How to Buy the Best Tower Rides for Your Amusement Park

Are you looking for tower rides for your amusement park? Do you want to attract more thrill-seekers and increase your revenue? If yes, then you need to read this article.

Tower rides are among the world’s most popular and exciting amusement rides. They can create a sense of weightlessness and adrenaline rush for park visitors. They can also enhance the visual appeal and theme of your park.

But how do you choose the best tower rides for your park? How do you find a reliable and professional tower rides manufacturer? How do you install and operate tower rides safely and efficiently?

Don’t worry; we have the answers for you. This article will tell you everything you need to know about tower rides, from their components, working principles, maintenance, and safety precautions. We will also give you tips on selecting the best tower rides manufacturer, how to customize your tower rides according to your preferences, and how to get certification and warranty for your tower rides.

This article is the ultimate FAQ guide for tower rides. It will help you make an informed decision and save time and money. Whether you want to buy drop tower rides, star flyer rides, or other types of tower rides, you will find the information you need in this article.

So don’t hesitate to read more and get ready to buy the best tower rides for your amusement park. You won’t regret it.


Tower Rides -The Ultimate FAQ Article

Tower ride Introduction

Are you an amusement park owner and want to generate more revenue by installing more rides for thrill-seekers? Are you considering buying tower rides and looking for guidance on getting started, manufacturing, and installation processes?

In either case, we are here to help.

We have compiled this FAQ guide to help you get the answers to your queries and help you understand what works best for your business.

What Is a Tower Ride?


Tower ride

A tower ride, a drop tower, or a significant drop is a type of amusement ride that consists of a central structure or tower that may vary in height, seating capacity, lift mechanism type, and brake type. Riders are taken to the top of the building and then “dropped.” They experience freefall initially, followed by rapid heavy deceleration. Brakes (magnetic mainly) slow the gondola down as it approaches the bottom of the ride.

The drop speed varies for different designs of tower rides.

What Are the Main Components of A Tower Ride?


Tower ride Components

Tower rides vary in size, seating capacity, and braking mechanisms used. The main components of a tower ride are:

• A tower ride or a drop tower consists of a central tower that acts as a base of the whole structure.

• A seating arrangement is a ring structure encompassing the tower as it moves upwards via a lifting mechanism, commonly known as a gondola.

• A braking mechanism that used magnets as a deceleration device caused the dropping gondola to stop fast yet did not cause a rapid change in momentum.

• Led lights, tilting seats, and extended gondola arrangements are also seen in some variations.

What Is the Maximum Drop Speed of A Tower Ride?

Tower ride Speed
The drop speed of tower rides varies with different designs and heights. When the operator counts 3, 2, and 1, the pulling mechanism disengages and causes the gondola to drop rapidly.

In the USA, drop towers are one of the fastest amusement rides. Since it is a free fall, the riders’ weight and the gondola send riders screaming down to the bottom, approaching a speed of 60mph, roughly 25 meters per second.

How Many Variations of Tower Rides Are Available in the Market?

Sinorides-Freefall Tower-running test

Tower ride Type
Tower rides come in various designs and variations, including heights, seating arrangement designs, LEDs, etc.

• Double Shot that used compressed air to rapidly propel the riders up the tower and gently drop them with a series of air-cushioned bounces.
• Space shot that used compressed air to propel the pistons down and carry the passengers up the tower and dropped.
• The super shot that ascends the riders to the top drops rapidly. As the car reaches the bottom of the tower, it slows through magnetic or air-powered brakes
• Turbo Drop used air-powered brakes to stop the dropping riders.

How Does a Tower Ride Work?

30m freefall tower for sale drawing

Tower ride Work
The mechanism of the drop tower consists of a central tower around which rows of seats are placed with the riders facing outward away from the main tower.

In the center of the tower is an extensive columnar pipe system. A cable attached to a piston on one end looped over a pulley at the top of the building and attached to the seat carriage on the other.

The piston moves down by crane or compressed air, causing the riders to move up. The cable disengages once the riders reach the top, causing a rapid freefall.

Upon reaching the bottoms, the riders are stopped using a magnetic or an air brake system.

How do you make a fault diagnosis of the motor of tower rides?

What Are The Requirements To Install A Freefall Tower In Amusement Park

Tower ride Fault
Motors are used in different parts of the drop tower ride. Some tower rides are lifted by a crane supported by the main motor.

In some variations, another motor rotates the gondola around its axis to increase the thrill.

In some cases, if the ride is not moving, immediately stop the operation, isolate the motor, and disconnect the power supply.

Make sure that the fuse is OK and the connections are tight. The power line is not interrupted due to damaged insulation or bad winding. If the power line is secure and the motor is overheated, it is usually a fault with the carbon brushes or the winding.

What Is The Basic Procedure Of Operation And Testing Of A Tower Ride?

Do Chinese Drop Tower Rides Sellers Provide After-Sale Service

Tower ride Basic
In the case of tower rides, like all amusement rides, they must be thoroughly tested and inspected before they are opened to the public.

Tower rides should be thoroughly examined, along with the interior parts like cables, braking systems, etc., at least once a year by a state-nominated technician.

The appointed Person checking the ride should be qualified and have adequate experience and knowledge of safety assessment and moving parts of the drop tower rides.

The central tower should be tested for cracks and bends, and the brake force compressors should be thoroughly examined.

How do you do a mechanical inspection of the tower rides?

Sinorides-Gyro Tower-seats

Tower ride Inspection
Follow the below-mentioned steps to do a mechanical inspection of tower rides.

• Examine the base of the central beam and check the chains for cracks and bending
• Check that all nuts and bolts in the seating are tight and secure.
• Check the braking mechanism, as it is the most critical aspect.
• Check and ensure all bearings are well lubricated and there are no undesired vibrations.
• Check the safety locking mechanisms are working.
• Refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed information.

What To Do If A Tower Ride Needs A Spare Part?

How Long Does It Take To Install Drop Tower Rides

Tower ride Spare
Some spare parts of a tower ride are readily available in the market, like motors, LEDs, fuses, compressors, chains, cables, etc.

Sophisticated parts like programmable electronic systems, including PLCs, central modules, etc., are unique to each model and design variation.

You need to submit the invoice in which the model number is mentioned to the manufacturer’s sales team. Your query is directed to the design department.

You are notified of the cost and shipping time if the part is available. If you are claiming the warranty, you do not have to pay for the parts ordered.

What Is The Power Consumption Of An Average-Sized Tower Ride?

Can I Customize The Voltage And Electric Frequency For My Drop Tower Rides

Tower ride Power
Power is consumed by the tower rides while pushing the passengers to the top of the tower. This can be done via a powerful AC motor.

The power consumption hence varies with the size of the ride, the distance the motor needs to push the ride, the weight of the gondola, etc.

An average-sized ride that is 475 feet high, with a seating capacity of 24-30 passengers and a cycle time of 2 minutes, consumes 300kW of energy on average.

Which Certifications Should You Look For While Choosing The Manufacture For Tower Rides?

How To Choose Freefall Towers For My Park

Tower ride Certifications
Looking for specific certifications while purchasing your tower ride would be best. It is crucial as your business depends on the safety the ride has to offer. Many state and privately owned firms provide technical assessments of the manufacturing facility and the tower rides.

Some prominent names are:
• NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials)
• AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers)
• CAAPA (China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
• IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
• BV (Bureau Veritas)
• CE Certification
• TUV Certification
• SC Certification
• UCS Certification
• AWS (American Welding Society)
• TEA (Themed Entertainment Association)
• RISA (Resource Industry Supplier Association)
• AME (Association of Manufacturing Excellence)

How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Tower Ride Once Delivered?

Tower ride Install
Tower rides or drop towers are exceptionally tall structures. There are no “miniature” variations of the tower rides. Average heights extend beyond 450 feet.

To install the central tower alone, it takes 2-3 days to finish the survey of the site alone. After that, the base is constructed on which the central tower will be mounted. It took almost a week to build a concrete base to support the main building finally.

After that, the tower is erected on the base pipe by pipe. That takes 3-4 weeks to assemble. After that, a seating arrangement is built around the tower. Cables and chains are connected. So, installing a tower ride roughly takes two months on average.

How Do You Choose The Best Tower Rides Manufacturer?

Sinorides-Freefall Tower-processing machine

Tower ride Manufacturer
After you have analyzed the feasibility of the tower rides and selected your design, you are all set to look for a manufacturer to meet your requirements.
Keep the following in consideration while selecting a manufacturer for your tower rides:

• The manufacturer follows the highest standards of safety while manufacturing the rides.
• The tower ride manufacturer provides high-quality products and shipping options.
• The tower ride manufacturer offers competitive prices and services.
• The tower ride manufacturer offers additional services like installation, technical support, theme park designs, container loading, multiple modes of payment, etc.

Do Tower Rides Come With A Warranty?

How Much Profit A Drop Tower Ride Can Generate

Tower ride Warranty
All tower ride manufacturers offer an almost 5-year warranty from the date of acceptance of inspection of the individual components like motor, compressors, pistons, brakes, etc., and a 1-2 year warranty for assemblies of the tower rides like axle beams, gearboxes, wheels, springs, and bumpers, etc.

To avail of the perks offered under warranty, you may be asked to provide invoices and warranty vouchers.

The manufacturer bears direct expenses like freights, charges for spare parts, and accommodation charges for the dispatched technicians as long as they fall under warranty.

Do Tower Rides Manufacturers Dispatch A Team If You Need Technical Support?

Sinorides drop tower rides for sale In Nepal

Tower ride Technical
As long as the tower ride is under warranty provided by the manufacturer and you can produce a warranty voucher and the invoice, you can avail of onsite technical assistance for free.

The terms and conditions for claiming such a visit are mentioned in the contract as a part of after-sales services by the manufacturer.

You need to contact the manufacturer’s sales team over email or phone to submit your request along with your invoice number, the model number of the ride, etc.

The manufacturer bears the accommodation charges, travel expenses, etc., if the ride is under warranty. If not, you need to pay for everything.

During The Lifetime Of A Tower Ride, Which Parts Need Periodic Replacement?

During The Lifetime Of A Tower Ride, Which Parts Need Periodic Replacement

Tower ride Replace
Critical components of a tower ride, such as motors, cranes, pistons, compressors, etc., are designed to work well even after a decade of installation if periodically maintained. Such parts don’t need periodic replacement.

Other components, like bearings, clutch plates, lubrication oil, brake pads, gearboxes, etc., undergo wear with time and should be checked in a manner for replacement to avoid severe damage to the ride in the future.

How To Operate A Tower Ride?

Tower Ride Operator
Different variations of tower rides incorporate other operating procedures listed in detail in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.
Every tower ride is unique, and you should always refer to the instruction manual to ensure safe and smooth operation.

The manufacturer often provides training to the staff for daily operation and troubleshooting. You can even hire a private firm to get your staff trained.

It would be best to train your staff in basic operational procedures, safety procedures, emergency procedures, basic troubleshooting and maintenance, secure seating, tight latching of seat belts, and emergency braking/stopping methods.

How do you get a certification from certification firms for your tower ride?

Sinorides 23m drop tower rides manufacturer

Tower Ride Firm
Different certifying firms incorporate other procedures to provide certifications to the manufacturers and the tower rides.

Similarly, different countries have different laws and operating methods to receive applications and provide certifications listed on their websites.

You need to follow the given steps, in general, to get your tower ride certified:
• Visit the official website to check the essential requirements and ensure your ride follows all the conformity standards and state guidelines.
• Hire a firm to assess whether or not your ride follows the standards and what you need to do to acquire conformity.
• After that, you need to test if the tower ride follows all the conformity modules established by the respective state.
• You need to submit all technical documentation citing the date of manufacturing.
• You need to declare conformity. The manufacturer produces this document as it is their legal obligation.
• If there are no issues with the process, you are awarded the certifications.

Can You Ask The Manufacturer To Add Extra Features To The Tower Ride?

23m tower rides for sale from Sinorides

Tower Ride Firm
Tower rides are available in various designs and variations. You can always choose from the designs available at the manufacturing factory. Many leading business owners provide a large variety of designs to choose from.

Every amusement ride has a limited number of extra features added to it; you cannot simply go beyond that due to structural and cost limitations.

You can submit your request, but not all such requests are entertained, especially when they do not conform to the safety and manufacturing standards.

A team of technicians and design engineers review your request for feasibility, establish structural standards, and notify you about to what extent your request could be entertained.

How do you do an electrical inspection of the tower rides?

Sinorides Amusement Rides

Tower Ride Electrical
Most variations of tower rides are electrically powered as well as stopped. The motor that pulls the rider upwards of the tower is always prone to electrical malfunctioning. Similarly, the braking system also incorporates electromagnetism to stop a dropping ride.

To perform an electrical examination of the motor, LED lights, etc., you should follow the given steps:
• Remove all the external covers to ensure the wiring is insulated and secure.
• Check that plugs are not damaged and connections are tight.
• Check all the terminals and cables for rusting and damage.
• Check that all metal parts of the ride’s body are correctly grounded.
• Motor connections are tight; there are no exposed energized parts.

What Are Your Duties As A Tower Ride Owner?

30m drop tower rides

Tower Ride Warning
Tower rides are one of the tallest and fastest amusement rides, so being the owner, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your customers and your ride.

You are responsible for many critical tasks like:
• Your staff is well-trained and follows the highest levels of professionalism.
• The tower rides are properly inspected daily, and the oil is changed periodically.
• Warning signs specify prohibited behaviors, number of passengers, and weight permitted.
• Periodic thorough inspection, license renewal, and arranging a state-nominated professional to conduct an inspection every six months.

What Documents Do You Need To Place An Order For The Tower Rides?

30m drop tower rides

Tower Ride Documents
Tower rides cost anywhere from 40K USD to 60K USD. To place an order in bulk or even a single order, you must provide some documents to secure your transactions.

Your manufacturer’s sales team usually directs you about the documents you need to provide to process your order in bulk.

You need to have an account registered under your name, under which all transactions are processed on your behalf.

You should provide your income details to the bank or the business broker.

Your identity documents, bank account registered under your name, business documents, etc.

You should have a registered trademark, registered brand name, etc.

You should have identity proof (passport, NIC, voter ID) and proof of residence.

What Are The Technical Specifications Of An Average-Sized Tower Ride?

Tower Ride Specifications
Different variations offer different design and performance specifications. Below are some specifications of an average-sized tower ride.

Average Tower Height: 120m-130m
Portable Model Height: 54 m (117 ft)
Passenger Capacity: 24 or 32 riders
Hourly Throughput: 480 PPH
Maximum average rotational Speed: 70 km/h (43 mph)
Top average vertical Speed: 2.2 m/s (2.6 ft/s)
Foundation Style: Foundation or Trailer-Mounted
Ride Control System: Allen-Bradley PLC system
Electrical Power Required: 130 or 150 kW
Height Restriction: 112 cm (44 in)

How do you make sure tower rides are safe to operate?

Sinorides-Freefall Tower-running test

Tower Ride Safe
Once your manufacturer installs and commissions the tower ride, he will perform all the testing required before handing it over for commercial operation.

You should have the structure, joints, high stress-bearing elements, safety elements, emergency protocols, braking systems, etc., tested by a state-nominated firm.

Tower rides are tested at higher than normal speed conditions to make sure that rides can deliver when opened to the public and are safe for operation.

You should never undertake the inspection independently since hundreds of safety checks are needed, and not everybody can spot a defect.

How Many Tower Rides Can You Buy in a Single Order?

12m drop tower for sale from Sinorides

Tower Ride Order
The number of tower rides you want to buy depends on your business requirements and the budget you are willing to spend.

There are no constraints regarding the number of tower rides purchased in a single order.

The manufacturing and shipping time increases depending on the order placed. The shipping cost also increases as you are shipping more than one container.

You may be entitled to some perks by the manufacturer if you place a more significant order, like discounted rates, free inspections, some free maintenance service, etc.

How do you reduce the maintenance cost of a tower ride monthly?

Figure 4 30M Drop Tower Rides

Tower Ride Maintenance
To reduce monthly maintenance costs and avoid undesired troubleshooting, you must ensure that tower rides are clean, safe, and working efficiently.

There are some ways by which you can lower the monthly maintenance costs:
• Perform daily inspections and maintain the cleanliness of the surface of the tower rides at all times to spot any defect in time.
• Check the rails for lubrication daily to reduce any downtime.
• Inspect that the safety locking mechanism is working efficiently.
• Make Ensure only trained operation personnel are allowed to operate the rides. Proper operation can reduce maintenance costs.
• Hire trained professionals to inspect critical equipment like central motor and braking systems daily.
• Always monitor the fatigue of the structure. Any signs of metal fatigue, like bending or cracking, should be immediately reported.
• Qualified welders shall permanently repair fatigue failures under the supervision of a competent person or surveyor.

What Steps Do You Need To Follow To Set Up Tower Rides In A Carnival?

Tower Ride Carnival
You need to acquire a license for that, as the installation of wave swingers in carnivals is constantly subject to approval from local government authorities. You need to follow the guidelines provided by the state authorities.

Setting up the tower rides in a carnival is done in the following steps:

• You need to get the design approval first. Before starting any installation of tower rides, you must demonstrate, with all supporting documents, the efficiency of the body, the strength of the material, the stress-bearing limit of cables, and safety-related equipment.
• You need to submit a design document in which all electrical and mechanical designs are stated, as well as the operation procedures and emergency procedures
• After that, you must obtain a permit before you install a ride in a carnival.
• A state-nominated inspector is designated to carry out a thorough examination of the details provided.

Do Tower Ride Manufacturers Charge For Training?

18m Mega Drop Ride

Tower Ride Charge
You can avail of this service as a part of after-sales services by many competitive manufacturers all around the globe.

Many tower ride manufacturers provide operation training as a part of the contract.

They provide seminars, safety lectures, operation and maintenance training, emergency rescue methods, etc. They usually do it free of cost.

After that, if you hire new staff and require the manufacturer to help you train your employees, they will charge you for that depending upon your location, time series, vices needed, etc.

You can also hire private firms to provide training to your staff. They often give certifications to your staff.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain A Tower Ride Monthly?

How Long Does It Take To Install Drop Tower Rides

Tower Ride Monthly
It depends upon the design and size of the tower ride.

Since there are many moving parts, they tend to show wear fast. Paint, greasing, oils, pistons, and hydraulics need constant attention.

Tower rides require a daily inspection to prevent undesired downtime, so you must pay the Person doing that.

More costs are added if you need to shut down the ride to replace expensive parts like hydraulic pumps, broken chains, etc., as money and time are spent chasing vendors, locating faults, finding instructions, hiring a technician, etc.

Moreover, periodic troubleshooting and technical checks add to this cost.

How Does the Braking System Of A Tower Ride Work?

What Is A Drop Tower Ride

Tower Ride Braking
The seating arrangement ring known as the gondola in the ride has permanent magnets under it.

In the lower third of the tower, copper strips are mounted vertically. When the cart falls, the fall generates kinetic energy transferred to the magnets below the seats.

When the magnets reach the copper conductor mounted on the lower region of the tower, the kinetic energy is transformed into electrical energy that induces an electric current. The induced current in the copper strips also creates a magnetic field.

According to Lenz’s law, a magnetic field opposes the magnets’ motion below the gondola. As a result, the magnetic field pushes up against the seat, causing the cart to slow down. These magnetic brakes are used with hydraulic cylinders to slow the falling cart further down further.

How do you maintain the structure of the tower rides?

What Are The Requirements To Install A Freefall Tower In Amusement Park

Tower Ride Structure
Follow the given steps to maintain the overall structure and appearance of the tower rides:
• Perform daily inspection of the outer surface of the gondola, the central tower, and the braking system.
• If there are chips or cracks on the central beam, immediately stop the ride and hire a professional to measure the extent of the damage.
• Make sure that moving parts are not exposed to moisture and are well covered with paint or grease.
• Look for insulation damages in electric circuits and boards and schedule downtime for maintenance.
• If the bearing shows signs of wear beyond the permissible range, change the bearing to ensure safe operation.
• Hire a professional to carry out monthly inspections of the critical equipment.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Tower Rides From Chinese Manufacturers?

Fig.33 Tower Ride Chinese

Tower Ride Chinese
If you are considering buying tower rides after finalizing the designs and allocating the budget, Chinese manufacturers provide various advantages like:

• Since China is the hub of stainless steel, reinforced plastic, fiberglass, and the carbon fiber industry, you can get competitive yet cheapest rates if you purchase from Chinese tower ride manufacturers.
• Shipping your tower rides to your doorstep is the cheapest when you choose a Chinese manufacturer due to the competitive freight market thriving in China.
• You can buy tower rides directly from a factory in China. This saves you the cost of any agency or profit-making intermediaries.
• China offers inexpensive and trained labor, allowing you to enjoy cheap rates.
• Chinese manufacturers provide a wide range of designs to choose from. You can even ask for a customized design.
• They provide a variety of safe transaction options. You can even visit the factory to deposit your payments.
• Chinese suppliers can handle all the logistics for you because China is one of the world’s largest exporters.
• Tower ride manufacturers in China abide by the highest construction and safety standards. All products are subjected to high-stress testing before they are shipped.

What Is A Design Document Of A Tower Ride?

Sinorides Mini Swing Tower Rides

Tower Ride Design
The design document of a tower ride is a manual provided by the manufacturer that includes vital information like:

• Details of designing manufacturer, serial number, model number, date of manufacture
• Motor/compressor/braking power ratings
• Duration of an average ride cycle
• Number of riders allowed in each run
• Maximum weight limit
• Height and age limits
• Description of construction and operation of the tower ride
• Details maximum height, maximum speed
• A comprehensive list of subsystems included
• Details of signaling and communication devices
• Means of braking and stopping
• Operation details and emergency procedures.
• Outline of warning notices
• Quality assurance details

How do you get a permit to operate a tower ride in a carnival after installation?

Sinorides drop tower rides for sale In Nepal

Tower Ride Carnival
Acquiring a permit to operate an amusement ride in a carnival is essential in every country. Local government authorities conduct several examinations and inspections before issuing you a permit. A permit expires and must be renewed after a specific period.

To acquire a permit, the following are the steps required:
• You need to submit user manuals and design documents with all relevant details covering all the daily operational procedures and maintenance issues to be carried out by your staff and handling emergencies.
• After that, a state-nominated surveyor conducts a detailed inspection of the tower ride. It should comply with international standards and guidelines.
• The surveyor performs all the crucial safety checks to ensure the tower ride is safe and ready to operate.
• You need to submit criminal history records for all employees
• You complete the state’s online form and apply for the permit.
• Your application is reviewed, and state authorities get back to you with a confirmation.

Do Manufacturers Do Periodic Inspections Of The Tower Rides After Delivery?

Swing Tower Ride QC

Tower Ride Periodic
Many competitive tower ride manufacturers provide periodic maintenance as part of their aftersales services mentioned in the contract. You are entitled to a limited number of free inspections the manufacturer offers.

The manufacturer performs initial safety tests after installing and commissioning the tower ride. You can hire a local firm to inspect for you.
During the warranty period, the manufacturer provides troubleshooting. After that period, you must pay the manufacturer to offer onsite technical support and inspection.

You have to train your staff to handle periodic inspections as they are less costly, given that the warranty period/ free inspection period is over.

What Happens To The Tower Rides In The Rain And Bad Weather?

What To Do If My Drop Tower Ride Breaks Down

Tower Ride Rain
All tower rides are installed outdoors because they are one of the tallest amusement rides. Since they are open-air rides, bad weather and rain can affect the regular operation of the tower rides.

Typically, tower rides are designed to run in a reasonable amount of rain.

But in moderate to heavy rain, swing rides are shut down due to the significant effect on the safety of the riders.

Since brakes are magnetic, any power failure can cause irreversible damage to the riders, even death.

Even if it is not raining, lightning can affect the regular operation of a tower ride due to its operational height.

It would be best to never operate tall, high-speed rides during heavy rain and lightning.

Keep exposed machine parts properly greased and coated to avoid corrosion.

Can You Install Tower 

Tower Ride Delivery
Even though all the installation details are provided in the user manual, you should never try installing the ride alone.

There are tons of calculations and assessments required while installing such heavy and tall structures, and only professional engineers and technicians are qualified for such crucial tasks.

In most cases, theme park ride manufacturers are responsible for installing and commissioning theme park rides after delivery.

If international standards are not met, you are risking your reputation and the wellbeing of your customers, as there are a lot of variables and calculations involved while performing safety checks alone.

Do Chinese Tower Ride Manufacturers Offer A Discount?

Tower Ride Discount
They could offer a discount if they are running a sales campaign or if you are placing an order in bulk.

Usually, rates provided by Chinese manufacturers are market-competitive as they already offer affordable prices.

The reason for cheap rates is that China is an industrial hub, is one of the largest exporters, has inexpensive labor, has a competitive freight market, etc.

It produces raw materials like steel, iron, steel, etc. It does not need to import raw materials, so you benefit from it.

How Do You Request The State For A Tower Ride Inspection?

How Much Profit A Drop Tower Ride Can Generate

Tower Ride State
Inspection by the state is mandatory, even if you are setting up a ride for a carnival or permanently installing it in an amusement park. It would be best to have rides inspected by the local government at least once a year.

A state-nominated professional inspects the ride, provides an inspection certificate each time a ride passes inspection and can operate for one year.
You need to pay an annual fee of $150-$300 depending on the size of the ride and the state laws of the area your ride is installed in.

To schedule an inspection, you must submit an application form with the relevant documents, manuals, diagrams, and fees to the local government office at least a month before your ride’s first day of operation or the previous year’s permit expires.

After all the paperwork is reviewed and approved, the state department inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection.

What Is Included In The Inspection Of A Large Tower Ride After Installation?

How Long Does It Take To Install Drop Tower Rides

Tower Ride Large

After the manufacturer has installed the tower ride and performed all the safety checks, you should hire another well-reputed firm to conduct thorough examinations and inspections. It acts as an extra layer of security for your business.

The following tasks are usually performed while doing an inspection:
• Visual Inspections
• Magnetic Particle Testing
• Liquid Penetrant Testing
• Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
• Ultrasonic Testing
• Eddy Current Testing
• Industrial Radiography
• Structural Steel Inspections
• Track Inspections
• Welding and material approval for joints
• Review of the manufacturer’s installation, maintenance, and operation manuals.
• Dynamic PC simulation tests.
• Verification of static evaluations.

How To Install Large Tower Rides?

Sinorides drop tower rides manufacturer installation 2

Tower Ride Install
All details regarding the installation of a tower ride are mentioned in the user manual. The manufacturer is responsible for the installation, commissioning, and performing the safety checks before handing it over.

The whole process of installation is generally divided as follows:
• Preparation of construction conditions of the tower ride-like concrete base.
• Basic survey and laying-out that includes site inspection for the base.
• A basic inspection of the parts for cracks and damage before assembling.
• Installation & adjustment of the tower ride’s central tower on the base.
• Cleaning and assembling the components of the seating gondola to complete the installation.
• Construction of electrical components and power lines to power up the ride.
• Inspect the safety harnesses, seat belts, braking systems, etc.
• Trial operation of the tower rides to ensure safe and smooth operation.

What Is The Serviceable Lifespan Of A Tower Ride?

Sinorides 23m drop tower rides details

Tower Ride Life
Tower rides mainly consist of the central tower, seating arrangement, braking systems, and central power assembly.

Such parts are made of industrial-grade iron and steel and can stand the test for up to 5 decades or even more if maintained properly.

The damaged pipes must be replaced if they show rusting and cracking due to moisture.

Heavy-duty compressors, pistons, motors, etc., come with a warranty of 5 years on average. The extra features installed, like the sound, lighting, etc., can last up to 5 years if routinely maintained and inspected.

What Safety Precautions Should You Look For On A Tower Ride While Purchasing?

Figure 15 Seats of Drop Tower Rides

Tower Ride Safety
The following safety features are a must when it comes to tower rides:
• Secure harness and seatbelts for the riders
• Enhanced emergency stopping control to shut down the ride in case of malfunction.
• The highest quality steel and iron frame used in the central tower
• Emergency safety belts that bear the increased load while emergency stopping the ride
• CE/BV/ GOST certifications
• Enhanced magnetic braking control with additional hydraulic pistons to ensure safety.

What Skills Your Staff Should Be TrainedTower Ride Staff
Tower rides are some of the tallest and fastest rides, and not everyone can manage to ride them. It would be best to train your staff to ensure the operation is safe and smooth.

Your staff should be trained in the following skills:
• Customer service and management should impose strict weight, height, and age limits.
• Emergency procedures execution in case the ride malfunctions.
• Safe ride operation
• Daily safety inspection of the critical components prevents undesired downtime
• Administer safety guidelines while operating to ensure the safety of the riders and the ride
• Emergency troubleshooting
• Emergency evacuation methods

Which Shipping Plan Works Best With Tower Rides Shipping?

Tower Ride Ocean
As the tower rides weigh a minimum of 1000kg, shipping via ocean becomes the cheapest and most effective plan. Shipping via ocean has the following merits:

• Ocean freight offers more capacity and value – one container can hold 2-3 average-sized rides and components.
• Ocean freight has a much better carbon footprint than air freight since a heavy payload is delivered in one trip. It works well if you are shipping other rides as well.
• Nowadays, ocean LCL services are much cheaper as ships are getting faster, canal route upgrades are cutting delays on some routes, and ocean tracking and safety improvements are being made. There is a much more competitive freight market.
• Ocean freights offer high initial base costs, but it works great when you scale. For example, for a 20 kg weight, you might need to pay $300. For 200kgs, the cost becomes $320; for 2000kgs, the price is $390.

How Do You Pay The Freight Forwarder For Your Tower Rides?

Sinorides 23m drop tower rides manufacturer

Tower Ride Freight
If the manufacturer is not doing it for you, you must pay some money in advance when you book a freight forwarder to deliver your tower ride.
The freight forwarder can handle the logistics for you as well for extra charges.

As the container arrives at your desired port and you pick your ride yourself, you must pay dues to the freight forwarder immediately, like ocean freight costs and other surcharges.

If you are not picking up the container, it is kept in the warehouse near the port. It is held there for 3-5 days for you to pick it up.
You can ask the freight forwarder to manage the shipment right to your step for extra charges applicable.

Do You Need Operators For Tower Rides At Your Park?

How Long Does It Take To Install Freefall Towers

Tower Ride Staff
Yes, you do. Tower rides are bulky, fast, tall structures with strict guidelines, usage limits, and warnings. You must hire and train your operators to ensure safe and smooth operation.

Operators are not just responsible for turning the swinger ride ON and OFF; they are also responsible for other crucial tasks.
Tower operators help ensure the rider’s safety and pay a fee to ride.

Operators assist the riders with park ride operations by asking them to fasten belts, hold bars, or use other safety devices.

Operators help passengers board the rides, explain safety procedures to them, educate them about evacuation routes and procedures, operate equipment that starts and shuts down rides, and describe the actions of the ride.

Read the warnings and situations that may disturb riders with certain health conditions, etc.

What Type Of Tower Rides Should You Buy For Your Business?

Tower Ride Types
The design, size, and variation choice are always yours as an owner. It depends on the design you are looking for, the feasibility of the site, the budget you are willing to spend, etc.

Choose bigger rides if your budget allows, as they tend to generate more revenue due to their enhanced thrill experience and larger seating area.

Choose the designs that complement your business, and choose lighting and sound features that align with your business.

You can hire a design team to do it for you. Such design teams consider your budget and design requirements and provide you with suitable options.

Where Can You Buy Tower Rides For Your Business?

Sinorides 30m drop tower rides for sale in Myanmar

Tower Ride Variations
Many competitive amusement ride manufacturers on more than four continents deal in the manufacture and sale of tower rides.

Before looking for manufacturers, you must finalize your design requirements and budget constraints. Different manufacturers offer different sizes and design variations.

You must contact them via email or phone and ask for a quotation and payment scheme.

You submit the required documents and sign a contract to get started.

How Much Time Is Required To Ship Tower Rides?

Fig.51 Tower Ride Time

Tower Ride Time
The shipping time depends on the size of the order placed and your location. On average, Ocean freight takes 30-40 days to ship from China to the USA.

The reason is that ships move a lot slower than planes. Additional arrangements are required for ocean freight, and vessels move slower depending on ocean wind conditions and to save fuel.

If you are shipping the bulk of theme park rides, after manufacturing is complete, the shipping company takes 1-2 months if your park is located across the borders.

Furthermore, port congestion, customs delays, and bad weather conditions may further delay your shipment.

What Is The Shipping Cost For Tower Rides From China To The USA?

Fig.52 Tower Ride Voyage

Tower Ride Voyage
For heavy shipments like a tower ride, via becomes the cheapest method. China offers different packages for freight forwarding.

The costs may vary depending on the weight, your selected transit method, and port policies in your country.

A whole load container would cost anywhere from $2000 to $4000 for a 20′ container.

There are other costs included in the invoice other than base costs. For example:
• Dock Fees: That range anywhere between $50-$100
• Freight Forwarder Administration Fee: Ranging from $75-$200.
• Security Fee: Normally $50-$100 (Full Container Loads).
• Customs Clearance Fee: $100-$200 (plus applicable duties/taxes of your country)
• Final Truck Transportation from the bonded warehouse to your doorstep if you are not picking up yourself: $200+

What Is The Weight Limit For Tower Rides?

Fig.53 Tower Ride Weight

Tower Ride Weight
Different tower rides have various seating capacities, hence other weight limits.

Abiding by the weight limits is crucial as there is limited space between the harness and the seat of a tower ride.

An average-sized ride that can accommodate 12-18 people has a weight limit of 1500kg. The motor is rated at 300kW, which pulls such a payload to a height of 120m.

A large-sized tower ride that can accommodate 25-35 people has an operating weight limit of 2500 kg.

How do you pay the customs after your tower rides are shipped to your port?

After your tower rides are delivered to your country port, it becomes crucial to pay for customs before you are allowed to pick up your container. Paying for customs is essential since every country has to keep a record of the goods entering its borders.

Most containers, especially from China, have a percentage of tariffs associated with them, usually in the 1-15% range.

You must fill out a “customs declaration form” that differs from country to country.

You can hire a customs broker to deal with the customs for you. They charge $150-$200 and handle all the paperwork hassle-free.

Most freight forwarders also offer custom brokers for extra charges. Once you have cleared the customs, they notify the warehouse to release your container.

What Is The Procedure To Buy Tower Rides In Bulk?

Sinorides drop tower rides for sale In Nepal

Tower Ride Buy
You need to follow the given steps:
• You contact the manufacturer’s team via email or telephone, get details regarding the designs, payment and shipping methods, etc., and place the order.
• Your order is processed by the team for confirmation
• You collect all the relevant documents the manufacturer asks for and create a contract.
• You pay 30% of the payment in advance.
• After the sales team confirms the payment, you are notified.
• The manufacturer gets back to you once the process is complete or near completion.
• You provide all the shipping details to the manufacturer and pay the remaining 70%.
• You hire a freight forwarder to handle shipping if the manufacturer is not doing that for you.
• The freight forwarder picks up your order from the manufacturer and ships it to your desired location.
• You receive your goods once delivered to the port; take care of the customs.

How Should You Select A Site For Tower Ride Installation?

Tower Ride Ground
Selecting a site is so crucial that the owner often hires a firm to choose a site to build the central tower.

The site should be selected after careful consideration and assessment.

The ground chosen should be firm and leveled without holes and pots.

There should be adequate ground and side clearances to ensure a safe distance of people around the rides.

Fire extinguishers and emergency exits should always be accessible from the installation site.

How do you perform the test operation of tower rides?

Sinorides-Tower-Rides QC

Tower Ride Test
After the tower rides are correctly installed and commissioned, a test run is performed to ensure everything works fine.

Before the test run commences, all safety checks are performed before applying Power.

The ride is started without any applied load. The tower ride is pulled up and then dropped to check the brakes.

The dropping distance is gradually increased beyond the average operational speed to test the strength of the beams and the cables. Emergency braking is mimicked to ensure correct working.

After that, the ride is loaded with 100-200 kg and run again. After the test, the data collected is analyzed for problems and safety hazards.

How do you perform daily safety checks of the tower rides?

How To Inspect Maintenance Access On The Tower Rides

Tower Ride Check
The daily inspection of a swinger ride includes a visual inspection of the power lines for external damages.

You should check and make sure that the main power line is undamaged.

Check the cables and chains for corrosion or external damage. Make sure that there are no undesired noises and vibrations.

The seating has no cracks, and the locking mechanism is correct.

You should ensure that the braking system is working correctly. The magnets installed below the seats and along the central tower are perfectly secure in their place.

Make sure that there are no air leakages in air-powered tower rides.

What To Do If The Tower Ride Breaks Down During Operation?

What Is A Drop Tower Ride

Tower Ride Emergency
You should immediately stop the tower ride and bring it down as slowly as possible.

Evacuate all the riders to safety and carry out the inspection to trace the defect. Refer to the user manual to narrow down your search.

You should contact the manufacturer’s technical team to explain the problem and act as the team directs.

If you cannot trace the defect, hire a professional to do it for you. If the ride is under warranty, you should always contact the manufacturer.

Never try to spot and repair the defects on your own. Tower rides are heavy structures operating at great speed and acceleration. If you spot any grinding noise or undesired vibration, stop the ride, evacuate the riders, and hire a professional.

How Can You Maximize Income From A Tower Ride?

Tower Ride Revenue
You can maximize the income by ensuring as little downtime as possible and running the ride.

Make sure that the location of your ride is free from any obstruction and that it is easy to board the ride.

Ensure the seats are clean from liquids and dirt, as no one would want to board a ride with dirty seats.

The swing ride is routinely inspected to spot defects on time to cut maintenance costs.

Install fun-to-see lighting and sound systems to engage more customers.

Install variations like rotating gondolas with extended arms to engage thrill-seeking customers.

How To Make Tower Rides Energy-Efficient?

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Freefall Towers

Tower Ride Energy
Tower rides consume energy when the payload and the riders are pulled up. It is done by either an electric motor or air compressors, which demand electrical energy.

There are some ways by which you can cut the energy costs:
• A periodic tune-up of the main motor/ air compressors.
• Energy-efficient lighting should be used
• Load reductions by using energy-efficient compressors and motors
• Proper lubrication of the central column over which the gondola slides up to reduce friction.
• Heating-and-cooling-system upgrades

What Are General Instructions You Need To Follow While Operating Your Tower Rides?

How Long Does It Take To Install Drop Tower Rides

Tower Ride Instructions
Some general warning and boarding instructions are as follows:
• Display how the ride works. For example, this ride lifts and drops the riders in a freefall before a magnetic braking system stops them.
• Maximum weight allowed should be strictly followed
• A shoulder harness with a between-the-legs safety belt is secure.
• Due to the nature of the restraints installed on the rides, the ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size. Strictly follow that.
• Guests must have a minimum of two functioning extremities: one functioning arm and one working leg to balance the rider’s rider’s center of gravity.
• Amputations must be below the knee if the rider has any.
• You need to make sure that guests who do not have an appropriate center of gravity have sufficient lower extremities to ensure the ride-locking system adequately secures them.
• Riders using the cervical collar, neck brace, full or braced arm cast, or entire leg cast are not permitted to ride.
• Riders with any prosthesis should not be allowed to board the drop tower unless they can ensure the device is adequately secured and will remain in place during the free fall.
• Make sure that riders do not use the ride restraints for support while entering or exiting, as they will shift during the regular ride operation.
• As the ride uses a magnetic system to stop the ride, riders with magnetic implants like pacemakers, etc., are not allowed to ride.

How do you perform a risk assessment of the design of tower rides during installation?

Sinorides-Gyro Tower-seats

Tower Ride Guide
Before an amusement ride is opened to the public, you should always carry out a risk assessment.

The process has the following steps:
• Identify hazards related to tower rides, considering variables such as height, velocity, and acceleration.
• Examine risks associated with identified hazards and design and implement measures to eliminate or minimize these risks.
• Ensure that risk analysis complies with state and international laws; otherwise, thoroughly document the risk assessment process.
• For safety-critical engineering designs, such as rotating or extended arm gondolas with sensitive equipment, perform an additional assessment in case of single or double-point failures.
• Conduct a wind load test for rides exceeding 5m in height, using a 72km/h wind speed design to ensure safety.
• Always account for forces on the tower during assembly/erection and in unusual conditions, such as vibrations induced by nearby activities or troops.

How do you inspect maintenance access on the tower rides?

How To Inspect Maintenance Access On The Tower Rides

Tower Ride Access

Maintenance access includes fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders the crew utilizes for operational, inspection, maintenance, or servicing purposes.

Safe passages for the maintenance crew must be incorporated into the structure of the tower rides. Detailed documentation of these passages and stairways is provided in the manufacturer’s design documents for the tower rides.

Along with the tower ride’s maintenance, the access passages must be inspected for bending, cracking, failure due to fatigue or corrosion, etc.

Ensure that provisions of guarding and safety are provided to prevent falls from height.

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