How to do if Battery Trackless Trains Cannot be Charged?


As one of the professional amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides can provide various train rides for sale, including battery trackless train and diesel trackless train rides.

Here, Sinorides will can some advice on how to do if the battery trackless train cannot be charged.


Fault 1: The charger is damaged.

Solution 1:Check charger failure, repair or replace parts.


Fault 2: The connecting lead is loose.

Solution 2: Check and tighten the mounting nut.


Fault 3: The battery is damaged.

Solution 3: Replace the battery.


Fault 4: The charge voltage is too low.

Solution 4: Adjust the charging voltage.


Fault 5: Excessive discharge of the battery causes a complete lack of electricity.

Solution 5: Test and adjust the battery electrolyte density, add electrolyte or replace the battery if necessary.

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