before delivering it to the owner.

Ride Owner can make the ride safe by:

  • Don’t overcrowd the ride.
  • Minor Passengers of at least 43″ tall (110 cm) OR 31″ tall (80 cm) should be allowed to ride, but only with a supervising companion.
  • Regularly inspect, repair, and maintain the ride.
  • The ride should only be maintained, repaired, and operated by highly trained and experienced staff.

Make Tea Cup Ride Safe

Make Tea Cup Ride Safe

How Fast Does Tea Cup Ride Go?

According to modern health and safety guidelines, the speed of the teacup ride is limited to 8 rpm.

Are Tea Cup Rides Dangerous?

No, teacup rides manufactured by a professional manufacturer and operated, maintained, and repaired by well-trained professionals are safe.

Moreover, the ride is limited to a safe speed of 8 rpm and is designed to ensure children’s safety.

The ride is also equipped with all the safety features like an entrance and exit door, seatbelts, a braking system, and an emergency stop button.

What Voltage Does Tea Cup Ride Run On?

Teacup rides required 380 V of voltage to run on. However, the voltage can be customized according to the client’s demand.

Who Invented Tea Cup Ride?

The first teacup ride was named “Mad Tea Party,” invented by Walt Disney, designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, and manufactured by Arrow Development in 1955.

What Are Tea Cup Rides Made Of?

The Tea Cup ride’s main components are fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and stainless steel.

How Are Tea Cup Rides Made?

How Are Tea Cup Ride Made

How Are Tea Cup Rides Made

Teacup Ride is manufactured in several steps. Here are some of the prominent ones:

  1. Material: The teacup ride’s manufacturing process starts with choosing the suitable material. Professional manufacturers like Sinorides use high-quality materials like Stainless Steel and Fiber-Reinforced Plastic as primary materials.

These materials are preferred because they are high-impact resistant, lightweight, durable, reliable, and eco-friendly.

  1. Design and Technical Drawing: The appearance and Design of the teacup ride are essential aspects, as visitors are primarily attracted to the ride due to its Design.

It is done in the following three phases:

  1. Schematic Design: It is where various three-dimensional sketches of the teacup ride are made. The sketches are made from different existing rides and the client’s requirements.
  2. Technical Drawing: It is the second phase, where the technical team adds details to the Design like the ride’s dimensions, sizes of its components, ride’s duration, safety mechanisms, structural forces, thrill factor, engineering needs, etc., making it practically safe, efficient and appealing.
  3. Final Plan: Lastly, the schematic Design and technical drawing are refined further to develop a final plan. The final plan is officially documented to be used for time in manufacturing and installing the teacup ride.
  1. Production: Once the material and Design are finalized, it’s time to shape the material to produce all the required components of the teacup ride. The production process includes:
    1. Steel Structure Manufacturing: The stainless steel goes through cutting, welding, CNC machining, Debarring, and Bending to make the essential structure of the teacup ride, such as a giant turntable, small turntable, platform, support frames, etc.
    2. FRP Manufacturing: In this phase, fiberglass or Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is cut, polished, and painted to form teacup gondolas, body, and other parts of the ride.
    3. Assembling: Once all the required components are manufactured and acquired from the vendors, they are assembled. The ride is then painted, and elements like LEDs, control, and sound systems are installed.
  2. Testing and Quality Validation: After the ride is ready, the professional inspection and testing team starts the testing and validation.

There are five main parts of testing:

  1. Steel Part Inspection: First, the size of the steel components is checked and matched according to the technical drawing. Then the components are inspected for rust and burr in their appearance. Finally, every steel part is ensured to be daubed with anti-rust liquid to prevent rust.
  2. Welding Part Inspection: In this phase, all welded parts are inspected. It is ensured that there is no crack and that the weld is tidy, neat, smooth, and uniformly textured. Moreover, it is also confirmed that the fusion between the weld and parent metal has happened correctly.
  3. FRP Inspection: All the components made out of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic are inspected. This process includes embedded part inspection, trepanning inspection, and Appearance inspection.
  4. Painting Inspection: The painted area of the ride is inspected thoroughly to ensure no crack, pore, shrinkage cavity, or leakage. Daub’s Thickness is consistent. Moreover, it is also confirmed that the paint’s appearance is leveled off, smooth, and plump.
  5. Equipment Testing: Here, all the electrical components are tested initially. Then, the ride is tested under various conditions, such as with and without load.

This testing is done at least 8 hours per day and then for 80 hours continuously.

  1. Shipment: Finally, the teacup ride is disassembled and packed individually in quality packaging material. Then, it is loaded into the container by the professional logistics team and shipped to its owner, usually by sea.

When Was Tea Cup Ride Invented?

The first teacup ride was invented and introduced in Disneyland’s Fantasyland on July 17, 1955.

Where To Buy Tea Cup Ride?

You can buy teacup rides from various amusement ride manufacturers and sellers available around the globe.

The best way to reach them is through the Internet. Type “teacup ride for sale” or “teacup ride manufacturers” in search engines like Google or Bing.

You will get a list of sellers’ and manufacturer’s websites. You can go through all of them one by one.

Look for their product catalog, existing projects, and quality and safety certifications.

You can also contact them through their contact details on their website and have a detailed discussion with their representative.

Next, you must choose the proper manufacturer by comparing them with the product price, quality, material, features, safety, warranty, and after-sales services. Moreover, comparing them for their existing projects, factory, local and international quality and safety certifications, experience, and skills would be best.

If you are still confused about where to buy a teacup ride, we suggest you try Sinordes.

Sinorides is a professional and well-reputed amusement ride manufacturer based in China, having:

  • 20+ amusement ride patents;
  • 27+ years of experience;
  • Satisfied customers in 200+ countries;
  • Skilled and experienced labor;
  • Access to high-quality materials;
  • State-of-the-art machinery;
  • Complete Product customization;
  • Research and Development Department;
  • Competitive Prices;
  • Wide range of teacup rides and other amusement rides;
  • IAAPA membership and other required local and international safety and quality certifications;
  • One-year product warranty;
  • Excellent aftersales services, including amusement park designing, teacup ride designing and manufacturing, shipment, installation, repair, maintenance, and staff training.

Where To Buy Tea Cup Ride

Where Are Tea Cup Ride For Sale?

You can find teacup rides for sale on various platforms, but we suggest you look for them on the Internet. Almost all professional teacup ride sellers and manufacturers have made their presence known online.

How To Import Tea Cup Rides From China?

Importing a Teacup ride for China is no longer a hectic job. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Determine your purpose of import: The very first thing you need to know is why you are importing the teacup ride. Is it for your amusement park, someone else’s, or a reseller? This will help you decide your business strategy, budget, product features, etc.
  2. Find the Manufacturers in China: There are many ways to find manufacturers in China, like asking other amusement park owners, contacting import agents, or checking for manufacturers’ advertisements in newspapers. However, the most effective one is through the website.

Almost all amusement ride manufacturers in China have been present on the Internet. All you need to do is to search for their official website through search engines like Google or Bing. You can use “teacup ride manufacturer in China” or “amusement ride for sale in China” as a search keyword for effective results.

  1. Ask for Quotations: Once you have compiled a list of manufacturer’s websites, you can contact them via details provided on their “contact us” page.

Their sales representative will contact you back. You can ask for their product catalog, tell them your requirements, and request a quotation.

  1. Please choose the proper manufacturer: After receiving quotations from multiple manufacturers, you need to compare them in terms of product prices, specifications, features, Design, material, safety features, and warranty.

It would be best if you also compared the manufacturers concerning their experience, patents, existing projects, local and international safety and quality certifications, factory, research and development, innovation, staff skills, machinery, logistics, and after-sales services.

To better understand the factors mentioned earlier, you can visit their factory or existing project sites.

  1. Finalize your ride: The teacup ride comes in different sizes, designs, features, specifications, and seating capacity. Therefore, you must discuss all your details with your manufacturer and finalize your teacup ride. Make sure to consult your warranty and after-sales services.
  2. Place your order: Your manufacturer will ask for partial payment for order placement. You must also sign a detailed contract mentioning every order detail.

After the payment and signatures, the manufacturer will confirm the order and start production.

  1. Packaging and Logistics: Don’t forget to discuss the packaging and logistics with your manufacturer. Mostly, it is handled by the buyer, as most manufacturers don’t offer such services. Logistics is a sensitive job, so it should only be handled by professionals.

Sinorides offers a one-stop solution to their client. They have a well-trained and experienced team of professionals who will safely pack, load, and deliver the product to your doorstep.

  1. Declare your imports: Most countries don’t exempt amusement rides from duty fees. Therefore, you must declare your imports according to your country’s customs.
  2. Prepare your legal documents: Once your teacup ride arrives in your country, customs will require you to provide the legal documents to release your imports. These legal documents include a Packing list, Sales contract, Bill of lading, import license, etc.

Depending on your country’s policy, you may also be asked for the commodity code. Therefore, it’s recommended that you learn about the import process from a customs officer in your country.

  1. After-sales Services: If you are importing the teacup ride for your park, you must install the ride and train the operation, repair, and maintenance staff.

Well-experienced and trained engineers must handle these jobs.

Therefore, we suggest you try Sinorides’ installation and training services.

Sinorides has a complete team of professionals with all the required drawings, guides, and tools to install and train your staff.

However, as an owner, you must provide the engineers with round-trip tickets, a VISA, accommodations, local transport, a translator, and a daily wage of $100/per person.

What To Consider When Choosing Tea Cup Ride?

When choosing a teacup ride, you need to consider the following points:

  1. Material: Teacup rides can be manufactured from various materials. However, we suggest you prefer high-quality stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) because they are lightweight, high-impact resistant, durable, reliable, and eco-friendly.
  2. Design: Design is an essential factor to consider when buying a teacup ride. You must ensure it complies with all local and international quality and safety standards. Moreover, it should be appealing enough to attract maximum visitors.
  3. Safety Features: The thing that a rider worries about the most while riding an amusement ride is its safety. Therefore, you must ensure that the teacup ride has the safest designs and is equipped with all the required safety gear, including seatbelts, teacup entrance gates, emergency stop buttons, etc.
  4. Specification: Teacup ride has different specifications like motor power, ride duration, required voltage, area, height, etc. So choosing wisely according to your park’s requirements would be best.
  5. Features: You must compare features of different models of the teacup ride, like LED lights, sound system, indoor and outdoor capability, interactive gondola rotation, etc.
  6. Seating Capacity: Among the features, seating capacity is the most essential. You must choose the ride’s seating capacity according to the expected turn-over at your park.
  7. Price: Prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Getting price quotations from multiple manufacturers before choosing the best-priced product without compromising its quality would be best.
  8. Manufacturer: Buying a teacup ride from the proper manufacturer is vital. It would be best if you chose the manufacturer according to their experience, patents, existing projects, innovation, prices, material quality, labor skills expertise, local and international safety and quality certifications, amusement ride manufacturing memberships and licenses, product testing and warranty, logistics, and other aftersales services.
  9. Warranty: You must prefer teacup rides, which come with at least one year of product warranty.
  10. After-sales services: It is recommended to choose a teacup ride manufacturer that offers excellent after-sales services, including logistics, installation, repair and maintenance, and staff training.

What To Consider When Choosing Tea Cup Ride

How To Choose Tea Cup Ride For My Park?

Flower Themed Teacup Ride

Keep the following points in mind when choosing the suitable teacup ride for your amusement park:

  1. Type: Teacup rides are available in various types. Some are for families, while others are for only children. So, you must conduct a feasibility analysis and choose the ride according to the public demand.
  2. Theme and Design: If you buy a teacup ride for your theme park, you must customize your ride according to the theme.

If it’s not a theme park, you must customize or choose the most appealing Design to attract maximum customers.

  1. Seating Capacity: Standard teacup rides have seating capacities of 36 and 48 persons. Professional manufacturers like Sinordes also offer customization, which allows you to increase or decrease the seating capacity. Therefore, you must choose the teacup ride’s seating capacity according to your park’s expected turn-over and ride demand.
  2. Manufacturer: You must choose the teacup ride’s manufacturer wisely. You may incur substantial financial or life loss if you choose a manufacturer who sells a cheap quality or substandard amusement ride.

For choosing the proper manufacturer, you can consider the following points:

  1. The manufacturer should have at least 10+ years of experience.
  2. It should have licenses, certifications, and memberships in local and international ride safety and quality standards like IAAPA, CE, etc.
  3. The ride should be manufactured from high-quality materials like fiber-reinforced plastic and stainless steel.
  4. The ride should be designed and manufactured by well-trained and highly skilled engineers.
  5. I prefer a manufacturer who provides a wide range of products, safe payment methods, complete installation documents for the ride, product warranty, logistics, and excellent after-sales services.
  1. After-Sales Services: A Teacup ride with good after-sales services will save time and money. So, you must prefer the ride with at least one year of warranty, high-quality packaging, professionally handled shipment, installation, repair, maintenance, and staff training services.

How To Find a Reliable Tea Cup Ride Manufacturer In China?

Finding a reliable teacup ride manufacturer in China is no longer difficult. Follow the steps below:

  1. Search: Almost all reliable amusement ride manufacturers have been present on the Internet. All you need is to search for them. Visit Google or Bing search engine and type in keywords like “Teacup ride for sale in China,” “Amusement ride manufacturer in China,” or “buy teacup ride from China.” Now, 10 to 20 manufacturers’ websites are open.
  2. Contact: Once you have a list of numerous manufacturers in China, you need to analyze their websites for their product catalogs and achievements. You can also contact their representative through details provided on their “Contact Us” page, give them your requirements, and ask for the Quotations.
  3. Compare: A reliable and professional manufacturer will contact you back and provide you with all the necessary details related to the product.

You can compare the quotations concerning the product’s prices, specifications, safety features, Design, and material.

  1. Compare the manufacturer: Besides product comparison, you must also compare different manufacturers and find a reliable one.

A reliable manufacturer will have the following qualities:

  1. At least 10+ years of experience in the amusement ride manufacturing industry;
  2. There is a wide range of amusement rides and teacup ride types to choose from;
  3. In-house manufacturing of the product;
  4. A reliable source of material including stainless steel and FRP;
  5. Local and international safety and quality standard certification, including CE, ISO, etc.
  6. Membership in IAAPA;
  7. Amusement ride manufacturing licenses;
  8. A dedicated research and development department;
  9. Complete liberty for product customization;
  10. Reliable payment methods;
  11. A legal contract between the manufacturer and client discussing all the essential details of the order;
  12. Well-trained and skilled labor to manufacture the ride;
  13. State-of-the-art machinery for ride manufacturing, such as CNC, welding, painting, etc.
  14. A complete ride testing procedure and relevant staff;
  15. High-quality packaging;
  16. Well-trained and professional staff to handle packaging, loading, and shipment of the ride;
  17. At least one year of product warranty;
  18. Excellent after-sales services, including theme park designing, ride design, logistics, installation, maintenance, repair, and staff training.

If you cannot find a manufacturer with the qualities mentioned earlier, we suggest you try Sinorides.

Reliable Tea Cup Ride Manufacturer

How To Install Tea Cup Ride?

A reliable manufacturer like Sinorides provides detailed drawings and tutorials for easy installation of the teacup ride.

You can also acquire the Installation services of the Sinorides, where you will be provided with a team of professional engineers and other staff who will safely and adequately install the ride for you.

However, as a park owner, you will be required to provide the installation engineers with:

  1. Round tickets;
  2. VISA;
  3. Accommodation;
  4. Local transportation;
  5. Food;
  6. Translator;
  7. A daily wage of $100/person.

How To Maintain Tea Cup Ride?

For your teacup ride’s proper functioning and long life, you need to adopt the following recommended care and maintenance procedures:

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to employ a qualified person to manage your teacup ride. If you can’t find the required person, you can avail of Sinoride’s services to train your staff to operate, maintain, and repair your ride.
  • The qualified person must conduct a routine inspection or checkup for the teacup ride and ensure it runs efficiently. If any problem is found, it should be fixed before more significant damage.

The key areas one should check include a steel frame, locking mechanisms, seat materials (FRP), music and LED systems, a Hydraulic control system, driving motors, gears, and safety accessories.

  • You must also hire a trained person to clean the teacup ride regularly. They can wash the ride with lukewarm and pressurized water to remove stains, dust, molds, and oily substances.

The tough stains can be removed by scrubbing with soft clothes. You can use chemicals only if they don’t react with steel, fiberglass, or paint.

  • You must set rules and guidelines for using the teacup rides. There should be age, height, weight, and health restrictions.

Moreover, any unauthorized shouldn’t be allowed to operate, maintain, or repair the ride or access it when the park is closed.

  • Teacup ride operators should be bound to follow the manual and instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • If the in-house technician can’t resolve the issue, you must contact the manufacturer and ask for their expertise. The manufacturer will send their technicians to remove the fault.

They may also replace any spare part. The replacement will be free if your ride has a valid warranty.

  • Park visitors shouldn’t be allowed to climb the ride, as it may damage the ride.

How To Check The Quality Of Tea Cup Ride?

To check the quality of the teacup ride, you can consider the following factors:

  • Price: If a teacup ride is available at a much lower cost, then there is a high chance that it will be made from substandard material and may not last long.
  • Safety Features: A high-quality teacup ride is equipped with an adequate number of safety features, including seat belts, teacup entrance and exit gates, emergency stop buttons, and emergency brakes.
  • Performance: One of the most effective ways to check the quality of an amusement ride is to inspect it while it is working. A high-quality ride will have no sound except for the music and perform typically. Moreover, its manufacturer will
  • Material: the best quality teacup ride is usually crafted from stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic.
  • Design and Appearance: To attract a maximum number of visitors, teacup rides are designed in the best way and are equipped with additional features like music, LED lights, etc.

Moreover, the teacup ride’s manufacturer must also show proof or certificates confirming that the ride is designed according to local and international safety and quality standards.

  • Comfort: The passenger seats in each teacup should be comfortable enough for a long duration.
  • Speed: The ride’s speed should be no more or less than 8 rpm, as lower speed would be boring, and high speed could be dangerous.
  • Warranty: The best quality teacup rides come with at least one year of product warranty.
  • Testing: a best-quality teacup ride is tested for at least 8 hours/day and then for 80 hours continuously under different conditions before being delivered to its owner.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The teacup ride’s quality can also be judged by its control system and ease of repair and maintenance.

Check The Quality Of Tea Cup Ride

Check The Quality Of Tea Cup Ride

How To Ensure The Safety Of Tea Cup Ride?

To ensure the safety of the teacup ride, both the manufacturer and owner have to consider the points below:

The manufacturer must:

  • Design the teacup ride from well-experienced and skilled engineers.
  • Design the ride according to the local and international quality and safety standards.
  • Use high-quality materials like stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) as a primary material.
  • It must include all the required safety features, including seat belts, entrance gates, emergency brakes, and emergency stop buttons.
  • The ride must be inspected for manufacturing quality, such as welding, paint, etc.
  • Test the teacup ride under different conditions, such as with and without load, for at least 8 hours / per day and then for 80 hours continuously before delivering it to the owner.
  • Must provide a tested and practical operation manual and safety guidelines to the owner.

The owner/management must:

  • Hire the right team of engineers (usually provided by professional amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides) to install the teacup ride.
  • Hire suitable trainers (usually provided by professional amusement ride manufacturers like Sinorides) to train their park’s staff for the ride’s operation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Only allow a well-trained, experienced, authorized person to operate the teacup ride.
  • Only allow a well-trained, experienced, authorized person to repair and maintain the ride.
  • Hire well-trained people to clean and wash the teacup ride regularly.
  • Hire well-trained persons to inspect the teacup ride’s parts regularly.
  • Regularly ensure all the safety features are working correctly.
  • Ensure the teacup ride is operated according to the manufacturer’s operational manual and safety guidelines.
  • Rules and safety precautions should be displayed, and passengers should be informed before taking the ride.
  • Impose adequate age, height, weight, and health restrictions for the riders.
  • Call the manufacturer’s technician team if the in-house technicians can’t solve the problem.

Safety Of Tea Cup Ride

Safety Of Tea Cup Ride

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Tea Cup Ride?

The teacup ride consists of the following primary spare parts:

  • Teacup Gondolas with Bottom Support Seat: Teacup rides contain teacup-shaped gondolas with seats for passengers.

The gondola’s body is FRP, while the bottom support seats are manufactured separately and installed inside the gondola using high-strength bolts.

  • Small Turntable and Support Frame: The teacup gondola sits on the small turntable, composed of a steel frame structure, which is fixed by the slewing bearing on the steel structure of the large turntable.
  • Large Turntable and Support Frame: The small turntables sit on a large turntable, composed of a steel frame structure covered with an aluminum alloy tread plate and a giant turntable center.
  • Rotating Power System: There are two sets of rotating power systems. One is for the large turntable, while the other is for the small turntable.
  • Platform: It is a platform for passengers made of angle iron and tread plate.
  • Control Room: This room has a control system for operating.
  • Central Steering Wheel: This steering device is installed at the center of each teacup gondola, allowing passengers to control its rotation.

Main Spare Parts Of Tea Cup Ride

Main Spare Parts Of Tea Cup Ride

How Does The Manufacturer Package The Tea Cup Ride?

Teacup Ride’s Packaging

The manufacturer wraps each teacup ride’s component with plastic and places it in the wooden box (where needed).

Each box is labeled with a “this side up” label and loaded carefully by professionals into the container.

The client can also request and pay extra to the manufacturer for packaging according to their requirements.

What Is The Quality Certifications For Tea Cup Ride?

There are numerous quality certifications that you may require to manufacture a teacup ride, including:

  • CE Certification: This certificate confirms that the manufacturer is responsible for the amusement ride’s safety, performance, health, and environmental requirements.
  • ISO, abbreviated as the “International Organization for Standardization” certification, confirms that the management system has fulfilled all the requirements to ensure quality.
  • BV certificate, abbreviated as the “Bureau Veritas” Certificate, is issued by a company specializing in testing, inspection, and certification for various sectors.
  • GOST: a certificate of Conformity in Russia certifies that the manufacturer follows the set of technical standards maintained by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC).
  • Some other notable certifications are also acquired according to the client’s requirement, including:
  • SASO: Stability And Support Operations Certificate;
  • SONCAP certificate;
  • NAARSO: National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials.

How Long Does It Take To Install Tea Cup Ride?

Once the owner has decided on the location and a reliable installation team, completing the teacup ride may take 15 to 45 days.

The installation time depends on numerous factors, including size, the design complexity of the teacup ride, and the installation team’s building strategy and skills.

Is It Worth Buying Tea Cup Ride From China?

Yes, it is worth buying a teacup ride from China, but only if you are buying from a reliable amusement ride manufacturer like Sinorides.

It is because the Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides have:

  • 28+ years of experience in the amusement ride manufacturing industry;
  • Significantly lower prices of the rides than the European manufacturers due to easy access to skilled labor and primary materials like Stainless Steel and Fiber-Reinforced Plastic;
  • 20+ Patents in Amusement Parks;
  • Happy and Satisfied Customers in 200+ Countries;
  • A well-established and well-equipped factory with all the state-of-the-art machinery for laser cutting, fire cutting, CNC machine, Welding, Polishing, and Painting;
  • Highly skilled engineers and labor for designing, manufacturing, and installing teacup rides.
  • Wide range of teacup rides and other amusement rides;
  • Use high-quality primary material to manufacture teacup ride, including FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and Stainless Steel;
  • IAAPA Membership;
  • Complete Liberty on Product Customization;
  • Reliable payment methods include Western Union, PayPal, etc.
  • Manufacturing according to local and international quality and safety standards;
  • Dedicated research and development department;
  • High-grade packaging and reliable shipment of the product to the client’s doorstep;
  • One year of product Warranty;
  • Excellent After-sales services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of the amusement park.
  • Other services include theme park designing, amusement ride designing, and staff training.

Buying Tea Cup Ride From China

Buying Tea Cup Ride From China

How Much Profit Can A Tea Cup Ride Generate?

Teacup rides can generate immense profit as they are among the most popular amusement rides globally.

However, the profitability of teacup ride depends on the following factors:

  • Your total investment on the teacup ride;
  • Location and type of your amusement park;
  • Number of visitors daily;
  • Ticket price;
  • Repair and Maintenance cost of the teacup ride;
  • Other expenses of your amusement park.

Profit Can A Tea Cup Ride Generate

Do Chinese Tea Cup Ride Sellers Provide After-Sale Service?

Yes, reliable teacup ride manufacturers in China, including Sinorides, provide the following after-sales services:

  • Provide complete documentation and certificates to the client for clearance;
  • Offering all the required drawings, foundation drawings, circuit diagrams, operating manuals, and safety instructions in the local language to the client;
  • Provide highly skilled and experienced engineers for teacup ride installation;
  • Offer a one-year product warranty;
  • On-call provision of technicians for troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance;
  • Training Services to the owner’s staff for operating, repair, and maintenance of the teacup ride;
  • We arrange regular visits and inspections of teacup rides by reliable engineers after the client’s request.

For some of the after-sales mentioned above services, the client is required to pay for the following:

  • Round-tickets;
  • VISA;
  • Accommodation;
  • Local transportation;
  • Food;
  • Local translator;
  • The daily wage is $100/person for every engineer provided.

Which Countries Are Allowed To Import Tea Cup Ride From China?

Countries allowed to import teacup rides from China include the European Union (consisting of 27 counties), Germany, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Oman, Spain, and Saudia Arabia.

Chinese manufacturers have already exported their products to 200+ countries around the globe.

How Many Days Will It Take To Deliver A Tea Cup Ride To US From China?

Delivery time of a teacup ride from China to the USA usually takes 20 to 40 days, depending on the manufacturer, shipping method, shipping company, weather conditions, and customs clearance.

What Type Of Lubricating Oil Should I Use For My Tea Cup Ride?

Various types of lubricants are used in Teacup rides, including Mineral, synthetic, and biodegradable lubricants.

You may also require fire-resistant oils and high-performance greases.

It is best to get a recommendation from your teacup ride’s manufacturer.

How Many Kinds Of Tea Cup Ride Are There?

Teacup ride is available in the following two standard versions:

  • 36P Tea Cup Ride: This teacup ride can accommodate up to 36 persons, has a height of 3.5 meters, and requires an area of 11m x 11m for operation. A 7.5kW driving motor powers it and requires 380V voltage.

36P Teacup Ride

  • 48P Tea Cup Ride: This teacup ride can accommodate up to 48 persons, has a height of 3.5 meters, and requires an area of 13m x 13m for operation. It has an 11kW driving motor and requires 380V voltage to work.

48P Teacup Ride

The teacup ride can also be customized in various designs, themes, and seating capacity.

Which Tea Cup Goes The Fastest?

The speed of an individual teacup varies from ride to ride, as not all teacup rides are manufactured by the same manufacturer.

What Is The Standard Template Drawing Of The Tea Cup Ride?

Following is the standard template drawing of the teacup ride:

What Are The Safety Instructions for Riding Tea Cup Ride?

Every manufacturer states their safety instructions for riding a teacup ride. It may also change according to the ride’s specifications. Additionally, every theme park has its own set of rules.

Here are some of the common ones:

  • Rider must be at least 43″ tall to ride (110 cm);
  • A kid must be 31″ tall (80 cm) and accompanied by a supervising companion to ride;
  • Hand-held infants are not permitted to ride;
  • Riders having heart trouble, high blood pressure, back or neck injury, recent injury or illness, or pregnancy are not allowed to ride.
  • Riders prone to motion sickness are discouraged from riding;

What are the other names For the Tea Cup Ride?

Teacup ride is also known as “Spinning teacup ride,” “cup and saucer ride,” and “coffee cup ride.”

Who Can Ride The Tea Cup Ride?

Both adults and kids can ride most of the teacup rides. However, small teacup rides are for kids only, while some faster teacup rides are for adults only.

Therefore, you must ask the amusement park’s management for guidelines before riding.

How Many Riders Can A Tea Cup Ride Hold?

Teacup rides come in different seating capacities. Some of the most popular teacup rides can accommodate 36 to 48 persons.

How Much Space Does Tea Cup Ride Need For Working?

The required working space for a teacup ride depends on the overall size of the ride.

A 32-person teacup ride requires an 11m x 11m area to work, while 48 person teacup ride requires a 13m x 13m area.

Are Tea Cup Rides Noisy?

Teacup ride produces relatively minimal noise. The only sound you will hear is from the crowd or sound system.

Can I Use Tea Cup Ride Indoors?

Yes, a teacup ride can be used indoors. However, telling your manufacturer about your indoor usage is recommended, as the ride may require some extra components.

Is There Any Age Limit For A Tea Cup Ride?

Riders of any age are allowed to ride the teacup. However, kids under seven must be accompanied by an adult of at least 14.

How Much Power Does A Tea Cup Ride Have?

The power of a teacup ride varies from type to type. A 36p teacup ride has 7.5kW, while a 48p teacup ride has 11kW power.

Do You Need Certifications For Manufacturing Tea Cup Ride In China?

You may require some of the following certifications to manufacture teacup rides in China:

  • 3C Certification: CCC (Compulsory Certification of China) Certification is one of the essential certificates as the manufacturer must comply with specific requirements related to the usage of heavy metal materials in the manufacturing process of the teacup ride.
  • CE Certification: It is a Europe-based certificate that confirms that the manufacturer is responsible for the teacup ride’s safety, health, performance, and environmental requirements.
  • ASTM certification is a US-based certification that requires the manufacturer to follow specific safety and quality standards.
  • ISO Certification: This certificate helps manufacturers meet customer and other stakeholder needs within statutory and regulatory requirements related to teacup rides or other products or services.
  • On the client’s requirement, the manufacturers may also be required to acquire other county-based quality and safety certifications such as GOST, SASO, BV, and SONCAP.

Does Tea Cup Rides Have Accidents?

Teacup rides involve a lot of spinning and rotations.

Therefore, it is prone to accidents if the ride is operated at a speed above 8 rpm, is not manufactured by a reliable manufacturer, is non-compliant with safety and quality standards, or is not regularly and properly maintained.

Do Manufacturers Sell Customized Tea Cup Ride?

Yes, reliable manufacturers like Sinorides customize teacup rides according to the client’s budget, park theme, and other requirements.

Sinorides also has a dedicated team of professionals who can help you design your teacup ride in the best possible way.

Does Tea Cup Ride Have A Warranty?

Yes, professional manufacturers like Sinorides offer one year of the official product warranty on teacups and other amusement rides, starting after the ride is delivered to the client.

What is the payment method For Tea Cup Ride manufacturers?

Teacup ride manufacturers offer various payment methods. However, you must choose the following reliable ones:

  • L/C: Letter of Credit
  • T/T: Telegraphic Transfer
  • Escrow
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Cash

How To Repair Tea Cup Ride?

To repair the teacup ride, it is recommended that you call well-trained and experienced technicians.

These technicians can be acquired from third-party service providers.

You can also hire or train your in-house technicians for troubleshooting. You can try Sinorides’ after-sales services, where you will be provided with well-experienced and qualified engineers to train your staff to operate, maintain, and repair the teacup ride.

If the in-house technicians can’t solve the problem, you can request your teacup ride’s manufacturer to send the team for troubleshooting. They may charge you for the repair services if you don’t have a product warranty.

Are Manufacturers Responsible For The Damage Of Tea Cup Ride?

Manufacturers are only responsible for the damage to the teacup ride if the ride is damaged before delivery. Moreover, if the manufacturer is handling the ride’s shipment, they are also responsible for any damage during the shipment.

Therefore, you must inspect the ride properly before delivery and after shipment.

How Much Weight Can Tea Cup Ride Carry?

The weight capacity of a teacup ride varies from type to type.

A 32p teacup ride with a seating capacity of 32 persons can carry up to 4300 lbs. A 48p teacup ride with a seating capacity of 48 persons can carry up to 6500 lbs.

What Is The History Of Tea Cup Ride?

Walt Disney introduced the first teacup ride at Disneyland on July 17, 1955, named “Mad Tea Party.”

At first, the ride’s cups were not decorated and had no brakes or clutches. There was no option to regulate the speed of rotation.

Numerous improvements were made to the ride with time. Brakes and clutches were added. Safety features were introduced, and speed was regulated.

The latest teacup rides come in various designs, seating capacities, safety features, themes, LEDs, and sound systems.

What Is The Difference Between China Tea Cup Ride And European Tea Cup Ride?

The only primary difference between the Chinese and European Teacup rides is price.

Previously, European rides were famous for their innovation, quality, designs, safety features, and after-sales services. However, China has now dominated the market by introducing better quality and safety and excellent after-sales services to their product at much lower prices.

The China Teacup ride is cheaper due to cheap labor, high-cost-saving skills, inexpensive sources of high-quality materials, export-friendly policies, and low taxes.

Is China Tea Cup Ride Worth Importing?

Yes, importing teacup rides from China has the following benefits:

  • Cheap Prices: You can buy a China teacup ride at less than half the price of a US or European teacup ride without compromising on quality and safety. Lower prices are due to the overall low cost of production.
  • Importing directly from the manufacturer: Many amusement ride manufacturers in Europe, the USA, and other countries outsource their production to the Chinese manufacturer, which adds extra cost to the ride. Therefore, buying directly from China will save you lots of additional bucks.
  • An inexpensive material source: China is one of the most extensive stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturers, and it is used as a primary material in teacup rides. This is why Chinese manufacturers can acquire these materials at much lower prices than in other countries.
  • High-Quality Material: Chinese teacup rides are manufactured from high-quality materials like Stainless Steel and Fiberglass. These materials have high impact resistance and are lightweight, durable, reliable, and eco-friendly.
  • Wide Range of Types: China teacup rides are available in various sizes, themes, seating capacities, and other features.
  • Customization: Chinese teacup manufacturers offer complete product customization according to the client’s budget and requirements.
  • Reliable Product Delivery: Most manufacturers require the clients to handle the product shipment, which is risky and damages the amusement rides. However, Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides handle the shipping themselves for the client. They use the Full Container Load (FCL) shipping method, which is reliable, safe, and delivers on time.
  • Reliable Payment Methods: China teacup rides can be bought using reliable payment methods, including PayPal, Escrow, T/T, L/C, Cash, and Western Union.
  • Straightforward Dealing: Chinese manufacturers have made their presence on the Internet. Buyers can contact the manufacturers through websites, discuss their product details, and place orders.
  • Compliance with Safety and Quality Standards: China teacup rides manufacturers have all the required manufacturing licenses. Moreover, they also have the necessary local and international safety and quality certification, making the teacup ride efficient, reliable, and safe.
  • Easy Import Process: Due to China’s export-friendly policies, importing teacup rides is relatively easy. You don’t require any license!
  • Product Warranty: China teacup ride comes with a one-year warranty.
  • After-sales services: Chinese teacup ride manufacturers offer various after-sales services, including product warranty, on-call assistance, installation, repair, maintenance, and staff training. Moreover, they also provide amusement park designing and amusement ride designing services.

China Tea Cup Ride

China Tea Cup Ride

How Many Tea Cups Are In The Tea Cup Ride?

The number of teacups in a teacup ride varies from type to type.

A 36p teacup ride has nine teacups, while a 48p teacup ride has 12 teacups.

However, the client can also customize the ride’s Design, seating capacity, and the number of cups.

What To Do When The Tea Cup Ride Breaks Down During Working?

When the teacup ride breaks down during work, you must instantly cut off the power supply. Vacate the ride from passengers and call the in-house technicians.

The in-house technicians will inspect the ride and solve the problem. If they cannot repair it, you can contact the teacup ride’s manufacturer and request their support.

The manufacturer will send you a team of technicians to repair the ride. You may be required to pay for the repair if your ride is not under product warranty.

Who Does The Inspection Of The Tea Cup Ride?

As a teacup ride owner, you must have a well-trained and experienced team of technicians responsible for regularly and thoroughly inspecting the teacup ride.

Suppose you’re new in the amusement park industry. In that case, you can avail yourself of training services from Sinorides, where the company will send a team of engineers and trainers who will train your staff to operate, inspect, repair, and maintain the teacup ride.

You can also avail yourself of the inspection services of the Sinorides, where an inspection team will be sent regularly to inspect the ride for you.

However, as an amusement park owner, you are required to provide the following things to the engineers sent by the Sinorides:

  • Round trip tickets;
  • VISA;
  • Accommodation;
  • Local transport;
  • Translator;
  • Daily Wage.

Do Tea Cup Ride Manufacturers Charge For Training? How Much In Charge?

Yes, teacup ride manufacturers charge to train your staff. You are required to contact the manufacturer and request their latest tariff.

As an amusement park owner, you may also be required to provide the trainers with round-trip tickets, visas, accommodation, local transport, a translator, and daily wages.

In What Amusement Ride Category Does Tea Cup Ride Fall In?

Family Teacup Ride

The teacup ride is a family ride, so adults and children can enjoy it.

What material is used to manufacture the turntable and support the frame of the teacup?

The teacup ride’s turntables and support frames have a steel frame structure covered with an aluminum alloy tread plate.

What Material Is Used To Make Platform And Control Room Of The Tea Cup Ride?

Angle iron and tread plate are used to make the platform and control room of the teacup rides.

Do You Have an Agent For Tea Cup Rides In Our Country?

You are required to contact us and tell us your location. We will guide you to the agents nearby.

How To Determine The Cost Of Operation For Tea Cup Ride?

You can determine the cost of operation for a teacup ride from the following factors:

  • Size: Bigger teacup rides with more seating capacity require higher expenses for installation, repair, maintenance, and spare-part replacement. Moreover, they have powerful driving motors and need more electrical energy.
  • Location of Teacup ride: Region and climate conditions significantly impact the ride’s operation cost.

Indoor teacup rides are much easier to maintain than outdoor rides, as indoor rides are protected from numerous environmental factors like rain, snow, dust storms, fluctuating temperatures, acid rain, or hailstones.

On the other hand, outdoor rides must bear many environmental factors and require frequent repair and maintenance, raising the operation cost.

  • Design and Complexity of the teacup ride: Stainless steel and FRP can be processed to form different shapes and designs. However, complex structures are complicated to maintain and repair, adding extra cost to the ride’s operation.
  • Rules and Regulations: You must take care of your teacup rides by enforcing laws and regulations on its users.

Any unauthorized person shouldn’t be allowed to climb the ride, as it may cause any damage to the ride. Moreover, unauthorized and untrained persons shouldn’t be allowed to operate or repair the ride.

The more you protect and maintain your ride, the lower the overall operation cost will be.

How To Know My Tea Cup Ride Needs Replacement?

Following are the few indicators that show that your teacup ride needs replacement:

  1. Change in Technology: Amusement rides are evolving with technological advancements.

Many manually operated rides are now automated. Therefore, you must upgrade your teacup rides with all advanced components to improve visitors’ experience and performance of theme parks.

  1. Worn Out Material: Although stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic are durable, reliable, and resistant to many things like rust, cracks, etc., it isn’t inert to chemical reactions.

Therefore, the effectiveness of these materials decreases when they come in contact with strong acid or alkali substances, so you have to inspect and replace the worn-out parts.

  1. Degrading of Material: If your teacup ride is exposed to extreme weather, there is a high chance that your stainless steel and FRP components are degrading and require replacement.

For example, if your park is located near areas that release acid gas into the atmosphere, the components may react and lose their performance ability.

Similarly, the steel joints may corrode in the salty atmosphere, like in the seaside areas. Moreover, high temperatures and harmful rays from the sun may cause faded paint, warping, or dry rot.

  1. Natural Calamities: If your teacup ride is exposed to natural calamities like hurricanes, hailstorms, or dust storms, they may have weakened some of the ride’s structure due to corrosion, rust, high pressure, or strong winds.

A weak system or component can lead to accidents. Therefore, you must inspect and replace the part before time.

  1. Change in Safety or Quality Standard: Organizations are continuously working to improve the standards for the maximum safety of amusement park visitors.

This also leads to changes in building codes and regulations. Therefore, you must ensure that your teacup ride is upgraded or replaced to comply with all the latest safety and quality standards.

How To Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Tea Cup Ride?

To reduce the repair and maintenance cost for the teacup ride, you can follow the tips below:

  • Routine Checkup: As an amusement park manager, you must conduct a routine checkup of the amusement ride. Well-trained and reliable technicians should do this checkup to repair the problem instantly and avoid more significant damage. The checkup must cover the inspection of a steel frame, locking mechanism, seat material (FRP), music and LED system, hydraulic control system, and safety accessories.
  • Keep the ride clean: The teacup ride’s surface should be cleaned regularly, as the accumulation of dirt or chemical substances react and damage the ride’s components.
  • Hire or train the in-house technicians: It is essential only to allow well-trained and experienced technicians to inspect, repair, and maintain your teacup ride, as unprofessional technicians may over-quote repair costs or further devastate the problem.

Therefore, you must hire highly skilled staff. You can also train your in-house technicians by using Sinorides’ training services.

  • Control and regulate the teacup ride’s usage: Besides the technicians, the teacup ride’s visitors should also be regulated. You must set rules and guidelines for the rider’s height, weight, health, and age. Moreover, proper measures should be taken to prevent visitors from misbehaving or damaging the ride.
  • Refer to The Amusement Rides Manufacturers Manual and Instructions: For installing, operating, repairing, and maintaining, you must refer to the manual, tutorials, and instructions provided by the teacup ride’s manufacturer.

This will prevent the ride’s malfunction or damage. Consequently, your repair and maintenance costs will be reduced.

  • Keep your ride accessible: you must not hinder the path to ride for the technicians by placing permanent decorations or structures like trees around the teacup ride.

This will cause difficulty for the technicians in finding and resolving the problem during the ride.

  • Keep your Warranty Document safe: Protect the teacup rides from the measures that void the product warranty. Moreover, you must also keep the warranty document safe and accessible for use.

It will help you reduce your repair cost, as the manufacturer will cover the expenses.

Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Tea Cup Ride

Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Tea Cup Ride

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