The Development of Large Amusement Rides in China

The Development of Large Amusement Rides in China


We all know that the history of large amusement rides is not long,

and in China, the development of large amusement rides is still at the primary stage.

As far as the current children amusement rides are concerned,

our domestic large amusement rides basically imitate those of advanced amusement parks abroad,

and still don’t have the capacity of our own unique design and innovation.

But, since the design and plan specially focus on large amusement rides,

the usage rate is relatively higher, and the profitability is good,

although our rides are not as good as those of some developed countries.

The usage rate and the profitability are essential to the existence of amusement parks,

but they don’t represent the development tendency of this industry.

In recent years, we can often hear people’s complaints about the monotony of some amusement park.

Obviously, the operation of large amusement rides has some problems.

When people are getting bored with the rides,

it is the time that they are going to fall into disfavor.

So, if today’s large amusement rides cannot meet the demand of the market,

how can it keep up with the market?

The only answer is change.

But how? Since people get tired of those changeless rides, we should make them diverse.

Sinorides here has 2 suggestions:

The first one us we should determine the theme at first.

A good way is to establish them park, for this kind of park not only makes the rides thematized,

but make them interact with tourists to fully take advantage of the rides.

Next is to have regular renovations to the rides.

If the basic function of the rides can be changed,

people will have different experiences when playing them.

This way has a low cost but a better effect.

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