Analysis on the Design Elements of Amusement Park Equipment

  1. Analysis on the Target Population

Children are the main people who play amusement park equipment, and their psychology is difficult to figure out, and also because of family, geographical, and age difference, their personality and preferences vary. Designers should consider that “playing” is not the purpose, but the purpose of reasonable design to allow children to learn in the playing, develop their spirit of exploration, courage to overcome the difficulties and create team cooperation ability through communication.

The design should be based on the children’s body size, action scale, weight and others to determine the size, structure and materials. The visual appearance should have a new shape and eye-catching colors, and meanwhile a fully secure structure.

  1. Analysis on the Usage Environment

2.1 The natural environment

The outdoors natural environment allows children to touch the nature, and appreciate the around natural landscape.

2.2 The economic environment

Consumers for low-income families, outdoor sports facilities should be oriented to the public, so that ordinary income families can afford.

2.3 The technical environment

It is a good reflection of the domestic manufacturing and process standards.

2.4 The cultural environment

This is to highlight the design elements, which integrates Chinese characteristics of cultural factors and aesthetic taste into the materials.

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