What Are the Differences Between the Amusement Park and the Theme Park?

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Amusement market is facing more severe competition,

and the theme park can be described as an upgraded version of an ordinary amusement park.

So what are the differences between the amusement park and the theme park?

How to plan a good theme park? We will answer these questions by analysis!

  1. Establish a distinctive mark:

Amusement park operators aim at the interests as the first purpose,

not paying too much attention to establish a brand image;

theme park treats profit and brand building equally!

Like a commodity, if you want to impress customers,

you must give them undeniable reason to buy—selling point,

so that they will feel they must buy it.

  1. Create a unique theme:

The buildings, ancillary facilities, landscapes, guiding signage systems,

performances, events, costumes, merchandise, etc.

in the theme park are relevant to the theme to be conveyed, all of which serve the theme.

Take Disneyland as an example. The park theme of the cartoon story,

by creating a fantastic fairy tale kingdom gives visitors “dream come true” space.

Paradise building in the background creates a cartoon story,

and there are many staff members playing the cartoon characters and the happy,

warm, confident, and optimistic atmosphere makes every customer feel like being in the fairy tale world.

  1. Timely innovation:

The positive significance of grasping the dynamic demand of tourists lies at grasping the key points of innovation and development,

such as the satisfaction of tourists,

the elements of value evaluation and timely correcting the deviation.

The theme park should grasp the dynamic change of tourists’ demand according to the analysis of related information to make innovative products and update facilities and equipment.

According to statistics,

about three-quarters of visitors in Tokyo Disneyland are repeated customers,

which illustrates the fact that theme parks can only by extend their lifecycles as much as possible by innovating products and services according to the changing needs of the target market.

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