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Large-scale amusement rides in Hubei, China exceeded 1,000 sets, and the number of “roller coasters” and “jumping machines” increased rapidly!

The cockpit flipped up and down, and screams came from high in the sky…

In amusement parks, large-scale amusement rides attract more and more people to enter the park to experience “excitement”.

Data shows that Hubei Province has increased by nearly 200 large-scale amusement rides such as “roller coasters” and “Tower rides” a year, and the total number has exceeded 1,000, reaching 1,223, an increase of 18.16% over 2020, making people’s entertainment life increasingly colorful.

It is understood that there are domestic and imported large-scale amusement rides in Hubei Province.

Taking Wuhan Happy Valley as an example, there are currently 43 sets of amusement equipment, of which domestic large-scale amusement rides account for about 45% of the total, mainly from manufacturers in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places.

Imported amusement equipment, such as the wooden wing Ssangyong roller coaster, has a purchase price ranging from tens of millions to 100 million yuan, mainly from Germany, the United States and Italy.

In recent years, large-scale amusement rides have been favored by consumers, and the number of large-scale amusement rides in Hubei Province has continued to grow.

Ye Xueping, director of the Economic Research Institute of Hubei Academy of Social Sciences, believes that this reflects the continuous improvement of living standards of residents in Hubei Province, the continuous enrichment of demand, the further upgrading of the consumption structure, and the increasing number of “enjoyable” consumption.

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At the same time, the expensive large-scale amusement rides have high requirements for safety factors, high technology content, and many imported equipment, which reflects the role of “high-tech manufacturing” in promoting the transformation of consumption patterns.

According to reports, large-scale amusement rides must be inspected annually according to factors such as the number of people they carry, speed, and height to ensure the safe operation of the facilities.

These large-scale amusement rides are divided into three categories: ABC, and the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Department is responsible for the inspection of B and C equipment in the province.

Operators of tourist attractions, parks and amusement parks continue to improve equipment safety through industry self-discipline.

Liang Kaifu, director of the equipment department of Wuhan Happy Valley, introduced that the park implements the morning shift inspection, weekly inspection and monthly inspection system.

All special equipment practitioners must obtain a qualification certificate and take up their posts after strict training.

Every month, emergency rescue drills for various equipment failures will be carried out as planned.

Lu Ping, deputy director of the Special Equipment Supervision and Management Division of the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Department, said that the “peak consumption season” of summer amusement parks and parks is coming. Inspection, increase supervision and spot checks, prevent risks, and “escort” the safety of tourists.

At the same time, Lu Ping reminded the majority of tourists that when riding large-scale amusement rides, first check the information for passengers, confirm that the equipment is within the validity period of the inspection, follow the arrangements of the operators, and keep calm in special circumstances.

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