Ballerina Ride B

Space Area:D15m*H6m
Type:Park Model

More Details About Ballerina Ride B

Sinorides Ballerina ride B type is very popular in the theme parks.

You can check the following features.

  • Unique Design
  • Attractive Painting
  • Large Capacity
  • Optimized System

Sinorides Ballerina ride B composed of famous brands accessories to ensure its superior performance.

You don’t need to worry about the technical issues as Sinorides will help you install and maintain it.

Besides Ballerina ride, you can choose more related amusement equipment such as happy swing, flying swings ride, mega bounce ride and freefall tower, etc to increase your  revenues.

Ballerina Ride B details Sinorides

Sinorides Ballerina Ride B

Ballerina Ride B details Sinorides

Sinorides Ballerina Ride B manufacturer

  • Ballerina Ride B details Sinorides
  • Ballerina Ride B from Sinorides
  • Sinorides Ballerina Ride B

Sinorides Ballerina Ride Quality Control

  • Sinorides sells 100% safe and reliable Ballerina Ride.
  • Sinorides Ballerina Ride passes analysis from China Special Equipment Safety Inspection & Research Institute.
  • Our Ballerina Ride is certified by CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS.
  • Sinorides Ballerina Ride provides TSG Quality Assurance
  • We use branded paint on Ballerina Ride for sale.

Full Support on Your Ballerina Ride Installation

Sinorides Ballerina Ride is easy to install, and we will provide you with installation video, drawing and operation manual. If you need, sinorides can send seasoned installation engineers to your local site do the installation of your Ballerina Ride.

On-site Support
Sinorides can send engineers to help you install the Ballerina Ride on site if you need.
Online Support
No matter when there is any problem with the equipment, you can contact us for the solution or support, and we can provide 7*24 hours services.
Video Support
Sinorides provide installation photos and videos to you to guide the Ballerina Ride installation.
Each Ballerina Ride has a standard operating manual, Sinorides can help to train your staff how to operate and maintain the Ballerina ride..

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Ballerina Ride, or wipeout Ride, trabant ride, Sinorides has more than 20 designs for you to choose, and you also can customized the Ballerina Ride as your needs.

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Ballerina Ride B