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Your amusement park is full of customers everyday, but it becomes worse and worse, why?
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-07-20 13:56:57
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What's wrong with your amusement parks? It's full of customers everyday, but becomes worse and worse.
Sometimes you must wonder why you are so busy, but the business becomes worse and worse. What happen to your amusement park, no matter it's indoor parks or outdoor parks? 7% of customers are pretty sure that this amusement ride will help him make money before buying it. I suspect that this number is not true, because almost all of us believe it, then you will buy it. There is also a data. 97% of customers will ask themselves before purchasing some ride, "Will it help us make much money?" Just like investing in any project, we should not only consider the cost of investment, but we also think carefully about how much you can bring yourself. Why do you invest in the same project, others become rich, but you...
Mr. Zhang is an investor from Sinorides who runs a large indoor children amusement park near a tourist resort in China. In his park, there are many kinds of amusement rides, such as luxury carousel rides, mountain climbing, self-control plane ride and naughty castles, even video games. Because of the great geographical location, the population is particularly large, we all think that he must can get many profits. However, from his after-sales return visit, we know that we believe another thing entirely. 
But why? Sinorides believes that many operators have the same problem.
Let's analysis this case, and wish it can help you a lot. First of all, the location of your amusement park determines the consumer group, which also determines what kind of amusement rides are more profitable. Because there are so many tourists entering the children's playground every day, the majority of these tourists are foreign tourists, having large mobility and they won't spend a long time staying in the same place. Therefore, the ride such as naughty castles and marine balls are not suitable for them. Instead, people prefer playing with carousel ride and self-control plane.
Any investment that generates value will pay off! There are many factors which determine your profits. Don't forget to bring happiness to your tourists. Only then can your children's playground be more successful. It's a good idea to listen to your customers, what they want is exactly what you need to change.
Sinorides wish all of our investors do excellent business; everything went on wheels. If you have problems, please feel free to talk with us, we will appreciate it very much!