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Amusement park industry how to develop in 2017?
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-11-08 16:40:52
Judging from the market reaction and future forecast of amusement equipment in recent years, the amusement park should try to do as well as possible from the following aspects:
amusement park design
Firstly, to make a win-win cooperation with partners. In order to get that point, amusement park operators should have a strong partnership with each other. The first element of success is site selection. Of course, there is a common standard for children's site selection, that is, a place with a lot of people. The best amusement park operators can build strategic partnerships with large supermarket and shopping centers. Taking a good position is the basis for the profit of the amusement park operator. In addition, near the kindergarten or primary school is also a good choice and the cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the related industries will be even better.
Secondly, to control the cost. It is very important for amusement park operators at any time, but operators can't overlook quality because of overcontrolling the cost.
Thirdly, to try a diversified profit model. When investing, entrepreneurs should survey the local market and set a reasonable price. Price is still a concern, consumers are very sensitive to price. Amusement park operators need to satisfy the masses on the basis of ensuring the quality and service and the price increases will not make people pay for your products.
Fourthly, get out of homogeneity and build brand characteristics. Anything Creative things can attract modern people at any time and homogenized products will only increase competition for amusement park operators.
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